LET’S START THE WEEK IN A GOOD WAY Hope all of you guys are doing great and that you all had an absolutely fabulous week-end, had a lot of fun, enjoyed the sun the fresh air and so on. Weren’t too like ”oh my god it’s almost the end of holidays, yolo” crazy on saturday night. Yeah… I know you. On my side, while James was studying for his exams, yep let’s all make on minute of silence for him, I was spending some quality time with some friends around a nice dinner and of course took advantage on sunday to have fun with my family, which was absolutely great. Not to mention that I have started ( started is a big word, I am already at the 6th book) reading the Harry Potter saga, yep very hipster since everybody’s obsessing over 50 Shades of Grey, hipster or very late… Maybe that’s the appropriate word. Well that’s what I said : better late than never and I mean, I am the kind of person who I know couldn’t have passed high school while reading this kind of addictiv book. I would have gotten stuck on Harry Potter while I had to work on my maths and physics. And I couldn’t have done that knowing that Harry might get killed… So now that I have some free time it’s the perfect occasion isn’t it? And I enjoy every bit of it, the proof : already enjoyed 5 book in two months and a half, which is a good score for me. Of course, I read them in french which is my ”mothertongue”, well russian actually is but since I’ve lived all my life in the french part of the country, french became the languge I am thinking and dreaming in.

So back to our business, what about beginning this monday with a huge giveaway? Yes winning gorgeous clothing is the best consolation to fight the end of the week-end. Isn’t this the perfect way to enjoy this freshly new week. I know that I am already excited… So remember when I talked to you about the Zalando Carnival in my previous post? If not you can click here to have a look. Well I was saying that some amazing bloggers ,Virginie Peny, Lea Hefti and Tine Fleischer, will be posting some cool outfits in regards to this exciting carnival project and that you will find on monday on my blog a little surprise and so here it is today as planned. So guys, you will be able to win the whole look which you can see in my main picture, all that from the new Zalando Collection! Meaning the brown coat, the peach sweater,  the amazing metal pants and finally the obviously Louis Vuitton inspired pumps. I believe it is the perfect outfit for winter, comfy and fashionable at the same time. The contest is opened to everybody (worldwide) and here’s what you have to do in order to win!

1. Check out the 4 carnival looks created by me, Virginie Peny, Lea Hefti and Tine Fleischer and ”vote” for your favourite one by leaving a comment under the blogger’s carnival look post ( if you like Lea Hefti or example, just leave her a comment under her carnival blogpost saying why you do)
2. Leave a comment under this post with your name, e-mail address, and the blogger you favourited.
3. Make sure to follow me on facebook/twitter/bloglovin


Add yours

Love this contest where you have to compare outfits :D! I preferred yours, as I love your style, moreover I thought it was good you actually wore the outfit, unlike te other bloggers.
Keep up the good work!
XXX Nina

fell in love with your outfit, love the combination of colours and the pants are just a dream! :)

Name: Flavia Keller
Blogger: Kayture

I like more your look ,because for me it is more interesting and feminine )

I voted for the beautiful outfit by Lea Hefti. Although yours it lovely too. But Lea’s is just the way which suits me best. my email:
have a lovely sunny day
Zoa (aka Dorine Gesch on FB)

Kristina, I like your style and think the stuff in the picture could be a cup of your tea, but I don’t know if it’s your choice… I mean I didn’t get if it’s what i should vote for. :D (I watched the other looks and i like the most this one.)

Zuzana Kováříková,

Nadira Stephen 20 August 2012 / Reply

Greetings from India!
This is Nadira Stephen
email id:
I love Lea’s look at
because of its simplicity and elegance.

My name is Ziedune Sabaliauskaite, my email I favorited Tine Fleischer’s look, because it’s perfect for cold winters in my country. It’s very chic and stylish!

