Pictures by James Vyn

AU JARDIN DES TUILERIES On our last day in Paris I felt the need to wear something really special, feminin, delicate and yet original. I must admit that fashion week has got a very addictive and overwhelming rythm, even if everybody complains because let’s say that there’s no cab, not a second to eat or to even rest, and the feet hurt so bad… But there is such a magic floating around this whole atmosphere which I believe is unique. So yes, everybody might be tired but it happens twice a year and you better enjoy every single second of it which James and I absolutely did. It is amazing to see all these people in their gorgeous clothes, it isn’t only about the actual shows, it’s about the street shows : it’s like looking at a real runway while hanging out at Jardin des Tuileries. The spot where every fashionista meets.

 I didn’t take a lot of clothing with me to Paris, which I undeniably did for New York or Milan : my lagguages were so heavy, it was crazy. In Paris I took only the essential, my big crushes of the moment and this pink pastel dress is definitely among them. Dima Ayad’s dresses are unbelievably gorgeous, I wore one to New York Fashion Week as you might have seen it in my previous posts, and obviously decided to wear another one for Paris. She is an incredibly talented designer from Dubai, the land of dreams, and her dresses are so romantic, feminin, yet they have such a powerfull touch : very modern and chic. So guys, I have a really exciting announcement to make. You will be able to actually win a Dima Ayad dress from today on by taking part in this special giveaway! For a chance to win one of the dresses I wore to New York or Paris, it’s up to you, follow Dima Ayad on Instagram @dimaayad to find out which dresses I wore and comment below telling us which dress you’d like to win and why.

 So en résumé, all you have to do to win a Dima Ayad dress is :
 Follow Kayture on facebook and bloglovin 
Follow Dima Ayad on twitter, instagram (@dimaayad) and facebook
Comment bellow letting us know which dress between the New York or the Paris look you prefer and why with your e-mail address


DRESS : Dima Ayad
COAT : Zalando Collection
SHOES : Steve Madden
BAG : Chanel 



Add yours

I prefer the Paris look because it’s much more softer and feminine. Both are lovely, though!
hope I win!x


You look surreal and breathtaking!! Gorgeous dress!

I liked both dresses, but I think the blue one is more of my style right one! So, I picked the dress from New York :)

love what you’re wearing! so chic!

Thanks for giveaway!
I did all, except to follow Dima on Twitter and Instagram, cause i don’t use this two and don;t want to register.

I prefer the dress from New York, cause it fits my style and personality more and i adore it’s colour.

Great picture, It seems that you really had a great time in Paris during Fashion Week. I like this look more that the one that you had in NY because Dima Ayad’s Nude Feather Dress is delicate and fabulous.

Patricia Iacob

Both dresses are absolutely breathtaking, but I would have to say my heart is with the Paris look! The dress is elegant, feminine, delicate and has a touch of whimsy. I would love to wear it to celebrate my husband’s birthday at the end of November. I think his jaw would drop!

The dress is amazing! and you look gorgeous as always!

Beautiful set of images Kristina. It is also interesting to see photos of you being photographed!! As an artist, I find your work inspirational

Amazing giveaway! :) I would prefer your dress to Paris because it looks simple yet elegant with the pastel color <3 Also, the thin fabric elicited the femininity of the entire outfit, it's an eye-catching style <3


i love how you loosely you wore the jacket on top of that gorgeous dress!

beautiful dress!!

the pastel colours are perfect for you!

I like the Paris dress the most. The first time I see Kristina Bazan wear it,it’s amazing. And the important thing I like the Paris dress it’s because the colour is great for everyone’s skin tone. The New York is great too but i prefer the Paris one

Love the outfit! Looks absolutely great! SO stylish <3

I would like to win the Paris one, as it is really feminine, romantic and stylish. It would suit my personality and it is a type of dress that I usually wear (although this one is really unique).

