IT’S FINALLY FRIDAY I am so excited that the week-end is slowly approaching, why? For a very simple yet such a good reason : James and I are leaving tomorrow, early morning, in Milan! We will be reviewing the hotel Chateau Monfort, making tons of pictures and also trying to enjoy our stay. We want above all to rest a little, have a lot of pizza and gelato and some spritz apero and you know just do all those typical tourist traditions people enjoy so much while in Italy. So we really won’t be staying a long time, only one night, so there won’t be enough time for shopping and museum visiting unfortunately. We will be spending most of our time around the hotel, making interesting reviews, all that in order to show you guys once again all the amazing offers weekend4two has got out there! So hopefully it is going to be fun, that the weather will be great and so on… Funny fact is that even when I am leaving just for one night, I can’t help but take a huuge suit case with me filled up like a chunky cookie with shoes and bags and lots of stuff I won’t even have time to use… That’s the fun part of packing, filling it with useless stuff. I just love it. And then in the end you still feel like there’s something missing… Like your hair dryer or… your shoe polisher or whatever useless stuff.

I hope you guys will enjoy discovering this week’s goodies post, there has been a lot going on lately and we’ve began so many incredible collaborations which I am so excited to tell you more about. So there’s definitely going to be a lot of cool projects that you folks will be able to hear about in the next upcoming weeks. So stay tuned on twitter (@kayture), facebook or instagram (@kristina_bazan) to follow me live through my little adventures and see you on monday for the new post!

The special edition Chantilly candle in honour of the 150 years of the house Ladurée. I don’t even want to light it up, simply keep it as precious treasure (my precious). It gives my room a delicious fresh vanilla scent and the candle comes in it’s little mint packaging which is perfect to keep jewerly afterwars or other little goodies.
Just finished re-organizing my jewerly drawers. I like to keep each ”category” of jewerly in a separate box, rings in little plastic cups, statement necklaces in bigger paper compartimens and so on… It is perfect when you need to find quickly one particular jewerly piece since you’ll know exactly where it is.
A new Hermès bag I can’t wait to make pictures with, it feels like it is the perfect summer bag. The size is ideal, fits all the essentials : wallet, lip balm, keys, phone and even some little extras such as a pocket book or sun glasses. A dream…
My Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Dior nail polishe collection which I keep in little round boxes in the top shelf of my jewerly accessory drawer. Nail polishes are amazing accessories as well, don’t forget about that!
I guess that I have really been into blue shades lately, blue jewerly, blue bags and clothing. It just feels to me like the perfect colour for summer, or do I really miss the sea? Must be that, I’ve spend to much time in the city. Tired of the concrete : need some salty water.
My favourite summer salade, a mix of avocado carrots, cucomber and nuts. I top it with a home made fresh dressing which contains lime in it, it’s so fresh and yummy : perfect for an everyday lunch routine.
Blush highlighter called ”Moonlight Rose” from the upcoming Midnight Roses collection by Lancôme. You will be able to discover next week a beauty post with the whole look!
Some of my favourite earrings which I keep in a small box to easily find them.
I’ve never really been into galaxy prints, perhaps because they were literally everywhere a couple of months ago, but this shirt from Lavish Alice simply made my heart melt… I love it and am looking forward to style it with some classic and elegant pieces to give it a contrast.
A little gift from my lovely friend Amir brought back from Barcelona’s Massimo Dutti shop.
Spot the Hermès box… Wonder what’s inside? It’s all a part of a new collaboration with Hermès which you will soon find out more about, all I can say is that you folks can expect some exciting posts next week (psst you can have a sneak peek of it on my instagram @kristina_bazan)
Dare-to-wear obsession statement necklace from the new Zara jewerly line, I am crazy about it. It gives a little punch to any outfit!
New sandals from Mirapodo, Jean Paul Gaultier for Melissa. Hope that my foot will heal faster and that I’ll finally be able to wear high heels again, miss it so much, feel like a tiny troll.
A new article about my blog in the swiss magazine People & Gotha, thanks to my dear friend Jean-Sébastien.
Some more pictures of the Lancôme Midnight Roses make-up collection, it’s all about lila and magenta shades.
Two amazing Hermès bag, I am taking them with me in Milan this week-end and simply can’t wait to wear them with an outfit in the city.
And finally the new perfume ”La Vie est Belle”, which smells amazing. I wear it almost everyday, it is so fresh and perfect for summer, I love it.


