Pictures by James Vyn

A FAIRYTALE As a part of our collaboration with weekend4two, we have the opportunity each month to make you guys travel with us through the pictures of this blog and choose a new exciting destination. So we decided to go in Milan last week-end, not only because we’ve already been there and absolutely fell in love with the city but above all because the offer which weekend4two had was more than fantastic. If you check out their website, you can see that there are different trip packs and you can a have a look at the planning, you usually have a little dinner included in your stay, an entrance at the spa or something really sweet like that, so when we saw the hotel Chateau Monfort in Milan offer all we wanted to do is rush over there and make some beautiful pictures because it seemed too gorgeous. And sometimes you might think that pictures on the hotel’s official website can be over the top flattering and that it’s not really as nice in real life, well trust me it was. It was simply amazing. The hotel has got a very special spirit and interior design which is inspired by fairytales, a modern castle with a disney athmosphere. In this post you can discover general pictures of the place, I will of course show you some shots of our room which is totally worth to see. 

It was amazing to be surrounded by such a magical athmosphere, very inspiring as well. James and I loved discovering little details which bring so much to the hotel’s outlook, for example the little bunny statues you can find next to your feet at their lunch and drinks bar or the Snow White apples on the Rubaciori restaurant matched to the heart shaped chairs. Quite impressive. So we only stayed for one night, which was extremely short and we had to rush like crazy to be sure to do and see all we wanted to. So after making a couple of pictures at the hotel James and I went out in Milan’s town center for a little shopping and gelato time (ice cream in Italy is like nowhere else, believe me). Then as we had a dinner included in our weekend4two pack we came back and I simply switched for some highheels, adjusted my pony tail and was ready to rock the evening. Also another great news, I have started a little collaboration with Hermès, thanks to the lovely Yvonne I had the chance to take with me in Milan some Hermès jewerly and two beautiful bags which you were able to see in my goodies post. If you guys want to live the same experience as we did you can check out the Chateau Monfort offer on weekend4two by clicking here, or simply enjoy discovering the pictures!

I am more than excited to announce you guys a huge contest which I hope you’ll enjoy taking part in, as you know New York Fashion Week is approaching and Fashiolista is throwing an amazing opportunity for you guys to win a trip to the next NYFW held in September. The prize : 4 nights in an amazing hotel (7-10 September), an outfit from Revolve clothing and above all, access to two fashion shows!

In order to win all you have to do is :

- FOLLOW me on Bloglovin and Twitter
- SHARE the news on your facebook wall
- COMMENT under this post, let me know if you completed all the steps and write your facebook name. Good luck!

SCARF & BAG : Thanks to Hermès Paris
JEWERLY : Backstage
SHOES : Just Anna Shoes
LIPS : YSL Vernis à Lèvres ”Corail Aquatique”




Risotto with dried tomatoes and squid
Red prawn salad on a bed of tomatoes and topped with onion slices
Tuna filet with crispy fennel.


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Oh my God, every girls dream!

wow you look more beautiful everyday :0

that bag is absolutely stunning!! i love all the pictures, the scenery, and your outfit!!!! gorgeous post!

I love that outfit! Beautiful photos, I love the bunnies!
(\ /)
( . .)


I have just found your blog and I am obsessed! You look like a doll!


You just look outstanding!! Your dress is wonderful!

You look great Flawless wow If I won that I would get crazy actually I don’t have a Twitter but that means so much for me that I am going to make one :)

Stunning photos!! Your dress is so stylish!!
You look beautiful as always!!!


What gorgeous photos and I love the dress and Hermes bag!


Amazingly beautiful photos and you look stunning as always. And can I say how jealous I am that Hermes gifted you with that gorgeous Birkin and scarf?!?!

The photos are really amazing!
you’re beautiful, loved the dress.

that is the most badass ring i’ve ever seen in my life

Amazing pictures, you look pretty gorgeous! Love the bag. ♥

oh kristina! the first of the pictures in the mirror!! its heavenly!

It’s a pity i’m not in Milan anymore, i’d be have a hope to meet you :) Hope you enjoy it, kisses, Alina

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I am in love with these photos! ♥♥♥

Such amazing pictures!! xo Madeleine

I didn’t understand the fashiolista part. J’ai besoin d’aide, Kristina.


Like an angel! :)

You look totally stunning!!! Love the dress.
Wish I could join the contest but I don´t have a twitter account :-(

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Your boyfriend really is the best photographer ! all this could be in a magazine !

I love the entrance hall of the hotel with the pastel chairs
new outfit post

wow! those photos are all so breathtaking:)
james did a very good job!

lots of love xx

amazing post!

