NEED SOME SLEEP So I must admit that I am quite excited that the week-end is finally approaching, you must think I’m weird since it is summer holidays and that it’s supposed to be week-end for me all week long, but I’ve been working like a crazy person lately on new projects for the blog : a lot of e-mails, photo editing, skype conferences, business lunches and meetings. Not to mention all the pictures I had to edit after our trip in Milan, because you might know that James shoots all the images of the blog but what you don’t know since I don’t think I have ever mentionned it is that  I am the one who edits them, meaning that I make sure that the light is okay, play a little bit with the colours and make sure that the contrast is good such as the size of the images : and all that takes quite a lot of time afterall, around 3 or 4 hours for one post in total. We really focus on quality and want to show you guys the best pictures possible, it’s so important for us. I love doing this so much, more than anything actually you know. Sometimes I am even speechless because of all the incredible paths and opportunities my blog has brought me to, I couldn’t be more gratefull and it motivates me to work as much as I can, and I mean… Call it work, I would say it’s more litte taking care of a baby, giving it food and stuff, yep my blog is my babe, nothing’s as exciting compared to that, I love it. And it’s not that annoying travelling and getting to meet all these amazing people, I mean I’m okay (I am actually so excited). So because I never post on week-ends, well sometimes I do but these are little surprises for you guys, I am finally going to spend some quality and full time away from my computer with my family. I took the decision to avoid posting on week-end because it’s friends and family time, not only for me but for you guys as well! So instead of geeking, it’s time to go out and have fun. It is a perfect way to reload the batteries, right? So I hope you will enjoy this new instagoodies post which is filled with pictures from Milan and general shots of my little life. Wish you all a lovely end of the day and of course a splendid week-end!

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 At the Rubaciori restuarant, ready to have dinner with my love. Look at those hear shaped chairs! / The interior at the Chateau Monfort in Milan was more than amazing, doesn’t it look like a real fairytale castle? Thanks again to weekend4two for this beautiful experience, check out the offer by clicking here if you want to discover the hotel as well
Bought this incredible Sephora chocolate body scrub which is absolutely amazing for a morning sweet craving, so instead of having a bowl of chocolat cereals I’ll go with the candy shower scrub, it’s a win win deal / The amazing bed we had the chance to sleep on during our stay in Gstaad, so comfortable.
Some blue shades for my jewerly, earrings and bracelet from H&M, necklace by Minusey and vintage chain / James and I waiting for our train at the Milan train station, yep that’s what we do when we have some free time
My guilty pleasure, I simply can’t resist some macarons from Ladurée, they make me go nuts / A feature in the new Elle Girl Korea, thanks again to their amazing team
My everyday breakfast, gives me vitamins and a lot of energy for the whole day / With a lovely follower in Geneva, she came up to me to say hi and of course we needed to take a souvenir picture together, such a sweetheart
Two gorgeous shades of Dior nailpolish, Or Divin and the second one is a sample size in a very deep bordeau, red shade / A new candle from Ladurée you guys have already discovered it my previous goodies post, smells like heaven
In Geneva, wearing my beloved statement necklace from Zara / My favourite summer greek salade, I’ve discovered a recent passion for feta, so delicious and fresh
Little pleasure on a terrace in Italy, a raspberry chocolate cake which was perfect with a coffee / My feet having some lazy time at home while reading Harry Potter books, I am so incredibly addicted. Simply can’t stop.
Some goodies part of my new exciting collaboration with Hermès, love the carré and of course the amazing collier de chien bracelet / At the Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle on our last day in Milan
My jewerly drawer, needed to clean it up a little and reorganise the mess / Getting my manicure done at the Nail Bar of the G. Point in Geneva, feels good to be pampered up isn’t it?
Yes sometimes I make weird pictures of myself, after the shower and make-up routine is done and here’s what I look like / Some new purchases from Agent Provocateur, bikinis and lingerie… Just some amazing ”girlstuff”
An other shot from the gorgeous bar at the Chateau Monfort in Milan, I was amazed by the beauty of the hotel, such a gorgeous place / The cutest sign ever in our hotel room
On my night stand, some of my all time favourite products, obviously two candles (I collect sweet scented candles), the Terracota by Guerlain eau sous le vent, the Guerlain Petite Robe Noire and Lys Soleia finally or course Miss Dior Chérie, a classic / My armcandy, little gift brought back from Barcelona by my friend
Before shooting the Lancôme beauty post which will come up next week on the blog / My breakfast in Italy, a piece of fruit cake, some fresh fruits and a coffee
The spa at Chateau Monfort, a hidden paradie / Dinner at Thai Patara in Geneva with the lovely Fabienne from Yves Saint Laurent
Coffee time, a must to start the day in a good mood (no coffee = zombie mode) / A new Ipad case I got at Dolce & Gabanna, love it’s salmon colour. It is a perfect accessory for the upcoming fashion weeks
The best apple pie in Geneva at the Arthur’s / Hanging out in Ouchy with James after a photoshooting in town
Me and my friend Amir while shopping / A sweet summer salad with coconut cookies, melon and kiwis for a healthy snack
Trying out a new dress by MSGM at the Bongénie / Another picture of the Chateau Monfort spa, it was one of our most incredible hotel expererience, it is hard to find something as beautiful, not to mention that we had the whole place for just us two, one of my most romantic souvenir ever
New nailpolishes from Manhattan, the whole collection was created by two bloggers, how great is that? / Gelato time in Italy, it was quite difficult to choose one flavour
Dumplings, one of my favourite dish I think. Had those at the Arthur’s in Geneva / Armcandy and holding one of my favourite clutches from Zara