Oh, reading Harry Potter changes your life! I read all of the in a months years ago!
My favorite carnival look is Virginie’s one (but I go crazy for the shoes in your!!).
I am siboney, my email is!

i love the look by Virginie Peny!
my name is Almu ( )

I like your outfit he most because of the colors. Im not ready for the dark colors yet (still in summer mood). Your outfit fits that mood the best :D Oh and i’m dying For that coat!!

Name: Sofie Hermans

I follow you on bloglovin, twitter, instagram and facebook :)

I vote for outfit by Virginie Peny. :)
Name: Paula
FB: Pupi Kulichová

I voted for you, I love dégradé and plumes! Hope to win! Good luck to all!



Virginie Peny

Soooooo beautiful

it’s nice to read about your “private” life, like the fact about your mother language. I find it always so interesting what people have to say who where raised in several countries or with two different languages. You should feel really lucky! :)

I’m absoulutly in Love with your Style!
I Love your Blog and you are one of the most inspiring Blogger for me.

Name: Nicole Wroblewski
Blogger: Kayture

I really love your style, but i voted for the outfit by Lea Hefti.

Имя: Ekaterina
Blogger: Lea Hefti

i just wanna say that i have 2 exams waiting to be done in september so i know how your boyfriend feels :) good luck to us! :)

kristina, i voted for you as your look is way better(:
email :

Marta xx

Dilara Han

My favourite blogger in this challenge is you, I explained why I love your outfit on yout Carnivale post.



I love your look and i’t's perfect for you, but I prefer more casual clothes so I chose Virginie Peny’s carnival look

I voted for the most beautiful look and that was yours. Just love that skirt and how cute that combination is! :)


I voted for Tine Fleischer. Although yours looks great hers is just more me. I also left my email on her blog.
Alessia D’Intino

I voted for the outfit by Although yours it lovely too


Nelly Kvist 20 August 2012 / Reply

Wow what an amazing chance. Dying every second thinking about this!

I loved all the looks, however, Tine Fleischer was a big favorite. Big love to you and your blog!

Nelly Kvist

Hey,Kristina!Do you have russian origins?I didn’t understand quite well from your post. Love the Harry Potter saga;)

Kristina,i really really like your style,hi is elegant,sexi and sometimes even bold that’s what I like the most and you’re outfits are how a women should be:classy and fabulous.
You are very inspiring.My favorite blogger is kayture and i vote foy your outfit.
Dumitrescu Oana

Chung Carr Ine

& I voted for you! :)


I am loving yours the most because our styles are very close- casual/dressy/high heels/statement jewelry :) Tine’s really nice too though.
Michelle Matejka

What a great giveaway!
I love the look of Tine Fleischer the most, and voted for it.

I already follow you via Bloglovin and Facebook. But I don’t habe Twitter. Hope following you on Instagram instead will do it.

Magdalena Füß


I’m glad that You are organizing such a givaways. I love them <3. By the way I really admire Your sense of fashion, and thats the reason why i do love outfit which you have choosen. Its a perfect mix, i mean elegant, feminine and looks like it was comfortable to. Anyway it consists of what i love the most for autumn :colorful sweater and hot,well I call it "jeti " coat. So I hope i will wake up tommorrow morning, check KAYTURE and see I did get it :)

Have a nice day Kristina!
Anna (

Hey Kristina, i voted for yours because you really got creative and stayed inspired by the theme.. its such a fun carnival outfit!
Good luck!

Hi, I’m Anja Rupert, and I voted for Virginie Peny. It was hard decision, but I chose Virginie’s one, because of biker jacket, which is definitly on my “must have” list for this fall.

My email:

I love you’re look the most. So i vote U :)

Dosta Radnjanska

La tenue que je prefere est celle que tu as choisie. Les couleurs sont parfaites pour la saison automne hiver, le pantalon, les chaussures… J’adore !

Merci pour cette belle occasion que tu nous offre et bonne chance a toutes !

Name : isa
Email :
Favourite blogger : kristina

I love the look that you created not only because it keeps you warm but also for the amazing color combination…it’s perfectly stylish for the upcoming season!

Valeria Mangano
I favourited you!!

