Pictures by James Vyn

FIRST DAY IN MONTREUX Listen guys, I really don’t know why I look so pissed off on those pitures. Right? Actually, each time I come back in Montreux I am the happiest person on earth. You should see my face, laughing and giggling already in the train halfway there. This place is like a little oasis to me, my little heaven. It’s like I feel a huge relaxing and peacefull athmosphere everytime I spend a couple of days out there. And so, after my graduation I didn’t even have a couple of days off to rest. So I decided to take some time with James, far away from the internet connexion in this little town. And I can tell you, it feels so incredibly good. All we did was to walk by the port, eat ice creams, admire the view, make some pictures and enjoy some delicious meals. It’s simply perfection. I even wish I could have stayed a little longer, I have never enough of Montreux. 

For the outfits, I took really few clothing with me so it was the occasion to play a little on the details. I had this comfortable About Eloise white dress, that I decided to pair with new Zara tote which I think is so Valentino inspired. Once again I went with the less expensive but still so pretty version. Also picked out this H&M necklace that I am absolutely in love with. And here  it is, as simply as possible my outfit of the day! 

Also wanted to let you guys know that my hair care video is ready to be published, and it will be posted online next week (on tuesday or wednesday), since this week-end we are leaving for the fresh air of Davos for a litle surprise project I can’t wait to talk to you about! So stay updated, you can follow me on twitter (@kayture), facebook or instagram (@kristina_bazan) for even more news and pictures.


DRESS : About Eloise
No lipstick and nude nailpolish



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You definitely don’t look pissed off! You look absolutely stunning!


Beautiful photos! I adore your necklace and bag!

lOVE THE DRESS!!!! and the tote! hehe great pics! xo, Alma

Your skin and eye makeup are perfect!

So stunning – James is truely talented! You look so beautiful, and in the perfect setting! Great post :)

Gorgeous in white!! Love your necklace and I have the same bag :)

So beautiful and fresh!Have a nice rest!

it’s great dress and bag! :)

Love your dress! The gold necklace looks really good with it.

Magnifique. J’adore ta robe ! J’ai le même collier :)


wow the pictures are so pretty. your so lucky to have a fotografer as boyfriend. I wouldn’t have realized that you looked pissed off if you didn’t say it! hahha.

Aww you’re so pretty! I wish I can go there too!

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That is your pissed off expression? No way you look cute as always. Ah love the bag. I think Zara will be getting even more money from me ;-)


Beautiful pictures!! xo Madeleine

J’ai eu l’occasion de passer un jour à Montreux et j’ai aussi adoré ! Ça me fait penser aux grandes villes du sud de la France, c’est juste sublime avec ce lac.
En passant, joli look.

Sometimes siplicity is the best. You look adorable in that white dress!

With love, Egle Ge {HideInSugar}


MA COPINE REBECCA fashion blog

You are so perfect ! And this dress is so lovely.

Love your minimalistic dress!

beautiful Pics and lovely heels by Zara!

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Du bist so wunderschön :)

Amazing picture, you look pretty gorgeous! ♥

you look so, so beautiful!


These pictures are so amazing! So sensual and beautiful! Love it!

So beautiful style and photographies ! ♥♥

<3 love your website!

Your dress is so amazing! I love your necklace too :)

You look ok dear. Not pissed off. Probably it’s the bright lights =D

i love the simple draping of your dress with the perfect necklace!

Anonymous 26 July 2012 / Reply

I don’t think you look pissed off! You look relaxed and composed! Beautiful pictures all the same :) Have a lovely time in Montreux :)

Aaah… such an amazing outfit. Simple yet chic! I’m loving it way too much! xx

beautiful style and photos! love the bag!:)xoxo

Love that second picture :)!

How can you be so perfect? You’re lovely girl!
Every day I like more your blog. Congratulations!!! :D

Kisses! <3

Gorgeous dress! You look so stunning.



Lovely dress ♥

Especially in love with your studded bag and statement necklace!

Great pics, amazing outfit , beautiful face :)

You look absolutely gorgeous on those pics Kristina. The 1st and the 2nd pictures are just wowww. James is a really good photograph.

Love it Andie ;)

Beautifully Stunning!

xoxo, Tiffany

you look pretty as always :)

You look stunning! I love your gold necklace!

