PLAC JEANS As I am writing, my huge lagguage is waiting on the floor ready to be filled with a lot of clothing, shoes, bags ( and a bunch of useless stuff I know that I won’t even use during my trip… it’s the fun of packing!) for the NYFW. When you guys will be reading this article I might be already sitting on the plane, dying of excitment to be back in New York. I would have absolutely loveed to take one of you folks, the opportunity I got with fashiolista to bring one of my readers on the trip was amazing but another blog won and one of it’s reader is the one flying off to NY. But you know what guys, I’ll do my best to bring back the best pictures possible, give you the best inspirations for your next trip to the big apple if you are planning to go some day and of course show you some awesome pictures of the runway shows. Believe me, it’s going to be like you’re there, hopefully at least! I remember last year, I was so excited to read my favourite’s blog NYFW experiences and reviews, was always so excited to see the pictures. I think it’s so amazing since everybody has different opportunities and visions. 

We have done a whole schedule, hour by hour of all the shows, meeting and events we will be attending and of course squeezed in some shopping (highly important part while in NY, recommended to burn callories from all the american burgers you want to try out and spend money you don’t have in order to end up bringing the bag or the shoes concerned back to the shop…), eating (holy Nobu awaiting, oh my god) and of course caching up with friends since so many people are going to be there. We want to optimize our trip as much as possible, there’s never enough time in New York, you can stay there a whole month and still don’t have time to do all you want. So I decided to write down this article before I begin my packing, and show you guys what I wore yesterday in town. Since the weather is much cooler than before, I decided to wear my new Plac skinny blue Cindy jeans which are so comfotable, I could stay in bed the whole day wearing those like home pants, they are stretchy and the material feels really soft on the skin. I already have a pair of black skinny jeans from Plac, but I needed to try another model and this one is good if you wnat to add a nice touch of colour to your outfit. Hope you guys enjoy this article and see you on firday for an instagoodies post! Meanwhile you can follow me on instagram/twiiter/facebook if you’d like to have some quick live updates from my trips.

Oh and of course one giveaway is good, but two is even better. On monday you had the chance to win a gorgeous Lizzy dress (winner announced on the 16th of September) and today you guys can also get the arm candy I am wearing in this post from Ettika, these bracelet (three gorgeous pieces) are called the ”Kayture Stack”, in order to win it :

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JEANS : Plac
BLAZER : Minusey
SCARF : Thanks to Rolex



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Great photos! The jeans look great on you!
(\ /)
( . .)

Beautiful outfit! <3 The colour of the pants and the scarf are amazing.

This is gorgeous, love the all white with the jeans x


The colour of those jeans is so nice! i like it :)


Love the blue pants! And your photos are always so beautiful!

i am in love with your clean white heels!

Simple outfit but really stylish. Love the photos!!

xx The Expert Dreamer

Blue beautiful jeans!!!! Have fun in NY!!!


Amazing shoes, and love the colour of the jean, you look gorgeous xx

Totally in love with the Plac Jeans, they fit you so well. And the scarf are to die for!

I’d like to win the Ettika ‘Kayture Stack’ in this post, they’re trendy and blingy with a little bit of teal (my favourite color this season), just the perfect armswag for most of my outfits.

Oww and have a safe trip to NYC and have a good time at NYFW!!


Beautiful outfit and the images are lovely as always! :)

This outfit is awesome! Every single piece of clothes and accessories are fantastic! I really love the bracelets (the stack as you call them) because they are very simple and chic at the same time. It is the kind of accessories you can use in every situation, be it with an elegant outfit or with a more casual one. Love it!

Ayche Sabra

you look perfect!!!!! amazing colors!

I like the bracelets

Love how the blue jeans just really make a pop-out-effect (or what should I call it?) among all the white. So nicely put together, as always (:

Lovely jeans! and bag :D!
awesome as always <3


You look awesome! love those sandals! ;) xo, Alma

nice pics =) I love your new hair really =) also you have amazing scarf =)

I really like your jeans and i’m completely in love with the scarf!