WOW!!! Your outfit is beyond perfect!! I like the white shirt, and this skirt gives another touch at the whole look. It is very interesting and unique.. Congrats Kristina!!
Vivian Anastasaki,

Your look is the best, for sure!
Have a lovely day!

Kisses from Australia!

This was my favourite look (mostly because you rocked it) But also because it was the most ‘me’ one of them all, I thought it was quirky and fun whilst also being elegant and really catching the eye! Fab!
Alex Hindle
blogger: Kayture

Mariana Gomes
I picked Virginie Peny :)

Name: Joana Coelho
E-mail adress:
Blogger: Virginie Peny

I just simply love the way you combine clothes, the way you give “life” to every single are good at it and you know it!!

Bularca Patricia

It’s no flattery, but I like yours the most because of the pants and the coat! Especially the coat – I’m dreaming of a piece like this!

So its you, Ann Kathrin Kubitz,
And I’m following you since a while ago :) so everything is done :)

J ai préféré l ensemble de Léa Hefti
Sophie Yan

PS : ton blog est super. J ai été fortement surprise quand j ai su que t avais le même age que moi haha
Bonne continuation

I voted for your look, because it was the most feminine of them all. :)
Elizabete Kalnozola,

i loved your look the best, it was a little more feminine and fun!
love the giveaway! :)
nomsa mangena

yours ofcourse! that’s why i follow you;)

and i reaaaally like the photography in your posts aswell

Bonjour kristina. moi je prefere ton look. just because im in love with that skirt.
arvenola malja
bisous :)

your outfit, absolutely!classy but confortable.. I like your style the most

giovanna garbo

Loved Tine Fleischer’s look the best and commented on her post :)

I chose Tine Fleischer’s outfit as i think, it will fit me the best) but your combination is amazing likewise)

Anastasia Shashenko ;

Bonjour kristina. moi je prefere ton look. i just love that skirt.
arvenola malja
bisous :)

My favorite blogger on this challenge is
Ana from France,

I chose Virginie Peny’s look because I felt it was a bit more fitting with my personal style. Loved all the looks, though!
Name – Bri Wang
Email –



Bonjour kristina. I love your look just because Im in love with your skirt.
arvenola malja
bisous :)

It’s simple, I vote for you, Kristina!

I favorited Lea Hefti
Facebook: Olesia Flegka
Twitter: @LuluFleg
email/Bloglovin: redalepou(at)yahoo(dot)com

My name is Ana Mª Aranda Saiz
And the blogger I have chosen is you, because I love the colours of the outfit and the shoes are simply perfect.

Thanks a lot for the giveaway!



I think your outfit is without doubt the prettiest.
I LOVE the colours and with this gorgeous coat I can’t wait until winter begins :)
Evi Vermeersch

I prefer your look the most, cause it is just the most similar to my personal style. I like your style and you seem like a really great person. I wish you a lot of success with your blog!

Lilian Lõhmus

love this outfit, especially its colors – perfect for the coming fall and winter

your outfit

Astrid Vandeborne 20 August 2012 / Reply

Name : Astrid Vandeborne
E-mail :
Blogger : Kristina Bazan/Kayture

thanks for the chance to enter this contest!! all the outfits were great but the one that is more me is Lea Hefti’s one!!!!! xx Maria

Out of all four outfits, I think yours is the best by far! I absolutely adore your style and confidence, and believe it or not, I live in Geneva too! I always look at your photos and recognize where you took them :)

Flaminia Cooper

Thankyou for this opportunity! It would mean so much to win this giveaway :)

I love your outfit and your style most, kristina!
the skirt and top are fitting perfectly together.

Larina Hermann,

I vote for your look, because I like it most :)

I liked your Zalandro look the best. The look is strong and crisp, yet still feminine.

Danielle de Mond

How cool. I loved yours but I really fell in love with Tine Fleischer’s outfit, therefore I choose hers.

