Pictures by James Vyn

PALMS As you might know, Montreux is one of my favourite places to rest, relax and hang around with James. All we care about when we are there are ice creams, sunsets, cocktails, long walks by the lake a lot of joking and having fun. That’s what holidays are about isn’t it? Speaking of which, I can’t believe those are coming to an end in just a couple of days. My friends are already returning to studies, luckily this year only I won’t be concerned since I am officially on my year off. Why did I took an entire year off from school/university? Because I believe that sometimes in life, some amazing opportunities show up and it is good to take chances, to dream, to enjoy and to follow your heart. That’s what I decided to do and I am so gratefull that I had the actual opportunity to make that decision. My blog brought me so much, and I feel like I have learned so many things out of this whole experience, that I felt the need to give it all for kayture during one year at least. I want to see where this road will lead me and simply enjoy the occasions which will show up. James and I are so happy and motivated, obvisouly it felt like the best decision ever.

So of course, I am already checking up universities for next year : afterall I am also so excited to continue my studies, I’ve always loved learning and the whole studies experience! I simply can’t wait to start. But one thing at the time right, it’s good to live Carpe Diem sometimes. It’s the best way to enjoy every bit of life. And I am sure that this blogging experience will bring me so many amazing memories, it’s the chance to make new friends, meet new people. Yep, all I can say is that I have loads of motivation… So back to the pictures, we shot these in Montreux. This place gives me such an incredible energy and positiv thinking, it’s the perfect spot to recharge batteries. It is like a little paradise hidden in Switzerland. For the outfit of the day I wanted to do something very classic and neutral but I am not sure if these are the right words to describe this look. It felt like the perfect combo for a day out in the city at least and I must say that I had a huge crush on this zebra print skirt, and yet today I am not so sure about it : let me know your thougts!

SHIRT : Style Sofia
BRACELET : Sal Y Limon



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You are looking gorgeous as always!


I think I would call this casual glamours. You are right, maybe there’s no “special description” for the look but who care? As long as it looks good and it does! You look gorgeous as always. Love all the accessories, they make the whole outfit pop!

What a lovely place <3!
perfect outfit as always :)


Wow, goegeous place! You look superb as always!

GORGEOUS! Can’t wait to see what a year off will bring to this blog! It’s already so amazing, and with 100% of you energy being dedicated to it…it will be insanely great!

Black, white and red – perfect combination :)

Do you really wear those hills for the walk? Like all afternoon? :)
I konow I would have some flip flops somwhere near:) Ciao.

totally gorgeous lady! i adore the bag and skirt. such an edgy look!
kw, Ladies in Navy

You look gorgeous! and I think I need a little break of vacations!

Love the pics!!! that one of the birds…so cute! and love your bracelet!! ;) xo, Alma

you look fantastic!

I love that sheer top and I’m so jealous of your Cartier bracelet!!


this place looks so relaxing and beautiful! and you look great!

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I’m usually not a huge fan of zebra prints but it actually looks really nice on you Kristina. It may come from the fact that you’ve toned it done with this pretty black blouse and those cute accesories.
Good luck on your year off. I hope it will bring you even more success. You trully deserve it. You’re a real source of inspiration and seem so down to earth. I’ve been following you for a while now so I can’t wait to see where Kayture is going to bring you. It’s great to be able to follow our dreams not everyone get this opportunity so enjoy it as much as you can.

Kiss Andie ;)

Love the skirt, it’s stunning :) Matches really good with the red studded bag!

Gorgoeus photos. I love your outfit :)

It looks like such a beautiful place !
I have to say this outfit is not really my cup of tea, but I do love your bag
new outfit post

beautiful photos and outfit! kisses

I must say I am in love with your outfits and of course your images. Looks like it was a good day out.

I am new here:

Beautiful and breathtaking pictures !! Got to go to Montreux a.s.a.p :) xx

PS: ZARA bag is awesome !!


Beautiful summer pictures… looks really nice… great styling!

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what a lovely place!!


ur lookin awesone!!! so amazin picz!!!

Beautiful photos as usual!:)
I have been to Montreux while living in Switzerland in the past, it is a very charming city, the architecture is amazing!

Stories and Sequins

Amazing pictures! You look pretty gorgeous! ♥

Very very lovely look! Love the blouse and bracelets!! :)

Hi from

Love the skirt so much! Amazing photos!

for the first time I dont like your outfit

Ohhh, you´re like a doll. :)
And James takes very nice photos.

Hey babe, I like the skirt and the pictures look amazing. I want to go swimming in that beautiful water. My favourite picture is the spoggies they are so cute (not sure if that is what you call them over there) the little birds :)

Cool post ! I love Montreux :)

I love the photos,
I wish I would live in Switzerland,
so beautiful!

so cute beautifull look

wow, year off sounds great! :D you look amazing here.

outfit/feel so close♥blog
bookface page

You look more gorgeous everyday (if this is possible!) :)

hope you have a good time, sweetie!

