Pictures by James Vyn

BIG APPLE Well, being back in one of the most incredible city of all time was definitely something. James and I were more than excited to be in New York, hang around in the city, meet some friends and of course attend the fashion week and the various events organised next to it. We were stying right next to the Lincoln Center that way we were sure to be close to everything, the shows and the shops (and by the way a Pinkberry which is always a good thing, had the chance during this trip to try out my very first frozen yoghurt and I think a huge love story just began : so basically either I will try to open a FroYo shop here in Geneva or try to make my own home made one, though I am not so sure about this second option since somebody will die after trying it). The weather was incredible, I didn’t expect it to be so hot outsite. If only I knew… Would have had MUCH more place in my lagguages which were filled up with coats and boots. However those were quite usefull afterall, especially since people in the US are deeply in love with air conditioners, the result : I got sick after a dinner at a restaurant where I swear it was like 15 degree. 

One thing for sure, the street style photographers were very motivated this season, it was shooting non-stop. Before and after the show you could see common faces such as bloggers, celebrities or it-girls : a lot of inspiration around that is for sure and such good models for the pictures. I will show you a sneak peek of all that in my next posts of course. Here’s just a quick update with the first outfit I wore before going to change at my hotel room for the Hervé Léger fashion show, which was by the way absolutely divine. Since James and I were rushing from one place to another, trying to catch a cab, go to a meeting, or just walk around trying to find a shop/coffee I though it could be good to have two different pair of shoes with me. One for the walk : the Zara booties, and the other one for the pose : the Jimmy Choo Anouk (12cm, without platform it’s quite killing). Always very important to keep some flat shoes while out in NY, which could be carried by a dedicaded and loyal boyfriend (well I mean, boots don’t fit in a clutch right).


DRESS : Topshop
JACKET : Minusey
NECKLACE : Rocks Paper Metal
SHOES : Zara / Jimmy Choo
CLUTCH : Vintage



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Amazing pictures, looks like it was very windy that day! Nice to see you wearing boots :)

You look fantastic very chic and the dress is amazing, and love the pics of the City! have fun xx

Gorgeous as usual ! have fun !

i love the look!! the jacket is just perfect and its amazing in the combination with those wonderful angelic white dress!!

Great photos! I like your necklace and jacket very much :)

very cool and typical new york pics! great

Amazing photos, what a great chance to get to go to NY!
Love your jacket with the feminine dress x


nice! enjoy your stay in ny!

I love this pictures! You look stunning !

Love the outfit!! The jimmy choo’s are wonderful

I love the outfit with the boots!!! ;) the jacket and the clutch are awesome! xo, Alma

love frozen yogurts! These look extremly tasty! Also your look is incredible :)

You look lovely! The street style photographers on your photo work very hard! :D

Clever girl, walking around in the jimmy choos would have been a BAD idea!

Amazing pictures! Your new haircut looks beautiful. <3

must be tired from all the shooting~! but you look great :)

the STYLE Fringe BLOG

thats fantastic look,love your boots

wow great look. have am amazing time!

you look stunning! must have been an amazing experience!

Can you sell me that jacket? :) I am so in love with it. xx

Love love love your outfit and gorgeous photos as always (well I imagine it would be impossible to take a bad photo of you!). It must be very nice to have a boyfriend hold your spare shoes for you, and flat shoes are a definite must in NY! I am always making mine hold things also, although they are not too popular in the states I am thinking of buying him a “man-purse” he he he :-)


Stunning pictures!!! LOVE this outfit!! The dress is gorgeous!!!


you look great! I love the jacket.

So beautiful pictures !

You look amazing , love your outfit !!
Enjoy the fashion week.

Ocean Wind

super cool and super lovely at the same time!

Stylish outfit and the frozen yo looks really yummy :D



You’re gorgeous! I always look forward to seeing your looks on lookbook and your blpg. :) You always pull of the most simple outfits extremely stunningly! Very smart choice bringing along extra shoes — both look great with your outfit too.

Much love,
SYJ of Class Consumed

i love the jacket
this outfit is beautifuL!


beautiful as always! you guys are such a great team!

You look absolutely gorgeous ! Love your new hair !

I love your look, simple but great! This jacket is amazing!
And you look so wonderful on the second picture, may all time favorite :D

Love this look! xxx

je ne sais pas si tu es au courant mais il y a des froyos a Nyon près de Venezia (ça s’appelle “la yogurterie” je crois). Evidemment ça ne vaut pas ceux de Pinkberry au niveau du choix mais ils sont trèèès bons!

love it =) congrats

I would love to see same photos of the fashion shows!
Cosa mi metto???

Oh New York… Ca fait une semaine que je suis rentrée et la ville me manque !! Oui il fait chaud mais 20 degrés de moins dans les commerces et restaurants, de quoi tomber malade c’est clair ! Et j’adore ta robe et ta veste, et je préfère la tenue avec les boots, comme quoi :)
Et moi aussi je suis FAN des frozen yogourt !! Bien meilleur qu’une glace et bien moins calorique !! Bisous bisous


Wonderful photos! You look so pretty!

The Celebrity Look

my God! so happy for you and you look stunning!!!

You look gorgeous in the big apple! I looove pinkberry <3


Mon dieu New-York est de loin la ville la plus extraordinaire que je connaisse. On s’y sent tellement petit, il y a tellement de choses à faire, à voir, des expos à faire à Brooklyn et Tribeca, mais aussi Tellemet de shopping à Soho ! New-York n’a aucun équivalent !

