Pictures by JAMES VYN

 AFTER THE LUNCH Last week we had the chance to enjoy a delicious lunch at Kempinsky’s restaurant called ”The Grill”. I highly advice you guys to check out this amazing place, where food is absolutely delicious on your visit to Geneva. The city had never been so gorgeous, and we enjoyed a beautiful meal with the Hermès team. Some really interesting ideas came out and you might expect a couple of really cool posts. I am excited to share it all with you guys soon! After out lunch we decided to take a digestiv walk and that’s how we ended up making some outfit of the day pictures. I was wearing that day two Zara pieces, that I am absolutely in love with. This red crochet top looks like heaven to me, it is so gorgeous and elegant at the same time. Combined to a white pleated skirt, this outfit seems like a perfect summer combo. I don’t know if it happens to you guys, but I got so happy while wearing this outfit. Sometimes wearing clothes that I really love makes me feel so good and so confident. This outfit really made it all feel like holidays and summer. Does your clothing influence your mood as well?

I have big news, I passed my BAC (highschool certificate), my exams are yet officially finished! Friday was such an emotional day, not only I felt nostalgy for all the years spent in highschool, but also I was so exhausted because of all the efforts given away during this difficult month. It has been for me a challenge during the whole year to manage blogging, travelling, studing, working (I work as a model in a swiss agency based in Lausanne to gain a bit of pocket money for clothing and travel) and the miss switzerland contest, which took so much energy. I am proud of all the achievements and all the valuable experiences life brought me this year. I can’t be more gratefull, and honoured. Yet I feel like another step begins and hope that there’s many projects on my way!

I am also so happy to be back on the blog, posting two post per week (while I usally post 4) was really depressing. I didn’t have time at all to post more, or even to make pictures. Every single day was rythmed by a crazy schedule : 5:30AM wake-up, study, pass the exam, back home and study back again for the next day. A total of 14 exams… This was quite exhausting, and though I wanted to blog so much, I felt like if I did I would have had breakdown from an overdose of work. Now that it’s all behind me, I can wait to get back to my normal posting habits. I have so many projects to share with you guys and you might expect some really cool surprises during this month!

Hope your exams went out well too! I thought about you guys so much and kept fingers crossed for all of you. And in case it didn’t worked out the way you wanted to, well believe me, you will find another path. Just believe in yourself and enjoy what’s given to you, we only live once!

LIPSTICK : YSL ”Red Muse” mixed with Bobbi Brown lip balm for a natural effect.
BRACELET : Cartier Love


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gorgeous!!! i love your cartier bracelet!

I absolutely love your head to toe Zara ensemble!


I can not believe how much you have achieved while still at school – that in itself is the biggest achievement. I was definitely not that organised when I was in high school.
I’m looking forward to more posts on your blog, especially if they’re all of this standard (hello, you look stunning!).
And yes, outfits I love definitely have a massive effect on my mood – which is why I tend to dress up these days even on the weekend!

love your photos!! congrats on passing your exam!

Does the top have a bit of a peplum flare to it? If so, I love it even more than I already do!

Congrats on graduating and happy you are back on blog!with a lively outfit;)

Поздравляю тебя со сдачей экзаменов! Мне это еще предстоит… Потрясающе выглядишь!;)

Stunning very original combination!

Gorgeous top!!! love the look! xo, Alma

amazin outfit n amazin picz=)))))) u n ur boyfriend r sooo good team!!!! amazin blog=))) xx

You look amazing!

Gorgeous outfit! So simple, yet so feminine :)

You look super! I love your tee! :)


i love your outfit post!

beautifull look! love this red top!

This is lovely! The red definitely brightened up a white summer look.
And I’m sure you could totally pull this off with a flaming red lips too!

Congrats on your exams. I already missed your posts!!! You look beautiful and I love the heels!!!


oh you look so very pretty! love this look!

love, selina

So beautiful style ! And this photographies are so beautiful too.♥ :)

Just perfect. I love your shoes :)

perfect styling like always:)

Nice! I like the combination :)

Pherenikes Blog

lovely top!

MA COPINE REBECCA fashion blog

love your top…fran

What a gorgeous look and styling… amazing shoes…

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Love this top! You’re beautiful with it! :)


Congrats for your BAC!! This look is amazing, I believe you when you say that wearing it makes you happy! :)

Beautiful top!

Your top is beautiful !!! You look great !

You got the Cartier love bracelet?! Thats amazing! So glad you passed your exams, you’ve achieved so much this year and I’m sure you will only achieve more in the next :)

Monochrome Magpie

I just loooove your style!

Clothing can definitely make me feel happier aswell :) Love that red top !

Congrats on passing your exams, curious about the new projects
new outfit post

Amazing outfit Kristina! You look absolutely beautiful, like always! <3

I love your lace top.. It’s gorgeous!! You paired it well with a white dress!! :)

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From the moment I found your blog, this is my favorite outfit. I mean, it’s very relaxed, but chic and classy. The skirt is amazing (need to check zara haha) and cream 2.55 is one of my favorite bags x

Anonymous 2 July 2012 / Reply

Very very nice!!!