I would be the happiest girl ever if I won this trip to NEW YORK!!! :)

You are so pretty Kristina!

Beautiful ! :)

Very beautiful photos of a beautiful place… great to see that you enjoyed your weekend…

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Kristina it’s an amazing post, I love the photos! And also an amazing contest! I did everything and keep my fingers crossed! :)

Lovely photos!

Amazing photos like always! Beautiful location!

Superbes photos ! La robe te va à merveilles

wow, girls you are so beautiful. Your style is really stunning and the pictures are amazing.
have a lovely day.
xo, Petra

Oh I love Milan! You look amazing! Is this a 35 or 30 Birkin?

Thank’s for the amazing opportunity !!!! If i win I would be the most Happy girl in the world !!!!! But i’m Sorry I don’t understand how i can have more chat cesto win the trip ( i’m italian, Sorry for the bad english :( ). So my nome on FB is Annalia Loconsole, on twitter i’m Annalia95 And on fashiolista i’m Annalia !!! Thanks again !! Kiss

Superbes photos !!

Petit remake de Narcisse (lui avec son reflet dans un étang) avec ta photo dans le mirroir, sublime !

Congrats, and enjoy ;)

so beautiful!

bon apetit! nice one

your pictures look like they come straight from a magazine, amazing!

what a fantastic shooting!:)

Amazing photos !!!! And the ice-cream looks really yummy :P

Done everything :D Fb name: Catarina Ferreira Pinto (

Thank you so much for the inspiring pictures and the NYFW opportunity :)
Fingers crossed!

Sorry, more chaces !! <3

Just followed all the steps :D
Kisses from NYC

The photography on this blog is just soo good, everything looks like an advertising campaign!

Your photos are so inspiring and amazing !

Absolutely gorgeous photos!
You look so chic and lovely.



Superbes photos, comme d’habitude!

J’ai effectué toutes les étapes et ce serait vraiment le rêve de quitter la Suisse pour cette petite escapade à New York.

Mon nom facebook est Julie Dayer ( )

On croise les doigts! xx

Bonjour Kristina ! Great pictures, you both did excellent work in Milan :)
For this amazing contest, i’m of course interested !

- I follow you on Bloglovin ( and Twitter (@feebeeblog)
- I liked your outfit on Fashiolista (blogfeebee) and I shared the link page on Twitter!
- I shared your contest on Facebook via my fanpage Feebee Blog and via my personnal account Pandi Fiona Panda
- I hope I did my homework well ^^

It’d be amazing to win this trip !

Merci et bonne journée !

James is a fantastic photographic! I love your dress ♥

I completed all the steps. Facebook name: Hadeil Eid

Wow, the trip must have been perfect! The food as well :)

I took part in the contest, my Facebook name is Karolina Ladysz.

Lots of love.

I followed all the steps!
Here is my facebook link :

PS:Amazing photos!Love the Hermes bag it’s just superb!

What an amazing Hotel! The decoration is so sweet and fresh!
Love the combination of the off white with the Hermès orange!


Julia from

Caroline Deschamps 15 August 2012 / Reply

Hi Kristina! I completed all the steps :-) My name on Facebook: Caroline Deschamps :-) Have a good afternoon.

Amazing photos,amazing contest! Completed all the steps! ;)
Facebook name: Dominyka Angelyte

Really amazing contest! I just completed all the steps, so I just hope to win :) (my facebook name is Barbora Marečková).

Hi Kristina,
Thank you for this amazing contest.I have completed all the steps.
I follow you on Facebook (Make-up and the City)
on twitter @lillyandthecity and on Bloglovin (Make-up and the City) + the news is shared on my facebook page. Finnaly I love the virtual lottery ticket. I can’t wait to read another article.

Hi, I did all the steps and I hope to win.
My Facebook page:

stunning pictures as always sweetheart :) & I love this contest. Did everything within my power. shared and shared and liked and liked ^^ Here’s my fb page where I shared it -> & My twitter: @Cathy_Anita I really followed you everywhere I could ^-^ Greetings from Austria

You are gorgeous ,and the pictures are breathtaking

gorgeous photos

You look absolutely wonderful! xo, Alma

Gorgeous photos!
Thank you for this contest, I did all the steps. My facebook name is Rafaela Abdul.

Everything on this post looks so perfect, including you Kristina! The photos look like they are for a high fashion magazine. Fantastic!

Tout est fait – je croise les doigts :)
A tout bientôt !


Fb name: Béatrice Jorge :) hope to get some good news even though I never get to win anything. Wish you all the best!
ps: belles photos!