You’re all were talented! (:

I votes for yours! So beautiful, I love all the items. I want to win this, because the colors, the shoes, just everything is perfect!
Just love it haha, no more words.

kisses Jaimie

I love kristina!!
Greetings from Greece.

Bella Mosqueda

I favourited your look, the skirt is my style, very eye-catching <3

Your look is definitely my favourite! Its feminine and interesting.
Christy Taylor,

name; naomi
e-mail address;
blogger I favourited was you! :)

Hello there…So, I chose your Zelando look. Why? Because it’s pretty awesome and I love it. :)


Have a nice week Kristina,

Whitney Vesterfelt
I loved Lea Hefti’s outfit picks! Definitely would appreciate an awesome outfit like that for the Fall season!

Teen Hoang 20 August 2012 / Reply

I liked Virginie Peny’s selection the most (:

Teen Hoang

I like your choice best- I mean it looks a lot more sophisticated than all these typical ton in ton black layered outfits.
Anni Bareiß

I prefere Kaytures Outfit!

All the Carnival looks are great but I voted for… Kristina!


Kristina, i’ve been reading your blog for quite a long time already, but that’s actually my first comment. You have a great style and I truly enjoy reading your posts.
You carnival look is the best)

Name: Olga
Blogger: Kristina

Kristina, I’ve read GQ magazine article about the sexiest blogger girls (I’m spanish) and all I can say is that you’re my favourite for sure, I read your blog everyday!


Ester Livingstone

Melina Anesti
Virginie Peny

This comment has been removed by the author.

Such a gorgeous outfit kristina! I love that jacket it looks just so soft and cuddly. Just perfect for winter! :)
I vote for your outfit!

Catherine Mirkes

I love yours outfit than the others
Roni Ben nissim

I love yours outfit than the others
Roni Ben nissim

I love yours outfit than the others
Roni Ben nissim

Love YOUR look the most (of course. I LOVE your style) because of how you played with textures! Love the mix, it looks beautiful!! :)))
P.S – Also, I had no idea Russian was your motherlanguage! Mine is too, but I live in Canada.. You have absolutely no accent! :) <3

Name: Tina K.
E-mail Address:

Oh and I am already following you on FB, Twitter, BlogLovin, LookBook and everything ^_^

I love yours outfit than the others
Roni Ben nissim

Love YOUR look the most (of course. I LOVE your style) because of how you played with textures! Love the mix, it looks beautiful!! :)))
P.S – Also, I had no idea Russian was your motherlanguage! Mine is too, but I live in Canada.. You have absolutely no accent! :) <3

Name: Tina K.
E-mail Address:

Oh and I am already following you on FB, Twitter, BlogLovin, LookBook and everything ^_^

This comment has been removed by the author.

I like your outfit the most! I love your style and the way you combine pieces!
Love, Sophia


Книги о Гарри Поттере чудесны)))А экранизация восхитительна)))))))
Больше всех понравился лук, составленный тобою.В нем присутствуют элегантность и шик.Нравится сочетание простого свитера(необыкновенно нежного, красивого оттенка) с металлизированными брюками.Стильно и удобно))Туфли просто сказка))Отличный лук к предстоящей осени.И эти вещи можно отлично сочетать с элементами собственного гардероба))

P.S. очень нравится твой блог и стиль)))))

Nazira Subebaeva

I prefer your look, because it’s just adorable. I can totally see your style in this one. If I compare it to the outfits the other girls created, I think that yours just fits all together perfectly whereas the other ones are a little bit motley and you couldn’t really wear all of the picture together :)

Tabitha Hartmann

Hey Kristina,
I voted for, because these are classic pieces in a wardrobe which just go with anything.I personally would get the most wear out of them, but this is of course different from other point of views.

Name: Ilka Grübl

Your outfit is my favourite!! It’s a beautiful, classic and fashion winter outfit, that combine the pastel shirt, with the amazing metalic pants (that I want to purchase for such a long ago!) and finally the jacket that calls “winter” in every single way.

Joana Maia
I vote for you (Kayture)!

