Pictures by James Vyn

ONE DAY, TWO STOPS Well first of all, as I am posting these pictures something stroke me : James is getting better and better each day isn’t he? I mean, I remember when we started the blog and the pictures were just ”okay” but now I am so fascinated with his photography and his vision. It’s quite amazing, we  might just be walking in the street and he would go like ”STOP, the light is just perfeect” (such a photographer thing to say…). I am feeling just so gratefull for his amazing work, and we both are so incredibly glad that you folks seem to enjoy it too! A shoutout was indeed needed. You know guys, after a long moment of reflexion, I truly believe that a purpose of a blog is the evasion and the inspiration (because believe me, I have tried to analyse why blogs have become so big those past years for a while now, and well it’s like trying to analyse a joke : it ruins it). I am not trying to spread a message through my outfit pictures (if just be yourself and enjoy) but I am hoping to inspire you guys in a way or another and to make you travel through the pictures you see! That is also why I am so addicted to blogs, I read so many of them and keep going back all the time because it is a little escape to another world, an opened window to someone’s world which I believe is so fascinating. So blogging isn’t very… deep, if I may say so, well at least not in my perspective though there are of course various aspects which are so interesting to learn about. It is actually quite a simple concept but you know, sometimes it’s the most simple things that bring us the biggest pleasure and joy.

James and I have spent our friday at the Edelweiss showroom in Geneva, after a long drink with some lovely swiss bloggers, we had the chance to walk through the various floors of the Tiffany hotel and discover some amazing swiss designers. So as you might understand, there were no guest staying in the rooms which were used as a little shoowroom for each brand who presented their pieces. It was such a great opportunity for me since it is always quite difficult to discover swiss fashion labels : and I can tell you. I got some serious crushes. Especially on the brands Blackpool, Avinas and Bahina Jewels. I will make sure to talk to you about those a little more in some future articles. We had such a pleasure to attend this year’s Edelweiss showroom, it was a great experience. After that, we headed to the Open Fashion Night party in Lausanne, organised by the Open magasine, where we could enjoy a lovely evening with some friends. For the occasion I had to choose an outfit that would work for the day and the night, and let’s say that most of my outfits fit for both so it wasn’t very difficult. My tip however would be to take two pair of shoes with you if you want to switch quickly from a day to a night outfit, plus add a touch of bold lipstick for the party and you’re done. I have chosen a Three Floor white dress matched to a Minusey blazer and the killing detail : my new Lulu Frost Offshore necklace which I am so obcessed with. You guys must have been tired of seeing my Zara green statement necklace, well now I am going to stalk you with this one! I got it through Caratime, they have such amazing jewerly pieces,  this one clearly stood out to me and I couldn’t wait to wear it.



DRESS : Three Floor
BLAZER : Minusey
SHOES : Carmen Steffens
LIPS : M.A.C ”Diva”
RING : Aldo
BAG : Louis Vuitton




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How pretty is that necklace! great pictures :)


Maria Onorio

Oh amazing photos, he is truly amazing! Love your dress x



As for me, I am loving your statement ncklace’s outfits! You and James are both growing and evolving together, your photos look so much stronger and confident :)

The Pictures is amazing, so yes James is gettin’ better (;
but i think you should have some of the credit 2 !

/ Stephanie

Love your outfit, the bag is the perfect compliment!

The Purse Snatcher

great necklace :)

amazing outfit, honey!

love your lipcolor!

Gorgeous necklace and shoes! You look flawless like always!

You are absolutly perfect!

The jewelry are great I think that you will do a great post about them .

Patricia Iacob

The pictures are really amazing!! Love your outfit!!

xx Olga
La Petite Olga

loving that white and black look on you

You are so beautiful!
Love your Alma bag :)

So pretty, love your whole look, hair & makeup too!
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(\ /)
( . .)

Very beautiful photos and you are right – the pictures have a wonderful personal style… LIKE :) – have a great week!

