Pictures by Jade de Lavareille

A DAY IN GENEVA Before showing you guys the rest of the pictures shot during the trip in Berlin, I wanted to make this post with pictures that were shot yesterday afternoon in Geneva. The title of this post doesn’t simply concerns my jade peplum top, but is actually the name of the lovely and talented photographer/cineast called Jade I have met the other day, she is the one who did the pictures this time. I’ve spent the loveliest day : it began with a little package I received from YSL, and from that moment I obviously couldn’t be more happier. I went then for lunch in Geneva to meet another incredible swiss blogger. We had the most delicious lunch at the BG café and enjoyed some Ladurée macarons with coffee and tea ( freaking awesome aswell, level of hapiness increased). Afterwards, I met Jade and we went to discover Heaven’s showroom (nothing holy though the name sounds like I’ve died and found a showroom in paradise). The collection was beautiful and we filmed a really fun video which I am so excited to show you folks. So it was a really fun day, and we ended up making those picture. The weather was great and of course I wore my new Zalando collection top which I really loved as soon as I saw it and of course needed to show you. So it’s all win/win.

Concerning my blogspot issues, as you can see it is ”kinda” solved. And I say kinda because it still isn’t working but I found another solution due to your amazing help. You guys are the best, really. I wish I could give you all a hug and we would have some drinks and laugh about everything. So I ended up uploading my pictures on flickr and pasting the link in my post, that way my pictures are the right size. It’s really too bad that it doesn’t work in blogger anymore. Makes me post editing much, much longer. Darn it.


SKIRT : Style Sofia
SHOES : Zara
LIPGLOSS : Bobbi Brown ”Nougat”
NAIL POLISH : O.P.I ” Wooden Shoe like to know?”



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I love your necklace and I) hace a very similar peplum top! :)
From Zara of course!

I love the top and the necklace! :)


Fabulous top and necklace!! You’re so beautiful and have great style :)

love the top and the skirt and happy that you resolved your problems somehow

Gorgeous top. I love the color :)

You looking beautiful. Love the peplum style. The necklace looking beautifu too. Lovely style
xo, Petra

u look like a fairy. so beautiful!

perfect outfit! love the mix of blue and black.

i have a new outfit

Good morning from London Kristina. I came across your blog by chance one day. I really like your style a lot and your partner has a fantastic eye for photography.
For photo editing try GIMP, this is a free image manipulation program. It is easy to install and works very similar to photoshop. You can find it here:
All the best from the Olympic city, Elke!

Goooosh! You’re soooooooo beautiful! Love that look :)

These pictures are lovely! That top is gorgeous and I absolutely love that H&M necklace, its so pretty and I keep getting tempted by it in store.

Lovely photos. The shirt is gorgeous. I have the same wonderful necklace :D


wow such a nice pictures!
love the peplum top!

Beautiful outfit, love the peplum shirt, the heels and the necklace! ♥

Love this outfit, very classy and the necklace is really cute :)

Anonymous 11 July 2012 / Reply

hi ,

I wanted to know if in these photos you wear a bracelet Metal pointu’s ?


Girl your pictures are beautiful!!!
In the previous posts the pictures were like.. too sharp, I don’t know, your hair espescially was looking weird :D not that the pictures weren’t nice, but these ones don’t have that weird effect :D (Am I making sence here? Probably not :p)

Anyway, enjoy your holidays!

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Beautiful and I love the peplum top.

Love your peplum top and shoes !!!

J’adore la 3e photo, tu es magnifique !
Oui j’ai oublié de te suggérer d’utiliser Flickr ou photobucket, les 2 ne modifiant pas la taille de ton image
Contente que tu aies trouvé une solution !


Love peplum top! you’re beautiful :)


I really like you for a long time:)

Are you in Moscow? Seems like it :P

beautiful look!


I love the necklace :)

Gorgeous, love the necklace

Kiss kiss.*Jo

You are so so stunning!
Loving these photos.



Tu es canon, les fringues te vont à merveille

I love the photos! The colour of your top is so lovely, stands out really nice against your long, blonde hair. Can’t wait to see what goodie you have received from YSL. kisses!

love the sunnies!


love love love the peplum top:)

lovely outfits!!! love your makeup!!!

yeay.. no more problem with your blog.. all back.. and like usual you look great.. i love your look from top to toe..


Amazing photos! Love your top!!!

Great bracelets and shoes ♥ love them :)

Such a gorgeous look! The peplum top and skirt are both so divine. x

Very nice look. And, yeah, I love your eyebrows! They’re perfect!!

