Pictures by James Vyn

FROM OUCHY WITH LOVE I hope to enhance with the help of this blog tourism in Switzerland (though I wonder if it’s really needed). You guys can’t even imagine all the amazing places this little country possesses, the incredible view, the fresh air… I believe we are really luck out here. So the other day we were hanging out in Ouchy as we often do and I took with me this incredible Three Floor dress which I actually kept in my closet for weeks and weeks wondering how I could style it. I had in mind a very precise picture, I don’t know if that ever happens to you : all of a sudden you have this sort of ”vision” and you know exactly how you want our outfit picture to look like. So that is what happened to me the other day. This dress reminds me for a reason of the perfect mermaid gown. Because for me it’s bustier definitely looks like little turquoise sea shells and the long blue skirt floats like waves in the ocean. So I had this image in my head, where I was in the dress looking like a human mermaid (except that in my vision I was laying on a beach with some hot mermaid guys around me, but I skipped that part for the photoshoot, my marmaid man a.k.a James played the part). 

The best place to shoot the outfit was either Montreux or Ouchy and since we’ve  been in Montreux a couple of days ago we decided to go for the second option and found some lovely spots such as an amazing fountain where we simply sat, talked and enjoyed the weather for a while. Also to mention that my foot still hurts, remember when I told you guys that I smashed it against a rock in Montreux? Well, it heals really slowly, too slowly, and you know I am the kind of sick person who’s going to wear high heels anyway… But not for a very long time, this is why I ended up bare foot playing around the fountain. Yes I am very smart. This dress was perfect with golden details and my new sea shells earrings were absolutely perfect for the occasion. I added my new Backstage transparent clutch which has got this amazing blue reflection as well, thought this was the perfect accessory any mermaid should have.


DRESS : Three Floor
SHOES : Navyboot
BRACELET : Avant Première
CLUTCH : Backstage

And then we enjoyed a delicious lunch by the lake, at Chateau d’Ouchy.



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So much beauty in a single post!! <3 <3

I’ve always dreamed of being a mermaid…so I was so excited to see the title of this post!
You look absolutely drop-dead gorgeous Kristina!
That first picture is so captivating. Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous, your skin is perfect, and the color of the dress brings out your eyes <3

Honestly, I don’t think you could have worn this dress any better. With your bare feet, you look like a mermaid dancing around on land. The little gold details you added make you look like a mermaid princess and your YSL Arty ring matches the color of your dress so perfectly.

This is so much beauty and amazingness and wonderful fantastic awesomepossumness that I think I’m going to faint.
You are a stunner.

Have a lovely day Kristina (and anyone else who may see this)! <3 <3

The Ace of Hearts

P.S. To answer your question, YES I get those visions!
Sometimes, I’ll be looking in my closet and I’ll have this vision of the perfect outfit. Or other times, I’ll see something and I can just visualize it paired with other things to make a perfect outfit.
Too bad I don’t have a lot of the items needed for those perfect outfits.
Maybe it gives me an excuse to shop more! Heehee :)

You look incredible!! Such a breathtaking, superb dress!!

The dress is indeed so mermaid like and so beautiful. The gold accessories, YSL arty (and is that even a matching compact?!) are so perfect for the look. Absolutely stunning and envy-inducing as usual!


Oh Kristina! You look more and more beautiful every day! :) xx

What a wonderful dress!
(\ /)
( . .)

You look gorgeous and that dress… wow!

what a gorgeous outfit! and that transparent clutch is so lovely!

sooo, soooooooo pretty <3

Great pictures, I love the colour of your dress; it’s my favorite colour :)

I really love your looks!They are gorgeous

Oh that is definitely a gorgeous dress! I feel like every blogger has their eye on that dress lately!


oh i love these pictures.
but the most i love the last picture:
you are such a natural beauty and i love your smile in it!
kisses to you
maren anita

Can I invite you to my GIVEAWAY ???:

*dogeared heart necklace*


What a beautiful dress! You looks very cute in it, like mermaid indeed. ;)
xo Andrea
Wonderful and Marvelous

You look incredible!!

Beautiful mermaid style. The transparent clutch is gorgeous :D


Anonymous 9 August 2012 / Reply

You look gorgeous (as usual). I’m in love with the bag and ring!

you look stunning! i love this dress!


i love the last picture!

That dress is amazing. Thank you for bringing a little bit of glamour into my daily life, you are extremely inspiring :)

Wow Amazing !!!!!!!!! Your beautiful !!!!!!

One word….GORGEOUS!

Ur new visitor!

You look perfect! Last photo is the best. :)

what an amazing dress, and absolutely loving the bag

you are incredible

Beautiful photos, as always, this shade of blue is perfect for you, but I’m not a big fan of the dress itself, looks a bit big aswell

Your blog really is a great way to promote Switzerland
new outfit post

the last picture is so amazing ;-)

I’ve had the oportunity to visit Switzerland many times and i can confirm that it’s a beautiful and amazing land. I wouldn’t mind to spend my holidays there!!
BTW amazing pictures Kristina. You’re definitely an incredible mermaid…

Awww you look so, so beautiful here! This might just be one of my favourite looks from you, however I am jealous how gorgeous you are!!


I have to admit this is truly a beautiful dress and you look like a doll!!!

Ocean Wind

I’m jealous of this dress!
you look perfect,as always!

ohh so pretty dress

Words can not describe how beautiful you are in this post…love your style,cool outfit!


