Pictures by James Vyn

BACK TO THE COLD Ever since I have discovered Yves Saint Laurent’s make-up line have I been absolutely crazy over it, especially the lipsticks of course (you know what a crazy lipstick addict I am right…) which have the most gorgeous packaging and such a wide range of colour choice. I’ve had the chance a couple of months ago to be invited in Paris for an YSL press conference to discover some of their new products, a part from the the new foundation which you will be able to hear about really soon, I was able to have a sneek peak of the upcoming Autumn look created by the highly fashionable and talented Lloyd Simmonds, Creative Director of Make Up by Yves Saint Laurent. The collection reminded me a modern city, such as New York for example in the middle of the autumn season, with dead leafs on the concrete, and their reflection in the sky scrapers. I am saying so especially because of the pure chromatics pallete which has this vivid silver shade combined with greene ones. Our stay at the Grischa hotel in Davos with weekend4two was the perfect occasion to make the pictures, since the interior was very autumn/winter looking, far away from the hot summer in Geneva. Also to mention that our room was so well decorated we needed to take advantage of this occasion to create this YSL look. I really loved the bronze shades in the living room and the fur details on the bed and couch (please note that all the fur you can see in these pictures is fake, none of it is actual animal fur).

Yves Saint Laurent, has always been a symbol for me of the modern and confident woman. This was the look I wanted to achieve with the new autumn look make-up collection. I wanted to stay close to the look created by Lloyd Simmonds, meaning the deep green smoky eye associated to bright red lips. I have always been sceptic about this colour combination, was a little scared of this ”chrismas tree” effect (green and red both combined remind me a little of christmas parties and the sweatshirts my grandma used to make me, you know the ones with santa hats, baubles and candy canes…) but of course I was wrong (a little crazy to imagine that too) and Simmonds pushed the colour bounderies a little further. So I tried the look and started with the Pure Chromatics  n°10 green pallette with a touch of the new YSL False Lash Effect Mascara which has got this original khaki shade to give my eye an intersting smoky green look. I used some of their special edition bronzer, under my cheek bones to draw an elegant line in order to frame my face. Finally, after applying a little dit of Dare To Glow in Naughty Pink illuminator I tried the new red colour which has the most amazing shade, and it contains, if you look carefully, some shades of magenta. I hope you will enjoy this beauty post, feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comment section, I am excited to know what you think about it!




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lovely makeup. as per usual :)


Everything is so posh and elegant, I’m in love with the photography.

great make up, ypur lipstick is so classic! love it!

How come you’re so amazing…. just wonderful! Beautiful photos!

Absolutely beautiful! You have perfect perfect skin!

I love them!! xoxo

wow your make-up looks just brilliant. you look brilliant
xx Sara

Anonymous 8 August 2012 / Reply

Amazing look!!

Beautiful! I wore bright red lipstick today too and always love the glam look.

Inspirations & CELEBRATIONS

Oh my! You’re just so beautiful and feminine, it’s crazy!!

you’re so elegant!;)

I love your YSL photo-shoots but this has to be the most beautiful!!!

ooooh it looks perfect on you! ♥

Anonymous 8 August 2012 / Reply

very beautiful

Kristina you look always so incredible beautiful and oerfect! Love your Make up combination!!

XX, Judith

Sublime ! j’adore


And can you please tell me which number the lipstick has? I really love that color :)
thank you!!

Wonderful photos. Your make up is dramatic and beautiful :D


Very beautiful photos, great look and the YSL items look really great!

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Anonymous 8 August 2012 / Reply

you look like you are, one of the most beautiful woman ive seen

new look

you look so stunning oh my!!

WHY, why are you so gorgeous! :O xx

The last picture is my favorite! You look like a high fashion model, amazing pictures! such a classy make-up

The photos are so beautiful, as if they were from a fashion magazine! :)

xx Timna

Anonymous 8 August 2012 / Reply


Wow! This photo looks how from a campaign! Just great!

J’adoreee ysl… mais les produits sont un petit peu chers:( but you look gorgeous

Love this post and makeup!! Like an editorial

Please visit my blog!!

Wow! Very beautiful photos! Like your blueblue eyes and red lips!

Anonymous 8 August 2012 / Reply


georgeus , i love the red lips of ysl

Beautiful, I really love these pictures. They look so elegant and sexy. Your makeup is amazing, fantastic job. If you have time would love it if you check out my blog and let me know what you think.

