LET’S TALK BEAUTY Well most of my instagoodies post are actually about food, of course need to show the whole world you’re having a froyo for lunch isn’t it? That’s what picture sharing is made for hello. My goodies post, they are likely based on my recent purchases. Like a photo haul, instead of the usual youtube video hauls. I think it’s nice to show you guys in a creative way some of my big crushes of the month, it can be shoes, jewerly, clothing and so on… And in this particular post it is all about make-up products. Once in New York I wanted to head for a huge beauty, care and hair treatment quest. Trying to find the best products out there that I simply can’t even dream for in Switzerland (I keep hoping that one day we’ll have a sephora but you know what, better not. It’s safer for my wallet and mental state). So you know I just wanted to try out various products and prefered buying sample sizes instead of the regular ones just to try out the products and see if I enjoy them before actually spending a lot of money on something that might just stay in my bathroom without beeing used at all. 

So of course I went to Victoria’s Secret, bought a couple of sexy lipglosses, then had to track a couple of amazing hair care products I’ve been dying to try out such as the Surf spray by Bumble & Bumble and of course Moroccanoil which is one of my biggest crush and I think that I might buy the regular size as soon as I’m back in the US, or perhaps do they sell in Paris… Anyway, there are some of the best ones out there. Also I had the chance this month to receive a couple of amazing new products from some brands I am working with, such as the new Armani Maestro collection, the new Ambre Des Merveilles parfume by Hermès, the Amazingreen fragrance by Comme Des Garçons and finally the exclusice Womanity by Thierry Mugler perfume with leather extract it in for a very feminin and deep scent. So I hope you guys will enjoy this post, it should have been up on friday as usualy but the end of the week was crazy, but really fun. So I planned to catch up on sunday and here I am. 

Also a couple of exciting news for you guys. The winner of the Lizzy dress by Denise Focil giveaway is : Jade Sheldon who I think will please her husban in this gorgeous blue dress, congratulations! Thanks to everybody for taking part in the contest, wish I could have given out each one of you a dress. But then we’d be an army of Lizzy dresses and that wouldn’t be cool either you know what I mean.

Second of all, I am starting a new project on Twitter which is called Kayture’s Tip Of The Day, basically each day of the week you guys will be able to find on my twitter an advice, a little trick which I hope you’ll find usefull. It’s going to be tips on lifestyle, fashion, beauty or even travel or blogging. The hashtag will be #kaytips. Check out my twitter profile here and stay updated!


The new Hermès fragrance is warm, sensual and so femnin. I can’t wait to wear it during the cold autumn season to add a little bit of fire in the atmosphere. If you’re the kind of person who enjoyed amber and vanilla, this perfume is made for you. Not to mention the bottle which is so gorgeous and look great on my nightstand.
A couple of my favourite statement necklaces from Minusey and Rocks Paper Metal, colours, colours and colours again. It’s all about the details and it’s perfect for fashion week season.
Love this Rose Water toner from Santa Maria Novella, it’s the perfect beauty care product and I use twice a day : morning and evening after cleansing my face. Also absolutely adore this Bobbi Brown lip balm, it nourished the lips perfectly and leaves then sexy with a gorgeous pout.
Little self-gift I purchased in New York at Tory Burch that is perfect to keep the most precious jewerly during travelling.
The new special edition of Womanity by Thierry Mugler is fantastic, it is infused with leather extrat for a super warm and deep scent perfect for the autumn/winter season. Love the silver leather bag it comes in.
Had the chance to assist at a Birchbox sample party at the Chelsea Market while we were in New York for fashion week. It was the perfect occasion to try out the concept and of course discover new products.
The new Maestro collection by Giorgio Armani is more than gorgeous. The packaging is so modern and chic, love the smokey shade, it’s perfect to create a femme fatal look with a deep smokey eye and red lips. The new holiday palette is made of an illuminator, two eye shadows and a fabulous cherry coloured balm. Also love the matt lipgloss, instead of making the lips shine it makes them matt and plumpy.
The Bumble and Bumble surf spray is a gift from heaven, okay I might be exaggerating a little bit but this product is seriously amazing. Especially if you like kind of this Kate Moss like messy but chic hairstyle, then it’s the right product for you!
A bunch of new products from L’Occitane, balms, soaps and creams. All you need to get through the cold season without a scratch. Also these products serve a good cause since the money will go to an association which fights against blindness in third world countries. Always good when brands sell for a cause.
Malin + Goetz sample size products I got in New York as well,  just love to try out different products and those two are absolutely lovely. Really enjoyed the conditioner which smells so incredible, couldn’t even describe the fragrance. Just have to try it out.
The new Amazingreen scent by Comme Des Garçon, by the way for the those of you guys you have an instagram account you can take part in a contest by creating a picture which reminds you of the Amazingreen spirit, take a picture and use the hashtag #amazingreen in order to win your own bottle!
Mother and baby O.P.I bottle, love painting my nails red during autumn. Adds a litte touch of colour to any outfit.
The rest of my beauty haul with some of my biggest crushes, moroccainoil of course which is just a relieve for hair : it makes it look so glossy and perfect. The Per-Fékt skin primer is the ideal base to smooth skin and give it a gorgeous texture. Fresh’s pomegranate conditioner is really good too and finally Victoria’s Secret flavoured lip glosses, so delicous you just want to eat them.


