Pictures by James Vyn

SECOND DAY IN MILAN After a very short night of rest, James and I had the chance to enjoy our last day of the Milan fashion week at the Dolce and Gabbana HQ showroom in the heart of the city. Honestly, I felt like a little girl in a huge candy bar : my eyes were sparkling and if I could, I would have definitely left with bags and shoes and coats and shoes again. My my… A real heaven. The goal of our visit was first of all to try some pieces from the current fall/winter collection in order to make a video that you guys will be soon able to discover, but of course I took advantage of the occasion to check out all the clothing. The collection, is typically italian : completely baroque inspired with a lot of colours and patterns but still with that little special touch which Dolce and Gabbana add to all of their creations. It is a mix of high elegance, with a modern feel and some quite “funky” details too if I may say so. All I can say is that all the clothing had such a huge charisma, and I could definitely feel all the hours of work behind it. The materials were luxurious and I couldn’t but fell in love with some of the pieces.

So during the whole stay, I was thinking about a strategic plan DG which I established in my head in order to sneak out of the HQ with a little purse…. Of course I am joking (no I’m not…). It was quite difficult to choose an outfit, I ended up trying out 4 but you can have a look at my favourite one at the end of this post, the skirt was more than amazing. The pattern and of course the structure, everything seemed so perfect about it. So for the occasion, I decided to go for a dolce inspired outfit, and when I think DG I think leopard and those new pants were absolutely perfect for this little visit. I matched them to some neutral garments such as a white shirt and blazer, a classic Louis Vuitton from the new collection and finally a statement nacklace from Zara (notice that I took the big stone off , just felt better that way). Hope you guys will enjoy having a look at the Dolce and Gabbana show room and see you tomorrow for some more pictures from Milan.

SHIRT : Yes or No
BLAZER : Minusey
BAG : Louis Vuitton





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Love those pants! Great look, a little more edgy than usual :)

I love your choices in accessories. It really complements your outfit!


oh wow u look amazing and omg I would crazy in that showroom =)

You look amazing in these photos! I’m so in love with the pants and necklace. Looks like I need to make another trip to Zara!

xoxo Alison

You look more than amazing and all those zara pieces are amazing! the pants and the necklace are soooo beautiful! and you are so lucky , congrats xx

wow your pants are awesome! and dolce e gabbana, so amazing!


Your hair is so beautiful!
Great outfit- especially the leo pants!!

xx Timna

love the pictures and the outfit (;
the shoes, the necklace and the bag is AMAZING!!!

/ Stephanie

Love your necklace and bag! You look super beautiful!

Love your pants!:)
You always look amazing girl

Nice chignon and pics. C

Love this! The perfect balance of class and elegance. I love your style!

I love your outfit! You look fabulous! xx

Your outfit is way too cool!
Love your animal printed pants

beautiful. i love your necklace! and all those handbags are so amazing x

Oh my! I LOVE The pants…Rushing to ZARA ASAP! You look gorgeous as always!

Great photos! And your outfit is so beautiful! :)

i really your statement necklace n hairdo…please make the tutorial for that hairdo :)

You look fantastic. Love the pants and the stunning statement necklace!!! The dress is totally gorgeous too!!! Awesome choice for you :D


omg! i love this look!

xoxo from rome

amazing collection. love that skirt.


prosto krasawitza! mach weiter so!

really love your outfit!!!!!! and the D&G photos are gorgeous :)


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You don’t have to publish it, but maybe you could take a look :-)
nashi roditeli tozhe is russije :-)

J’adore tout. & ton blazer waouh!
Je suis fan de ta coiffure. & la robe te va très bien ! :D
Tu as eu une journée de folie! ;]

You look amazing honey! Love this post so much


The clothes are heavenly… I do understand why you wanted to take them home with you <3 X

You and the collection look beautiful!

love, selina

Amazing post! I absolutley adore your choice, especial the skirt is gorgeous! Very very pretty!


you look stunning! gorgeous clothes in this showroom :)

You are always looking beautiful :)

I just love your outfit, you look great in the last pic! xoxo

Love your pants and the necklace is so nice! Oh, I love dolce&gabbana’s new collection and the dress in the last pic is perfect for you. So pretty!

you have the life I dream about! You are one lucky girl!

