Pictures by James Vyn

LINGERIE POST This is quite an unusual article, for the very obviously reason that I have yet never done any lingerie post, simply never had the opportunity to I guess or never thought about it, swimwear of course but yet this is as we all know a little bit different. However I simply couldn’t resist the awesome occasion which showed up, Simone Pérèle, the famous french lingerie label in collaboration with Kayture, doesn’t it sound quite exciting… It does to me. In this post and I am more than excited to show you some of the brand’s gorgeous feminin pieces so you can have look and actually win your own personal lingerie set. How great is that? So showing you some lingerie yes, but giving away an awesome gift too which makes it even more worth it isn’t it. I wanted to focus on the elegance and beauty of the materials and create something very romantic with this gorgeous nude lingerie pieces. Some delicate pictures in a boudoir atmosphere, and I think James and I achieved our goal. I love this little powdered vibe floating in the air, the golden veil, ”Lingerie Pink” lipstick from YSL and this all together feels like the perfect lingerie post combo. 

I have never tried before high waisted panties, but those are more than incredible and look so gorgeous. Nude has always been my favourite colour for lingerie, simply because I think it is the most subtle and beautiful under the clothing since it suggests your own skin. Hate it when you can see colourfull lingerie showing under a shirt… So most of the items I own are in nude or very light beige and this set from Simone Pérèle is typically something I could wear under an evening dress since the panty is great to make the stomach look flat and gorgeous. Very good tip girls.The bra is a classic model, with lace embelishment and a little bow. it is perfect under almost any shirt and makes the bust look thinner and elegant as possible, it is not a push-up as I thought but instead creates a softer look.

You guys have the possibility to win and pick out your own personal set of Simone Pérèle lingerie, all you have to do is :

1. Answer this question : When did Simone Pérèle create her very first bra?
pssst : you can find a clue on
2. Follow Simone Pérèle on facebook
3. Follow my blog on facebook, bloglovin and twitter
4. Leave a comment under this post with your e-mail address and facebook/twitter name

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Love your Eyes…

You really look georgous, soft, romantic and sophisticated I Love the efekt you and James achieved.

These pictures are so beautiful! You look stunning.

The answer is 1948.
You look gorgeous, btw.

The photos look wonderful. Sadly I´m not on Facebook :D


wow very pretty photos!

very pretty :) love the lingerie.

In 1948 :)
Valeria Mangano fb
@ValeriaMangano twitter

ps: look amazing in the pics

Kristina! You look so awesome, as always :)

you´re more than beautiful, Kristina!
these pictures have some totally gentle feeling, the colors, your look, it´s simply perfect! like a doll!
lot of love from Slovakia ♥

The photos are amazing! James is a talent:)

very tastefully done. love the way you did your hair for this shoot – works perfectly!
1 criticism: the exposure was a little too much, couldn’t really see the material. but maybe it’s just my computer…? bisous

WOW , you look so amazing !

Love these lingerie , this colour is so beautiful !!

Ocean Wind

too much light and curtains , I couldn’t see a thing!

Very beautiful pictures!!! :) xo, Alma

Royer Anne 28 August 2012 / Reply

Les photos sont vraiment belles – c’est le moins qu’on puisse dire! Félicitations a James et toi : what a great job!
J’adore cette ambiance “boudoir”. Tu es a la fois élégante, classique, mais sexy et de manière très subtile. Je ne sais pas quelle est ma photo préférée, mais je trouve que tu as réussi a donner une différente image dans chaque photo, comme si tu essayais d’incarner un personnage différent..
Ce photo-shoot me fait penser a la pub de Dolce & Gabbana de 2009 (pour les cosmétiques) avec Scarlett Johansson qui pose dans des draps en satin blanc!

Simone Perele créa son premier soutien-gorge aka le soutien-gorge a pinces “Soleil” en 1960.

Je voudrais aussi te dire a quel point tes articles sont juste merveilleux! Et ton style! Dayuuum! I’m loving it!

cool post :)

my mail is:

my fb name is: Yasmin Rose


Beautiful post!