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This summer salad looks delicious and your new bracelet is gorgeous!

All these things look so pretty! Especially the jewellery and galaxy top + i loveee avocado! <3

I wish you a nice stay :)

Beautiful & gorgeous clothes/acessories ♥

Lucky you, you have so much beautiful jewelry and make-up !

Curious about your Milan post already
new outfit post

awesome pieces especially the jewellerys:)

love the Hermes bags! love evrything !

i’m following on bloglovin, great blog!

Can’t wait to read more about your projects!

This post is great!!! Love your jewerly collection and the hermes bags!!!

you have the awesomest pieces!! i just want to raid your closet~ lol i can’t wait for your posts in Milan!

love it!!
these photos are breath taking! :)
you have amazing collection of jewelry! they are all so pretty!
and i’m definitely gonna try that new perfume from Lancome! :D

have a wonderful day!

I sent u an email please check it out…valeria mangano

You should go to the strict called navigli. There are so many good restaurants along the river! You can feel there real italian atmosphere!

I love all your goodies ;)

Milan is great – wishing you and James a wonderful time…

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Perfection, girly, polish, luxe are the words that came into my mind every time I saw your Goddies post!

Amazing photos:) I love your style and Hermés bags, so nice:)

You got some pretty nice things there Kristina. Congrats for the article and have fun in Milan. Can’t wait to see the pictures.

Kiss Andie ;)

3 things:

1. I love that Ladurée candle and the box ! (especially the box :D)
2. Cute Hermés bag :)
3. You look absolutely gorgeous in that picture where you have red lips (it’s on the right page of the swiss magazine :)

xx Maria

Love the goodies post!

i have the same hermes, isn’t it perfect?


All amazing! Can’t wait to hear more about your collaboration with Hermes!

I am dying over your bags…fabulous!!
I love the way you arranged your jewelry and the lipsticks.
These posts are so lovely…they really give your readers a chance to see a more personal side of you :)

Everything looks so amazing!

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Amazing photos!
Dying over your earrings :O
Gorgeous pieces!



I’ve been really loving a lot of blue shades this summer too! I love the photos of everything <3<3

such a great stuff!! love the lancome blush! xoxo

Amazing new goodies!! I’m envious ;-)

xoxo lorena

Amazing pics! I’m just in love with your new Hermes bag!

All is amazing!

Nice!!! can’t wait to see the hotel!!!

Love the Hermès bag! It’s gorgeous, really perfect for Summer!

My Own Project

So many amazing goodies!!

Happy Friday Kristina!
I can’t believe you and James are going to Milan…you’re so lucky!
I’m excited thinking about all the fun you guys will probably have…I can’t wait to see pictures of your adventures and fun there (even if you’re only going for one night).
Hahaha I definitely know a thing or two about overpacking. I somehow manage to always pack a bunch of random stuff and forget important things. Sigh…

So much loveliness in these photos. Where do I even begin?
Well first, I just want to say that I hope your foot heals quickly. I’m sending all my best thoughts your way (and your foot’s way)!
Those shoes are so classy and sexy that I can’t wait to see you wear them once your foot heals…I’m sure that’ll be an awesome post with a great outfit.
OOOOOOOOOOH that Hermes bag is stunning! It’s the most amazing shade of blue (your blue jewelry is wonderful too) and the cutest little thing ever!
Blue is awesome. Maybe you’re just in need of water because you’re a mermaid like we saw in your last post! Heehee :)

Ah that galaxy print top is pretty! And so is your blush highlighter and your fun way of arranging jewelry.
And HOLY COWS I’m so jealous of your Hermes box and your two bags!!