I think your outfit is the most comfortable and I like it so much! And I vote your outfit because I love peach colour! And the pumps from Louis Vuitton are amazing!

Anna Zelená

Dear Kristina,

I definitely have to say that the outfit I prefered is yours! It is absolutely gorgeous! It is a simple outfit but at the same time it makes me think about a fairytale.

Ayche Sabra

Hi! My favorite is the looks created by Lea Hefti nowfashion form, I love the formal style but with a pop of shine. Although I like your proposal is bold and masculine, would be a change in my style.
I follow you on FB, TW and Bloglovin
Thanks: D

I love your carnival look the most. I especially like how you paired a soft, feminine sweater with edgy, modern metallic pants in a way that works and goes great with the white and metallic heels. The jacket is something I could see you wearing in one of your posts and would look great with so many outfits. The whole look is romantic and chic. I vote for you :)

Name: Alicia Demos

Thank you for this great giveaway! :)
And of course I voted for you. All the pieces that you chose are great!

Name: Barbara Hocevar


I put a comment this morning but I guess it didn’t work!
Let’s try again!

So I prefer your outfit, I think it’s the most wich seems a little rock and I’m totally in love with the perfect colours and the trousers by the way. This is nude and smart colours and I wish one day I could wear this kind of outfit even if there is so many people looking for this game!

My favourite outfit is YOURS, Kristina! ♥

Good luck to everyone!

My e-mail is:
(Twitter account: @colorsforclaire)

My name is: Claire MARCINIAK (real name, you can find me on FB)

Name: Serena Balasi
E-mail address:
Blogger I favorited: You

Hi Kristina,

my name is Eliza Zamfir and I vote for your outfit because I love the colors and your style. The coat and the sweater are very beautiful and all are very well combined.

My e-mail is or

I like your posts. Images are fantastic! Besides beautiful clothes, this is a blog where you can read the wonderful story about an event, travel and also can pick up an advice about makeup and cosmetics. I’ve already said in a comment who is my favorite blogger :D
I would like to see the post about camera you use, because images are perfect!!!! :) :)
I like your combination for ZALANDO CARNIVAL.

I “voted” already, I left a comment under your carnival look ;)
Monika Dančová

Name: Alba Oliver
Blogger: Kayture (obviously) ;)

I love so much your look because it’s really fresh and so beautiful and trendy. It fits so much my style and i think you really succeded about that, because with this look you can feel sexy, gorgeous, and the most important thing, you feel comfortable

In love with your outfit, it’s so me!!

Name: Eduarda Bisland
Blogger: Kayture

Kristina! I voted for your outfit because I really love the skirt and you found a perfet way to make it look casual!

Name: Henny Kingston Wentz

I voted for Lea Lefti


Follow with Facebook, twitter and bloglovin

C’est ton look mon préféré ;)
Donc je laisse mes coordonnées :
Nom : Coralie
Email :
(Blog :
Et je te suis depuis un moment déjà ;)
Merci pour le concours !


Honestly, I loved all of the looks, but your’s stood out for me, so your look is my favourite! Oh and j’adore the shoes :) so so classic.

Name: Paulina Smirnov

I voted for you! Just because your style is so glamorous and fun and this outfit represents it all!

Name: Johanna Ayala

Hi! Voted for Tine Fleischer. Love the minimalistic look and golden details.
Name: Andrea Calderón.

:) Thanks!

really love your style. It’s so womanly(romantic) and elegant at the same time.
I would be happy to win this outfit, because I simply like it)

Name: Ekaterina
Blogger: Kristina Bazan(Kayture)

I vote for your because it’s so classy and sophisticated. Also I love every single piece, they looks great together and will look great itself too.

Name: Cassandra Liu

Hi Kristina!
Your outfit is my favorite- I think it is definitely the most ‘carnival’ esque and adventurous- it is very refreshing and showcases your personal style!

Molly Flanagan

Totally Love the look you created Kristina!
White and Blue, feels so breezy, like having a year-round summer!
-Lilliannette Marrero


I favored your Zalando Carnival.

