CHILLY MONDAY Hey! Look who’s got a new hair cut! Remember I was telling you in one of my previous posts that I finally decided to change a little bit of hairstyle? Must admit that I was really tired of my long hair, not only was it really damaged ( didn’t cut my hair for almost 3 years… I know quite weird but I kind of have a ”hairdresser phobia”, I have never, ever, liked it when I got a new hair cut , those hairdresser people manage to ruin my hair all the time, well at least that’s how I feel in the next 48 hours after I quit the salon and then I realise that I just panicked…) but I was just so tired  of having the same look, needed a change and so happy that I did. At the beginning I was of course freaked out. Especially when I saw my hair falling on the floor, but after a couple of days getting used to it I actually enjoy it. My hair has got more volume and I feel like it’s just more modern so I am definitely happy and think it is a great change regarding the approaching fashion weeks. It’s like my new look makes me more inspired, I mean I feel like a different person now so obviously new outfit ideas pop up in my head.

I’ve never really been into galaxy prints, maybe is it because there was a moment where everybody was wearing it but I simply fell in love with this peplum shirt from Lavish Alice (hipster me wearing the galaxy print back again oh yeah). So with my new hairstyle I wanted to play a little bit on the rock n’ chic look and I decided to pair this shirt to a leather jacket from Minusey, some stilletos and pencil skirt to make it look elegant as well, and finally some arm candies : a couple of bracelets. This friendship bracelet from Not A Brand looked perfect with the whole look. Finally to add a couple of cool details, I’ve chosen this B-low The Belt studded clutch which I think add this little rock vibe that I wanted to achieve.


SHIRT : Lavish Alice
JACKET : Minusey
BRACELET : Both silver ones H&M, friendship bracelet Not A Brand
CLUTCH : B-Low The Belt
NAILPOLISH : Chanel ”Frenzy”



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Like this look a lot.

I love your hair, a very edgy, glam look.

Love the shirt, clutch and leather jacket!!

xx Timna

Oh wow!! You’re so beautiful and a fantastic model!
Gorgeous top!

WOW, that is amazing. Great. Fantastic…

that galaxy peplum top is so gorgeous!! :))

Love it! You are soo beautiful!


Awesome new haircut!!! You look fantastic!!!
Another beautiful outfit. Love the top and the jacket :D


Love the outfit, an I think that you look a little bit more elegant with short hair, and maybe a little bit older but in a good way haha, anyway you are gorgeous!


Maria Onorio

You pqired it well and though I was in love with your hairstyle before, it still looks beautiful!

Stunning photos! Your hair looks amazing, much more volume x


Nice jacket and accessories:)

Stories and Sequins

Your new hair cut looks so good! You look much more fresh and chic!!!
And that top, OMG it’s so beautiful, and you ware it soooo good!

The look is stunning!
Totally my style!
Great photos, you look like a model!

Kisses :)

you look perfect! amazing peplum! Fantastic style!

Great outfit, awesome clutch!
(\ /)
( . .)

Really great top! you look always! xo, Alma

You look great my dear, but I think that you could choose another color for tights, something more light because is too much black in your outfit.

Your hair looks amazing! Definitely more voluminous.


SO refreshing to see a peplum top that is not solid coloured! Very nice.


Love Look, the clutch is perfect, kiss

GORGEOUS!!! I really love the top and the pictures are amazing! :)

spectacular top! and you look so sexy and beautiful again. i think you are one of the most beautiful women ive seen

new special look

Absolutely gorgeous! I want that top so bad!

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Your new hair is stunning! It definitely looks more “modern” and soft!

stunning pics and perfect outfit, as usual!

As always, you look absolutely gorgeous! This is definitely one of my favorite outfits of yours! Plein de bisous!



you look beautiful!!

i love your blouse !!


Marcelka Fashion


I loooove this peplum top! Amazing babe!


WOW , just amazing photos .

You look amazing and of course the outfit is outstanding !!!


Ocean Wind

wow this looks great on you!

that’s such a classy silhouette! i adore the galaxy print and peplum and like that you added sheer tights. sexy hair!

pandaphilia style

You look awesome in galaxy ) also your hair is perfect ;)

Love that shirt and jacket. What a great look

♥ pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces |

fantastic outfit :) the print looks good on you


Love the shirt, clutch and leather jacket!!

Wow! Wonderful!! The top is so gourgeous!