Hi Kristina!! I’m Juliet, amazing post by the way, I’ve completed all the steps and m name in facebook is July Alastra.. love all your styles

Coucou, J ai tout fait pour le concours, et mon nom sur facebook c’est Karine Gourlet Guevara. Ce serait tellement beau de gagner!!!! haha :)
Sinon les phots sont magnifiques comme d’habitude j’ai envie de dire :) Bisouus

I’m in! What a great contest! I did all the steps
Facebook name: Chiara Lanero

Fingers crossed!

i cant even find the words to describe how beautiful this look is!

All the steps are completed, fingers crossed! Can’t even imagine what an amazing opportunity it is!
faceboook: Asya Tikk (

All steps done! My facebook name is Monochrome Magpie x

Monochrome Magpie

What a dream place! You look stunning!
All steps done! Thank you so much!!


All fingers crossed ;)

Oh my Kristina I’d love to go to NYFW and with you too! I immediately did all the steps too :) My facebook name is: Maya Bogaert (there are several I know, I have set made the sharing of your post public :) I use a b&w profile picture, same as on my blog )
I never really win any contests at all this would be a dream come true!!
Fingers crossed big time for this one :)

In all my excitement I even forgot to mention how gorgeous your trip photo’s are and such a beautiful look!

it looks like a really beautiful place!


I Did allll the steps! What an awesome contest this is!
My facebook name is: Nini Nguyen (Im the one with brown hair)

Fingers crossed!!!! x

That place looks amazing! beautful photos!

I follow on Twitter @LittleMama71 and on Bloglovin as Lisa Carbone(lisa_carbone). I have shared this link/contest on Facebook and LOVED this vitual lottery on Fashiolista both as Lisa Carbone.

Thanks, Lisa

Hello there! lovely post!

I followed all the steps, and my Facebook name is Camila Cerda.
I really hope I can go to NYC with you, fingers crossed!

Fashion Illustration

wow, you should be a model for Vogue!! :)

Completed all the steps! I wish i’d be the winner :)

Facebook : Angelina Farrah Yunisa

first photo is epic! love that scarf and bag! :)

did everything:)) I would love to go to NY with you:)

Facebook name: Myriam Schumacher
Fashiolista: myribella


This hotel looks seriously gorgeous, your boyfriend seems to makes every place you visit looks amazing! not to mention you never fail to look super classy. I literally get super excited every-time I check your blog, but I’ve got to say today I was a little more so with the amazing contest! =)

Followed above! My name on FB is

With love from the rainy UK! x

the photos are amazing!!!! Kristina, i love your style, you look is so elegant, so beautiful!!!
have a nice evening!

I just loooove your dress, and you are so beautiful (as usual)

I hope I win the contest! I completed all the steps.

fb profile:!/danielle.demond.5

Danielle de Mond

love your look!!!
i hope i win this trip !!!
my facebook Anya Bron I completed all the steps :))))

Hi Kristina
Unfortunately I couldn’t complete all the steps since I don’t have twitter. Is it also possible to take part in the contest without twitter? I really hope so because it is the most amazing price I’ve ever seen!
Love and good luck to you Alessia D’Intino (which is also my facebook name)

gorgeous pics!! some of those look like a hermes advertising campaign!

I did all the steps. Much Love.
Facebook Name: Amberley DellaCalce

Amazing style and gorgeous pictures!

Superbe ! Tellement beau cet hôtel. J’adore ta robe !
Et bien félicitations pour Hermès, et c’est avec joie que je participe au concours Fashiolista pour tenter de gagner une place pour la NYFW (mon rêve…), ce serait juste trop beau… Sachant que j’avais déjà gagné un de leur concours (malgré moi) en aimant une de vos photos sur facebook de la soirée Fashiolista à NYC haha
J’ai liké ton article et mis un commentaire dessus sur mon facebook, c’est pareil que si je mettais le lien directement, non ? J’espère :)
Mon facebook c’est “Coralie’s Looks”
Super… Plus qu’à espérer un miracle ! Je serai juste la fille la plus heureuse de la terre… Mais je pense que ça sera le cas de n’importe laquelle d’entre nous qui gagnera ^^
Bises ! et merci


Love the photos! Your blog is my favorite one to visit!


Check out my blog :)

Amazing photos at the hotel!
I’ve already voted for you on Fashiolista (Call me M), and I was already a follower both on Facebook and Twitter (FB name Call-me Em). Good luck!

Who makes your dress? I love it

God, that hotel looks utterly beautiful! So jealous of you right now ;)

amazimg pictures

What an amazing outfit! Excellent photos as always and I love the bag so much, uouh! Nice contest 2 =) I’m in.