Another little souvenir from Milan, can you imagine that I did this picture with my Iphone, think it looks absolutely gorgeous / With another cool reader that I met in Italy! She was so awesome.

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wow I didn’t know you took so much time to edit your photos! that’s amazing. I must says they look very very nice! What program do you use? Photoshop?

Great pictures, you are so pretty!

your instagram photos are all so gorgeous, could stare at them all the time:)

lots of love<3

i follow you on instagram so i’ve already seen those pics, but again, they are amazing! :)


I just started following your instagram user. Stunning photos!
You can check mine out, it’s @ suvimariliis

wow love all your pictures!!!

cool photos :)

wow, really nice pictures ;)

great photo!! you’re so beautiful <3

oooh i love all these pics!

i already follow you for a while!
your life seems perfect through your pictures!
love it!!

Your photos always are amaizing:)
and if you put 100 thousen photos, will be interesting hehe :)


Great mix ! I love your style !

You’re so beautiful! Great Pics.

Great photos, Kristina! love reading your blog. kisses

Awesome pictures and you are gorgeous!

Love all of the photos!



Wow ! You are so beautiful :)
Love it !

Amazing insta photos! Happy Weekend! xx

Amazing photos! Beautiful as always :)

Rachel’s Lookbook

Amazing photos! I saw most of them on your Twitter!
You’re right, having a blog, is like having a job. Posts take much time to prepare (without even counting the “photoshoots”) but it’s all worth it. However it does take many time of your life, and much energy. So it’s good to have a weekend off to yourself, friends and family. I know I do!

Hallo Kristina :) Ich habe deinen Blog vor etwa 2 Wochen entdeckt und muss sagen ich habe noch nie einen Blog gesehen der so vor Lebensfreude strahlt wie deiner ! Deine Fotos sind perfekt, die Texte interessant und toll geschrieben und man bekommt ein Stück der Persönlichkeit nahe gebracht ! Mach weiter so, du hast eine begeisterte Leserin mehr ! :)

Liebe Grüße

Great photos, I love your bag in the first one!
(\ /)
( . .)

I´ve saved this post it´s so gorgeous! xo, Alma

i love you in the first pic. you are BEAUTIFUL

love the pictures! gonna follow you on instagram! follow me @thelizlauren

so lovely!!


It is so nice to see these “behind the scene” shots…often times we forget that bloggers can’t update ALL the time ;)
Enjoy your time being disconnected…it’s always blissful ;)

first photo is truly beautiful! :)

lovely pictures! I love the picture on the right in the 4th row that was taken with your follower in Geneva, do you remember where you got that beautiful blazer with transparent sleeves, it looks fabulous.

Lovely pics dear!
Nice blog!!!!!

It’s weird how I look at your pictures and kind of dive into your life, forgetting my own for a moment..
Just stunning pics!

Anneli x
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The Collier de Chien is gorgeous. Is it a free gift from Hermes?

Very beautiful photos and your instagram profile is also great… following you already (@PureGlamtv)

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amazing pictures! i love that you post so many different things and not just food like most people do haha :D

Привет дорогой Блоггер.Мне очень понравились твои посты,как и сам блог.С удовольствием буду их отслеживать и комментировать.Но чтоб мне проще было тебя найти,ты можешь подписаться на мой блог (по желанию) и комментировать его.Те кто комментируют мои записи,в свою очередь я не забываю о своих читателях.
Включайся в мою семью:)

Ohh, very interesting post! :)

You have such a darling blog I love it! And you look fabulous – such chic styling

Eda ♥

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Hi:) Your gorgeous black ankle boots, where are they from? Thank you! :)

I love this post, the photos are so gorgeous!

super cute pics!!! you look gorgeous as always!


You are quite the busy bee, but you still look gorgeous even with little sleep!


Beautiful photos! you are absolutely gorgeous, so classy and elegant. Looks like you’ve had an amazing time recently xx

Lovely pics, I think that you have a wonderful life xx

Kristina you are so sweet! I absolutely love your blog. Honestly, the pictures are magazine standard, I mean you are just beautiful, your styling is amazing and the photographs are excellent! You should be really proud of your blog, you clearly put a lot of work into it and you deserve all the good opportunities that are coming your way.