Anonymous 2 July 2012 / Reply


First of all, you look wonderful in this outfit! One can really see how you feel after you passed these exams successfully. Congratulations!
I’m so curious about all the news you want to share with your readers the next month. I’m sure there will be great surprises :) Love, B.

I loved everything <3

Anonymous 2 July 2012 / Reply

Congratulations! You look stunning – after my exams I could not even think about wearing high heels :)


beautiful look!


You look amazing! I love the layering, so clever

That top is amazing and you look gorgeous <3


Anonymous 2 July 2012 / Reply

i most to tell you that since i discoverd your amazing blog i have been falling in love with you and your blog, i am 18 years old girl, like you and you inspire me! i want to wish you success and happiness, and keep bloging :)

Gorgeous top! Looks like Zara has been doing really well lately.



Such a beautiful Zara ensemble! Glad your exams are over!

Oh, I totally understand why this outfit made you happy. It’s gorgeous!

Congratulations… It’s a nightmare trying to juggle everything. Glad you’re back with some gorgeous pictures. There’s something v.chic about red on white! Sophie x

Clothilde 2 July 2012 / Reply

Wow très jolie… J’ai déjà eu plusieurs fois l’occasion de diner au kempinsky et je recommande, vraiment génial! As-tu déjà essayer le quai des Bergues? Ils est super aussi ce restaurant.
Toujours aussi bien ton blogue, j’adore! ;)

Stunning, can’t wait to see what you have in store for us x


Lovely outfit!

Your outfit looks beautiful!! Love the red colour on you=) XX

I completely agree with you, wearing a piece that we love helps us to be more confident and lights up our mood. COngratulations on your exams.

Happy times are waiting for you.


i’m so glad everything went well and you look absolutely amazing!


You look as gorgeous as always! Congratulations on passing your exams :)

Love, Susann
Fashion in Pepperland

I love your outfit :)

Federica 2 July 2012 / Reply

Kri who gave u the Love bracelet? james did? :) <3

wow that’s such a nice outfit! :) i love the top!

Congratulations Kristina! :)

Love the white and red combination!!! Gorgeous!!

lovely oufit & yes some oufits I wear can really change my mood & make me feel more confident too(:

I really love this look on you. The lace top is gorgeous!

this is an amazing outfit!!
the top is amazing :)

Beautiful pics ♥_♥ Congratulations for your studies and your work!!!!! ;)

What a cute top!

Congratulations on your exams! Do you already now what you are going to do afterwards? (btw I’m living in Switzerland as well but in the German part, so is the BAC the same as the Matura?)

Anonymous 2 July 2012 / Reply

Congratulations on finishing your BAC!!! Gorgeous outfit, beautiful faaaace omg and your smile, and I LOOOOVEEEEE your lip color!
I get that too, if i’m in an outfit I love, i feel like hot sh*t the whole day lol!

You give me a great idea :D!
Pretty outfit :)!


congratulations for your success, you deserve the best :P

have a nice week honey


You look so beautiful! ♥

LOVING the red and white :D perfect for the 4th of july!! BE SURE TO ENTER OUR KAI FRAGRANCE GIVEAWAY! XX,
The Golden Girls

I am very happy for you! Congratulations and all of good for your future.
The top is so lovely


C’est vrai qu’il est magnifique ce haut ! Et il va super bien avec cette superbe jupe !
Félicitations pour ton bac c’est une bonne chose de faite ! Moi il me reste encore un petit partiel mercredi et après c’est fini aussi… J’espère que j’aurai mon année
Sinon tu as carrément raison quand on porte une tenue qu’on adore on se sent tellement bien et en confiance !
Bisous profite bien te tes vacances !


loved the outfit! and i couldn’t help but notice the Cartier Love bracelet!! it’s awesome! did james give it to u as a present?? lol

congrats on your bac!

I’ve been reading your blog only for a couple of weeks now but I discovered it makes me miss Switzerland (I used to live there bout 3 years ago for 5 years) even though I quite disliked it back in high school

and yes, clothing totally influences mood and the other way round, always

Your top is so beautiful! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been following your blog for a while now and just love your sense of style. I made you outfit of the week on my blog! I made sure to include a link back to your blog so that everyone would know where to find you. Keep up the amazing work!

adorable! I love crochet as well.

the red really fit u!!! hopr u use more red outfits :)

SOOO Pretty! Congrats on you passing!!

you always remind me a bit of blake lively as serena:P
you are so gorgeous and you’re outfits are always peeerfect=)

You’re so beautiful! lovely top and heels :) love them ♥
and of course I’m following you :)
Kisses :**

I am happy that you finally have some leisure time now since I totally understand what you are talking about with all the exams. It’s exhausting.


Anonymous 27 July 2012 / Reply

thanks for sharing.

Good aoutfit! So long hairrr

Im thankful for the blog article.Much thanks again. Cool.

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