Pictures by James Vyn

SECOND DAY So here it is as promised the pictures from the second day in Davos and more precisely a hotel tour. This little journey is a part of our new project with weekend4two and the goal is to share with you guys new destinations and give you a couple of ideas for your own trips. I’ve been amazed by the quality of their food, James and I had the chance to try out a couple of their five restaurants and it was a real pleasure to try out new tastes. A delight! I had a misandventure a few days ago while we were in Montreux, we were walking the whole day and I smashed my feet against a rock (don’t ask me how why I did that, just don’t). So the result I had to wear a bandage for a couple of days and can forget about high heels for the next upcoming weeks. That is the reason why the two last posts were in flat shoes, which obvisouly is surprising isn’t it? But for this little visit of the hotel, nothing was more comfortbale than those Zara sandals, and my new Number-A tie-dye shirt. I paired it with a black pencil skirt and some new jewerly from the amazing Backstage shop. They have the most beautiful jewerly, so simple and minimalistic yet absolutely gorgeous.

Back to the hotel, as I said we were hanging around all day long discovering each time a new restaurant. Here you will be able to discover pictures of the two we visited and don’t forget to check out yesterday’s post to have a sneek peak at the Leonto gourmet restaurant which is on the first floor.
The first one we discovered on our second day at the Grisha hotel with weekend4two was their bar where we enjoyed a club sandwich, some french fries and a delicious seasonal salad , on the evening it is crowded and it seems like it is a popular place in Davos. They have the most amazing cocktails which they serve with little appetizers. The second one we wanted to see was the Golden Dragon chinesse restaurant. We didn’t have the opportunity or the time to taste the food, but saw the plates and it looked amazing. The interior was emblished with little details and pieces of art all in a very modern black atmosphere. We had to leave early to catch our train but I am sure this place looks stunning on the evening. Enjoy the virtual visit guys! I already wish you a lovely week-end since tomorrow there is another project James and I will be working on a new project. You’ll find out soon more about it…

If you want to experience our journey in Davos, feel free to check out the Grischa hotel romantic week-end offer on the weekend4two website by clicking here!

SHIRT : Number-A
JEWERLY : Backstage
CLUTCH : Vintage



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its incredible this outfit. you are one of the best bloggers
i have new looks

Very beautiful photos! I like your top and necklace very much :)

That dress is stunning, looks great with the necklace. (I have the same one!)

C рожками такая смешная))

You are very beautiful!

Love your shirt and necklace.
Beautiful pictures.

XO Arezu

I adore that shirt! the outfit is absolutely great! xo, Alma

love that slouchy tee, the mesh back is just awesome

I love all those photos!and your hair are God so amazing!!
Much love,
Style LimeLight

Amazing SHIRT ;-)

so elegant! like ur shirt

the ombré is so lovely on you! love that necklace x


i love this dip dye top, the colour bleeding looks amazing. love it

Mel x

Fabolous look!

Love your tie-dye shirt ! Such a beautiful place ! Get well with your foot !

I have to say.. you belong to the list of the world’s most beautiful women. I wish could look like you. I mean this. Your life seems like dream. You seem perfect to me.

I love that clutch with that dress, and it totally fits into the textures of the hotel!

the photo with the deer head looks funny :) was that intention? :)
love your shirt and the hotel looks awesome! *.*

love your shirt ;)

MA COPINE REBECCA fashion blog

This is indeed a beautiful place, I’m sure you enjoyed your weekend!!!

Ocean Wind

Love your top! Great photos and you look amazing xx

you look stunning!

Dear Kristina, what size of clothes do you wear? The blog is amazing, love the pics and the way you write. Keep doing it, thats really great, and love your tutorials on you tube.

love you top. gorgeous!

great look I love sandals

Great tee!
Love this look.



Ombre shirt – beautiful! :)

Love the ombre shirt!!
You look so beautiful!


Gorgeous pictures!!!!

Xoxo Iren

The hotel looks amazing!! I’m sure you had a great time there!

You are so beautiful! I love your hairstyle and the t-shirt!!!! <3

Soo beautiful, I like so much this pictures!!

You always look beautiful, one of my best boggers:) Kisses, Alina

So gorgeous! Looks like a great place to visit!

Love the ombre shirt! looks great with the spiky necklace!