That place looks fabulous! I love your outfit and makeup!

Beatiful Pics…I like Pizza because I’m Italian:)



I love your blog, you’re inspiring me to open my blog because you create your own trendy style using low cost pieces and I love it!
Bloggers like Chiara Ferragni are amazing but they have so expensive pieces in every look and it’s hard to afford them.

these photos are so amazing Kristina! Every time you post pictures from Montreux it makes me wanna go there too!

and you shine in the photos, like always!

Beautiful pics

Gosh, I need to go to Montreaux sometime. Beautiful pictures & look of course!

Montreux seems to be a haven. Enjoy the day, carpe diem, Kristina! Bisous :*

I actually really like the way you combined your zebra skirt to the black blouse! A winner combo I would say xxx

Beautiful, love the bag!

Love red itch animal print. So pretty do

Skirt is beautiful! love your bracelets ♥♥

beautiful!! as always!

Выглядишь прекрасно)Это место настоящий рай)))

J’adore la tenue! Et c’est super que tu prennes une année “sabbatique”, tu as raison d’en profiter c’est sûr, en tout cas tu as tout mon soutien ;) en espérant qu’elle te réserve mille et unes merveilles, et encore plein de belles choses sur ton blog!

Bisous de France,


I just looooove your bag dear! You look wonderful!

beautiful photos, looks great! <3

Hayley xx

Je pense que tu as tout a fait raison de te laisser une année pour réfléchir à quelle voie prendre concernant tes études. En un an tu as le temps, de grandir, de te poser et de souffler un peu. Ton blog, auquel j’imagine que tu consacrera une bonne partie de ton temps (pour mon plus grand bonheur) deviendra plus beau que jamais.
Je te souhaite le meilleur, et bravo pour ton blog tu es superbe ! xxx

Amazing fotos, and you like always so beautiful!!!


you are so beautiful

So gorgeous, I love it :)

I have the same ring and I’m loving it!

Gorgeous photographs as always! And definitely keep the skirt – it’s a statement!

Love the colors in these photos! You look gorgeous! And I completely support your decision to stay off school for a year. I’m sure your blog will bring you lots of opportunities and you won’t regret it.

the pics are beautiful as always! love your bag!

Bright, colorful and beautiful photos! You look amazing! Zebra skirt, blouse, bracelets, shoes and bag fit you! You chose very elegant but casual outfit!)

Everything about this post is amazing from the outfit to the scenery to the food! Kudos for taking time off and exploring. That takes courage and it’s something you’ll never forget. :)


I like it & I’m glad you are happy with your year off!

lovely look! Montreux seems so beautiful! x

pictures are just marvelous!


Love the blouse and pictures are amazing, as always! you are such a beautiful girl :)

Great decision! hehehehe


Amazing photos honey! Love your outfit


Magnifique, toujours d’aussi jolies tenues. Je suis contente pour ton année sabatique, tu as raison de profiter. Que du bonheur, gros bisous

You are great ! I really love your bag….

Your blog is just great and you have always that gorgeous pictures. If you find some time check out my travel blog. Love from Zürich :-)

You get more beautiful with each passing day! I loved the shirt and the skirt.

Bag luuuuuuuuuurve!!

you look gorgeous as always. and i am so happy for your decision to take a year off, wish you all the best!

Great photos, this outfit suits you so well. xx

Thats a bold move! I hope it all turns out great :)
More bloging time – yaaay !

visit! –

These photos look amazing ! They are just so summerish and pretty ! Love the colors <3

xx Maria

wow this is beyond BEAUTIFUL! YOU LOOK STUNNING BEYOND BELIEF! gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Hugs from California! xx,
The Golden Girls

Love the whole scenery and your zebra skirt!
I wish you all the best for your year off x

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I loved

You look pretty! As always… and the pictures are amazing!
But, how can you stay all the time with a shoe heel so high? Are they comfortable?

Kisses, Rebeca
If you want, make a visit to my blog! Hope you enjoy!

La jupe te va bien, avec les talons et le motif zèbre ça rallonge tes jambes :)
Tu as bien raison de prendre une année pour ton blog, ça t’apportera surement énormément. Et tu es jeune, tu pourras très bien reprendre tes études plus tard !
Comme tu le dis, parfois il faut vivre carpe diem !

Good photos. Your outfit is beauty. :)

I think it’s a great idea to have a free year after the end of school. I did my final exams this year, too and in a few weeks I will find myself sitting in university. Yes, I’m a workaholic. But I’m really looking forward to see what you will do in your free year. I hope you will keep being motivated like this the entire time :)
The zebra skirt is great! I think you made a great decision to buy it. It fits great to your style :) xx

Beautiful pictures! Looks like fun!