I prefer the Paris dress, because it’s more feminine and that suits my style better!
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Adorable look. The pastel colors look great on you. Awesome giveaway <3



My fav is Paris dress as i really love nude colour!
My email is

Definitely the pink one, I have never seen such a beautiful dress. It perfectly fits with every type of skin either with pale skin or dark skin. When I saw your post from PFW I decided to find similar or the same dress as you wore. So my choice is the pink dress. XoXo BB

the second picture is amazing, love your make up and hair here :)

I do prefer the Paris one, because the colour suits me better. following everything requested.

I only like the facebook pages (’cause I don’t have bloglovin and twitter accounts).
I prefer the New York dress, more color, more flashy ! It’s perfect for the fashion week.

Beautiful pictures, you look amazing! ♥

Awesome giveaway ! Thanks for this !

XX Luba
Well Living Blog

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you are so beautiful! amazing dres and heels!

that looks fab!

xoxo from rome

Very beautiful photos – your outfit is gorgeous… and it looks like perfect weather for the day… have a great weekend…

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Vanessa –
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Dear Kristina, Dear Dima Ayad team,

I really appreciate the work you both do. You always look great, Kristina, especially as you wear such beautiful, highly detailed and individually manufactured clothes like the dresses from Dima Ayad. The rose-pink-pastell one from this post is simply a woman’s dream. This dress underlines soft, fragile, but still extravagant sexy side of a young fashionista. I love the application with feathers at the right shoulder and the hem made by transparent layers! That are little details which transform a simple dress to a very special garment.
Nevertheless I must admit that I prefer the blue-golden dress Kristina wore in New York. The shape is perfect as it does not seem to constrict the woman in it, but makes her look skinny and sexy. In fact this dress is made for sophisticated, self-confident females who have a intuitive sense for style. The combination of blue and gold fits perfectly to Kristina’s skin and blonde hair, so I am sure it suits me very well, too. If I were in a shop and see this garment I would defenetily try it on and consequently I would be more than grateful to win it as a giveaway. Thank you for such opportunities.

To sum up I could write so much more about these beautiful dresses, Kristina and Dima Ayad’s fashion, but I have to come to an end. I hope to convince you of my attraction for these special pieces.

Best regards,

PS: Unfortunately I do not have twitter or instragram, so I can not follow you both there. However like Kristina’s blog on facebook for a long time and look forward to news from Dima Ayad on facebook, too. Hope you account me that.

I prefer New York look, because the dress is so amazing and you won’t be definitely lost with them in the crowd. I love those metal accessories, they are giving to the outfit stunning look. The orange lipstick looks so good with the outfit together ♥
In the end i want to say, that your all outfits are great and EVERYTHING will look good on you + i love your deep eyes.

ps. sorry for the mistakes, my english is not that good.

With love, your biggest fan.

Oh I’d love to win the New York dress!
Love Lois xxx

hi what a great giveaway!
You look fabulous in Paris in this feather-light pastel dress from Dima. If i won, i would actually go for this dress as well.
I follow you on bloglovin.
My FB name Radmila Ustych, twitter @radmilamila. and i do not have instagram.

Love this dress! You look so beautiful in this pal pink ensemble!

soooo wunderschön bist du!! ♥ Voll der Star mit den ganzen Paparazzi undso :D :** Ich würde zu gerne in deiner Haut stecken :P

Girl, you are so beautiful! :)
I prefer NY dress because it is gorgeous, blue is my fav color and I’d love to wear it and style it with golden details like you did.
Already following and liked, just I don’t have instagram, hope it wont be a problem please!
email: melita.kresic(at)gmail(dot)com

This look is so pretty! love the feather details.

Love the one you wore in NYC! It’s colourful and the design is so modern!! The one you wear here is nice to but the other is really better!!
Fb name: stamina scarmoutsou
Twitter and instagram name: staminasproject

You looked gorgeous, Kristina! I actually was one of the many streetstyle photographers on some of the photos in this post ;p The dress is amazing!

Oh, the dress is so beautiful. You look amazing in it!

- Victoria

Both dresses are gorgeous but I would love to win the blue you wore to New York because, there is a lot going on there. The colour is striking and the prints gives it an extra edge.


