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PRESS DAY What about a little break from all those New York pictures to check out what’s going on in Europe and more precisely in Zürich. James and I had the chance the other day to attend the Armani beauty press conference at the Park Hyatt the other day, guided by the lovely Magie from L’Oréal Luxe. We had indeed the opportunity to try and discover some of the newest products of the Armani beauty line such as the Maestro foundation, the holiday collection, the new eyes to kill quatuors, the lip maestro and last but not least the maestro eraser. That makes it quite a lot of updates, which is absolutely amazing. Girls, boys, I can tell you : we are going to be spoiled this winter. There are way too many incredible products coming out. What was great is to hear all the details about the products from Reza Zaimeche : international Face Designer & Celebrity Make-up Artist. Therefore, I would love to talk to you guys about a couple of the new products you will be able to discover way before everybody else. So avant-garde isn’t it?

First of all, for me, one of the most exciting release will be the maestro foundation. For a very simple reason : the perfection of it’s texture. It doesn’t feel like any other foundation I have ever tried and instead feels like ”water” (though it doesn’t contain an ounce of water), a very silky fluid which is so natural on the skin that you even forget you are wearing make-up. This is something I have always hated about foundation, you know the cakey layered feeling. Yet with the Meastro foundation you can forget about it, it’s so light and soft and looks extremely natural on the skin. Leaves it glowy and perfect because of the ultra-fine oil-pigment it is made of. It is compared to a featherlight silky material which suits the skin perfectly. My other crush was of course the new lip maestro lip glosses. Not only because of all the new incredible colours but because of this new never seen before texture, I was quite amazed. No joke. It is a matt lipgloss which honestly stays on for the entire day. I had the chance to try out one, spent the whole day in Zürich afterwards, ate and drank and I swear my lips were still perfect! And you might think that because it is matt it will dry out your lips, well forget about it. It doesn’t, you literally forget that you are even wearing something on. I love the spirit of Armani’s make-up line, it is highly subtle and thoughtfull. The quality is beyond the amazing and I love how they try to make woman feel as natural and comfortable with the make-up they are wearing. Enjoy the pictures folks!



SHOES : Bally
HAT : H&M 




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Very stylish look! I love the pants and the blue shoes, very pretty :)

nice outfit…you are so beautiful..

Really like how you were able to make that harem pants look really sophisticated! :)
And damn those products seem beautiful!!!

The White Studio

Thank you for sharing!

omg! i love the first pic!

xoxo from rome

Fabulous pants and hat, you look amazing!

Stylish and pretty!!! Love the pants and your make up is always flawless :D



Love the outfit and the photos, u look amazing ;)


Looking forward to try out new Armani Mestro collection!

You’re as always flawless, James’ photos are as well :-)


You look amazing! I love your hat and your Zara pants.


love the hat with this outfit

Great pants!
You look lovely.



Maybe one of my favorite post!
the colors and the light are beautiful:)

such a great outfit! boho and chic at the same time. :)



I want your pants! :)

love the hat, i have one similiar.

you have inspired me to wear it

love your blog and your style!!

xxx from spain!!

Looks lovely! Do you know how expensive the foundation is in Euros?:)

You look amazing honey! I love this outfit


Wow! I love this outfit so much! I’m in love with those pants!

you’re gorgeous! and your style is awesome <3
lots of love from Russia, St. Petersburg

You look sooo pretty :) My favorite blogger <3

Beautiful pictures as usual !!!

Love your outfit , you look amazing !

Ocean Wind

love your outfit!!!!

what dou you wear when you go to school? also the same clothes as on

Your shoes are so beautiful ! And the hat :D I bet it was indeed a great experience for you:D

Your photos are amazing!!! It makes me want to run out and buy the eyeshadows right this moment. But sadly, I’m at work! Thanks for sharing!!

loving the patterned trousers! beautiful!
Krissy xoxo

Such lovely items! You look so ladylike and beautiful. x

your shirt, damn it!

very nice eye-shadows! :) great hat and blouse!

Ce pantalon est une merveille ! Très belles photos !

Love the pic’s (;
they are amazing!!

/ Stephanie

I love your pants! You are looking beautiful as always!
Greetings from India

beautiful really so pretty !