To answer the question: the first bra by Simone Perele was created in 1950.

Already following you on all the social medias.

My email address:
Facebook: Dorisi Karaj
Twitter: Dk_elb

thank you!

On 1950 or better on 1948 the first shop!

you look wonderful and sweet!


Valentina Ragosta

1. En 1948
4. Je ne connaissais pas cette marque, mais j’adore !
Merci Kristina !

Isanalia (Twitter name)
Isabelle Brossard (Facebook name)

Amazing, you’re so beautiful!

The Simone Perele brand was created in 1948, she opened her workshop in Paris. It was then that she launched ´Soleil´, a lace bra with pointed half-cups, and ´Souffle´.

fb name: Kristyna Supikova

Hi dear.. the pictures surely came out to be wonderful.. I love her collection..saw her other collections as well :)
U look amazing :)

her very first bra- 1948.. I guess :P
facebook-akanksha chawla
bloglovin- already following

email id:

Maybe you have time see my New post- Graduation Day and Blog Award

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Lepa! Beautiful!

FB: Sonja Prosen

great photos, Kristina. kudos for not making this post about lingerie very sexual like it can be is lingerie after all, haha! unfortunately, I don’t think I can enter this awesome giveaway because I don’t have a twitter, hmpff

p.s. I forgot the answer… It all begin in 1948!

FB: Sonja Prosen

Lovely pictures ! So nicely done and very subtle !

Lovely underwear, with such a vintage feel to it!

You are so gorgeus! Such a nice body and beautiful lingerie

Wonderful post, you look great on the 4th picture from the top. Lacy undergarments are always my favourite. However, I’ve always go to black or dark colours, maybe it’s time for me to own a pair of nude underwear :D

Answer to question 1 : 1948
Email Address :
Facebook name : Jojo Yeoh

I love the photo’s Kristina! They look so delicate and soft. Perfect for the occasion. I did all the requirements (was already following everything :D)
My twitter name is @MayaBogaert
Got my fingers crossed for this one!!
x Maya

She made her first bra in 1948.!
I have different name on twitter but im still following you =)
My facebook name is Stacey Putt

Iusti Silav 28 August 2012 / Reply

Her first bra was launched in 1948! :)
name: Iustina Silav
facebook: Iusti Silav
twitter: @iusti08
I hope to be the lucky one! I love her lingerie!

oh my god! you are sooo pretty! its unbelievable!

i love the pics ! :)

1948 ist die Antwort und
mein Name ist sowohl bei Twitter als auch bei Facebook Ann Kathrin Kubitz

Mail: Fam.Kubitz (a)

1. 1948
Екатерина Сеногонова

Beautiful shots as always:)

Stories and Sequins

The first Simone Pérèle bra was created in 1948
FB: Olesia Flegka
Twitter: @LuluFleg

Kristina you are unbelievably beautiful!

amazing pictures, really. i love your make up and what you did with your hair:)

OMG, you are perfect!

absolutly beauty. <3

First bra in 1948.)
Lena Loskutnikova

Simone Perele’s first bra was created in 1948, the Soleil bra.
Facebook: Victoria Callaghan Cruz

This shoot is just… mon dieu parfait ! I was wondering what eyeshadow did you used ?

Such an amazing giveaway and you definetely achieved your goal with these gorgeous pictures!

The answer is 1948
Facebook name: Chiara Lanero
Twitter name: @booksinmybags/Chiara Lanero

Very brave but classy :) The lingerie is stunning and very aetherial! Sophie x

Following both (I’m CrilovesJapan or Cristina B.) and I think the answer is 1948.

smarties91 (at) hotmail (dot) it

Stunning! How did you do your hair? Hair tutorial please xx

She created the first bra in 1948. :)

My twitter: SBeauty101
My fb: Sandra Potisek
My email:

Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra’s Life

in 1960
twitter: dreamygirlv

The pictures are absolutely stunning! I love how vulnerable you put yourself.

James pust have loved this shoot too xD

Beautiful pics!