Love the bag, the dress and the coat. The colors are soooo sweet!!!


You look so incredible, fresh and glamorous! I’m impressed.

I’d like to have a dress from NY, because of its gorgeous color which makes the dress to really stand out! I would catch every man’s eye with that dress! ;)
(I don’t have Instagram because of my oldschool phone..)

i think the paris dress is just… perfect! the color, the fabric, the feathers on the shoulder.. i love it!

IG: @zeulina
TWITTER: @valentina__z
FB: valentina zeuli


What a beautiful dress! I prefer this one because it’s much more elegant than the blue one and it’s suitable for pretty much any occasion.

jessy.pinky -at-

Malgré ta peau claire (je connais le “problème”) ces couleurs pastels te vont super bien, un très beau look romantique. Et cette robe est superbe ! Tu es belle


Such a beautiful dress + the coat !!

Love your amazing style !!

Ocean Wind

Can we still participate if we don’t have a twitter account?
You look stunning, btw

I love both of them but my fav is the one you wore in New York!


Fingers crossed

I want the pastel dress (Paris) because of its simple elegance, detailing and yet minimalistic look. Even so, there’s the promising designer behind it.

Definitely the one you wore to NY!
FB name: Patry Cervantes
twitter: @pappycs

I would like to enter that giveaway, please :) I think the both dresses are so beautiful. But I think I prefer that Paris dress! :)It is so amazing to have opportunity to get this dress and I’m sure if I’m lucky one and I win that dress, I will use it a lot :)

Enter me please!!! My FB name is Iria Pita Rodríguez and my nick on Twitter and Instagram is @pitindor. I love the Paris dress cause I love nude dresses and I love feathers :) My email address is

Thanks for the giveaway! ^^

What a lovely giveaway!!
I am following all the steps. I would choose the one from your NY look because blue is my favourite colour and also because I have a pair of shoes of the same colour, so they will combine perfectly.

Here I give you my email adress:

Thank you so much for this opportunity!
Also, I have to say that you look amazing in these pictures (as always) but this kind of colours look very nice on your skin.



You absolute stunner! you look incredible.

Hi Kristina !
Personnellement je préfère ce look car j’ai un peu de mal avec le bleu électrique !
Ce look dans les tons roses-pêche et nude est juste parfait ! Vraiment à la parisienne ! En plus le robe te va vraiment bien cette coupe te mets plus en valeur !
Tu as du faire grande sensation à Paris !
J’ai liker toutes les pages de Dama Ayad (les tiennes étant déjà liké) sous le nom de The Lady Jersey ou Mariion Bertorello.
Voici mon adresse mail :
J’espère te croiser au hasard un jour !
Des Bisous Lady

I like this dress better, i like the soft color & teh cut :)

I am in love with this dress, is perfect!
Thank you very much for this giveaway.
I prefer this dress (Paris look) because the color nude is one of my favorite colors and gives me sweetness, elegance, and simplicity. In addition, the shoulder feathers detail is beautiful. It is the perfect dress :)

thanks again :)

You look stunning Kristina, love the soft colors of your outfit! What kind of lipstick did you use? This rosé looks absolutely beautiful!

why do we have to follow dima ayad on instagram? i think that the no-iphone users should also be able to win something!

The Paris dress is my favorite one because of the feather

You look amazing, and with all those people taking pictures at you!! Looks crazy and awesome :)
Andrea in Fashion

Amazing outfit! The details are absolutely perfection.