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Vanessa –

Lovely black and white look. The necklace is really stunning <3



You look so classy ! Love your boots and purse !
XX Luba
Well Living Blog

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I love your necklace!!! It frames your face <3

Ciao Kristina, i tuoi autifit sono sempre meravigliosi molto chic e glamour, hai un fascino particolare che poche possiedono…! Ti seguo sempre…

love the first picture!


nice combination, and your photos? I think you can be proud of your photographer – beautiful photos!

Cette tenue te va à merveille et tes boots sont canons ! <3

Splendide !

The dress looks amazing on you and that LV is perfect!


Stunning photos!! This dress is gorgeous!! Great look!!


Epic necklace and beautiful necklace. Sophie x

I’m admireing James’s work for a while now. He’s good!
p.s. and you beautiful of course:)

I think with a muse and model like you, it’s not hard to take such amazing pictures!!

Great pics :)

WOW , amazing photos.

Love your dress !!!

Ocean Wind

Beautiful necklaces.
You look so chic! And I agree, James’ photography is so good.



You look so great!

so pretty =)
love that lipstick!

Wonerful style! :) I was just wondering which color your LV Alma is? Is it black or black/purple?

Love your dress and hairstyle! You are so beautiful!

Shoes are perfect!

Love your outfit! some of the pieces in the showroom are amazng.

you look so amazing as always! I really enjoyed reading what you wrote about blogs…and I agree with you! :) xx

you look stunning!!! love the necklace!!!

i love this all white outfit with the cool touch with the boots and gorgeous necklace! loving the showroom as well!

Great stylish look! Love your make-up, so pretty!!

-xoxo- lorena

Love your make up and your dress!!


maybe you don’t have perfect body but your face if just perfect! :)

i agree, James’ photos are so perfect!
love your dress

beautiful dress and photos! xoxo

You look like business lady! Stunning. ❤

Love the shoes and the necklace, really beautiful! :)

If I may ask, what are your favorite fashion blogs that you would recommend to your readers? :)

Such a lovely look,
I adore those shoes!

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GORGEOUS! I love the necklace, shoes and the bag!



lovely dress :)

É lindo seu sapato brasileiro Carmen Steffens ;)

XOXO do Brazil.


You are and look gorgeous!!

You eye makeup is even more amazing here than usual! x

Gorgeous pictures ! I loved the Edelweiss Showroom and am also happy to have discovered all these swiss brands !


You’re right! The photos are amazing! James is a very talented photographer you can do miracles together. The results are always breathtaking.
I think, once again, you look gorgeous in this outfit.

you look fabulous!

You are so glamorous and gorgeous!!


wow amazing outtfit!

you’re gorgeous!

Your skin is always so perfect!
You’re like a barbie :D
love your outfit!


looking fab! xoxo bravo a vous deux

Beautiful make up! You Look gorgeous! Love it! ^^

Such an elegant look.

i love this look!

I was at the showroom too ! I also felt in love with Blackpool’s collection ! Gorgeous !!

That Lulu Frost necklace is to die for gorgeous!

Jame’s photography has definitely grown, just like your blog has. It’s been great being able to follow you since the beginning.

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You are such a gorgeous lady! I’m in love with the outfit
Gorgeous pictures like always.

I love your Alma Bag!

gorgeous outfit you look stunning!

Hayley xx

Your look is awasome!

Love the necklace and the bag in particular.


It is wonderful
These are great pics…and the place is beautiful :-)

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I really love everything about this outfit. You look gorgeous as usual. And indeed James is a very talented photographer, of all the blogs I follow, I think your pictures are the most beautiful and professional.

J’habite à Genève et ça fait maintenant quelques mois que j’ai découvert ton blog. Je tenais à te dire que tu es réellement magnifique! Surtout, ça me fait plaisir de pouvoir lire le blog de quelqu’un qui est proche géographiquement =D
Est-ce que tu pourrais peut-être faire un article sur d’autres blogueuses suisses, pour que je puisse aller jeter un oeil sur leur blog?

Merci d’avance, et continue comme ça!

beaty heels!

Thanks so much for the blog.Really thank you! Fantastic.