In 1950
Sandrine Vaillancourt (Facebook) and SadieCupcakes (Twitter)

The pictures are amazing, you two did a good job, so sweet <3
Andrea in Fashion

Simone Pérèle create her very first bra in 1960.

Simone created her very first bra on 1948:)
My email is and I follow you via Facebook: Naia Balanzategui and via Twitter Naia_11

Amazing photos as always! :)

Very beautiful lingerie!

Liked both Facebook pages (name – Natasha Footman) and follow you on Twitter (@girlinthelens) and Bloglovin already Kristina :) my email is Simone founded her company in 1948, is that the answer to the question? Can’t find the details about her very first bra!

You look beautiful in these photos! They’re gorgeous x

It all began in 1948, when Simone Pérèle, a young corset maker with an eye for beauty, opened her workshop in the heart of Paris. In was then, during a powerful women’s revolution of the lingerie when she launched “Soleil” (a lace bra with pointed half-cups) and “Souffle” (wich introduced a wave of freedom to lingerie).

My email address is, and my facebook and twitter name is Aina Moll Sanchez or and

Ps. You look gorgeous and I really like that lingerie set, it’s awesome! :)

You look so amazing Kristina! Like you always do!

Beautiful sensual photos! :)

You’re amazingly beautiful and your style is exquisite! :-)


So gorgeous!

Check out my new blog The Closet I Love!

In 1948!
Such an elegant post. xx

Reshara Alviarez

you look absolutely stunning! tres magnifique!!!

simone perele created her very first bra in 1948

twitter: @putifaried

wow! you look stunning!!!

Love this post! You look great and all the pics are gorgeous!


Adela Machonova 28 August 2012 / Reply

i adooooore your blog! youre so beautiful, your outfits are great and the photos are always perfection!!!

it was in 1948!
facebook: Adela Machonova

FB: Samantha Tedesco
twitter: @samanthatedesco

Answer: 1948

Thank you, honey :)

photos are gorgeous :)
the answer is 1948.

Ana-Maria Rotim on FB
following on bloglovin and fb months ago ;)

the photos look really stunning!! you definitely managed to capture that boudoir atmosphere!! and that hair-do looks beyond stunning on you!! you should try it out in your outfit posts as well ;)

with love, veronika from

Beautiful :D
De verdad tienes algo mágico,
como una belleza extraña

It was in the 1948s (I hope :D)
fb: Zuzana Kováříková

En 1961 Simone Pérèle crée son premier soutien-gorge.
Je m’appelle Amalia Masini
Facebook: Amalia Masini
Twitter: ermyll
(Italie, Modena)

<3!!! Magic, wonderful pictures... I just love it.


I`m quite disappointed with the pictures..sorry.

xx, Twitter: Lauravaluta

And photos are SOOOOOO adorable ;) Love them

Hello, thanks so much for this giveaway! These pictures are amazing, you look gorgeous! Simone Pérèle created her first bra in 1948. I followed Simone Pérèle Facebook page and yours as Emma Flutsch. My email is ! Thanks again xxx

Diana Iancu 28 August 2012 / Reply

Simone Pérèle created her first bra in 1948.It was a lace bra with pointed half-cups.

My facebook name is: Diana Iancu
My e-mail is:

Have a nice day ! :)

You look just amazing! I really love your blog because you got an awsome style!
To answer the question: Simone Pérèle designed her first bras “Soleil” and “Souffle” when she opened her store in Paris in 1948.
facebook: Larissa Ginzinger
Wish me luck;)
kisses from Germany♥


Simply amazing! Love the photos, great work!
They are beautiful, not too plain, not too provoking.

My Own Project

1948! :) i’ve done all of the other requested items and would love to win!
kw, ladiesinnavy at and fb: kelsey w and twitter @ladiesinnavy
Ladies in Navy

My Facebook name is Sherry Doggendorf and my Twitter name is @CSherryEddy.My email address is csherry.eddy@gmail(dotcom).

To answer your question, it says SIMONE PÉRÈLE was founded in 1948… So I am assuming she began making bras around or before that!