Oh and you have so many pretty nail polishes and so much amazing stuff…

I could probably go on for days about all the beauty that you have!!
But I wouldn’t want to bore you to death :)

So have an AMAZINGLY WONDERFULTASTIC weekend Kristina (and anyone else who sees this). Enjoy your stay in Milan! <3 <3

The Ace of Hearts

Lovely pics, the little box with earrings is full of colours and inspiration!


Lovely goodies! the Hermes bag is awesome! :)


I always love these posts. The salad looks really tasty, and the picture of your re-oganized jewelry is so cool. Have fun in Milan! X

Love all your jewelry. Especially on how you organize it. love love love <3

Such beautiful details! You’re beautiful! :)



Lovely photos. Your goodies post are always great :D



every single picture is amazing! :) love it :)

Beautiful photographs of beautiful things. I’m particularly fond of your fine nail polish collection!

Hermès Bags are gifts from the brand ? Amazing

I just love your blog, amazing as always ! :)

Everything is so beautiful! I want it all)))

I love your Goodies Posts! You really have an eye for matching colors and items. Especially love your earrings collection. I wonder where these amazing blue ones are from?

Ohh I love your jewellery draw.. not to mention your jewellery. Then I just want to rave about your new Hermes bag. Okay, I’m completely envious of all you have shown here. Love it all x

That Hermes bag is amazing!

These things are so beautiful. I’m jealous of your jewellry collection like everytime I see it!
What I noticed now is that I can really get inspired by all your decoration ideas. That’s so great. My new appartment will be great with these inspirations, I know that :) xx

you are a genious! ;) congrats

lovely post!

This is so amazing, best ever goodies post! I love those Hermes bags they are so hard to get hold of you’re so lucky!

Wow! this post is incredible, so amazing! – I love all the photos!

and good luck to your feet, hope it soon will heal, so you can wear high heels again.

I love it :)
I admire you so much!

Loved your photographs : ) I’m going to live in Milan in a few months, I look forward to see your pictures !

best goodies evver babe :) <3

The Lancome blush looks so nice! So pretty.
Great post. xx

Love!!! Hermes is to die for!!! Who doesn’t love anything Hermes???? Safe travels girlie!

so many lovely pieces!


Have a great time in Milan !!!! Thoes goodies are amazing, I’m jelaus !!
xoxo, Lara Medić

Love these goodies!! :)

You totally need to do a post/picture wearing the purple lipstick. I can’t say that I’ve *really* seen anyone wearing it walking down the street :)
Eat Cake

Beautiful post! Love these goodies babe


Amazing pics, i love Zara’s necklace :) Kisses, Alina

I love the idea of storing jewelery in little seperate boxes, my jewelery shelf is just dying for a makeover now :)


Where did you get those gorgeous blue earrings? I just fell in love with them!

thats a real treasure for every fashion girl! love your photos :

Profites bien de ton séjour ! J’adore Milan tu as de la chance :) Et doublement de pouvoir emporter ces 2 merveilles Hermès avec toi… Enjoy xx


oh my god!! You got really beautiful things in your wardrobe collection!! love all the accessories and makeup stuffs


Tes “goodies posts” sont tellements beaux, tu as toujours de belles choses à nous montrer !
Oui on emmène toujours plein de vêtements ne sachant pas ce qu’on portera sur place, et on revient avec plein de choses non portées + le shopping ^^
C’est super que tu nous fasse découvrir un autre bel hôtel, mais si le prix du trajet n’est pas pris en charge c’est dommage de ne rester que deux jours… Profitez bien tout de même ! :)


Your blog is amazing. U have so much style! I discover u on Lookbook top :) Following u now*

OMG! You got a Kelly Bag!? Lucky you!!! BTW, I hope you enjoyed your stay in Milan!

Kristina, your blog is just amazing! So much beautiful pictures, inspiring outfits, you have perfect style and great taste! I’m impressed!

You got style and good taste.

Thank you guys, so cool you liked the pictures. Means I am not such a bad photographer afterall as well ;)

Hermés bags aww <3 The highlighter by Lancome looks awesome.