The Purse Snatcher

I love the Dima Ayad dress you wore for Paris Fashion Week !
I mean the blue one is gorgeous too but this one is so special !
It’s femenine yet very elegant and sexy at the same time!
And i just think it has that little something special <3

love this outfit.. and you are stunning!! literally never have seen somebody that wears such a beautiful make up on a daily base!! :))) a biiig fan.
would be sooo excited if some of you would visit our blog:-) lots of love

Je préfère la robe de New York car je la trouve plus originale! La coupe est magnifique et le mariage du doré et du bleu électrique est parfait!
Celle de Paris est magnifique aussi mais peut-être un peu romantique à mon goût ^^ Mais tu es magnifique dans les deux!

hi Kristina you look amazing as always!
i would like to have the electric blue dress, it is so cute and so elegant at the same time and i think you could wear it in many cases!!! my case is a party for a wedding of an ex-boyfriend with another beautifull girl, so i want to go there an look as better as possible! unfortunatelly i can t afford buy a dress on my own (i am from Greece, and i imagine you know about our BAD economy). I have other dresses but i have wear them so many times :-( so i think this could be agreat opportunity for me…
thank you very much.

p.s. i m a big fun on bloglovin and i used to hype you all the time in

Pretty photos ! I’d love to go to paris for fashionweek next year, just to see all these stylish people on the streets
fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

I am loving the Paris Dima Ayad dress, it is absolutely gorgeous, romantic and so well executed and I would love to wear this dress to me and my boyfriend’s 2nd anniversary dinner in Milano :)

I liked the Paris dress more because it had a feminine and glamours side of it, and perfect to wear for my sister’s wedding! Thank you for the appurtonity xx

oh, the Paris dress most assuredly! its an absolute dream! I would feel like a pink Parisian macaroon in it! :)

I adore the dress from Paris due to wonderful combination of textiles with plumage. It looks really gently and nicely. Unbelievable dress!

I prefer the dress from Paris; it’s more feminine and the color suits me better

Paris dress ! it’s adorable

I love the blue dress from New York! The color is great and the dress is super eye catching!



Hey! I love the Pais dress!! I like it more than the NY dress because is more romantic and I love this kind of dresses! I’d love to win it!

If I could choose one of these dresses I would chose the one you wore in Paris because you look like an angel, and I wish I could fell like that once in my life…
With love

Both dresses are so lovely! But I prefer Paris look cause nude color is one of my favourites. ♥

Although the Paris Dima Ayad dress look is very give the sexy and feminine look and I really love it, the New York Dima Ayad dress is my favorite. It has the more modern feel to it with the metallic touch. Especially the fact that the blue looks so amazing on you. I must say this is the perfect dress and I really want it because honestly I don’t have a royal blue dress.

Wow. This is such a generous giveaway! I absolutely love this one, the Paris dress. The blue one is gorgeous as well but this one is more my style. I live in classic colors with special accents and I know I will get so much use out of this dress. I can already picture wearing it to holiday parties! You look gorgeous in all of these pictures dear!

Bonjour, Hello :)

Trying to my best to think out the box why i’d rather wear the pink Paris dress. So many girls want them but I’ll try my best to convince you. The pink one as already said is by far my favorite. It makes the color of every skin stunning and yet colorful. Also, please this feathers and the pale colour of the dress flatter every woman : it makes you feminine and feel like a princess walking down the streets of wherevever you are. Therefore, it softens every girl even on a bad day when you’re angy or do not wanna make any effort! This magic dress is the best option!
Moreover, the colour is perfect to stay with the spring tones even though winter is slowly but surely getting its way through.



I absolutely adore the dress you wore in Paris, it has that elegant touch that would make any woman feel beautiful in it. There’s not a single occasion I wouldn’t wear this dress to.

Anastasie R 13 October 2012 / Reply

Hello, Kristina!
I love your blog and your style, I am reading it really often – it inspires my and makes my smile because of big amount of beautiful things, places, dresses… And now I can win this marvelous dress! Of course, I really want it! I like both, but this, from Paris – is totally in my heart! I like this color – it’s really calm and beautiful, creamy.. And it is bright! Yeah, the colour is not electric, but it is shining! Dress is bright because of its gentleness and sensitivity. I like this dress so much you can not really imagine! So light, so adorable! You are beautiful and happy – dress is shining also!
I really want to be a winner, of course, I know, everyone wants, but… I hope, I’ll win this absolutely amazing dress from Dima Ayad!
I have followed Dima everywhere – he is truly amazing designer, I wish him lots of luck!