Hello here, the first bra were created in 1948. :)

ILona Yume Sautron, on Facebook.

this post is like totally totally perfect!!! u look stunning :) xx lots of love from lithuania

Amazing photos and lingerie. You look so cute!

About the giveaway, Simone Pérèle created her very first bra in 1948.

Facebook & Twitter name: Alba Tienda

Diana Iancu 28 August 2012 / Reply

Sorry, i forgot to add my facebook link.This is it:!/goody.bonda

Diana Iancu

Simone Pérèle created her first bra in 1948.
Twitter: @marlenewho
Facebook: Kamila Micheals

Love this post, thanks for doing this giveaway! <3 :)

Answer: He did it in 1960.

Facebook: Zuzana Klembarová
Twitter: 5u2ie

Hope to win :)

It is in 1948 in Paris when Simone Perele got startes.

Lilian Lõhmus

Amazing pictures, you look fantastic! ♥

you look dashing :)

I can’t get over how much your blog has progressed over the last year…

Amazing post. Love your take on lingerie.

Samantha Small

In Paris of 1948 everything started! But Simone Pérèle created a sun bra in 1960!

twitter name @nessieliveson I don’t have a facebook :( (my parents won’t allow it.) so I hope I can still qualify! I am following you on twitter and bloglovin though!

I love your blog so much!

I didn’t know if i had to answer this question in the comment so i’m sending the second one. The answer is 1948

En 1940
Je suis allée aimer Simone Pérèle sur facebook
Pour ce qui est de tes compte ça fait longtemps que je te suis :)

Mon nom est Julie DAYER et mon adresse est

Simone Pérèle created her very first bra in 1948. /

I hope this is the first but not the last lingerie post ; so beautiful, delicate, and no crude at all. As always, a gorgeous post. Oh and your new haircut is so nice !

Tu es vraiment sublime sur ces photos !

You’re gorgeous. LOVE your hairstyle in this post. And the lingerie is so pretty and elegant :)

1. 1948
2.,3., done, facebook name: katulsed

Amanda Luansi 28 August 2012 / Reply

Beautiful! you are really pretty and i also like your bra! Nude tones are the best for underwear, though sometimes i also admire fire red bras :)

in 1948 she created her first bra and opened her first boutique :)
my name is Amanda Luansi :)


facebook: Anastasia Terzieva
twitter: AnastasiaTT


Amazing photos!

hi, great giveaway and great lingerie! I guess the first bra was created in 1948 when the lady opened her first shop in Paris.
I do hope the giveaway is open internationally.
FB name Radmila Ustych, twitter @radmilamila. Thanks, Radmila,

1948 :)
Jovana Jevtovic

She made it in 1950 after opening the store in 1948 .. Cecilie Dahlin

1948… Very nice photos :))
Maria Vidrasco/ @littlebeatrisse

Simone Pérèle created her very first bra in 1948.

email adress:


o m g I want so badly!
Next year I’ll study lingerie design :):)
In 1948!!!
Please please please!

Facebook name: Stephanie Cobbaert:
Twitter name: @CobbaertS


When did Simone Perele make her first bra? I’m not 100% sure but I think it was maybe a little after 1948!
my email is :
facebook name: Silvia pieri
Twitter: silvia_pieri
Really nice giveaway! Hope I win, I have a huge obsession for bra’s and shoes……I have 60 bras ahah! :) Hope I win!!

you look amazing… The headband is great and your haisstyle!

1948 (:
twitter: @teenhoang

P.S. It looks amazing!

amazing underwear. Love your hairstyle so much!

Amazing photos and lingerie! Your hair and makeup look great here.

started in 1948 under the brand Simone! FB sofiedus

OMG! You look sooo wonderful ! totally amazing!

This is an amazing post. You’re absolutely gorgeous. It was in 1948! My name on twitter and facebook is Cassie Dulworth. Good luck to everyone. :)

Stunning photos! you look gorgeous, love the soft tones

I love Simone Perele! So thank you for this wonderful giveaway (you look stunning and elegant in the pictures by the way) :-)

To answer your question, and according to the website, the first brace was made in the 1960s.

