Pictures by James Vyn

CASUAL I think there’s nothing more elegant than a well styled casual outfit. Simply because beeing ”’casually” dressed up brings this effortless feel yet so natural and elegant while you actually took 1 hour to pick you outfit in the moring. Should I add this bracelet, or bag? Isn’t it going to bee too much? That’s usually me thinking in front of my closet, but you know what the best solution is to think : which clothes will trully make me feel good today, or just pick your eyes closed the garments and let yourself get surprised by the result (I personally don’t advice you to do that, just saying…). When I picked out this outfit the other morning, I just wanted to feel comfortable yet fashionable so, instead of thinking complicated I took my favourite basic pieces out of the closet and my favourite accessories and was so happy with the result. And I can tell you, I am the kind of weird person who is totally influenced by what I wear, if I hate my outfit then I’ll focus on it all day long while when I love it and feel damn good in it, then it’s the partayy.

I wore this casual look in Montreux a couple of days ago, James and I had an amazing time hanging out by the lake. And this outfit was absolutely perfect for this occasion since the weather wasn’t too hot.  Also wanted to try a new hairstyle which I totally did on the go, so unfortunaltely the ones of you who are curious to know how I did it well my only advice would be take your hair and twist it in the most weird way possible, attach the mess with a rubber band and you’re done. Quite cool isn’t it? It’s all about being ”effortless” guys, all about that.


SHORTS : Goodnight Macaroon
SHOES : Zara



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i love that bracelet. so cute.


I love this denim shirt!!!

I love your more casual style lately. Very beautiful denim blouse!

Such a gorgeous casual outfit!! Very beautiful photos :)

you’re finally able to wear shoes with heels, happy for you

I loove denim shirts! I am seriously obsessed by them :D I wish you an amazing day <3

Plein de bisous! xx

Really nice outfit, you look amazing!

this gotta be one of the cutest outfit i’ve seen this summer!! :)
love how you arrange u hair and love the denim shirt! it looks absolutely gorgeous on you!! :D

have a wonderful week!! :)

You are incredible! *.*

i LOVE your casual outfit! it’s still very chic and stylish, but looks great for everyday, out and about, kind of stuff. i think the heels definately dress up the outfit just the right amount too!

Oh you look absolutely fabulous in the shot with your sunglasses! Love your Zara heels and that H&M denim top!


Effortlessly chic. Casual looks great on you :D


I’m very in love with this look! It could be totally me <3


I loove it! It’s great how u can look so chic in such a “casual, efortless” outfit. xoxo

Great outfit!
It’s casual and very chic!!

xx Timna

such a beautiful look. I guess you look amazing in everything.

Your high heels are amazing. I love them. Also the denim shirt was made for you =)

Amazing outfit, you look fantastic! ♥

You are SO gorgeous (especially so in these photos) it’s not even fair! ;) But you really do make this simple combination look so glamorous. I also happen to have this shirt so thank you for the inspiration as well!


Loved the last photo!! Perfect.. Like from fashion magazines..

I adore your photos! Beautiful shirt!

you look cutier with this hairstyle:)

nice look! I love this combination!! :D


Very beautiful look!

You look beautiful ♥ Great photos!

i love the way you used your denim shirt!

Anonymous 7 August 2012 / Reply

Just chic! You are gorgeous!

i agree, casual is always right.

OMG you are gorgeous,I really love this look,so simple but even so chic!


A-mazing look! I love your make-up here!

Je suis fan des chemises en jeans ! Elles vont parfaitement avec tant de looks

u look amazing hon.. love loev ur outfit! :)

wud u like to follow each other? Let me know! :)

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Lovely ! :) I like your hair up. And the denim shirt looks really nice .

xx Maria

Amazing, i love the look and the pictures of the sea !! <3

Wow, you look amazing! I love your hair! xoxo Jana


MA COPINE REBECCA fashion blog

you look great! Denim suits you very well!!!

YOu look gorgeous as always! I really love the pictures. Especially the ones where you are sitting at the floor.
Is the denim shirt out of the current collection of H&M? Still in the stores? :)

Beautiful photos, Kristina. You are gorgeous. kisses

Stunning photos. I love your shirt :)

Love your outfit!

Love the casual look!!

Wow, Kristina! This is definitive one of my favourite looks from you – so casual and nice!

xx, Eleonora

so beautiful..

Great pictures and and you look perfectely flawless

You are so pretty!
Very nice outfit :D.

Kristina you look lovely dressed in casual!!! You should do it often!!

Great casual look!
You look stunning.



Great pictures and lovely outfit! ♥

Pherenikes Blog

Looks great ! I love the denim/black leather combination.

I was hoping you could let me know where your sunglasses are from :)
new outfit post

I love your look! So classy and beautiful :)

i really like it! Please tell us more about the model of your camera! We don’t want to spend our money with crap things :P

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Pairing chambray with leather is my favorite combination!

Love this look, so casual yet chic x


Ah I feel like I need a denim shirt so badly! Looks so great on you.

OMG you’re such a diva! everything fits you and at the same time you’re chic and classic! =**

this clothes fit perfectly on you. This is one of my favourite look :D

denim looks so hot on u :)

beautiful combo!!:)

Beautiful pictures, Kristina! Love your outfit. Have a great week:-)

Love that casual look! Simple byr still gorgeous!

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Beautiful location it really looks like heaven!

This outfit is so gorgeous I love the combination with the casual and chic accessories. Love the heels :)

Vanessa from

Amazing jewelries! xoxo

You look lovely.

super schön, hab mir auch erst vor kurzem eins gekauft :)

You look amaaaazing! I love these sandals


Wonderful place. And very cool pictures. This is unconscious good one.

