VLOG So after months of requests the hair care video is finally online. Must admit that I had some real troubles uploading it since I have a new computer and didn’t really knew how all the video programs worked. I tried to used Final Cut pro, but gave up thinking that I’ll try it out for the next video and simply used the oldie movie maker which is so simple to use. So at first I wasn’t even sure of what I was going to say in this video since my hair care routine is extremely simple, I don’t use that many products compared to some other people and so I decided to include in the video a couple of extra tips on what you can actually do at home with a low budget to achieve a perfectly healthy hair. So en resumé : for damaged hair try out some smashed avocado as a mask that you leave on your hair for 5 minutes. Rinse it off and you can already see the incredible effect. For oily hair, add a litle bit of lime juicy in youe shampoo or in your rinse off water. Flat, thin hair type can try out beer shampoo to give it some extra volume.

The products I am featuring in this video are almost all from L’Oréal, I love the brand because they have so many different lines, different prices and every hair type can find it’s perfectly adapted product. I have been using the Elsève Re-Nutrition shampoo for years now, such as the Nutrigloss conditionner. I can’t leave for a trip without taking these two products with me because they are perfet for my hair and make them so healthy and silky, it’s addictiv. Then I use a lot of different volume mousses, I ‘ve tried a lot of different ones and two of my favourites are from Syoss and L’Oréal. If you take just a little quantity of mousse, put it on your hair after the shower while it is still wet and dry your hair with your head up side down, then you will achieve a gorgeous brushing/volume effect. 

I hope my advice helped you, as I said in the video I’ve decided to start making videos more often. I think vlogging is a great way to intereact with you guys, it is a more direct approach and I already have so much I want to share with you. Of course if you have any other question or video request please feel free to let me know and I would love to answer you in this post!


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I love your videos, esp. when it comes to beauty/ hair products!
Thanks for sharing it!

How come you don’t use any heat protection? Would be a lot better than hair oil… :)

Loved watching your video.

You have so wonderful hair… I’m so jealous :)

Love your videos so much, Kristina! You are so cute and likable :)

And yes, you should definetly do more videos and especially make-up videos! Also I want to let you know that I can’t look your previous make-up video.. ( I’m from Germany and it says that this videos isn’t available for my country ).

Vanessa from

you have a nice voice

Loved the video! Looking forward seeing more movies with your tips!
Hugs from Norway :)

Funny you put this up now cos I’m in the middle of preparing a post on hair care for my blog too! Great minds.. I insist ;)


I always like your products & still lifes. They’re really good.

Anonymous 31 July 2012 / Reply

You totally should do more videos !!
In fact the more the merier:)
Oh and you are amazing u have such a good personality
thanx so much for doing this video

Anonymous 31 July 2012 / Reply

hi kristina,
i have a question for you – completely unrelated to hair care though – what are your plans now that you’ve finished school?

oh my god I absolutly love this video! you are the most beautiful blogger I know :) keep doing these videos more often please, it would be awesome! have a nice day beauty!

Thanks for the tips! I’ll definitely try them out :)

nice advice!
but you really need to stop washing it every day!this is bad :(

Anonymous 31 July 2012 / Reply

I love it! Please, do it more often! Thank you! :)

You sound SUPER SUPER SUPER cute! I’m really suprised how good your English is (hence no accent)! Can’t hear a Swiss in it at all!

Love your blog and kudos for the boyfriend for making amazing pictures!

Anonymous 31 July 2012 / Reply

nice video!If I may make you a suggestion , since you wash your hair every day, you can make a hair tratement mask with oil that you keep for an hour before washing your hair. You can use what you prefer, olive, jojoba, almond oil, but for me, the best is the coconut oil (from herbalist’s shop), lightweight but very moisturizing! After washing the hair they are soft and voluminous!Natural and Effective! you can also put a little oil on the tips before you dry your hair! try it :-)

I’m really excited that you have finally decided to post more videos! Great doze of inspirations and contact between you and the readers. xoxo

Love the video, and yes for make up tutorial, that would be awesome xx

Great video, I really like it!