Love and kisses from me :)

The Paris dress is absolutely gorgeous but the NY dress is incredible too! I’m from Mexico and I’ll love to have any of both dresses from such and. Incredible designer as Dima Ayad. Thank you Kristina and Dima Ayad for making us happy (:

I prefer the electric blue one, even this one is gorgeous too! You look amazing.

post/while eating tangerines♥blog

Wonderfully well-chosen colours. I adore your shoes..

you are soooooo beautiful girl ! :)

Hey Kristina,

Both dresses are amazing but I prefer the dress you wore in Paris. It’s just so simple, yet so elegant and sophisticated. I love how delicate the fabrics are, but with a nice touch on the shoulder. I generally have a thing for one-shoulder dresses so this one I loved too! I love the feeling this dress gives, as it is very romantic and it’s simplicity allows you to transform this dress in many ways by using accessories. I loved the way you styled this dress, with those sweet pastel colours, creating a very romantic and sweet look, but I am sure that with the right accessories, you could easily make this dress look very bold, or even rocker-ish. The chiffon layer adds a nice detail to the dress as well, I love how it shows off a bit more of leg, while still being very classy. The shade of the nude colour is also perfect, very light, which would go perfectly with my skin tone (which is very similar to yours!). It would fit in so many occasions and that’s why this dress is my favorite.

xo Emily

I love the dress you wore in New York, the colours are just wonderful!

OOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhh….I am so so so inlove!! <3

The New York dress is amazing….so edgy….
the Paris dress is so romantic…& those feathers <3
difficult to chooce!!!
the blue I think….I <3 NY!!

Vasia Giannakoulia (facebook name)
vasia_gr (twitter account)

omg! so pretty! I absolutely love this coat!

gorgeous outfit, you look stunning! cant believe you met doina i love her, both of you are two of my favourite high fashion bloggers! And the pic of you and everyone you all look amazing your outfits are just to die for :O

Hayley xx

you just look amazing! ♥

I’ve included you in my blogging beauties collection on socialbliss!

Hello I am also a blogger from Nice, France
Follow back my Facebook page: , my blog and you can also find me on twitter @karinIED
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I absolutely love both of the dresses. I would wear the one from Paris Dima Ayad since it is my style and I would be thrilled to do so.


You look beautiful in this dress!

I love them both but I prefer the one you wore in Paris. I think it’s more suitable and not so striking. I also think this one is great for a night out or a romantic dinner. So in one word, PERFECT. ♡
Love, Elke (

Both dresses are beautiful, but I prefer the New York dress, because blue is my favorite color :)

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Paris, je t’aime :)
is such a feminine dress, and it suits you perfectly. i’d be so happy to have one as well :)

Hi dear!
My e-mail adress:
I prefer Paris Dress because it’s so girly and beautiful, I’d wear it for my b-day party or maybe new year’s night:)


I’m inlove with Paris dress! It’s color is so me, the dress is really elegant and perfect for many occasions:) Hope I will win it, because I live in Lithuania and there are no chances to get this amazing dress!

I like the Paris look better because it’s just so elegant and feminine and you look gorgeous!


Hello! I prefer the Parisian one.

nter me please
fb stefy
ste gfc abellaa
tw stefy
mail blogvin

Both dresses are stunning with different appeals. The dress you wear in Paris is my personal favorite simply because of what you stated before: the elegance, feminine aura, and soft look it gives off. The delicate color and feathered detail embody the grace and beauty of a woman. This dress is absolutely gorgeous, sophisticated, and chic all at once! Dima Ayad is so talented, I love her work you display! Goodluck to all others in the contest!
Megan Marie

Hi Kristina, my favorite is the electric dress you wore in NY, is perfect for me, love blue :D. I’ve done all the steps less instagram because I have’t account. I hope it’s not a problem to participate.
FB and Bloglovin: Ananda Rock
TW: @AnandaRock1

I love them both, but if I must decide i will go with the New York dress. I’ve been nude lover this season that i think all my new dresses are that color. This dress would be a good refreshment to my wardrobe.
FB:Dosta Radnjanska