The Celebrity Look

Your hair looks beautiful with volume. I love this peplum shirt and the leather jacket! It’s a perfect outfit, I love it.



Oh my, love that shirt, bracelets, clutch… well, whole outfit :D

truly awesome!
in the first picture you look AMAZING!

Love your new hair, its abit more edgy and really compliments this outfit. You remind me of Blondie for some reason in these images too!

i love your fashionstyle more and more!

I’ve never liked Galaxy prints either, but on this shirt you hardly notice it is somehow.
Cool combination with the elegant skirt
new outfit post

really love your blog! I follow you :) Would you follow me back? :)



Oh, I absolutely love this outfit! <3

Bracelet is fantastic! I still love your hair :)

das top sieht toll aus !! love your outfit:)

Your new haircut looks really cool! Very different from what you had indeed

My Own Project

This is such a glam rock look, love it! The galaxy peplum top is a beauty.

u are amazing cristina…. visit my blog

omg and i thought i was the only one with a hairdresser phobia! :D your hair looks great

love your new hair – you really suit it! gorge peplum top! :) x

Love the new haircut! its looks great!

Awesome hair, best ever!!! Need to work on the shoes :(

You look stunning! I love your photos!

studded is so hot <3

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I think your new haircut makes your hair look more voluminous! :) Love it! xx

Hi Kristina, just found your blog browsing FB and saw this outfit on the Lavish Alice page and though must check it out.
Getting your hair cut can be daunting as a few weeks a go I decided to go for the chop. Hated it for the first few days but I now love it and yours look great.

Ivy (your new follower)

p.s do stop by sometimes

Oh mon dieu. Ces photos font partie de tes meilleures photos que tu n’aies jamais fait. Tu es MAGNIFIQUE ! Cette coupe te va tellement bien, tu fais plus jeune ;) Et tu as parfaitement assorti cet imprimé galaxy, je n’aurai jamais cru à la jupe crayon mais les deux se concordent tellement bien ! Tu as vraiment un sens du style, en plus les accessoires sont parfaits. Bravo.

Une fidèle lectrice :)

Amazing galaxy outfit ! Ps : were you cold ? C.

awesome peplum top!
you look gorgeous.


That is a gorgeous peplum top and I am still in love with your new haircut!


the shirt is really how you styled it!

You look amazing!love the top and jacket!

Stunning outfit. Love the galaxy on peplum shirt!

love the new hair! change is good :)


you look amazing, the best outfit ever xD

I like this one

Мне безумно нравится твоя новая стрижка! Выглядишь ослепительно прекрасно!

Другие ваши образы были намного интереснее

amazing outfit and gorgeous pics! =)

You look amazing with or without long hair. Love the whole outfit and the bracelets.

Hair, your hair looks AMAZING!
Did great by having a haircut. The outfit is exquisite, peplum always gives a look an extra something.

Loving your blog. Now following! You have such a great eye…and a beautiful, angelic face!


Love it!Love it!Love it!Love it!Love it!Love it!

I’ve just recently discovered your blog. You are really an inspiration! <3

What an amazing outfit, looking pretty with your new haircut!

Such a nice Look! And your hair is amazing, is such a great change!


Love that peplum top with the pencil skirt! You’re looking gorgeous in every single image <3

gorgeous peplum with that print!!! I’m in love


Stunning, absolutely love the top!

Keep calm and carry lipstick.

this is f*cking amazing <3333

Ce haut est juste magnifique, j’ai toujours hésité à porter un haut imprimé “espace” mais là il me donne trop e,vie! ^^
Sinon, la nouvelle coupe de cheveux est très réussie! :)

you look a little pregnant. are you?

Love it! :) you always look so stunning. :)

Gian by Design

Ooh I love the galaxy print top! Your bag is also amazing. xx

Love the jacket!
You look so chic.



simply amazing, galaxy print and peplum i adore those two trends!

I love it! Classic, but some rebel at the same thing! So stylish*

love the peplum top.

where did u get it?

I don’t like this tights! At all! But the rest of the Outfit is very nice!

Ich liebe dein galaxy shirt!!! <3

You look amazing as usual!!
Greeting from India!!

I love your blog !!
Have a look to my blog <3

I love the “galaxy style”! you look amazing!


You are so incredibly beautiful!!!!

So gorgeous makeup and outfit1

Thanks for finally writing about >GALAXY ON PEPLUM SHIRT | Kayture <Liked it!