Pictures by James Vyn

BEAUTY There are just some brands, that we all feel really close to as if we’ve grew up with them or were surrrounded by it’s aura. I have always felt really close to Lancôme, it was I remember my mother’s favourite make-up brand and as child I couldn’t avoid sneaking in her beauty case and try out all the lipsticks, the blushes, the eye shadows which made me look at the end like a little paint pot, a cute one, but a paint pot anyway. I believe most of the little girl have done that at least one time, or maybe they prefered playing with their mom’s high heels and bras, which I did as well…  I also will never foget how I used to lick the juicy tubes which seemed to me like little candies, and even now I consider them beening one of the best lipgloss colletion ever created, thanks to Lancôme. So obviously this collaboration with Lancôme made me extremely happy and perhaps a little nostalgic at the same time. It was so lovely to be able to play again with the products just like in my childhood, and imagine a story around their new Midnight Roses colletion which you will discover in this post and will be available to see in stores in September. I think that each make-up brand has a couple of words which really represent the brand’s spirit and the kind of woman this whole idea embraces. For me, Lancôme is a symbol of feminity, softness and quite romantic too. This is something I wanted to show in the pictures.

So for this look I have chosen to create a very romantic look since the goal was to play with the name of this new make-up collection : midnight roses. First of all I started by making my usual face routine, with my YSL teint touche éclat and a little bit of powder to make it all hold. I wanted my face to look as glowy and fresh as possible so the Lancôme blush highlighter from the new collection was more than perfect applied on the check bones and nose. It adds the perfect shine. After that I used a very basic brown palette and applied the lightest shade on my whole lid, and the darkest one above the lid in a half circle in order to make my eyes pop. I made sure to apply a reasonable amount of dark eye shadow because the accent of this look is focused on the lips. Afterwards I used the Lancôme Liner Plume in n°1 ”Noir” which is so easy to use, it is really like holding a pencil, such an incredible brush. The eyeliner does create an amazing effect. To finish the eyes, I applied some Helena Rubinstein mascara and used some brow pencil from Lancôme in n°020, chatain. I always loved to make my eyebrows look darker than they actually are. The best part of this look are, I believe, the lips. I used Lancôme’s L’Absolu Mat Cashmere in Magie Pourpre (Shade 300) which is more than amazing, I mean the texture is so creamy and soft you just want to put some more again and again. Hope you will enjoy discovering the pictures. James and I are so happy and excited with the result so hopefully you will enjoy it as much as we do!

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SHIRT : Zara
NECKLACE : Topshop



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So beautiful !

Good god, your face is just stunning!!

This is a gorgeous post! I can see some of these pictures being the actual campaign pictures for Lancome (one of my favorite brands as well). So amazing! I need to go purchase a few of those lipsticks soon.

Wow, looking beautiful! I adore your makeup!

Oh wow!! These photographs are absolutely stunning! I love the lip colors and the way you paired the floral outfit with the lipstick! Gorgeous in every way!

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amazing make-up, and you have a perfect lips for lipsticks!!

You look so amazing kristina!!!,<3

Beautiful post, and yes I think that almost every girl played around their mom’s make up, it was magical, you look stunning an I love your hair and make up as well specially the bright lipstick!

You’re so beautiful, it’s crazy!!

Love it!


totally gorgeous! :) i adore your soft, beautiful, and well-done photos. makes me want to go buy that lipstick immediately.
kw, Ladies in Navy

Кристин, очень красиво)

It’s a really beautiful makeup! And the color of the lipstick is absolutely amazing…

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Beautiful pictures! Your make-up is flawless and I love your floral blouse!
xo Andrea
Wonderful and Marvelous

stunning make up



Elegantesque Blog

Amazing photos:) You look like great:)

once again I can just simply say that you are perfect!

Amazing photos as always! I will definitely check the collection:)

Stories and Sequins

You’re AMAZING!!

Amazing photos!♥

soooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!

Love your lipstick, the colour is simply perfect!!