Did you ever try Kérastase? It’s really good, I use their hairbath every day and my hair looks so healthy and shiny :)

Could you maybe upload your Daily Make-Up Video again, I can’t watch it from Germany? Thanks a lot! xo

Alice M. 31 July 2012 / Reply

Hi Kristina, your hair look really beautiful, I love it ! I have really flat hair too so I think I’m going to follow your advises !
I’m a great fan of your blog, I read it almost everyday and your style is simple but also chic ! Wish you the best. xx

Love your videos! thanks for your recommendations, there is one or two things that I want to try !

I loved your video, and I would also love to see more vlogs from you in the future!
Thank you so much for the tips! I’m like you, I don’t like to use many products, and I tend to keep my hair natural every day! And in fact I also do the 2 hairstyles you showed us, and some times even a low ponytail, especially now that it’s summer, and very hot outside!

Thank you Kristina! Waiting for your makeup video!

T’es vidéos sont très chouettes ! N’hésite pas à nous faire partager tes petites astuces :))


Thank you for this video! I will definitly try the mousse-thing to get volume in my hair. And I think it would be very nice with a make up tutorial-video too. You´re always so beautiful!! :)

wow, love the video, of course you should do more!(: ill be waiting for them!(:

Such a great video! I have took a lot of inspiration from it. Cannot wait for more videos!

great video, really helpful but I wish you explained your hair cut xx

i like elseve:)

Thank you for this video, but it’s actually very disappointing that you have to wash your hair every single day (as a girl with a flat hair I know that problem, just wanted to know how you deal with second-day-hair problem). However, the video is great, I’d like to see more of your fashion/style advices!

Beholder’s Inn

Je n’ai encore jamais essayé l’avocat sur mes cheveux secs mais c’est une idée, rien ne vaut le naturel ! D’ailleurs, il y a UN produit miracle pour les cheveux plats, qui ont tendance à regraisser : le henné. J’en fait et c’est définitivement meilleur soin pour épaissir la chevelure + la purifier (pas cher en plus…). Si tu le choisis ”neutre”, il ne colore pas. Voilà c’est juste un conseil, ça vaut la peine d’essayer car il n’y a pas de risques :)

thank you so much for this video! You seem to be such a nice person :) and this is a great idea to make a make-up tutorial!
kisses from Poland :)

really cute. Good video and nice tips

Can you make a video about your style,wardrobe and room?

Merci pour tes conseils je vais les suivre, surtout pour ce qui est des cheveux plats et gras, puis je me demandais si je devrais pas les laver tous les jours aussi… Mais il paraît que ça les fait graisser encore plus vite…
Pour les cheveux abîmés les masques à l’huile (d’argan, d’olive, de riz, de rose…) ça marche super bien !

Bisous bisous


Anonymous 31 July 2012 / Reply

Hello! Super vidéo, pleins d’idées.
Mais ou peut-on acheter ta brosse à cheveux? merci

Always interesting to hear how other people “take care” of their hair
new outfit post

I really like this video!!! :-))

Anonymous 31 July 2012 / Reply

YESSS, you have to do video more often !!!



Thank you so much for this :) You look amazing! It’d be so cool to do a video that’s like “A Day In the Life of Kayture” or something like that xx

Your hair are just amazing,I have to try some of these products!


Really nice to watch you in a video).
I would love to see some make-up advices from you,Kristina, share it as well, please:)

Really nice to watch you in a video).
I would love to see some make-up tips from you, Kristina, so share it as well, please:)

it would be great if you share more videos with us. you’re amazing iloveyou kristina.

Love the video!! Useful tips! I think that he tip about the hair oil is going to save my hair! Now I have to fing the right one! Do you have anything in mind that is been sold in Europe?

Anonymous 31 July 2012 / Reply

Thanks for this great video K !
Could you make new videos about your makeup and how you keep such beautiful eyebrows ?
Or some Q/A videos !

it’s the first time i hear you talking about things, and you can’t imagine how I was impressed by you. besides, I saw the video of questions and answers and, although we have the same age, you have a great mature and I really like your personality.
don’t change.


thank you for the video :) it’s great to see that youre hair care routine isnt filled with expensive high end products, so we can buy too :)**


You are absolutly perfect!

Anonymous 1 August 2012 / Reply

super ta vidéo ! personnellement j’ai les cheveux frisés sur les longueurs (uniquement). le problème c’est qu’ils sont tout secs et les pointes s’abîment très vite ! fais plus souvent des vidéos, c’est génial ! par exemple sur d’autres techniques de maquillage !