My facebook name: Rute Pinto

You are so gorgeous! This outfit is amazing, and as always, I wish I could pull off lipstick as well as you do.

This contest is equally AMAZING. My FB name is Cassie Dulworth.

Wow, such beautiful photos, and what an incredible contest! I completed all of the steps. NYFW is such a dream! I can’t believe it could possibly become reality. Thank you for sharing about this contest.

Facebook: Hannah Riley Henderson (


I completed all the steps, & will ‘heart’ every day!

Facebook name: Bella Mosqueda


Quelles jolies photos et Hermès ne fait que sublimer le tout. Bravo également au photographe.

Toutes les instructions ont été respectées donc je croise les doigts.

Profil Facebook: Rafael Santianez

Done, darling!
My facebook name is Stefanie Pires

I’ve been following your blog from the beginning but I have never commented.

Just wanted to say that James’ photos are evolving with each post, and these were beyond beautiful.

You’re both doing such great work – congratulations!

Completed all the steps :) I am super excited yesterday when I Saw it, I was thinking what to say to my school principal ( very strict school ) if I won the contest, to let me the permission to not assist to the school and don’t have troubles hahaha, What a DREAM I am crossing my fingers to win this amazing contest, I am super excited! Thank you <3

FB name: Maricruz L. Armenta

I completed all the contest steps, and my facebook name is Olivia Nordland from Connecticut!

@Anonymous : That is such a huge compliment for us, thank you so much

Beutiful photos and dress, again you look stunning!


I complete do all the steps :D!

My name in FB is Danne Chimal from mexico!

remarkably beautiful photos!
kw Ladies in Navy

Entered the contest and shared the news on twitter instead of facebook. My twitter name is tinysunbl, facebook name To-Nhu Huynh

I’ve completed all the steps :)
Here’s my facebook profile: and my twitter is @leileon03 XoXo

I follow you / your blog everywhere!
I even met you in person in Dubai! You’re the best!
Keep up with the beautiful pictures & the interesting blog!

Giulia from

my facebook: Rotem Jacoby

very nice post, looks like a phos serie form vogue or something like that!

lovely photos

You look always so beautiful and these pctures are simply amazing!


soo love your style & your outfit posts!


Done. :)
Great photos! :)

People are write.. I’ve never seen such beautiful pictures in any BLOG..they belong to magazines :D
Love ur dresss, bag n nail paint dear.. orange looks so good on ur skin! :)

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Hi ! I Completed all the steps !
I love reading your posts, I come everiday.
You look gorgeous !

My facebook name is Jessica Parent (

Have a nice day :)

I can’t believe it! It’d be a dream if I won!
my FB: Beatrice Guardascione
of course, I completed all the contest steps

Done with all the steps. Really hope I can win the trip!
My facebook: Jessika Pham from Helsingborg, Sweden.
Love your blog, and the pictures är amazing.

Loved this post!
My facebook name is Gonul Duren btw

My little sister has been following your blog for a while but I only heard of you not a long time ago after reading one of your article in the ILLUSTRE. Among all the blogs I have read, yours is absolutely stunning. It doesn’t only rely on your fashion sense but also in the fact that James’s photography skills are becoming beyond amazing nowadays. Sometimes I run into him at the UNIGE library but he looks rather shy so it’s cool to discover both of your passion through this site.
I don’t get the chance to travel a lot, so thanks to you guys, you kind of bring me (and I think the rest of your readers) each time along with you on your trips. So I just wanted to thank you for making me sort of “traveling” :)
Also, I wanna ask one thing: what does “goodies” stand for? Have you received the Hermès/Chanel bags seen on the blog for free life a gift?
My sister fancies your blog and I’m worried she thinks she can make money with her blog.
Anyways, it would be nice of you to clear that point. Like whenever you buy something or when it’s offered by any brand. THANK YOOOU!!

Completed all the steps, my Facebook name is Michelle Hui x

Completed all the steps. My name is Catharina Rudolph from Sweden

you look so gorgeous!

Completed all the steps, Hopefully you will won <3
My facebook url is:

You’re beyond beautiful.. It looks like you had a marvellous trip :)

Btw, I’ve completed all the steps!
My FB name is Uliana Shalaeva

You’re my favorite blogger! Not only because of you’re style and your closet: you seem to have a beautiful personality too! x

I hope we’ll go to Fashion Week together :)

Ece Dusunnmez

This trip would be fun!

Hi Kristina

I just loooove your blog – and you always look SO amazing <3
I’ve completed the contest step – and even got started on Fashiolista thanks to you :)
My facebook name is Charlotte Stegmann Jakobsen from Denmark…

Lot of love :)

Completed all the steps! It would be like a dream came true to win a trip to NYCFW :)!!

