SATURDAY I had the loveliest week-end, after my graduation my family and I went for a traditional dinner at an amazing restaurant by the lake in Ouchy. It’s a place called ”Hotel d’Angleterre” and I highly advice it to you folks : the food is amazing and the service is absolutely great. People are so friendly, it’s a big pleasure to be in such a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. I was more than happy to enjoy some concret free time with my beloved ones. Though James couldn’t come (he is leaving for army for a couple of weeks, I am so disappointed and sad that we both aren’t able to spend some time together on holidays). But it was still a lovely evening, I felt extremely emotional and really enjoyed the freedom feeling this graduation brought me. Also can’t believe it’s finally holidays! I’ve been waiting this for such a long time, and yet it’s finally here and I am so happy and thrilled for all the new upcoming projects that I can’t wait to share with you folks. Also I am preparing a little surprise for you, some big announcements awaiting.

For the outfit, since it was quite an important day for me I wanted to dress up a bit but still feel comfortable since it was a family meeting. Needed something elegant still combined to comfort and I think I found the perfect match with this Zara cotton candy colored dress. It is crazy, in Switzerland we absolutely lack affordable yet fashionable stores such as forever 21, topshop, urban outfitters… Luckily there’s Zara and I end up wearing entire Zara outfits, good way to promote the brand! I paired the dress to my beloved Alma Vuitton I got for my 18th birthday, which I love so much since it reminds me really sweet memories.
Hope you folks enjoy the outfit!

BRACELET : Avant-Première
BAG : Louis Vuitton Alma
LIP GLOSS : Bobbi Brown ”Nougat” lipbalm


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Such a classy and glamorous outfit! I’m in love with your dress.

That’s the best outfit for a family dinner!!

Beautiful as always, big congrats<3<3<3!!!


Such a beautiful dress.

congratulations on graduating and you look so beautiful!

You look gorgeous (as always) and I am absolutely in love with this outfit!


Light coloured dresses really suit you! And I love the way you kept it simple with bold accessories.

your haircolor with the color of the dress looks amazing! Especially with the dark color of the bag it looks very elegant and classy and not too sweet and girly like. Love the outfit!

XX, Judith

you look amazing! congrats on your graduation! xo

Congratulations! ♥
Your outfit is pretty beautiful, you look fantastic.

Great outfit! Love it :)

Great outfit, love the colors!

Love, Becky

I love your heels!

The restaurant looks really great indeed! And a lovely look. I remember how truly happy I was when I graduated high school, two years ago. I think there are few moments that come close to that extreme feeling of happiness and satisfaction :) Enjoy it and: congratulations! :)

Wow ! You’re so beautiful ! :)

Congratulations!!! You look gorgeous.
kisses from L.A.

I love your heels ! And you look so lovely.

Sooo chic. Perfect dress to celebrate your graduation!!! Excited to hear your news :D


Perfect outfit for a family dinner, simple and chic
new outfit post !

I simply adore your dress!!! it´s gorgeous…and the bag! ;) xo, Alma

You look absolutely gorgeous! This is one of the best outfits ever! :)

lovely outfit, very chic(: well, her ein spain we have zara everywhere, and when i say that, i mean everywhere, so we are lucky(:

Great outfit, I love your hair so much :)

Beautiful& Classy.

You look so chic ! Love your dress !

I love Louis Vuitton Alma… good rest, you deserve it! I can’t wait to know surprises you promise. ;)

Perfection exists !

tu es vraiment trop belle! profite de tes vacances! bisoux

You ares sooooooo pretty! Beautiful dress and beautiful you :)

aww you look so cute! definitely the perfect dress for the event you had:) soo i guess i have to go zara to have a look:)
lots of love xx

Wo wonderful outfit

Lovely look, and congrats on your graduation!

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so chic,love the outfit especially for the accessories…Congratulations for your graduations!!


You look so sophisticated, love the simple chic outfit.

this zara dress is unique. i want to buy for mum….

i have a new outfit

Pretty and glamorous! Love it!

Pherenikes Blog

really beautiful look!
your hair is so amazing!


Anonymous 3 July 2012 / Reply

*-* is that doggie your pet? CUTE!
Congratulations on finishing your exams. What are you planning to do from now on? :)

Love the outfit! Hope that you have a great summer – the one after high school graduation is always the best one!

-Elodie x

Love it! You’re so beautiful with this dress.. I think you’re perfect with pink colors :)


I love love love this nude look!

- Maudleen

Very classy! Oh come to Indonesia, there are Topshop, Forever 21, and more options that you would like.

Check out my blog..


What a wonderful outfit for a familiy dinner. I would definitly chose something like that.
Your bag is wonderful. I love this as a present for the 18th birthday.
Looks like you spent a great evening with your family. And I’m still really curious about the news you will tell :) xx

Oh, you look so elegant! I love it. xx

Anonymous 3 July 2012 / Reply

your hair looks great in its (more) natural shade!!

Beautiful outfit! So classy and stylish!

Fashion Readings

really lovely shoes!

MA COPINE REBECCA fashion blog

Great outfit!

The color of your dress is so lovely. x

Anonymous 3 July 2012 / Reply

Kristina you should go to visit once, the Indian Restaurant Rajmoni in Geneva. If you like indian food or you would like to try it then you should go there…
By the way you’re looking lovely in this dress :)

Love this classy dress!