I followed you on all three channels (my name is Leonie M./The Signature Bow) and Simone Perele on Facebook.

xo Leonie


Simone Pérèle created her very first bra in 1960, though her brand was created in 1948.

My email address is and my facebook account is My twitter is @AliciaDemos.

I followed everything you mentioned too :)

Answer: Made the Soleil bra in 1960
Facebook Name: Genevieve Hassall
Twitter: Genevieve Hassall /genevieveplease



Sal VI on Facebook.

svirani20 (at)

This post’s gonna rocks your stats! Ahah
You’re beautifull!

Hi! The answer is 1948. My email is and my facebook is “Alexandra Tel”! Crossing fingers :*

so sweet and beautiful photoshoot..
1948 is the answer..and sadly i do not use twitter..
Facebook name: Dimitra Anastasiadou
Email :

You look so beautiful!

The answer is in 1948!

fb: Gabika Križanová
twitter: missgabriellek

answer is 1948 :)
FB: Celina Dayacap
twitter: @celdayacap

She made her first bra in 1948 when she opened a workshop in Paris. My facebook name is Klara Visnjic and my twitter is @1DirectionClara. I really want this lingerie, it’s amazing!

You’re absolutely beautiful!

Simone Pérèle founded her brand in 1948.
Facebook: Airi Shibayama
Twitter: xairixx

Magnifique, comme d’habitude…

Alors la réponse est 1948 :) Mon adresse email:; mon nom facebook: Cécile Mayade.


Très jolies photos. Je trouve que les posts lingerie te correspondent très bien à toi et à ta féminité

Simone Pérèle designed her first bras in 1948.
email –
twitter –
facebook –

btw you always look gorgeous in pictures but in these absolutely stunning <3

In 1948 :)
FB: Nora Tombers
Twitter : norathegnome

Good luck everyone!

These photos are beautiful! I love the high waisted panties, they create such an elegant beauty.

As to the giveaway!
Simone Perele created her first bra in 1960, although she founded her line in 1948.
Facebook name: Rachel Anderson

Simone Pérèle created her first bra in 1960 but her brand was created in 1948. She started out making corsets.

My e-mail is, my Facebook name is Cecilie Troelsen and my Twitter name is CecilieTroelsen.

You look stunning (:

You are so beautifull
The answer is 1948
Facebook: Beatrice Cenedese
Twitter: @BeaEmmaC

These photos look really nice! :)

1948 :)

These pictures are stunning, YOU are stunning ! xx
Izabella Mosqueda http://bella.mosqueda.7

Hope I win!

FB: Jennifer Trocas
twitter: @jenniferinda

Beautiful photos!

The answer is 1948.

Facebook: Serena Balasi
Twitter: @foxxsunshine

love the pictures of your face !!
answer.. 1960
TWITTER: @rockashion

Thanks so much for this lovely giveaway Kristina!
I’ve always been a tomboy so I’ve never really owned fancy, girly lingerie. To own something like this would be absolutely amazing! The lacy details and the adorable little bows are just too cute <3

These pictures of you in Simone Perele pieces are so pretty.
I remember a while back, you posted a look where you looked just like a mermaid! When I saw these photos, I thought back to those photos and was somewhat reminded of the goddess Aphrodite. According to Greek myth, she came out of the sea foam from the ocean. Since she came out of the water, I picture her as a mermaid and since I don’t like to imagine her appearing naked, I pretend that she arose from the ocean in lingerie. So seeing this post and your mermaid post makes me think of you somewhat as a modern Aphrodite!
You’re definitely pretty enough <3 <3

Okay so anyways, back to the giveaway. Enough of my ramblings.
I really liked that you added a question for entering this giveaway. That makes things a little harder than just following you in a bazillion different places :)
Answer: 1948!
FB: Alice Lin
Twitter: @theace_ofhearts

Best of luck to all you cool cats out there :D

The Ace of Hearts

Your blog is always beautiful and makes me smile! Thanks! Also, would you please post about your favorite everyday make-up products, because apart from being naturally beautiful, your makeup is always exceptional!?
Your makeup collaborations and amazing- id just like to know more!