AMAZING CONTEST. I hope with all my heart to win, this would be GREAT! I shared and liked on fb, on twitter and loved on fashiolista.
Twitter name: ValeriaMangano
Facebook name: Valeria Mangano
Fashiolista username: VVoguette
thanks :)

I finished all those steps (and signed up in tons of new sites;)) my FACEBOOK NAME: Katja Lehner

I’m from Austria, i would be most grateful if i could join you, especially cause it would be the first time for me winning something (&something that big! it would be a dream come true) i’m absolutely in love with your style – every outfit you’re wearing is art. Thanks so much for inspiring me!

Oh, I complete all the step. My Facebook name is Heidi Caterina Tuominen


Sandrine Vaillancourt

complete all the steps.
Facebook name: Sa Ba


Coucou :)
I did all the steps :)
Ana-Larina Cooper is my FB name.
bisous :*


completed all the steps

facebook name: Shiny Bliss Ortilano

All the steps done :)

Follow you on bloglovin’

Twitter: Sara Bui (@mixandbechic)
Facebook: Sara Bui


What a beautiful pictures! Beautiful outfit and you! x

Amazing as always!

xoxo, Tiffany

P.S. Completed all the steps! Check out my facebook at

Completed all steps to take a part in this competition!

My facebook Laura Valuta

P.s. Love all your posts! amazing Photos!

That dress was fitting just perfectly with the ambiance! And well I did all the steps and hope to have chances to win that amazing contest!

Facebook : Sophie G-Sylvestre

Love all those photos and your outfit! Beautiful dress :)

Kisses, Elena

It’s Rubacuori restaurant perhaps… :P


Can’t wait to visit NY!

FACEBOOK: Catherine Weare

shared on my twitter too! _c_a_r_a_

The scarf makes all the difference, it’s so beautiful!!*
Oh and this contest is such a dream for me, my favourite city, one of the best fashion weeks in the world and one of my favourite bloggers…I completed all the steps and my facebook name is Joana Maia

Nice! I find Milan interesting and it has been my shopping heaven =)

I hope you win!

Facebook name: Christina Linh Hoang (

facebook:Zuzana Kováříková
all done
P.S.I love your charisma.

I’ve done everything!!!
Giulia Caristi

I love this drees, it’s beautiful and than the bag and orange/red lips makes it so classy and it’s a great combination and the scarf makes the whole look just more ittalian :)

I did it!

fb-name: Helena Bjørg Greve

Done :)

facebook name: Nadya Joy
facebook email:

I absolutely adore you and your style! It always makes my day to see your posts and beautiful pictures! Xo

Facebook name: Megan Kline

J’espère bien te connaître bien-tôt! ;)
J’ai pas facebook malhereusement… (@ChiaraTomei)


beautiful pictures! love the outfit (:

my facebook name is: katharina berghofer

I love your blog, and this contest is amazing :)

all steps complited

facebook – Katie Spirations


All done.
Facebook : Loretta Lorena


Ca serait un merveuilleux voyage que j’adorrais faire avec toi , j’ai fait tous ce qui faut mon facebook: Gergina Androlova

Hi Kristina,

I really adore you on these pictures and you’re my biggest role model when it comes to fashion!!
At the moment I’m joining the contest to go to NYFW with you. I’m sooo excited! I’ve completed all the steps and I hope the contest is still opened. My facebook name is Marloes Schreuder.

Hugs and kisses,

Btw, I’m Marloes Schreuder from ‘s Gravenhage, the Netherlands.


Hello Kris’ I did everything you asked to do :)

here is my facebook name

I would be really glad to join you on this trip since I really like what you do and fashion, and myself I want to become a fashion photographer and am currently studying in Vevey in the photography school :) so this trip is a great opportunity to meet interesting people from the fashion business ! have a great day x

Wow what an opportunity ! <3 all done :) facebook: Lisa Kuhnen

I’ve just done everything! I really want to win this!
Facebook name: Ančís Appy Zelená

Done ^^
fb : Caroline Susanto
email :

I followed all the steps and I really hope I’ll win xx
FB name : Iulia Romana Pop
e-mail :

j’ai suivi les regles selon le site fashiolista !!:) en esperant gagner car ça serait un rêve de voir la fashion week mais en plus de te rencontrer :)

I followed all the steps, hope I’ll have luck. :)

Fb Name: Leon Theimer
Email: :)

love your bag!! gorgeous!!

You look like a goddess. The hotel seems to be heaven. <3

all a dame, so elegant