There are some amazing photo’s in this post! Like looking at a Vogue magazine :)
I admire how you can apply make-up! you make it look so easy :)

The White Studio

Great photos! You are so beautiful! I love your shirt!

here are pics incredibles. you are the best baby!
i love the blouse

new look

stunning pictures!!! those close up ones are to frame on poster size!!


You are truly divine! I absolutely love the floral print and that lipstick is gorgeous. I’ve never actually tried anything from Lancome other than the foundation. I will definitely swing by to try out their lipsticks next time.

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These pictures are truly amazing! and you look fabulous like always! <3


You’re both amazing!!!

nice foto :) I very like yours blog :)

You look fantastic!!! Love the blouse.
I really admire your make up artist skills. You´re like a pro :D

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Hey I am new to your blog and i love it. Is the shirt a recent purchase?
Thanks x

Absolutely amazing make-up stuff :)

amezing photos and make up! good job!!

Beautiful! Lancome products are amazing, and the pictures are flawless !

Howwww beautiful. Congratulations!

Magnifique série, tu es vraiment sublime !

Amazing pictures, you look pretty beautiful! ♥

You are stunning ! <3

We want more videos of you ! <3

oh my! you’re perfect!!!! and I love love love the pictures <3

Wow! I love the photos are very artistic. And the look is amazing

you are so beautiful!!
would you like to follow me back??

you are so beautiful!!
would you like to follow me back??

I love your photos and your blog.
You’re Amazing!

you’re so beautiful!

please when will you unblock me? I missed your tweets! and guess what yesterday I dreamt that you were my friend and we had a dinner together! :D

beautiful so pretty :)

young, wild, free <3


Les photos sont sublimes ! Et le maquillage aussi :)

Increbibly beautiful!! GORGEOUS!!!

You are de-vine.

PLEASE can you make a video tutorial on how you do your eyeliner ? it seems so perfect

Beautiful photos! I adore the print of the Zara shirt!


i love that lipstick!

Wooow! I love your pictures! Your a superstar! Those shirt is so beautiful, like the necklace ♥

I love photos! you have beautiful make up, as always :P

amaaaaaazing fotoshoot!!! You look flawless! The cateye and the pink lips suit you perfectly! So lovely

I am always so impressed by your fotos!!! Gorgeous!

girl!! you shoed be a model!! you take the best shots!! lovely you look!!!

Wow, stunning pictures! <3




Merci encore, Kristina ♥

these photos are amazing ! And I really like the purple lipstick.. very original, but on you it really works
new outfit post

How do you make your eyebrows look so perfect? I love your make-up !!

woow amazing pictures,you look so so so beautiful!


I always love your look- in general. You’re always beautiful & “modelly” but still giving off such a personable vibe.
Eat Cake

So adorable!

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Wow ! you’re so beautiful ! And your pictures are great !

Have a nice day! :)


These pictures are too amazing not to be a real add for Lancôme iitself !


gosh, you are one of the most beautiful people i’ve ever saw

love the color of your lips in the first photo! :)

Absolutely stunning! Gorgeous pictures!

such a pretty make up!

yeah, i have to agree! these pictures are worth putting them in to the magazines ;) Love them & Sounds that Lancome has many nice product that i haven’t tried out! I absolutely love for a long long time Lancome Hypnose mascara. So it is a time to love more products from them!

Hi From Make up artist from Latvija

beautiful your shirt! xx

Love tthose photos!!

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Such incredible pictures! The atmosphere, the colours, the blurry effects. I really enjoyed this post! If only I could make those amazaing photos!! Which camera do you use? How do you make those blurry and contrast effects?
Good Job!!!
Patricia XO

You are so beautiful and really amazing !;)

Incroyable, comme chaque série !

The violet lipstick is amazing! and the shirt so pretty! x

You’re so beautiful! ;)

what a fabulous look! this seems to be indeed a wonderful make-up collection, like some kind of magic that you put on and makes you look thousand times more stunning at once! love it!