Gosh, I am really in love with your blog!

- You’re stunning, and have an impeccable sense of style.

The back of that top is everything! so simple and gorgeous!

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Anonymous 2 August 2012 / Reply

the top looks so nice from the back!

p.s. the twitter link thing that used to appear alongside youtibe, lookbook, etc. has disappeared?

Amaaazing! I love your outfit honey!


I like this hotel, the way you look, so much! <3

Bisous, bisous
Little Anaelle

the hotel looks so beautiful! And I love the top you’re wearing

The first photo is amazing! :)

this place looks amazing! love your shoes ;)

i love your hair:)!!!

Your blouse is really pretty, loved the effect on it. Gorgeous. =) That hotel seems so comfy but yet chic!

nice photos! the shirt is adorable ♥


I was in this hotel last year, beautiful..:)

@anonymous it did indeed but you can find my twitter account in the blog’s sidebar!

you are the preetiest blogger ever!

You look stunning as always! You’ve captured so many great pictures.

awww u just have a perfect style!!!!!!!!!that neckless looks so pretty,and without doubt,so do you!


What gorgeous looks! I absolutely love the ombre top and the beautiful photos of the interior space!


what can i say ? gorgeous, like always :)

Very beautiful photos again – the hotel looks gorgeous and your outfit is perfect like always…

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Van –

I really really reallyyy like your shirt! What an amazing outfit again.

The hotel looks so amazing and your outfit is simple yet very striking!

The Princess on the Brink

wow the hotel looks really pretty!

ahahahaha, the pics with the horns is amazing

Wow, amazing and beautiful hotel!
Cosa mi metto???

So beautiful ! You’re very beautiful. I love your look. :)

It’s a lovely place eheh



amazing hotel!!! great shots and you look amazing!!! love the top!!!

Anonymous 3 August 2012 / Reply

can you please make a post about shaving your legs?
or about shaving in general?

you are beautiful <3

We love your look! (beautiful dress Kristina!)

Wauw! love your tunique!

Love from Amsterdam,


Le côté tie and dye de ton top rend le look vraiment intéressant.

Wow! The hotel have some Oriental touch to it with the word “Gold” in Chinese character =)
I like your ombre top. Have fun there! =)

I absolutely love those pictures. You look amazing and your shirt is so pretty.
Thanks for sharing all those great info.

Kiss Andie ;)

You are sooo gorgeous its crazy <3

i loveeeeeeeeee it sooo amazing
the hotel is absolutely amazinnggg i love it

and you look as stunning as always i wish i was this lucky to be a successful blogger


That long shirt/dress with the fading colors is absolutely amazing. Would really love to have it!

What an amazing top! Looks comfy…

I love that necklace. Beautiful. You should check out this shop, she has some amazing pieces:

Kristina you have an exceptional style and you’re so beautiful! I also adore your website it looks so professional. Excellent work. Keep going. xoxo

I LOVE the outfit!! Especially your shirt!!

you’re perfect :)

love your style and your hairs :)


Gorgeous ombre

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What a great top!

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I’m quickly becoming your number one fan! Your blog is high up in my fav’s list!!

hugs from Spain!

Love your blog, love your style. You are my style. :) I will be honored if you visit my blog..

You’re not just good-looking, you’re also classy & stylish – which really is a rarity. Go girl! Much love from Romania. xx

This sounds really fun and looks like the whole family will enjoy. We went to a festival once and stayed in one of those hotels at luton. The stay at the hotel is as enjoyable as the festival we attended.

Erin Donoue 12 December 2012 / Reply

Fashionably fun in all sense. I love the backdrop model photo poses and the select shots for the hotel. The weekend romantic package reminds me of the offers from cheap hotels in paddington.

Forget the model. Even she pales in comparison to those hotel rooms. Incidentally, they remind me of some rooms I’ve stayed at at a couple of hyde park hotels.

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Hotel furniture

What are the odds that central london apartments would be as lavish as this one? Oh well, as long as it’s homey, it would surely work for me.

It’s nice to have somewhere to take pictures in a hotel like this one. There’s a really good looking lobby that you can pose for a shoot like hotels around paddington.

The Grischa hotel has a stone druid feel for ambiance. A mix of fusionary stonework and modern interior design. They are also a popular reception for weddings.

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