Oh and gutsy work posing in underwear! But you look incredible and the photos are magical!


Lovely photos i love your hair and your make up *-*!!!!

In the year of 1960 :D!!!!!

and my twitter:


You are beautifull!
Simone Pérèle created her first bra in 1948
Fb-annushka s


You are very beautiful! :)
Answer: in 1960 with “Soleil”
facebook: Francesca Blasi

Answer: 1948

I follow you in twitter, bloglovin and facebook.

I follow Simone Péréle at facebook.


Answer: 1948!

Nataya Anindira (FB too)
twitter @chachamisu , Nataya A Chachamisu

You are beautiful! I am agree with color nude

1948 :)
Ivana Nikolova


did everything you said :)

my FB is rebecca agnetha giovanna dedy, my twitter is @rebeccadedy (i think)

I am having mixed results…is it 1948 or 1960?? My facebook name is Spencer Moy! Love this, love you, thank you!


this is so elegant, classy yet it show ur personality, LUV it.
Lastly i just followed Simone Pérèle on FB.

twitter: @Ki_seKi

Capucine Anna 31 August 2012 / Reply

You are stunning!

Simone Perele’s first bra: 1948
adress email:
my facebook: Capucine Anna
my twitter: CapucineAnna


Vasia Giannakoulia (facebook account)
vasia_gr (twitter account)

So gorgeous!

Simone created her first bra when she opened shop in 1948!

I like Simone on Facebook (Amber H)

I like you on FB (Amber H) and on Twitter (@roomofmyown) and on Bloglovin.

Thank you so much! I would be thrilled to win!

shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

Simone Perel created her first bra in 1948!
Sophie Williams (Twitter name: SophieW219716)

Those photos of you are just gorgeous, so sensual and sweet!

In 1948 :)
this post is so amazing. you look stunning !
i follow you everywhere :)

She created her very first bra in 1948.
heavenly beautiful lingeries *_*

twitter: @szappanbubbi
FB: Szabina Luzics

email: porcukorborso at gmail dot com

1948 :) You look beautiful, and the photographs are sensual without being over the top.

FB: Kate Ryan
Twitter: NTFancy

kate 1485 at hotmail dot com

Hi Katrina! :)

I looked all over her website and so I hope I got this correctly.

Simone Pérèle was founded in 1948, so she could have very well created her first bra then. In 1960 she created the “Sun” bra (I’m not sure if that was her first bra, maybe it wasn’t and i’m completely wrong ha so I’m putting both answers!)
twitter name: @nessieliveson
facebook: (I don’t have one, I hope this doesn’t disqualify me :(

If I won, I’d die. Just bring them to my funeral haha.

love you! xxx

I Follow Simone Pérèle on facebook

First bra in 1948

I Follow my blog on facebook, bloglovin and twitter

In 1948. when Simone Pérèle was founded I guess

Twitter- @TeaRom
FB: Fashion Dubrovnik

In 1948
Sadie Cupcakes
Sandrine Vaillancourt

twitter @throuthehaze
FB: Rae Pavey
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

1948. I don’t have a twitter account, but I followed all the steps. I hope I’m elligible, I’m a bit of a lingerie addict(though on a tight budget) and owning a piece by Simone Perele would be a dream. High-waisted panties are awesome, they provide comfort, smoothe your curves and nowadays there is a vast selection of gorgeous pieces, like the Amelie panty girdle by Kiss Me Deadly (

FB: Cristina Fragoeiro

The answer is: 1948

Frances Veenhuijsen

fb: Leong Quinie
twitter: quinieleong

In 1948 she opened her workshop, but in 1961 she launched “Soleil”, because of the women’s emancipation movement :)
fb account: Anita Ibarra
twitter username: @Oh_Anny

You are my everyday inspiration and I love to see your new looks!

In 1948 when the label was founded, she created the “Soleil” bra.
facebook: Alina Louise

Wow nice post!

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