Gorgeoussss! Just a simple but perfect outfit <3


Nothing like a great denim shirt!

Love your denim shirt, and your bag!!

Beautiful outfit, as always. Like the denim on the short.
Love your blog, you’re amazing ;)
X An

cool outfit you look really pretty in these photos! <3

Hayley xx

I am sorry, you look beautiful BUT please don´t tell me that wearing those heels is a CASUAL look to go to the lake. I´m sorry but I don´t quite agree even though there are lovely.

you look stunning!

i have to buy a denim shirt really soon!

Love the casual look. Great pics!

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@my fashion break : I wish I could actually let you try them, so you can see how comfortable they are (not a coincidence that I wear them in most of my posts right). Or perhaps my feet are weird and feel comfortable in strange kind of shoes… Hmm

Anonymous 7 August 2012 / Reply

Je voulais te féliciter pour tout le travail que tu as fait. Je trouve ça juste incroyable que tu es une telle réussite. Je suis qqun du gymnase, on ne se connait pas personnellement, pas du tout d’ailleurs. Mais tu sais bien qu’on cess tout le monde connait tout le monde. Quand tu as commencé ce blog, j’étais la première fille à faire des critiques et me moquer. Je pense que tu peux t’imaginer le genre de remarques que les gens faisaient. Mais maintenant, je me rends juste compte à quel point, c’était tellement une histoire de jalousie. On veut toutes être LA plus belle, LA plus cool et celle avec le plus de style. Je sais maintenant qu’il n’y aura jamais UNE SEULE fille qui est comme ça… Cela n’empêche pas le fait que je suis toujours jalouse de tout ce que tu as réussi à faire ! Tu as accompli ce qui était un petit rêve à moi. Je te remercie en tout cas parce que maintenant je me rends compte que “tout” les rêves sont réalisables, il faut juste le vouloir clairement. Et toi tu es la fille qui le voulait vraiment, donc bravo d’avoir été au bout. Je suis très admirative de ton travail et j’aime faire de temps en temps de petites visites sur ton blog. Tes photos sont absolument magnifiques.
Je pense que mon commentaire, est moins utile à toi qu’à moi. Dans le sens où tu sais très bien que ce que tu fais c’est excellent, vu jusqu’où tu es arrivée. Alors c’est plus pour moi dans le sens, qu’une fille qui habite en Suisse dans un petit village peut réussir à réaliser des choses qui me semblait impossible de réaliser. Et surtout, pour arrêter d’avoir cette mentalité qui règne au gymnase, où chaque fille déteste l’autre parce qu’elle est jolie, bien habillée et qu’elle fait pas partie de ton groupe d’amis (je généralise biensûr, mais j’ose espérer que tu vois de quoi je veux parler). Après toutes les critiques que j’ai pu faire sur toi, et même si tu les a jamais entendues, je voulais te dire qu’au fond c’était juste parce que je voulais être cette fille qui avait réussi a créer son propre blog et partager avec le monde entier (merci internet) son goût pour les vêtements.

You are a beauty! Love these photos and so photogenic you are!!!

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@Anonymous Comment vas-tu? J’espère que qui que tu sois, tu passe d’agréables vacances.
Je te remercie beaucoup pour ton message, d’avoir mis à nus ainsi ton ressentis ça me touche franchement beaucoup.

Il suffit de croire en soi pour accomplir de belle choses, grandes ou petites peu importe tant que ça a de la valeur à tes yeux, que ce soit dans la mode, la vie, les études… Le talent c’est 10%, le reste c’est tout du boulot, de la passion et beaucoup de nuits blanches.

Je te souhaite une merveilleuse fin de soirée!

@Anonymous P.S Je laisse l’honneur à mes lecteurs pour me dire si mon travail est ”excellent” :)
D’ailleurs la palme revient à James.

wow this outfit looks amazing .one of my fav!

Gorgeous photos, again! Those bracelets are so pretty and that denim shirt is so stylish! It really is everything: looks effortless but always so stylish.

Your face is perfection! Such a beautiful girl x Denim looks good on you :)

i do like ur casual style…its show how u combine it casual yet elegant
Luv u Kristina!

Anonymous 8 August 2012 / Reply

I love it when you can see your freckles! :)

Kristina je check ton blog quasiment tous les jours. Tu es une vraie source d’inspiration pour moi (tu devrais voir ce que je porte actuellement, totalement inspiré de la tenue de ce post). Je me permets de revenir sur qu’a dit l’anonyme et je confirme que pour moi ton travail est excellent et James à sans aucun doute une grande place dans tout ça. Il est très doué. Je te remercie de partager tout ces super looks et je te souhaite d’atteindre tout tes objectifs.

Passe de bonne vacance.

Bsx Andie ;)

It looks like Billabong advert that’s so unfair that you look good in super elegant dresses as well as simply jeans shirts x

Hi! So beautiful look. I love all of this photographies. :) I really love your jacket.♥

Lana Ceulemans 8 August 2012 / Reply

I really love this outfit, you look absolutely stunning, elegant and natural at the same time. I sure adore the sunglasses.

“I am the kind of weird person who is totally influenced by what I wear, if I hate my outfit then I’ll focus on it all day long while when I love it and feel damn good in it, then it’s the partayy.” ha! I thought I was alone but nope.
love this outfit!!

What a great Outfit, and I love your make-up! Beautiful!!
xo Andrea
Wonderful and Marvelous

Your freckles!!! Subtle, but absolutely adorable.


Absolutely perfect!

Perfect look ! Love your sunglasses, which type is it ? ( RB…? ) Thank you :)

The denim shirt is awesome.. Casual looks also suit you. :)

Amazing look!

Appreciate you sharing, great blog post.Much thanks again. Want more.