Pictures by James Vyn

RUNNING JUST A LITTLE LATE I can’t believe that I still got so many pictures from the NYFW to show you guys, I mean it’s been a week now since I am back and days since the New York fashion week is over but since I got such a bad wi-fi connexion over there I couldn’t post during my stay, darn it. So here I am, article bombing you with pictures taken a little while ago. Hope you don’t mind… I know, I’m not an up-to-date girl… My bad, I’ll do better the next time. So meanwhile, let’s go with the pictures, and believe me, there’s a lot of them left. Oh yes there are, and I am so excited to show it all to you guys. The nyfw was a great experience and a part of the fact that I changed outfit at least 3 times a day (this might actually be the reason why I have so many outfit posts left) James and I really had the time to enjoy the city and do everything we needed to in just a couple of days. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay until the end, meaning the 13th of september since we had an exciting Armani presentation in Switzerland that we simply couldn’t miss. Already got the pictures and can’t wait to show them to you guys.

This was my last day at the Lincoln Center, I decided to go for a long bordeau skirt, a lace shirt and my beloved vintage Chanel bag. I realise now that this skirt makes me look like I am pregnant of a 8 months child, but it adds a little… originality to the look… I guess. I don’t want to sound cocky or anything but, holly smoke I find it always so difficult to choose the right outfit during fashion week. It’s not like going out with your friends or anything like that. You just know there’s going to be some heavy streetstyle photographers rush and that you gotta look flawless, or at least try to (good thing I had my 8 months child under the skirt to support me with all this pressure right, a.k.a froyo ovedose at the pinkberry). So I end up changing clothes a zillion of times and finaly go out pissed off cause running late with an outfit I am not 100% sure about. But the thing is : have to rock it anyway.  Fashion week delights… love them.


SKIRT : Romwe
BAG : Chanel
SHOES : Zara
LIPS : ”Diva” by M.A.C



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love your outfit, it’s really awesome! burgundy looks great on you.

you look stunning!! love the top!

so risque! you are so beautiful and wine red is a nice shade on you!

pandaphilia style

Its a really a fashion studio.. Nice post..

Amazing pictures and outfit. I really like your sunnies!

Gorgeous combination! love the lace top!
and lovely photos dear, specially the one with Chiara Ferragni, one of my favorite fashion bloggers.
I always look forward to more of your posts! also check out my new post:

i love your top, but that skirt makes you old, sry :(

Such a gorgeous and glamorous look! Love the bag and sunnies!

Lovely outfit and photos :)!
i love the skirt!


every photo is lovely I hope that I will be there next year!

Patricia Iacob

you look so chic! When did you purchase the lace shirt? Is it still available on h&m? xx

to be honest, i love the skirt, it creates a nice refreshing silhouette xx

You look fantastic!!! All the awesome fashion bloggers at one place. Thanks for sharing :D



Ce look est superbe. La dentelle va subliemement bien accompagnée de cette jupe bordeaux.

This is gorgeous, one of my favorites from you! The color of the skirt and the lace are amazing together x


always so beautiful and elegant! love your outfit! xo, Alma

I think you look great in that skirt! :) can’t wait for more pictures.


Awesome honey! I love this outfit


Such a glam-baroque look!

Love your black and burgundy combo !

Love the skirt, beautiful pictures!

I do not see any pregnant look effect. you are stunning as always!

You’re wonderful!
Kisses from Switzerland :)

The Celebrity Look

amazing skirt and perfect make-up!

Кристина этот наряд очень красив!

You don’t seem to be pregnant! You look gorgeous with this skirt because I think it highlight above your skin! You are really beautiful in the pictures and the skirt is simply amazing.
I love seeing you Chiara and you together, what a nice couple! (:

Have a nice day beauty,


That skirt is toooo awesome!!!!

Sooo gorgeous! Burgundy on you is perfect!!!
fashion – trends – DIYs

Gorgeous look!
You look so chic.



you really can’t look bad, it’s unfair :)

Your outfit is georgeous!
The shirt is such an eyecatcher!

The one who stand next to u, with the brown bag, she have a fashion blog?
thxx, and u look amazing:)

I’ve Had To Put ALL my Sandals Away Unfortunately But I Looove Your Skirt!