Anonymous 1 August 2012 / Reply

Love it ! Thanx for sharing !

You should definitely do more videos !!!! :)


Thanks for share this video! You are very sweetie <3

Thanks for sharing and please do more videos :) I love that the products you use are not expensive as many bloggers recommend products that the average person can’t afford.

Thank you so much everybody, glod you enjoyed it! The next video is coming up next week, it’s going to be my all type make-up favourites + tutorial.

I would love to see some more of your videos. I find it very interesting to hear how other people do their hair and make-up as I am so set in my ways, it might be nice for me to try something new.

Bemsy x

Merci Kristina pour cette vidéo. J’ai à peu près les mêmes cheveux que toi (couleur + longueur + texture), l’oréal fait de très bons produits tant en soin capillaire qu’en make up (je suis make up artist). Les gammes l’oréal professionnal sont un must pour les cheveux très abîmés (gamme total repair) ou kérastase vita ciment. Un autre must le sérum oléo de chez l’oréal professional, il fait des miracles :)
Au plaisir de regarder tes prochaines vidéo.
Gros bisous :)

i love your videos! you should do video blogs on your travel and show us around! it would be like a video tour of your travels, almost as if you’re bringing us along and we’re traveling from home! haha

I have similiar hair in the sense that it’s really fine and flat so shampooing every day is a must. Your hair is amazing, thank you so much for sharing your tips and reviews with us! Looking forward to more vlogs from you. <3

I also use l’oreal’s shampoo :)

i love when you do videos! thanks for the tips & your english is so good seeing how i take french classes & while reading and writing for me is easy, speaking it is a whole different thing:)

I love this video dear Kristina. It’s very helpful! Thank you a have a nice holiday too! <33
xoxo, Mia from Kissbook

You should definitely make more videos! I really enjoy seeing your personality on the videos.

Great video, thank you so much! I would love if you did a kind of closet guide, showing your favourit basic clothes. Amazing blog!

Shiseido hair oil is so interesting:) Have a nice day, Alina

Lana Ceulemans 5 August 2012 / Reply

Please post more videos, they are amazing! Thank you very much for sharing all these tips, I already feel more beautiful! xxx

Great video! I will try the limon tip!! :D
And I used to use Loreal shampoos, they are really good.

I love your tips! I’m deffenitly going to try this!
I also want you to know that you can buy schwarzkopf blond spray in the netherlands! I live there and I use it 2.

Nice tips on hair care.I always face hair loss.There are lots of things to learn in your article. I have noted it down for my future use. Thanks for sharing such useful tips!

Pretty good tips there. Do you have anything that deals with moroccan oil hair treatment? I just started trying it and I’d like to know more about it, if possible.

Medea Barley 26 December 2012 / Reply

That is what I exactly need for the cold weather. My hair is all frizzy due to the cold weather. My base is a formulated moroccan oil shampoo and those hair moisturizer and conditioner will bode well for me.

Courtney Smithson 9 January 2013 / Reply

Those tips that you gave on getting a healthy hair with a low budget (which is the natural way) are really great! I actually tried them at home and it really works. But I also found this moroccan oil hair treatment and it’s really great. It made my hair soft and less frizzy.

I guess these products that you highly recommend is as good as a moroccan oil hair treatment. I’d love to try this one time to cure my frizzy hair.

I’ve seen those products on most of the beauty hair tips I’ve read from blogs. A lot of girls prefer this, so I guess it’s really effective. I gotta try this one.

Your hair looks amazing! In order for me to achieve those lustrous locks, I have to make a regular trip to a salon. Though it’s not really bad since I enjoy going to salon to pamper myself because it relaxes me.

Wow… You have beautiful hair, well you are all beautiful. :) I love your videos, pls keep making them. Thanks

Nice useful post. Thanks for sharing.

Hair Salon NJ

So glad you posted a video like this one! To take care of hairr!

Great post for everyone especially for lady.

very useful really good information thanks for posting such a good information it will hepls the people a lot keep it up , Regards

sorry, can you tell me which color do you have? The shatush or what? Thanks and sorry for the trouble