Anonymous 11 July 2012 / Reply

Not happy to say it, but not all the photos are displayed… for some, it’s just their name as an url and it sends me on your flickr to see it… too bad.

Anonymous 11 July 2012 / Reply

your look beautiful!!!!!! and I really like your outfits.
i was wondering if you could post a list of the online stores you use. It would be great to know where you buy all those beautiful pieces and to know what your favorite stores are…

This is such a great look on you, beautiful as always :)

I love the accent of your necklace against your peplum top!


This is so so stunning! I’m so in LOVE with the Jade peplum top! Can’t wait to see the video and I’m so glad you’re posting has worked out for now!!

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Love the top and your necklace! So chic!

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Anonymous 11 July 2012 / Reply

OMG you are SO beautiful!! Amazing outfit, amazing har!!! :)

I love the colour of your top, so pretty! Your necklace really adds to the outfit as well.

Beautiful outfit and photos! Your top and shoes are amazing! xxx

love the skirt xx

love all the outfit!

You look very beautiful, and that is a cute top.

что-то не так с твоими вертикальными фотографиями :( они не отображаются…. а с горизонтальными все ОК ;)

Love the shirt the colour it’s beautiful!

really beautiful outfit! i love, love, love that necklace! :D

Mint and peplum? Definitely a great collaboration! You look great in this outfit =)

Anonymous 11 July 2012 / Reply


Anonymous 11 July 2012 / Reply

when comes the special YSL post ?

So pretty – love the top, great colour on you :)

B x

perfect outfit!

I’m a new lover of your blog:)

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Karolina Natalia

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Great pictures! And love your shirt!

wow, amazing :)!

Anonymous 11 July 2012 / Reply

beautiful outfit! that top is just amazing!! but why we can’t see your bag? :(

I’m totally in love with your skirt collection, I’ve wanted every single one from your posts!

really like that pretty top and ultra chic sunnies!!

You’re beautiful. Love your tops.

Love the look! Just wondering though, since I cannot tell even by you holding them up to show, where are your sunglasses from? xx

oh Kris that makes your blog much better! I saw your hair in the other posts like a little pixel but now is fantastic. I love your shirt! I have one in black (from another mark, but beautiful). My sister and I see your blog all the time.

kisses ang hugs from México :D

deliciousdream 12 July 2012 / Reply

wow, u look so pretty <3

I really appreciate the time you spend uploading your photos correctly! – Even though it is taking you longer now :( but your photos are lovely and it is so worth it! xox

Love the sunnies, where they from??

Ocean Wind

How beautiful dear Kristina *.* In relation to the Blogspot issues we already had that problem a few months ago, but it was even worst, Blogspot didn’t let us even place the photos on the post (we don’t know how we did it to post in that day, really) but then everything comeback to normal. Hopefully to you too because that is a lot of work :o Beijinhos!

Anonymous 12 July 2012 / Reply

Безумно красиво! So wonderful!

Anonymous 12 July 2012 / Reply

Bitte mach dir Formspring! <3

gorgeous necklace, loving all of the pictures <3


Salut! Je suis ton blog depuis plus d’un an et c’est bien la première fois que je poste! Je voulais savoir si c’était possible que tu me mettes le lien pour ton top car je l’ai cherché sur le site zalando mais impossible de le trouver :( Je recherche un top peplum et celui là je le trouve juste parfait, ce serait simpa de répondre! :) En tout cas la tenue est encore une fois magnifique, bravo pour ton blog et bonne continuation

Ah bah laisse tomber j’avais pas vu que tu avais deja mis un lien haha shame on me –’ En tout cas ça m’aura servi pour enfin commenter ^^

Anonymous 12 July 2012 / Reply

Hi there! Stunning post!
Due to your use of flickr, I am unable to clip them to polyvore and use them in sets. Polyvore does not allow flickr whatsoever, so now there is no way to get your pics on Polyvore and make sets. Any suggestions to fix it?

I love your shoes, so basic and classy!


lovely, you’re very pretty

love your style

follow me

kiss from Lugano


You are incredibly beautiful! I love all the photos and the outfit!

You look adorable!
I love your necklace.

u look impresive on ur pics! i love the outfits u presenting but in my opinion wht makes ur blog special is the way u pose. ur pics are really professional like form fashion magazine :)

You look amazing Kristina, like you always do!
I love how you always wear soft colors, it looks so good to your skin!

Loves from:

Your outfit is so pretty. I love peplum top. You look lovely Kristina.

Kiss Andie:)

awesome top! I’m sorry for you and the uploading issue..

So beauty look!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks a lot for the article.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

Appreciate you sharing, great article.Really looking forward to read more. Great.