Nice shade of blue! Lovely scarf and bracelets:)

Stories and Sequins

Can you explain us why you are so beautiful? eheh:) You’re always amazing, every look looks perfect on you.. and your boyfriend takes those wonderful pictures! Let me tell you that you’re just my daily inspriration Kristina♥

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Molto bella Kristina, un bacione dall’Italia :)

The color of your jeans is so great, as is the scarf.
Have fun in NY! Looking forward to your pictures!


You look great in those Jeans and your hair really is fabulous

Wow i love the Arm Candy !
It’s so versatile and luxury both at the same time <3

Beautiful jeans! Love your bracelets!

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You look gorgeous again! The jens color is amazing!


Wow, the pictures you post are always so vibrant! Better than magazine editorials even!


wow what a great outfit!

Great photos ,
You look absolutely amazing !!!

Love you blouse and the jeans.


Ocean Wind

Hi Kristina! Love this look and how you matched the dark blue scarf on your bag to the light blue jeans :) genius :)
I love your nailpolish on your fingernails, could you tell us which brand and color it is?? Thanks!! <3

I love you so much! I’m curious about your height! How tall are you? Your legs look so long! XXX

You look great!

wow I LOVE these photos, absolutely stunning! And your outfit is also simply amazing! XXX


Gotta say your hair looks much healthier now, love it :) jeans have such a nice colour and that lipstic really suits you – what´s the brand?

Wonderful!! I absolutely LOVE those pants and shoes!

The Celebrity Look

Jacket is great! :)

that arm candy looks superb <3 so delicate

Your jeans are so cool, they have such pretty detailing. Love the all white on top too.

Hi Kristina,

Those jeans look amazing on you! I’ve followed ettika on facebook and instagram, and I’m already following you on instagram and facebook!

I love the style of the ettika bracelets; pretty and sparkly, they will match so many outfits. <3

Love Joyce

You’re hair look amazing – this is the perfect length for you & your outfit is so fresh! I wish you a great time in New York!

love the wite shoes
and your new hair style!

Amazing photos!:) I love your new hairstyle:)

Fantastic outfit! Love your jeans and your shoes!
Have fun in NY!

Gorgeous outfit!! Stunning photos!!


I love the color of those jeans, it’s super cute. Also, I love your shorter hair. You look great Kristina.
Have fun at the NYFW. I can’t wait to see all the posts coming.

Xoxo Andie :)

Awesome! The touch of blue is perfect!


love the colour of pants so so much!

perfect look :) the jeans are so cool


you’re so pretty ! love the outfit :)

The color of those jeans is particular and cool! Like it! :)

xx Elle

love your jeans and the shoes are superb!

This color is great for you !

omfg your jeans are insane, fckn love them :DD

Ilove that scarf

You look so beautiful! Shoes are incredible! <3


this post reminded me summer.. all the llight white colors.. :((

love the soft colours of the bracelets

Fabulous hair, love the color, Shoes are a welcomed step up for you and those bent toes are to die for!!!
I can never resist your blog :)

Beautiful pictures, love the outfit!

those jeans look awesome! i hope you have fun in nyc :)

I really like this outfit. One of the reasons is because I love blue colour above EVERYTHING. The pants are amazing, I don’t have any pants in this colour. I think you have combined the outfit very well, I don’t usually wear white clothes but you look nice in them! Also, the scarf is beautiful!!

What a nice giveaway. I have to leave the comment here?? If it is, I love the Kature Stack because they are nice bracelets to make an outfit very chic and also, because I love blue colour as I’ve said.

I don’t know if you need my email, but here it is:

Thank you so much and have a nice trip!!! (:


really amazing, love your blog!

Hey, I really like the stack cause it looks amazing, so nice and so elegant !

Keep going and have a nice trip to NY


Gorgeous look! Love your jeans and new haircut!

I’ve never been to New York. I’m so jealous. It must be so great there. But one day I will go there, for sure.
have a nice time over there

I love the stack because it’s fun and goes with everithing. I can already imagine me wearing this piece from day to night with different outfits. I love how it is classic but still very versitile.