Amazing photos honey! Love this dress


The place looks gorgeous indeed! I adore the background and your necklace is stunning! :D Lovely outfit :D

beautiful. realy paradise!

Anonymous 26 July 2012 / Reply


You look marvelous kristina!!! Gorgeous are the pictures :)
Amazing bag, accessories and of course the dress :)

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These photos are beautiful!

Loves, Txo

Stunning look ! you look lovely !



Elegantesque Blog

i love you!

You look angry, girl! kkk But still beautiful, loved your shoes and that dress is so fresh, gorgeuos.=)

the photos are very beautiful!

You look stunning, of course! I love the white with the pop of red from the bag, with subtle accessories that are noticed-but not over powering. Love!
Eat Cake

You look soo pretty :) i prefer soft or natural make up on your face it really suit your face much more ( love your blog ):)


I can’t wait to see the video!! I love watching you while talking. I like your accent because I can understand everything you say!
And you don’t look like piss off on the pictures, they are amazing and I love the ones with the rose.
Have a nice day!


You are genius for wearing affordable accessories without looking cheap. I thought accessories from H&S or F21 are too cheap to wear, but after seeing you wearing them in a gorgeous way, now I feel like trying them out! Thanks Kristina! And also, I LOVE checking out your blog where it’s full of beautiful pictures of you.

Wow you visit some beautiful places! The second to last photo is absolutely stunning! Kinda Mena suvari-esque in American Beauty.

My travel & lifestyle blog… =)

Gorgeous photos as always :)


love the cut of that dress, so stunning!

XO Sahra

This place looks amazing and your outfit is so simple and elegant! Love your bag!

kisses from Greece

Amazing pictures and outfit! You look beautiful!

I loved your blog!,always have beautiful pictures!
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Anonymous 26 July 2012 / Reply

You are gorgeous!

The perfect combo of colours: red, black & white!


What a beautiful location !
I love your bag
new outfit post

Even with your “angry” face these photos are still gorgeous. I’m loving the cut of this dress, it’s simple but the details make it so gorgeous

You look absolutely breathtaking in these pics! Not pissed off at all! :)

real paradise… nothing else to add.


What a gorgeous dress, love the movement!

Seems to be so nice there. And I love your badg, its amazing! xx

lovely pictures, I love your dress! You have such a nice blog, would you like to follow each other? I can also follow you on bloglovin and twitter


Love the close-ups with the flower. You definitely have the most beautifully taken photographs out of any blogger. Fantastic page.


I love your outfit! Beautiful pictures once again =]

the pictures are sooooo lovely!!!! i love love love love your outfit!!

Gorgeous close up shots. Love that necklace too.

DIY Blog –

These photos are so gorgeous! James did an amazing job capturing the details and especially your beauty (although that’s not hard!)


beautyyyyyyy <3

you look absolutely beautiful. you always look beautiful.

the pictures are amazing and everything is so perfect. I love your style!
the red color suits you a lot

Your a living doll, love the pictures their very pretty. Seems I got my eye on your blog now.

Love love the rose photos : ) you should choose one as your profile image, they look like could be out of a perfum ad : )

you look amazing ! :)
beautiful pictrues :)

I love the accessories the most in this outfit, especially the necklace and shoes they are so chic!

would love it if you checked mine ^.^

Oh man, you look gorgeous and I love <33 your new Zara bag!

Wooww you are so pretty!

you look wonderful as always!

You look GORGEOUS !!!! Love the photos so much !! Great bag


wonderfull :) dress is fantastic and you too


I looooooved it !

I just posted great looks from Los Angeles, take a look!

Love this outfit, especially the bag!

You look so gorgeous! direct from a cosmetics comercial :)


that really is paradise!! you look amazing as usual.

the white dress is so elegant and gosh the pictures are so beautiful

You’re such a beauty! x

I love the dress and the necklace so much!

gorgeous dress! looks wonderful :) I really like your style <3

beautiful photography and you look stunning <3

Hayley xx

I love your outfit! You look gorgeous

I adore Montreux! I hope I can pass by soon again. Lovely dress and photos

You look outrageously beautiful! You never fail to empress me

Ur so beautiful! I love your blog, I’m now following you! :-).
I would love it if you checked out my blog and followed :-). I would love to gain new followers :-)

u looks more amazing with that lovely rose

Si fresh! beauty eyes!

Im grateful for the blog. Great.