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Beautiful Post ! ♥

love everything:)

Gorgeous Tory Burch case and nice cosmetics! :)

Amazing products,
you can find the moroccan oil also in Germany ;)

WOW – very beautiful goodies… especially the G. Armani collection looks really interesting… thanks for sharing…

New CHANEL giveaway: –> Great new products by CHANEL & Louboutin < --

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Bonjour Kayture,

J’adore votre blog , c’est selon mon avis l’un des meilleurs :)
dites moi pourriez vous me dire le nom de votre vernis opi que vous présentez ainsi que l’intitulé exact du produit moraccanoil.

Merci à vous et bonne continuation

Amazing goodies!!! Love the bag and the pretty necklace :D



uuuh really nice things!

I can just learn from you…Your make up is always amazing!

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Check out my blog :)

Amazing! Love everything! X

The Moroccanoil must be amazing. One day I’m gonna try it out aswell

Interesting post ! :-)

You have a good day,
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omg! these photos are great!

xoxo from rome

enjoy your new purchases:):) they seen so lovely!! quick question!! i love the bag on the post cover!! what is it? thanks in advance!

amazing pics, the goodies are awesome!

The surf spray is one of my absolute favorite go to hair care items!

love opi nail polish, great pics as usual :) which camera do you use?

love it love the necklace , nice pictures!

Amazing goodies Kristina!

The photos you post are gorgeous :)

i love the incredible small bag in the first pic


Your pictures are gorgeous! Were this taken by you or your boyfriend? Also, what camera and lenses do you/he use(s)?

Bonne idée les kaytips je voulais instaurer un concept comme celui-ci sur mon twitter aussi ! Mais je n’ai pas encore trouvé quoi
Que de belles choses
Bisous ! Bonne fashion week à Londres


MMMM… So interesting your new project on twitter super nice <3 !
A lot of kisses from Spain !

I love the jewerly!!! <3


Great pic’s (;

they are truly amazing’

/ Stephanie

Beautiful !

Love ur blog, Im officially ur newest follower!
Just added new post with pics from London Fashion Week! Pop in if u feel like it xxx

Beautiful goodies post,I love all the items you showed!!


Ahhh! So excited to have won the dress! Thank you, thank you!!!

And I absolutely love that you are going to start a tip of the day! I’ll be looking out for them.

You got some AMAZING products. I love trying out new products! Have fun with all of them!

soo many amazing thing and cosmetics! I’m jelaous of you :)

Your blog is a treasure for inspiration… everything is perfect like u

Kisses from Switzerland !

Your jewelry is so beautiful!
I would go crazy, if I had such a lot of beauty products. They all look so nice and stylish.
I wish you a great sunday evening.

I love the pictures x

love your pics!!! :D


I also love the Hermes perfume…it’s my go-to for the winter months.
And the Tory Burch jewelry case is simply perfect!
I love it.

i love the cute tory burch bag and the armani cosmetic :)

Love the lóccitane products and moroccanoil!

It’s great you are able to try all these products without always having to buy them, lucky you :)

I’m curious about the Hèrmes perfume
new outfit post

i love that little tory burch case,it’s perfect.


Such gorgeous pics and so many goodies!!!


I love the little purses :)

I love your pixie (pics according to me coz it’s sound better ahaah) haul then. You always got some pretty nice stuff so thanks for sharing.
Kiss Andie ;)

I totally love your goodies post, these things are so beautiful that I can admire them all the time :)

i am obsessed with that green bag.. what brand is it?.)

Thank you for your article.Really looking forward to read more. Keep writing.