What a gorgeous look! Really loving your make up!

xx Olga
La Petite Olga

Beautifull photo’s! Love the red colour and your sunnies. In stead of wearing a skin coloured brah, I think I would like a black one a little bit more. But love the look!

Amazing look!! Love the lace top :)

Awesome combination! I love burgundy and black, it is such an elegant choice

You re stunning!!

love your outfit…amazing hon’!

You are fabulous! Beautiful outfit and photos!

You look like a doll! So cute!

Oh wie schön!!!!

love this look, beautiful colors combo! xoxo

Your skin is just porcelain.. :O!
I love the skirt, the colouuuuur <3

Great look! I love your makeup and this skirt is fabulous!

Shirt is beautiful! I love photo with Aimee :P

chiara and you <33

I just love your skirt, it’s beautiful!!

You look so amazing Kristina, like you always do!
I love the black lace shirt combined with the bordeau skirt, those colors match so well, and makes this outfit flawless!

No way you were looking amazing, what are you talking about of looking like a 8-month pregnant?? No no! I know it’s difficult to choose the right outfit, I’ve been in my city’s fashion week, and even if it’s not the same than NY one (ok, NY is NY) I wasn’t totally sure of my choices! :(
Keep showing pictures :)
Andrea in Fashion

What lipstick did you use in this post? I really love it!

I love yours and Aimee’s outfits!


I love the lace! Classic and gorgeous. xx

Love the skirt, and you looks stunning as usual.

The Beauty Maniac in Tokyo

Hi, Kritstina! As I saw you with this outfit on the streetstyle blogs, I was wowed. You look flawless. You are, in my eyes, much more fashionable than a lot of the blogger veterans ;) Stay so chic. It is the thing that sets you apart from the others.

Looking absolutely gorgeous in this color!!
I love this fall trend…the deep reds and burgundys…

the skirt is beautiful and i looove the bag!

great outfit! Boredeau is very in trend this season. kisses

You don’t look pregnant at all ;) And I love your photos with Aimee and Chiara! xx

I’m pretty sure i’ve seen this pics of you and Chiara somewhere else, it may have been on her blog. Anyway you look gorgeous. Bordeau is a color that fits you really nicely Kristina.

Kiss Andie ;)

You look like a supermodel!! :)


what a beautiful outfit, you look stunning!

Hayley xx

I love the colour combination and I am a bif fan of lace. No way you look like pregnant in that skirt :o

I think we have the same shoe size :D which do you have

Love the outfit – you look gorgeous! Great photos :)

B x

my new inspiration

You’re so beautiful! Love the shirt: i love the lace!


I think you look gorgeous! Not at all pregnant as you say! Bordeau and lace look great on you!

Wauw! The combi is stunning! Well done!

These photos are just absolutely stunning! And I’m in love with your whole outfit, amazing!!


Pregnant… as if!
You look simply divine.

The Lovelorn

Ce haut est très joli, et j’aime beaucoup les lunettes aussi :)


Great outfit you look awesome burgundy + black lace, looks very fall-ish love it!

You look absolutely amazing! I love that you didn’t go all funky and edgy just cause it’s fashion week. You stuck to your style and kept it classy and chic! My hero!!

You didn’t look pregnant at all, you’re stunning as always Kristina ! I just discover your blog for one month, and I can’t be bored by your style, your way of living and all your inspirations. I think you’re my favorite, yes, really. I wish you the best, and hope to see you in Paris for fashion week, who knows? xx

looking chic as always

You look amazing… love the lace top!


what cameda and lens do you use ?

Merveilleuses les photos honnêtement, de tous les blogs que je suis (et y en a une très longue liste) et même de tous les blogs que je connaisse (liste encore bien plus longue) tu as les meilleures photos vraiment au niveau de la qualité et de ta photogénie c’est incroyable. Un réel exemple pour les blogs suisses. Je ne sais pas si tu es déjà tombée sur le mien, encore très petit, ça m’étonnerait que tu y jettes un oeil mais on se sait jamais.

Bonne soirée, bisous


You two make a perfect combination of style and grace!

I love your style ! I follow you

me encanta…muy lindo outfit :)

Beautiful lace.

As much as I love your style. Saying that you look like 8 months pregnant reads nothing but teenage hormons to me. Especially since I have been pregnant. Honey, in the third trimester you’ll look at these pictures and wonder if you’ll ever look like that again.

With Chiara! You two.. gorgeous!