I absolutely love the baroque feel of Dolce and Gabanna’s FW2012 collection! Everything is so gorgeous~ especially the embroidered bags and sweaters. They are to die for~

wow what an outfit, you looks so gorgeous! the leopard pants are scandalously hot!

Beautiful collection. I love the prints and colors! And your outfit is really edgy, great style.;)

J’adore la première tenue et les photos, et cette coiffure te va super bien aussi.
Gros coup de coeur pour les chaussures !


Amazing pieces! and you look flawless as always♥

You are simply beautiful, looks like a doll!
Loved the post, all very beautiful!

Can wait to see your video.

Patricia Iacob

Love the look you created at the end! The skirt definitely is amazing :)

I love your blog and discovering new parts of your life. You look stunning, as always!

i think i read your blog like every day. i have bookmarked your link among 6 or 7 other blogs, some of which already have a ton of readers, some which are new. anyway i really love this look. you make animal print pants look SO classy!

Loveee this post! Everything is so beautiful!

Their designs are gorgeous! So feminine and full of beautiful details:) I like your outfit a lot:)

Stories and Sequins

I love Dolce&Gabbana!!

Wow, that place is awesome! You look beautiful :)

Stunning outfit! Your hair looks amazing in these pictures, you should do a tutorial maybe:)

WOW. Great pictures, great collier, great everything… XO Malu

I have the same pants, and really love the outfit you created! Zara is great :D I envy you for being on the D&G showroom!! (healthy envy hehe)
Andrea in Fashion

I love your hair and the Dolce&Gabbana collection!

Fashion Smiling ♡

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Stunning look. I like your hair do. ♡

this is remarkably beautiful!
kw, Ladies in Navy

amazing bags! and you pretty as always!

Great photos and looks, the last pic is incredible!!!
Follow you dear!


You’re absolutely right! The necklace looks much better without the big stone. There was something I didn’t like about that necklace, and that was it. Now it looks amazing.
I loved both your outfit, and the one you’re wearing on the last photo!

beautiful outfit <3

That outfit on the last photo is so amazing. You’re just wonderful, i love you and your blog. It’s amazing what you’re doing and where are you in your life, it’s just.. wow!

hey it’s fall♥blog

OMG I just loved their last two collections, they are amazing ..the opulence and the romanticism..just simply perfect! I bet you were amazed too.

Lovely pants, great print.

Love the combination of animal print pants and white jacket, is sooo chic!!!

beautiful outfit! love the bag, wow!

You re beautiful! Very cool! I love Dolce and Gabbana!

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I’m in love with your pants!!!!!!!!!

kisses froms barcelona

solche outfits mag ich irgendwie am liebsten bei dir… das ist so genau dein stil und ich lieeeebe es=) mit bder hose und der kette, das passt alles einfach so wunderbar…. toll toll toll =)

Amazing, so pretty!

What an amazing showroom! Love your outfit so much, the colors are brilliant x

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you look gorgeous ! love the mix of prints !

XX Luba
Well Living BLog

the pants that you wear are beautiful

Love the outfit, that skirt is to die for. Hope you will check out my blog :)

sooo gorgeous clothes :-)

What eyeshadow do you use? Lovely! :)

Love this collection… DG is unique!!!

Look my animalier OUTFIT for my MFW:



Maria Giovanna

I love that 1st picture of you near the fontain. You look great.
The coat that you were looking at is so pretty. I love it.
I hope you had fun.

Kiss Andie ;)

I like the pants , and the look is very elegant.
Cecil in rome

Love the golden embellishments in the collection. You look so fabulous, Kristina. such a chic look but not boring at all.. perfect mix of classy and modern stuff!

my heart was beating faster while watching photos from DG showroom… :)
I’m in love with all pieces!
and I adore your outfit, is simple but amazing! :)

gorgeous outfit, you look absolutely stunning!

Hayley xx

This outfit is amazing!!!!!

Love you!!!


great outfit, except the shoes dont match.. you look gorgeous as usually :)