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Great look, as usual. Love those pants!
(\ /)
( . .)

gorgeous pictures and outfit :)

LOVE this outfit! Hat is gorgeous……and the pants!!!! You are a very stylish girlie :)

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Nice photos! I miss Zurich so much!:(

Stories and Sequins

you are my fashion and photography idol! i swear, every single photoshoot is more put together, fabulous, and beautiful than the last.
:) look forward to your posts every single day.
kw, Ladies in Navy

i still can’t get over how gorgeous you are.

fall new in♥blog

This outfit is so perfect!
I love the hat + shoes :D

woww!u are soo beautiful!!!!*.*

Love your lipcolour! It is super pretty!

You’re the most beautiful blogger in thw world :) Lov from Poland!!

These photos are stunning! And you are so beautiful! :) xx


great post (and the food:mniami, yummi)

Wow, the matte lipgloss looks like something innovative and amazing. You were looking great for that day :)
Andrea in Fashion

Amazing photos! And that foundation sounds really interesting.

wow, amazing!
blog, you and everything here ;)

big boom in my blog soon ;)

I would like to try that lipgloss and its staying power! Is tehre any chance you would tell the name of the coulour you are wearing on your lips??

how come you wore the bally shoes? it’s weird, but while I was scrolling down the first picture, I expected to see your black Zara strappy heels. Why did you go for blue?

Beautiful pictures and outfit!! You look flawless!!!


Love your blog!

you look amazing :)

You look so absolutely amazing kristina! that lipstick looks so gorgeous on your beautiful and cute face!

beautiful outfit! the event looks amazing..lucky you!

You’re totally working this hat.. stunning look! I’m excited about the Maestro foundation since I dislike the mask-esque feeling some foundations leave on the face too. This is why i use BB cream now.

amazing outfit !!love the hat <3
you’re beautiful as always!

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Oh my… I have the exacts same pair of shoes! ha-ha
Ally O

I am loving your printed trousers!


Lovely outfit :)! i love the hat!!!


Olá adorei o post.
Estou lançando meu novo blog hoje e fico no aguardo de sua visita.

Grande Beijo

Amazing style <3

Beautiful outfit and the the hat is gorgeous. C

so lovely ,how do you like germany ? :)


you’re amazing i love to read your blog greetings form Poland xoxo

J’adore ton pantalon, il est absolument magnifique!


why are you just so gorgeous?
seriously, stunningly chic outfit!! sounds like you had an amazing day :)

Beautiful Post! I love your outfit and the photos are very nice!

The prints are beautiful! oh I’m a big fan of armani’s foundation, the finish is so flawless!

Sparks In Spring

Love so so much this outfit! The shoes are beautiful!!!


Great outfit. I adore your shoes. Perfect color. ♡

The hat looks great on you.
Is it from this years fall collection?

amazing look!! so lovely ♥

So excited that you got a chance to see the new collection…no doubt you will make good use of it.
You’re fabulous with makeup!

The print of those pants is very pretty paired with the white blouse <3

You look gorgeous and so elegant. I love it.
Kiss Andie ;)

Tu es superbe, comme toujours ! Cette tenue sort de l’ordinaire j’aime beaucoup, belle prise de risque !


Love your pants and shirt! :)

Pass by sometime:

Wow, this is definitely one of my favourite outfits from you! What I like the best is that you can make these looks even from fast-fashion shops!

Such an adorable look!
Those pants are a must have this season.


Looked like fun. Love your trousers!


somehow you look like selena gomez, the blonde version one..hahaha…i love your outfit anyway!


beautiful! hat is perfect for you!

You are so classy Kristina!
From Paris with love!
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Love this outfit a lot. The pant are so gorgeous and with the white blouse it’s so elegant!

I love your hat!!!

Love your hat !

The Armani foundation sounds good. Personally I use Clinique moisture surge, perfect mix between hydrating cream and foundation
new outfit post

Your hat is very lady like. You look lovely.

very pretty! love this hat, but never would dare to wear it here in austria :D

I want to try the foundation!

u looks chic with all those hats

God you have such incredible style! envy you so much x

Drop dead perfect style!! this is so stunning babe!!

Steph Yt
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your make up looks really amazing!!!
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