Les photos prises par James sont vraiment superbes.
Tu as eu Bcp de chance ! Bonne continuation ma belle

everything about this look is perfect=)
looove the jacket and it looks great with the dress and the jewellery!!!!
best look=)

Amazing photos, you looked gorgeous as usual!

My Own Project

Hi Kristina,

Frozen yogurt is the best dessert; vaguely healthy and oh so delicious! Your Zara boots look just as good as your jimmy choos. :)

Love Joyce

Love the outfits! beautifull!

Love the chic and edgy feel.
You look amazing.



I love your shoes <3


I love your shoes and clutch! :)

You look lovely!

Looks like you had gread time in big apple! simply adore your blog.
best wishes

Love your photos ! Must feel strange being surrounded by so many photographers, although you are very very photogenic :)

I think it looks just as good with boots as with the heels, but it’s nice of james to carry them for you
new outfit post

Yur hair looks so much better now, it really suits you!

AWESOME! as always :-)

I love the outfit, everything looks so perfect together! <3

you look great! simple and chic. i like all the photographers snapping photos of you haha gorgeous model

pandaphilia style

Lovely pictures. You look great it that outfit whether with high heels or boots!



Amazing N.Y, icredible outfit(I love this dress), nice photos & pretty Kristina.

The photo of all the streetstyle bloggers snapping you is hilarious.

nice post, seems you had a nice time in NY, but why didn´t you stay til the end?

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I love that angel white dress on you…specially with the contrast of the jacket…really lovely

Great style… and awesome shots :D

Classy outfit!
Too bad the boots ruin it. :( Some glam flats would have kept the class while walking. Good thing you brought out the big guns with those heels!!(although the fit looked a bit sloppy in some of the pics)
First blog I look at in the morning.
You Are Perfect-Outfit gets an 8 1/2.

You look absolutely amazing!!! I have a very very similar jacket and now I’m thinking on wearing it with white, such a good choice! Anyway, I hope that you show us some pictures of the catwalks and the events you attended to :) xx
Andrea in Fashion

Nice outfit especially the jacket! The Froyo in USA is yummy! I love it lots! =D
Have a great stay there and also I can’t wait for more pictures from you =D

So gorgeous! Love the look & the new haircut is really beautiful :) James has done such a great job with these photos!

B x

WOW; WOW; WOW. nothing else to say….

You’re so amazing. And New York never, I mean NEVER, lets me down.

I love the mix of casuality and elegance on here :) greeat outfit! x

wow your outfit was absolutely beautiful and you’re gorgeous!


Потрясающе выглядишь!

I absolutely adore this outfit!!
I want this coat too badly :)


Beautiful pictures!!

no way!! im jealous!

This is PERFECT. C

You definitely have the most amazing photos on blog out of all fashion bloggers :D
I like your style too, it is simple but beautiful.

Absolutely in love with your blog and with your style. You’re amazing.
Lots of kisses from Spain!

GORGEOUS! So far these are my favorite! Compliments to James and hope you enjoyed your trip! ♥

Wow you look amazing, love your new haircut!

The third picture is soooooo awesome.
I put your blog on my blogroll page because I think your posts are incredible :) hope you like it.


this is so beautiful! :) love these pseudo-street style photos for nyc.
kw, Ladies in Navy

I love this look. I also love how the two different shoes give the look completely different vibes. Great photos!

Stunning! I simply love this jacket and your heels and booties are both great!

Rachel’s Lookbook

You look super super chic as usual!

You are so beautiful! I love your blazer!

This look is so beautiful.♥ I really love it.♥

Absolutely gorgeous dress and jewelry! The necklace is so glam!

Loved the dress and the necklace.

amazing photos!!! i love everything!!!

amazing look fabulous!

Beautiful photos :)
When i always see you in heels i wondering if you don’t changed it for a flats, because use heels all the day is so hard :S , now i know you secret :P


You look amazing, dear. So cool ^^

You’re always beautiful!
The outfit is so chic and casual at the same time! I loved!! And the pictures are amazing!

Kisses, Rebeca

so were you staying at the mandarin Oriental? or the trump? there are many hotels in the neighborhood! and when i go to nyc i always check the weather report, they have one 15 days in advance! you never know which weather you can get in nyc!

You are so beautiful!! I love your dress!!
Greetings from India

You’re the one who kook absolutely divine. I love your outfit both ways. Those Zara boots looks great with your topshop dresss.
Have fun at fashion week Kristina. Can’t wait to see more pictures.

Kiss Andie ;)

you look beautiful <3

Beautiful photos!

Fantastic first post from New York! Love it, love it, love it!!!!! <3


Beautiful outfit! Especially loving the jacket! :) Awesome photos!

You look stunning like always Kristina! Really love the atmosphere in the eight one counted from the bottom haha, shared it with my pinterest followers :) Would love to try that frozen yoghurt too! Please make sure they make them come to the whole of Europe :)

You look absolutely gorgeous in such a simple yet chic look!


Love your outfit! The jacket is so cool!

I love it so much, but I prefer the high heels on the outfit, but I know, it’s so bad walking all day with them :)

I want your jacket.

I love your jacket!!!
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Wow! the outfit!