Please keep posting this is my favourite blog :)

Nice makeup babe! I love all these photos


Beautiful! I love the bold red lips

But please please tell me, that it’s the lighting that causes one eye to be darker than the other one. Because it looks very uneven, especially in that last two pictures.

so classy! love it so much!

I love the makeup, but also love the ring. Can you tell me where is it from? Regards from Portugal

First photo could be used as the new YSL campaign.

Just Rock and Rose

So beautiful, you look like a princess:) I love the green eye-shadow!

I’ve started collecting YSL makeup, and I’ve become a little bit obsessed – the beautiful gold packaging looks stunning in my makeup bag, as well as the products being pretty amazing! The Chanel, YSL, Clinique and Benefit I have in there make a really great visual mix.

thinking “wow”, like drama queen:)

I love your look. Red lipstick fits you perfectly.

really awesome shots, love them

Hey guys, so here’s more informations about the products :

Autumn/Winter look 2012-2013
The products I’ve used

Bronzer : Palette couture
Illuminator : Dare To Glow N°3 Naughty Pink
Mascara : N°19 Graphite green
Lips : Rouge Pur Couture The Mats N°203 Rouge Rock
Eyes : Pure Chromatics Harmony n°10


You look so chic.



Gorgeous look! I love the first and last pictures! xxx

What eyeliner do you use Kristina?

you look stunning!!! love the photos!!!

Your eyes is so beautiful :)

Cristina N. 8 August 2012 / Reply

Beautiful make up! Just a question: what do you use to create that wet and glossy effect on the top of your hair? I love it!
Greetings from Rome!

what camera does your photographer use for your photos? please let me know by email at

gorgeous makeup! love the colors of the eyeshadows!!


Amazing photos! I love that lipstick colour!

Fashion in Pepperland

Great photos, as always!

Man what a stunning, classy shoot! <3 I’m convinced you should become their official campaign spokesperson.

so beautiful <3

I am also a fan of the lipstick.

wow I love these green shades, perfect for fall !
Your photos and make-up really look super professional
new outfit post

Anonymous 8 August 2012 / Reply

This is very cool. Did you base your outfit (which looked awesome, by the way) on the Le Smoking suit?

”Beautiful make up! Just a question: what do you use to create that wet and glossy effect on the top of your hair? I love it!
Greetings from Rome!
Cris ”

Dear, it is actually simple hair spray (anyone you have at home). You brush you hair back and put tons of hair spray on it and there you go!

”v_butterfly67 said…

What eyeliner do you use Kristina?”

The eyeliner is from essence, costs a couple of francs and is fantastic. Use it everyday!

Amazing photos! You look gorgeous!!! I say it all the time, but I do mean it.

Such a perfect shade of red! You look gorgeous!

You look stunning, I am a big fan of your makeup, I just re-watched your make up video and I am very impress how it look on me, thank youu :)

Beautiful ! ♥

Your pictures are amazing!

So beautiful! I love all the pictures, you look so perfect*

You look so great! lovely make up and photos! :)!


so stunning! I always love YSL’s make up! :D

XO Sahra

amazing makeup

The makeup looks fabulous on you! What is the color lipstick?

You look so gorgeous!

Wow! You look stunning in these photos. Your first picture looks like it could be on the cover of vogue!!!!

Man what a stunning, classy shoot!

Those pictures are stunning and beyond perfect, I love it.

I really like your blog, do you want to follow mine?

Love Laura

Simply ASTONISHING! Every time I stop by you guys just top it with a better post and even better photography!

You look amazing, great lipctic, make-up gorheous!

Anonymous 9 August 2012 / Reply

gotta give a lot of credit to your boyfriend.. what an amazing photographer!!


Beautiful pictures! Beautiful you! x

omg! u look amazing! so beautiful, so elegant, so feminine! i really love this autumn look!
have a nice evening!
big hugs from St Gallen

YSL is truly one of the best make-up brands ever. I work for L’Oreal (who owns the YSL cosmetics) which means I get their stuff for almost for free and their products really do what it says on the tin! Gorgeous luxurious packaging is also a cherry on the top! :)

Anneli x

Gorgeous Lip color and you look simply beautiful

amazing look!
i was just wondering what clothes you wear – it looks so glamourous!

привет из германии,

You look hot and elegant.

Great article. Much obliged.

Great blog post. Really Great.