I like your look. Everything is perfect!

Name: Lisli Pak
e- mail:

I voted Kayture!
name: Brenda Vivenzi

bonjour ! j’écris en français, c’est plus faicle pour moi :-)
super ce giveaway, comparer vos looks est une très bonne idée de la part de Zalando !
j’adore ton look, très estival mais je crois que je rpéfère celui de Virginie Peny, pour son côté plus minimaliste et sobre, ce qui correspond plus à mon style du moment.
voici mon prénom : amélie et mon mail :
je te suis sur twitter et bloglovin sous le nom de 100pour100soie, et j’avais déjà liké ta page sous le nom de centpourcent soie.
merci beaucoup en tout cas, je te souhaite de gagner !!!! bonne journée !

Name: Léa
favorite outfit: tine fleischer (inattendu)

jet black and creme simple chic + statement boots – this outfit just seems to howl my name!

I couldn’t decide which look i love most because all of these are perfect. But I think I love the most Tine’s look from


I think all of the outfits are really good, but I prefer yours, because how you said, is the perfect outfit for winter, comfy and fashionable at the same time, and of course I’m crazy about the amazing metal pants, the peach sweater, and of course the brown coat.
My name is Aina Moll Sánchez and my email
Thanks for all, and I’ll cross my fingers! :-)

I favourited you!and left a comment n following u in facebook.
name- Pooja Elangbam

Gorgeous look! I´ve voted yours!


I vote for your outfit.
It’s absolutely stunning. The beautiful printed tailored pants would go so well with a plain peach colour of the knit. They complement each other perfectly. And of course details matter and the heels with the metal cap are so popular and sleek. The fur coat would be just perfect to chuck on for a chic night time look. The best thing is that these individual pieces can be mixed and matched with anything else in the wardrobe. It’s bright and stylish (very you haha)

Clare xx

Greetings all the way from China!
Name: Alicia
Blogger: Kristina Bazan (Kayture, or, YOU!)

I vote Kayture!!! love black&white boots

Name: Carmen Pérez

Your look is my absolute favorite :D

Roberta Pavic

Take care :))

My favorite look is Virginie Peny’s, I love that cutout skirt…

My name is Cécile and my email is

Thank you!

I vote for Kayture.
Name : Joanna Wagner

Je particpe ! :)
Mon look préféré est le tien, j’adore la veste égayée par ce pull pastel !
Je te suis (despodiumsalarue ou Lucile Tufféry, selon les sites).

Great Look you created!!!

Name: Alena Marmyleva



I’ve prefered your outfit!
name: Patrícia Marques


prefer yours, followed you via twitter, liked you via facebook, follow you via GFC and bloglovin, my mail is

xoxo gorgeous

Hiiii so the blogger I preferredd was the one youuu posted..its soo gorgeouuss..i can totally see myself wearing that :) soo gorgeouss the colors..aww! <3
Name: Ashley Becerra Shakravoski

Name: To Nhu Huynh
Email: tonhu.huynhthanh[at]
Blogger: Virginie Peny

Followed you on bloglovin!

Your look is my favourite, because it’s more “me” :)

I follow you on twitter (@frugrut), facebook (Francesca Ferraresi) and bloglovin’.

Francesca Ferraresi

Sandrina Leonardo
Tine Fleischer, love it.

Yours also, but Tine’s I’d wear day-to-day.

I chose your set because it is the most elegant, feminine and has that something that attracted me at first sight :)
Besides, I love your style and how you connect clothing and accessories.
I’m sorry for the spelling mistakes;)
Justyna Cabaj

Laura Gröbner Ferreira
Virgine Peny
:) :*

J’adore ton look, je vote pour toi!!

I chose your outfit, because I love your style and in my opinion it is the most creative set. Great skirt and colors <3

Kasia Stępień

huhu i think the coolest outfits are yours so i vote for you ! :)

best wishes ;)

my name is sandra hammer

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Wonderful. I am also an expert in this topic so I
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