I never normally comment but this post really made me smile :)

P.S. Please do more vlogs, I love them! Your accent is so cute (and I am mega jealous you can speak so many languages).

Awesome photos! n.n.
I’ve always wondered what is the routine of your day so that you always have time to see you so well despite of your many commitments.


Great pictures! I can see lots of fun you had in your trip with these pictures. Have fun at the weekend with your family :)

like that this photos have this “old look”, u know what i mean? anyway, seems like you had a wonderful time :)

you look always perfect for me! beautiful women and amazing style!

One of my favourite instagoodies posts ever!

Monochrome Magpie

Voilá !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kisses dear.
Marilia de Sant’Anna Borges – Brasil

Привет, Кристина!!!Я смотрела твое видео на youtube, в котором ты отвечаешь на вопросы и была очень сильно удивленна, что ты говоришь по русски.)))) Ты большая молодец, что поддерживаешь знание языка страны, в которой ты родилась. Очень люблю читать твой блог, у тебя прекрасные фотографии и интересные посты!Так держать!Желаю тебе успеха и процветания!!!Хорошего дня!!!Привет из Украины:))))

Wow, that must have been amazing experience! gorgeous photos and gorgeous you :)

Great pictures. You look adorable on every single one of them.

Andie ;)

wooooww what a great great blog. your such a classic beauty. looove yoir photos

I always like every post in your blog! :) so gorgeous!! <3

Ich gratuliere Dir Kristina! Grossartig, wie immer. Bist Du Russin?
Dein Gesischt ist so typisch osteuropeisch.

Besten Dank fuer die tollen Fotos,
Устюша Мари

Awwww you are AMAZING! Love all the photos :)

amazing pictures!you look gorgeous!italy is wonderful!

I love how you post so many pictures! you are so beautiful! I am inlove with everything about your blog!


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I loved this post

You’re gorgeous!

You’re so beautiful!♥

I will not talk about how you look great and your refined taste, you feel fashion, you live it, and that’s fine. You have your own style, and many of you are copying.
I am very impressed with your quality work in the blog and professionalism. this is my blog, take a look at it please: be glad to hear your criticism and advice.
I would really like to achieve veshego level up and become popular in Ukraine.

Ce post est tout simplement génial ! J’adore énormément. C’est d’une telle simplicité :)

I love your style!
You’re great and it looks that you have an amazing and very exciting life.
I’ve got the same ZARA bag but in different black/burgundy colour.

Looks like you had a fun trip. I can totally understand how it is to edit pictures. It’s definitely not an easy thing to do. I totally agree with you that weekends should be for family. Have a great weekend =)

these photos are amazing and im in love in everything bout You :) generally i like other king of beauty in girls but You’re sooo ssoo gorgeous :)

maybe You will have some time and would like to check out my :) it’d be a pleasure. kisses from poland

Always, such great pictures!:)

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Love every foto!!! Such a great taste you have!

Welcome everybody to my refreshed blog!

thanks to all of you folks!!

The best goodies post ever! :)

I wish you’d make a closet tour of yours! Kisses! x

Great pics!!! Amazing outfits!!

Would you like to follow me back?
thanks you very much!!

Great pics!!! Amazing outfits!!

Would you like to follow me back?
thanks you very much!!

amazing photos!! :)
i really enjoy reading your blog and appreciate all the fashion and beauty tips from you!

love your jewelry picks~ they are always the cutest!

Hi Kristina I really love your blog,you are so charming and full of class! I have one question, your skin is so so perfect, do you use a foundadtion? If so could you tell me what foundation it is? kisses form Poland! ;*

Me encanta tu estilo, muy lindas fotos :)

You are so gorgeous ! Such a model for me ! I wish I can be stunning like this…

Can you make a post with a video of you presenting your closet ? I would looooove that, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.. Can you consider it ?

Thank you for reading me, you should be a top model, you are so so pretty !

You’re so adorable! I love scrolling through your blog for style ideas.


Wowww, beautiful pics. When I see all the food on these pictures, I really want to eat it, YUM!

Ты очень красивая, и материально обеспеченная девушка..но есть ли место для Бога в твоей душе и повседневной жизни?Ведь все надоедает, и не вечно,и мы не вечны..Желаю тебе выбрать правильный путь в жизни,и всего наилучшего!

In the first picture you remind me a little of Elisabeth Olsen:-)

you will be my inspiration beauty!

good pictures, I also it’s difficult to choice Gelato. I wanna go to Milan.

OMG I love the zipped bags that you used for the nailpolish I wonder where can I find them.

Loved your blog aswell.

Lots of Love from Istanbul!

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Sarah McKay 4 January 2013 / Reply

I love the shoes and everything about the soft tone filter. I got into instagram to detail my shopping adventures. Took a pic of the fold up shoes for women that I bought recently.

Truly insightful bless you, I’m sure your current visitors could quite possibly want even more posts of this nature maintain the excellent do the job.

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