Wow this shirt goes perfectly with this dress …i think…
I love print flower.

Those lipsticks are gorgeous. My favorite is the violet one. So pretty.

Andie ;)

Love your necklace, and your make up here, but most of all I loved the photos! Congrats to both of you!

Ты очень красивая девушка с эффектной внешностью..

So beautiful photographies! ♥♥

This is amazing! you are so gorgeous! I look up to you! Inlove with your blog!


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Absolutely stunning make up!


most amazing pictures I have seen, the whole composition looks amazing. well done.

I am new here:

You look gorgeous! Really wanting to have this make-up too, gheghe xxx

So feminine and pretty! <3

Amazing photos!!!!! You are a natural!!!!

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You’re eyes are so strikingly gorgeous and blue! At one picture, they looked purple and I nearly died…. You are so beautiful!!

Where to begin ?! This post is fantastic, I simply “fell in love” with your first pic, I don’t know if it’s your attitude of the amazing colour of the lipstick, but this pic is amazing, I couldn’t stop watching it! And on the last but one pic, omg I swear you never looked so gorgeous ! Keeeep on doing your blog !

I love your top so much, gorgeous! And I am jealous of all the make-up!
Beautiful pictures darling. xx

There’s nothing to say but “absolutely stunning!”. I can’t remember the time when I last saw a young woman as beautiful as you are.
What a great collaboration! I think they chose the right person to do that :) xx

WOW. simple amazing photos!
you are incredibly beautiful..

Your photo’s always feel like they come straight out of a magazine! They’re such high quality, your boyfriend has great photographing skills and you of course great modeling skills :)

You’re so freakin gorgeous Kristina!! I cant believe it!!! love the photos!!!

Salut, tout d’abord bravo pour la rigueur et la régularité avec lesquelles tu tiens ton blog. C’est beaucoup de travail et d’investissement. Je ne suis pas très attirée par la mode mais je te suis depuis quelques mois. Le commentaire que je vais faire ne s’adresse pas seulement à toi mais voilà. De plus en plus souvent, les blogueurs sont sollicités par des marques de vêtements/bijoux/beauté. Je trouve cela vraiment dommage. Lorsque tu reçois un cadeau, tu es “obligée” de le présenter sur ton site. L’une des qualité des blogs était leur indépendance. Je sais que tu portes souvent des habits bon marché, mais toi comme d’autres blogueurs sont des victimes consentantes d’une industrie de la mode qui tente de reprendre le contrôle. Au début, les blogs étaient un lieu de résistance en quelque sorte. Maintenant, les filles sont les porte-manteau de grandes marques. Oui vous choisissez parfois vos pièces etc, mais votre travail de blogueur devient une simple publicité que vous effectuez sans être payés. J’ai travaillé dans le secteur publicitaire de la mode et des amis qui y sont encore me confortent dans l’opinion que je viens de t’exposer. Si les grandes marques vous invitent à des événements ce n’est pas parce qu’elles trouvent votre travail intéressant, mais parce qu’elles maximisent leur diffusion publicitaire, et ce envers des couches de la société qu’elles n’atteindraient pas sinon. Alors oui, tu as certainement beaucoup de plaisir à ces collaborations – et une volonté de travailler dans le milieu après – , mais garde à l’esprit que les marques vous instrumentalisent. Et ça même si vous avez l’impression d’être les gagnants de l’affaire.

who is doing all those beautiful photos for you?! I have an impression that I’m looking some of famous editorials :)

Your best blog yet!!!

Marie Jane S. 28 August 2012 / Reply


Each and single picture is really divine! Perfection! x

I found your blog and i just love it!You’re soo beautiful and stylish girl.Like!

You are far beyond beautiful. awesome products btw!

I really love this flower top. You really look great with it. & as always you are such a beauty. I wish I’ll meet you one day.

Best Regards.

So, so GORGEOUS!! and glamorous! Love the makeup, your face!

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