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you are definitely the most beautiful blogger i know ;-)

I think you’ll have an amazing year! I wish you luck with everything! I love your bracelet btw :-)

wow great look. love your bag!

These pictures are so pretty! I do like the zebra skirt, but I would only wear it with a black blouse like you did, to still make it look chic.
I’m really jealous that you got to take a whole year off before going back to your studies, that’s amazing :)

You`re soooo beautiful :) And I love this bag!

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Beautifull!! Indeed very tropical!!

xoxo lorena


Cool pics ! Love that red bag ! :)

Beautiful photos, like your outfit as well !

Sometimes you just have to take a risk and trust your instincts in clothing. Your outfit looks fabulous! So cool to hear you know what you want to do in live :) I’m also gonna take a year off next year (well after I graduate university, one more year to go), I recognized so much of myself in your words. So great to have an inspiration like you.

You are stunning! I love this look so much. Really admire you and your blog!


great photos and look! Love the bag ;)

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Colors of this post are wonderful Kayture!


OMG you’re gorgeous! Love the outfit, and the colors :D Was looking through the rest of your blog too, you have an amazing sense of style, j’adore!!

You are my inspiration.Your style is really elegant and classic.I love it!

Hi, from Australia. I absolutely love reading your blog, and your style is so elegant but at the same time, youthful. Oh, i wish i was in Montreux now!

I want to go to this place it is amazing , you look amazing too and have fun with your year off .

How have I managed to not incorporate a zebra print bottom in my wardrobe?? You definitely gave me the inspiration to go out there and find one! This outfit is stunning and the location looks beyond relaxing.

I love your blog Kristina, such fabulous style and photos! You definitely have a career in modelling too!

I have just launched my own blog and would love you to read it! I am following anyone who follows it!

Thank you xo

OMG!!! Nice pics!!! Love ur blog! Visit my blog! Xoxo

This printed skirt fits you great and with the red bag is the perfect combination!

You look great ! :)
amazing photos !

Love that Zara bag =). Such a nice relaxed outfit and your photos are awesome!!!
If you don’t mind, may I ask which camera model you use and the program you use to edit photos?


love your bag! xoxo

Seize the day is definitely a good attitude to have. You look good in this easy breezy top =)

You look just amazing!


Great photography and modeling! I wish I had a photographer like yours! ;) Great job both! xo

You look so beautiful! Definitely did a good job with updating the pictures…
Wonderful dress and love the shoes, simply amazing!
Ally O

So you decided to take a gap year in which you are only going to blog and wait for opportunities to show up? I’m sorry, I just find it completely shallow… There are so many wonderful things you could do: travel, work, learn different languages, do volunteer work, etc. I hope you make the most of your gap year, so it won’t be a total waste of time.

you’re always so gorgeous! i love how the red bag is contrasted on the other colours of the outfit!
Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

What do you have on your lips, it looks like the perfect nude colour! I need one for when I got back to school! what would you recommend? x

Coucou from Lausanne! Absolutely beautiful photos, you look amazing! I was looking for inspiring blogs from Switzerland and found my way here – love your style <3 Montreux is adorable..:)

You are so so so pretty! Beautiful pictures! I love your sunnies!

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See you there! :D
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xoxo backtofive

amazing outfit! I really love your style and
great photos, you are very pretty!!


I’ve never been a fun of zebra prints, but it looks so good on you.

wow …
your pictures are wonderful!
love the outfit..

/ Stephanie

So beautiful, wow. I have the same ring and the same sandals :)
I think that this is the best decision you could make, I’ve been following you from a long time and your blog has give you so many opportunities and it is still growing up so you have to enjoy this, you are young and you still have time to study :)
By the way, I would love you to come to my blog and give me your opinion, that will make me really happy. Thank you so much <3
Andrea in Fashion

your outfit is BEAUTIFUL,
and i love the new style of your hair! :)

is this skirt currently in the h&m shops?

You look so lovely

you look so beautiful and hapy on this pictures! your blog is so fresh and simple and gorgeous, little chef-d’oeuvre!

It is always good to follow your heart. You look stunning. Love your bag.

Nice nice outfit and makeup!

Thanks again for the article post.Really thank you! Much obliged.

je tombe sur cet article maintenant… tu as bien changé depuis tout ce temps… c’est drôle ce que tu dis ici, de prendre des renseignements sur les universités, et que cette expérience de “blogging” va sûrement te laisser de beaux souvenirs… tout ce que tu as réalisé depuis…! tu n’imaginais sûrement pas te retrouver à L.A aujourd’hui…
par ailleurs, j’aime beaucoup cette jupe zèbre:)