I’m A Love Addict

The Paris dress is my favorite one because is so chic! *.*

GFC: floryfrancy
FB: Florinda Fraccalvieri
Twitter: PiccolaFlo_82

Bloglovin’/-mail: floryfrancy(at)inwind(dot)it

Finger crossed! ;)




They are both beautiful but I prefer the look of New York because I love the blue, I love every nuance, it makes me think of the sky, freedom, peace. Watching the blue sky, day and night, calm my mind from negative situations. But it also gives me the strength to fight life, full of obstacles and meanness. I love your outfit in New York after all, reflects my style. The loose hair that way are divine. You can feel the wind slipping behind the ears and scroll through your hair, light.

Thanks for this oppurtunity :)

My email address:

I love the Dima Ayad dress you wore for Paris Fashion Week
fb: Infinity Shp
twitter: @Gothicrise

i love the new york dima ayad dress!
i like you on fb and follow on bloglovin, same with dima ayad on facebook, twitter, and instagram
kw, kelseywilburn at gmail dot com
Ladies in Navy

you look amazing. could you please tell me which lipstick and eye shadow do you wear???

enter me and done all, i love the paris dima ayad dress cause is sò sweet and sensual
GFC: Helena
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Twitter: Helenalol1

I love both dress but as i have to choose between the two I believe my favorite is the blue and gold one from New York. I think the pattern is really unique and sophisticated and gives an edgy vibe to the look, the dress as a whole is incredible! Quite a showstopping outfit!
Keep going with all the good work btw, u rock my world ahahh :)

This dress is amazing and so hot *-* i love ittt
GFC: Cute Girl
Facebook: Sae Kurosawa
Twitter: Tifafd

Beautiful, as always! :)
I’d prefer the Paris dress because it’s so romantic and dreamy… I think a fairy would definitely wear it!
But at the same time I think that this dress would “rock” if worn with a pair of biker boots!

Thank you very much for this chance! Fingers crossed…
Martina Paravano (Milan, Italy)

Ich würde mich sooooo freuen, das Kleid zu gewinnen, dass du in Paris trugst!:) Ich liebe die Farbe von dem Kleid soooo sehr mit diesen wunderschönen Federn:) Meine E-Mail Adresse: :) <33333333 xXx

This light colors suit you perfectly! i think its really betty to take just the essential things with you an a trip, good job anyway :)

FB: Stella Incantevole
Tw: @Stellausit

I love DIMA AYAD ELECTRIC DRESS is more glam!
GFC simonagiveaway
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FB Simona Giveaway

Tu es superbe ! J’espère que la robe pourra m’aller aussi bien qu’as toi ! J’ai un préférence pour celle que NY.

Both looks are great! But I prefer the New York look, simply loved the beautiful blue colour.

I am loving the Paris dress, because it is soooo beautiful, classy, elegant, feminime!

I prefer this dress from Paris because it’s elegant and clean very candy ;)

All done! I love the Paris Dress, is so romanic and the colour so feminine and pure. Elegance is the right world :)

FB: Lucia Izzo

i think the paris dress is just.
GFC: s.brandolone
FB: sonia brandolone

i like both dresses! but i think i’m leaning more towards the paris look! it’s feminine and romantic! i love the color(so soft) and the soulder!

the paris look!!! please enter me!!!

gfc pippicoco
fb samantha dalmasso
twitter samanthadalmass
instagram samanthadalmasso

I prefer the Paris look because it’s much more softer and feminine.

GFC Francesca Scirpoli

Definitely the one from New York. It’s gorgeous!! I love the shape of it and the textile design

Paris fashion week is always so inspiring. You look charming in this dress!
Love from India

you look beautiful in this dress, but I have to choose the New York dress, energic and colorful!:)

Hello Kristina,
Ce petit message, non pour réellement commenter ta jolie tenue, mais plutôt pour t’afficher tout mon soutien. Je cherchais une tenue que tu avais posté il y a quelques temps et ai tapé ton nom sur google.