Amazing dress! You look so beautiful


Anonymous 9 August 2012 / Reply

gorgeous dress! and you’re so beautiful, love you kristina !! x

Beautiful colour of the dress (just don’t like the top) and the shoes are just perfect! The purse reminds me of a fish tank, perfectly completing the mermaid look :-)

I love that dress, I was just looking at it the other day! It’s so beautiful on you.

You look so gorgeous.

I love your accessories. And I really like the way you took your front hair back. You have to do it more.

Very beautiful dress. The clutch finishes the mermaid like feel of the look. You look great!


Loving the dress! You look happy and cheerful =)

This is one of my favorites looks! I love mermaids ♥

WOW ! :) gorgeous pictures ! I’d love to have a boyfriend who knows to take as amazing pictures as these are :) You are so photogenic.

xx Maria

You are so stunning and love the dress! :)

Absolutely beautiful!!

That is a really extravagant and amazing dress!!!!

All the best
Lissy (Love The Fabulous)

These photos are breathtaking! You are so beautiful!

wow you look very cute, i love your dress!!!


Love these photo and I like so much the clutch!

You look so beautiful in that color, and your clutch is wondrous!

you look so pretty!! the photos are amazing!! I Loved your eye makeup!!!

Obsessed with the clutch!
You look gorgeous.



I am in love with all the pictures you take, breathtaking. I like the way you style the outfit but I think the dress looks a little too big on you.

Thanks to your blog I would love to visit Switzerland sometime. Especially all the places you talk about ;)

I’d love to visit Switzerland, it looks beautiful. That clutch is amazing x

the second pic is an art

Amazing photos! I’ve never been to Europe, but I’d definitely go to Switzerland if I had a chance. The dress (the whole outfit, really)looks gorgeous on you. One question, though: what makeup did you use?

you are stunning!!!! stunning is even an understatement for you! it looks like that dress is made for you~
i love how you accessorized it with that clear bag, it definitely added some kind of clear aspect of the sea

I NEED that dress! totally etheral/mermaid esque. And it goes with my mermaid iPhone case :D

XO Sahra

So great pictures, you look so beautiful!

So whimsy!
Love to see you smile :)
Eat Cake

Soooo beautiful and elegant! I love the colors and style of the dress :) Definitely reminds me of a mermaid!

Rachel’s Lookbook

So beautiful pictures!

That clutch is perfect, absolutely perfect!

These pics are amazing. We are your new followers looking for next post;)!Your blog is lovely.
-Audrey and Pearl

James makes you more beautiful.. His pictures are amazing! If his pictures wouldn`t be so good you wouldnt be so famous!


So damn gorgeous ♡

You’re right! You do look like a mermaid in this dress! It’s fantastic! And so is your transparent clutch! Love them both!
It was a clever move to ditch the heels and play barefoot around the fountain. It looks like you are a mermaid who just turned into a woman (with legs and all, hehe) like we see in many movies! Like the result very much!

You look flawless, and your clutch it’s amazing !

you and your boyfriend take amazing pics!!!

those pics are for the vogue aren´t they? ;)

love so pretty!

You’re right guys, James has got the ”eye”. He’s the one who makes the magic happen!!

Wow, these pictures are so nice again. YOu really look adorable!


You’ve got style!! I’m following u, please visit and follow me :) Thanks!!

it IS a gorgeous dress indeed! love the pictures too!


you’re really pretty Mermaid!

Kristina,you are so beautiful! That dress looks amazing on you! :)

So gorgeous and so creative!

Honestly since discovering your blog about a year ago I’ve been dying to travel to Switzerland. After hearing all your amazing words about the place, the food, and seeing all the photos I knew I had to take a trip there soon!

Like always you’re gorgeous!

This is by far my favorite post! You look absolutely amazing!

Lovely dress, bag, make up and photos. Again like in every post you’re stunning!


Thank you so much guys! Of course give me a sign if you are in Switzerland :)

I love your dress and the bag ! You’re stunning. C, x.

I love the bag! Very beautiful photos!

i have had many icons of the true beauty in my life…is it weird when i say, that you are one of them right now?

it’s pure perfection

Lovely post, the dress & the bag are gorgeous , all those colors remind me of sea .. mermaid !
I just dont like ur heels ! The jewerly is gorgeous!! <3

What a beautiful dress! Absolutely stunning!

You look absolutely beautiful! I hope to see more barefoot shoots in the future!!

So beautiful look. :)♥

my favorite post from the blog so far :D

Beautiful photos! I LOVE the colors! And the turquoise ring! Just did a blog about Summer Essentials and it was definitely on my list- can’t take mine off!


Oh my goodness the dress is soooooo beautiful !

Beautiful!!! The last photo is absolutely adorable!

I can’t believe it! Every SINGLE picture of you is gorgeous. There are no bad photos, not even some where you look a little bit strange or something. That is just SO amazing!
This mermaid look fits so great to you! I love these pictures. You are so gorgeous! xx

Another wonderful outfit!<3 You look so good in the Three Floor dresses honestly I would have never thought any of their dresses were cute from their website but on you I’m like I need that dress!

Just stunning! You only need a red hair and you’ll pass as Ariel of Little Mermaid!


Love you in this color :)

You’re the most beautiful mermaid ever then.. I love your clutch. I’ve been lusting over a transparent clutch for ages haha.

Wow ! I adore these shots, the lightblue & you fit together perfectly. I can’t get enough of James’pictures & your posts.

Thumbs up guys your doing a really good job.
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So fresh.. love it.

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