On facebook I’m Valeria Callista :)

The foulard is marvellous and the combination brilliant :)



Love your white heels!:)

Your picture are perfect! You are so pretty

love how you make the whole look match,i am in love with the shoes and the kayture stack by Ettika..

i love the stack because is so elegant and have a little touch of color with the blue, i have a turquoise dress waiting for it…I thing that Ettika really did it thinking in your style…

Cute Plac jeans. Have fun at fashion week.

I love those shoes! The outfit in total is symply amazing!!!
Ally O

Love the pop of turquoise with the neutrals looks beautiful with the jeans!

I love this look and your hair looks lovely xx

xxxx xxxx

You are absolutely stunning. I am still in love with your new hair cut!


stunning :) just love your new hair and this look! Hugs from California! xx,
The Golden Girls

The colour really suited you . Matched your hair colour.

Is beautiful the color of the jean and the design of the bracelet is gorgeous!!

I enjoy the stack because it is so beautifuuuul!

there pants are completely gorgeous! love your bracelet.

You look great in those colours!

Beautiful! Love that blue color, so summery :)


you have beautiful hair

Beautiful! I love the colours of this outfit :)

beautiful scarf <3 Have fuun in nyc! Post a lot of pictures :))


WOUAAHHH Your look it’s perfect, I adore very much, especially your shoes, it’s very chic. :-)

Kiss !

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wow you look stunning

great colours! I love it!

Love the outfit!!!! Simple and chic! So fresh!! Perfect!


wow georges look !! white and blue it is perfect!!

Gorgeous color and jeans as well! Love how blue and white look together!

These jeans look really great on you Kristina!!
I envy for your trip to the NYFW but try to follow on twitter. However I prefer to wait for your always perfect and beautiful posts!!

J’adore ces chaussures!

Bon voyage,

Julia from

You re always so gorgeous! But.. Are you still attending high school? i needed to ask you such a question, because i really can’t understand how you can be so perfect (perfect hair,perfect make-up..and always high heels!) everyday and go to school like this :) waiting for your feedback, greetings from italy :)

Everything on facebook (Zuzana Kováříková)is done.This bracelet is very gentle and girlish. I like it!
Your outfit is perfect. I’d like to go to NY…It’s my biggest dream.

Simple mais très chic et tu es superbe comme toujours :)

Bises !


But…. Your hair??? :(

Love the outfit! blue and white looks so classic together especially with a blazer.

Love the bracelet stack too! The colors are beautiful and I love how the fabric and stones are both incorporated, which gives it a unique look that combines casual and glam.

Rachel Anderson (FB)

Love the outfit! The colors are amazing! =)

Have fun in NY ;)


What an amazing color of the pants!!!


i LOVE the stack they all blend so well together <3

Les bracelets sont absolument magnifiques, ils en jettent !!
Tes cheveux ont l’air plus sains, plus épais, j’adore :)
Et la tenue, parfaite, comme d’habitude :)

Je te souhaite une magnifique journée !!!
Gros bisous Kristina ;)

Wow, I just love this look!
And I have a crush on the scarf. :)

I enjoy the stack because it’s chic but also casual, super versatile and trendy!

I am a huge fan of the bracelets.


Your are espectacular!
In love with your blog

Wow I love the color of your pants and the scarf!!
Greeting from India!!

God, you look amazing. Totally in love with this outfit! :)

You have such a remarkable blog! What do you think of following each other?
WhiteCloset Fashion Blog

Diese Farbkombi -blau/weiss- steht dir super! Dein Blog ist echt schön, interessant und sehr inspirierend!

Grüsse aus Zürich

Diese Farbkombi -blau/weiss- steht dir super! Dein Blog ist echt schön, interessant und sehr inspirierend!

Grüsse aus Zürich

Your hair looks so much better now. I like the jeans a lot but the shoes are even better aww.

You’re Perfection! Congrats!

Incredibly look

Looking forward to reading more. Great article post.Really thank you! Really Great.