Il y a plusieurs forums qui parlent de toi, j’étais curieuse et suis donc allée voir celui de Caroline Daily (tu dois connaître je suppose).
Et là… effarement complet, entre les filles jalouses mais qui prétendent que “non, absolument pas”, celles qui n’aiment pas les blondes mais te suivent, celles qui critiquent tes jambes parce que tu n’es pas squelettique (et mon dieu, que ça fait du bien de voir une fille avec des jambes “normales”, ça nous dédramatise toutes !), celles qui se font passer pour d’anciennes copines de lycée en te traitant de prétentieuse, celles qui colportent que tu n’as pas d’amis parce que tu ne postes par leurs photos sur ton blog (le mot LOL s’applique plus que jamais là), etc… Bref, j’étais consternée.

Aimer ou non un look, OK mais critiquer pour critiquer, surtout un physique, je trouve ça tellement bas. Tu es SUBLIME. Et unique, comme chaque femme.

Nous n’avons que quelques années de différence mais moi aussi j’ai pu être critiquée car pas assez fine ou pas assez en forme, selon les moments.

Voilà, juste pour te dire, trace ta route, garde ton joli sourire et n’écoute pas les mauvaises langues. Tu es “aimée” et soutenue. Par moi et plein d’autres fidèles lectrices. Xx

All done!
I would like to win the Paris dress. The dress romantic


Great giveaway! *_*

Please enter me ^_^
The Paris dress is my favorite one because is very fashion!

GFC: Francesca
FB: Francesca Biondina
Email: redicoppe(at)inwind(dot)it

enter me please
gfc mbilla82
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bloglovin + mail

I prefer the dress from New York! It’s chic and vibrant! :) I like the design of the New York dress :)

woooowww love all of your outfits!! <3

Merci infiniment Allie, ton soutient me touche beaucoup :) plein de bisous

Hi. I would pick the Paris one, because of the feathers…!!! I love them.

I’d choose the New York dress, because of its vibrant color with that beautiful touch of gold:)

( i don’t have instagram:( but i did all the other entires, i hope i can enter this awesome giveaway:))

All done! I am in love with the dress you wore in Paris because its beautiful texture and colour reminds me of my childhood! Also it brings me a little bit of a paradise and Dubai so as i hadn`t the posibilities to travel much i thak myself only with some nice stuff from over countries!
My e-mail:

I prefer the dress you wore in Paris because it’s more feminine! It looks like a dream, it even reminds me of fairy tales :)

You look amazing!!!! PLEASE tell me your secret which eye shadow and lipstick do you use in this post? It looks georgeous!!!

i pick the New York one! Both have the wow effect but i think the blue one will fit me better and easier

i have done all except instagram cause i don’t have:(, hope it’s okay.

Name & fb: Nataya Anindira
twitter: @chachamisu

All done! :) I would choose the Paris dress, despite the fact that both dress are sublime!

I particulary adore the Paris one because of its wonderful texture and lightness. I am in love with this light pink, and those feather that gives the dress its beauty and unique touch. This dress makes every girl dream simply wearing it! In one world, the sweet reincarnated!

Thank you Dima Ayad !
my email:

i absolutely prefer the dress from the new york fashion week… when i first saw it on your post .. i really fell in love with it … i think the blue colour is amazing and with the gold pattern… its a breathtaking mix…the cut of the dress is also very nice .. with the accentuation at the waist… love it
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All done! :) I would choose the Paris dress, despite the fact that both dress are sublime!

I particulary adore the Paris one because of its wonderful texture and lightness. I am in love with this light pink, and those feather that gives the dress its beauty and unique touch. This dress makes every girl dream simply wearing it! In one world, the sweet reincarnated!