Love the sunnies!


I love your shoes ! You are so nice and elegant!

Lovely look! You look so chic.



you are one beautiful girl!!
i’ve fallen in love with your dress.

Love the bag and shoes! You look very chic and elegant!



Maria Onorio

Great look! I love your hair it looks so sleek

Dress dress dress I can’t get over this dress, why so perfect? x

gorgeous as always!
I was surprised when i saw BLACK iPhone i thought you would choose white one! ha ha

love the outfit!!! you makeup is beautiful!!!!

You look absolutely amazing Kristina! And congratulation with your graduation! ♥

Best wishes from:

You are so beautiful! love the dress.

That dress looks lovely! :)

Fashion in Pepperland

i don’t like LV bags but the dress and bracelet are really nice :)

Anonymous 3 July 2012 / Reply

this look loooks absolutely gorgeous on you. even though it’s pink, it didn’t remind me of barbie. absolutely in loooove.
hope you are okay and don’t be too sad, while James away. concentrate on yout blog and time will run like crazy :)

greets from Berlin xxx

That dress is stunning and the styling is amazing!


beautiful outfit – i love the soft colours on you. p.s. congrats on your graduation!!!

- katie

Very chic and classy! Love your sunglasses :)

i love it! you look so beautiful!

Loved everything! Is this your dog? Sooo cute!

nice outfit & congrats on your graduation(: xx

You are absolutely gorgeous! I really want your shoes – I’ve been looking for them everywhere.



You look so beautiful! And the accessories were spot on!

love the look!!
and congratulations.
p.s. are you a living doll?? haha

nice outfit ;)

Anonymous 3 July 2012 / Reply

I love all your pictures, but especially the first one. It has the type of morning, just-risen-from-the-bed-looking-like-a-model, look, that makes you look young, and mature at the same time. I really think you look great in that light pink color!

so beautiful. I totally adore that bag.

Love the dress and bag!

Rachel’s Lookbook

congrats dear! your outfit is wonderful..i love these pale colours on you!

Very beautiful outfit… wonderful style… and looks like a perfect day…!

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So beautiful!!! Love the heels and the bag!!! Great combination!

i like your simple dress. your hair are wonderfull :)

follow me :)



Beautiful pitures :)

You look gorgeous!!

omg so beautiful!!! <3

I love your bag and your dress!


i love the simplicity and elegant of the dress!

You are so beautiful and i really love your blog! gorgeous!


Anonymous 4 July 2012 / Reply

Simply and delicate..beautiful outfit :) and BEST makeup :)! Please tutorial! :))

Anonymous 4 July 2012 / Reply

Tu ferais une très bonne égérie pour ZARA tu shoppes bcp la bas, mais c’est vrai qu’a Genève on a pas de chance a part Zara on a pas de grandes enseignes pour sa faut voyager :) d’ailleurs a pour Berlin je te conseille l’avenue unter den linden un sorte de champs Élysée parisien ou de nombreux magasins se coutoient. Je suis sur tu avs adorer cette ville, elle est super.

No way! I have the same glasses. I feel so chic now..

Very beutiful!!! I love your outfit <3

Anonymous 4 July 2012 / Reply

Your makeup and the pale pink with your lovely blonde hair are just PERFECTION!
Congratulations sweets!

Congratulations on your graduation! Hurray! Good to hear you had alovely time with your family! I really love your ‘zara’ outfit ;-) It’s just perfect! I hope james wont stay away to long! Curious to hear your big announcements!

xoxo lorena

You look so beautiful and cute in these photos!
Oh I can totally relate to what you’re feeling about James leaving for army, since my bf is in the army for the last 5 months, and I’m not sure we’ll be able to go on vacation together!

Anonymous 4 July 2012 / Reply

Dear Kristina, when you have a new post, please link it in facebook, because i do not want to miss anything. You look georgeous!!!

this look is one of my favorites ♡ so simple and delicated… and the colors, yumi ! ♡

love this post <3 and good luck for James :)

best wishes

Ces photos sont magnifiques tu es superbe comme toujours, c’est juste dommage on dirait qu’il manque un peu de netteté mais c’est la retouche qui fait ça je pense ^^
D’ailleurs je viens de me demander, comment tu vas faire pour poster tes looks quand James ne sera pas là ?



If i were to wear trousers with this outfit, what colour would you recommend?

Congratulations on graduating! I love the colour of your dress. :)

love the LV bag and the Prada sunglasses :D

Très joli, comme d’habitude. :)
Mais en fait j’ai l’impression que la qualité de tes photos est si grande et importante, que ça rend bizarre sur mon pc portable (c’est pas non plus un tout petit laptop, l’écran est aussi grand que le plus petit mac). Ca fait un rendu un petit peu bizarre, mais ça ne gâche en rien ta beauté et l’éclat de tes tenues. :)

Congrats on your graduation =)
A very suitable dress for the dinner and nice bag too =)

i just moved to geneva a couple of weeks ago and i feel you when you’re talking about the stores here. thank god for H&M though right? they have some cute stuff. everything’s on sale right now though and the weather’s great so I guess i came here at a good time :) congrats on graduating, you look classy as always – i see your posts so often on lookbook!

Wow, how did you this make up?

I think I will never get tired by looking at pictures from you. You are so incredibly pretty. and congrats!! :)


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