Thank you Dima Ayad !
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Charlotte Stevens-Desmazieres 14 October 2012 / Reply

I love the Paris dress! It is perfect! It is very feminine and it combines sexy and discretion. The feathers make the dress playful and the color makes it subtile! Oh I do love that dress :) (Oh and I’ve been to Dubai 3 weeks ago and after seeing this dress I really regret not trying on some of her dresses at s*uce!!)

i’ve never been to new york, but i’ve visited paris twice..i love paris and the style is so cute and chic and just adorable..but i imagine new york like a big city with loads of colors, types of people and so on..u can be whoever you wanna shopper, young buisness girl or punk girl from the street..u have so many choices..that’s why i would prefer NY dress..but if i wanna live somewhere, it’s paris!

done all
i choose new york dress for your original
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I am in love the nude dress!Just perfect!you look so beatiful in it!

You look amazing!!! Love the baggy!!


I like the New York! more my style :P

Amazing blog! I am glad I found it!

Love the Paris dress. It is very feminine and the colour is gorgeous.

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What a wonderfull giveaway!! I have done everything And I love the dress from paris!!

Diana Iancu 15 October 2012 / Reply

Hello Kristina

I prefer New York Dyma Ayad Electric Dress because I think it fits me very well.I am a blonde girl with big brown eyes and white skin, so i think it would look perfect on me.I also love those metalic-rock influences.If I will win this dress I will wear it to the FRESHMAN PROM which is in November.XOXO


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i adore the paris look!!! you’re so beautiful and chic!
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Les 2 sont très jolies, mais je préfère celle de New York. Premièrement je préfère la couleur, et en ce moment, j’ai un coup de coeur pour les imprimés.
Les photos sont magnifique.

xoxo Virginie

I definitely prefer the Paris look – it is so feminine,so delicate…just beautiful! And I think it would suit me far better than the still pretty,but edgier NY look :)
Ivana Nikolova

I prefer the Paris dress; it’s so feminine and the colour and the textiles used look just perfect!

I prefer the Paris look :)

I love your Blog Kristina, hope to see you in Lausanne :*

xoxo Mélanie

Both dresses are stunning but there’s just something about the Paris look that makes it breathtaking…the chiffon layers make the dress feminine, stylish and intriguing. The feathers is something I’d never get tired of!! I just love it and find it very versatile, suitable for multiple situations if matched with proper accessories. Awesome!!

I adore the Paris look! It is like a dream. I’ve been to Paris and it is my favorite city and this dress definitely represents it well. :) Thank you so much!!!

Thank you for this awesome giveaway!
Both dresses are breathtaking, but I prefer the dress from New York, because blue is my fav color, and it suits me better! :)
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paris look, all the way!!

I like the NY look better – the combo of royal blue with silver. I’m into this royal blue this fall/winter. The nude colour of the Paris dress doesn’t fit to my skin colour, unfortunately. I’d like to wear nude tones but well, you can’t wear everything.
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xo Julia Nellija

love the feather dress. It’s just more feminine.

I prefer the Paris look.. its one of the most beautiful soft shades of pink :) and I like pink very much, especially these soft shades.. and another thing, the feathers! I love feathers, and even those are added to this dress! :D looks awesome :)
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The Paris dress is dreamy as can be!

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I prefer…I think Paris look, even if they’re both really great, I feel Paris look is more fetching :P

I love and prefer the Paris look, because of the softness and elegance it has. Also I like the feathers at the shoulders which makes is special and outstanding. Combined with the timeless Chanel bag and the playful Zalando coat it creates a lovely outfit

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Liebe Grüße aus Bangkok <3

Paris dress. It is so cute. It is love from the first sight.

Thanks for the giveaway!you are amazing!i would prefer your dress to Paris because it looks simple yet elegant with the pastel color,too pretty!i hope to win!

Wow, the dress is stunning!

my favorite is new York look, i am more a rocker girl and this dress will make my wardrobe,it’s so perfect love the color and shape it screams ME !!

i hope to win the nude dress with feathers because…well, haven’t i said it all?
xxx nancy

Tu es tellement belle. Les photos sont superbes, bravo à James !

Pleins de bisous d’une fidèle lectrice Parisienne

Love the outfit, very parisian !
I hope i still have time for the giveaway : my favorite is Paris look, OMG that dress ! So catchy.

Thank you !

so beautifull:)


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