Pictures by James Vyn

DENTELLE AND LEATHER James and I realised a couple of days ago while in Milan that we have actually never did a shooting by night. And afterall, outfit of the day, outfit of the night… What is the big difference? It is even more interesting in my opinion since we don’t do that a lot. So, we didn’t stay that long Italy, as you might know we just went to the country of Pizza and Gelato for the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show but since we’re two little speedy gonzales trying to do as much as possible during our trips, we absolutely had to hang out in Milan until late at night. And it was great. We were just walking and admiring the gorgeous city embelished by all the bright lights. James and I have planned a little restaurant date at the Armani Nobu, one of my favourite restaurant, and I had to wear something romantic yet classy for the occasion. After a delicious dinner, we decided to improvise a little shooting session which I believe turned out quite well since it looks different from what you usually see on the blog. Makes me excited!

Hope you will enjoy those pictures, James and I really loved them and we tought that we might do this kind of shooting from time to time simply to show you guys some of my favourite outfits for a night out. We came back from Paris a couple of days ago and I can’t even tell you how happy I am to enjoy some time at home. The month of september has been really busy with a lot of exciting trips. I really enjoyed every bit of all the fashion weeks we attended but you know how good it is to also lay in bed, have a bowl of cereals and just enjoy your cozy pyjamas. I craved that for a while and now I am finally able to enjoy each second of it! More pictures from Paris will be coming soon and you can also expect a really interesting article on friday….

DRESS : Three Floor
BOOTS : Zara
JACKET : Minusey



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These photos look like they’re straight out of a magazine! You look stunning and that dress is beautiful!!

The Weekend Diary

Amazing, Beautiful and Lovely!
These photos are perfect!


Amazing, Beautiful and Lovely!
These photos are perfect.


So pretty! Gorgeous photos!
(\ /)
( . .)

These photos look amazing, love your dress x


Ohh gorgeous lace!
Check out how I wore my lace with bordeaux :)

gorgeous dress. i wish it was floor length because it’s so detailed and gorgeous. but beautiful nonetheless.
kw, Ladies in Navy


You look gorgeous!!!!

You look beautiful! And Milano is a beautiful city… perfect couple ;)
Hey, do you know what happened with the fashiolista contest of NY fashion week? I know it’s already over, but they never published the winners…


Fashion Illustration

Love this look, night shooting is completely different to day, but you and James definitely pulled it off!
Just wondering, what do you do with your clothes that you no longer wear or have gone out of fashion? would be awesome if you could answer it in one of your next posts! xx

You look amazing, very sophisticaded and also I love that to see some great fashion pictures taken at night xx!

You are amazing! *.*

good idea this night shooting! must have been a challenge because taking pictures at night is often tricky due to the light and the flash….
good work!




lovely dress. definitely loved the night photos – the lighting made the photos absolutely gorgeous!
looking beautiful as always~

everything is gorgeous here
your dress, those buildings.. perfect!

Wow! Love these Photos! And this dress… gergeous, my dear!

Wow I really like the pics at night. Stunning little black dress :D


You look reallly beautiful in that dress!

And yes! Do more night outfit pictures! :D


Beautiful dress !!! You look so cute !

Awesome lace dress! Amazing photos!


this look is so cool!

xoxo from rome

You are so beautiful! And photos are really amazing!
You are my inspiration)
Good luck to you!

you guys did an absolutely wonderful job with the nighttime photography, the photos came out gorgeous!!! did you use just one external flash??



You look amazing ! I am in love with your dress ! Stunning !

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Amazing shots!! You are so beautiful!!

Such gorgeous photos!

Amazing dress !!

Love the lace on the dress.

Ocean Wind

You look absolutley gorgeous! The dress is stunning and I adore your make-up! Really love the idea of a night-shooting :)


Amazing pics! And the dress looks stunning on you!

Oh my God! You look gorgeous!

Take a look if you want to! :)

Great shots, the buildings are amazing. Fantastic job, well done.

these are stunning shots and the dress is just gorgeous

Beautiful photos and the dress is absolutely stunning!

AMAZING pics, love the dress!!
I miss milano so much!=)

YES i would love to see more of these outfit of the night!
you look stunning Kristina! Seriously gorgeous

Lovely outfit! The pictures are really beautiful! :-) I love to follow your blog!

Hi kristina,

Your lace dress is so gorgeous, as are you! Milan by night looks simply breath-taking, but sometimes your own bed is the best place in the world.

Love Joyce

You are truly beautiful, I can’t get over how gorgeous this pictures are!

This looks so amazing, your dress is beautiful!

this is love♥blog

That dress is amazing! you look so beautiful!

Wow!Such a bautiful photos! Love this dress so much!

Beautiful shots! You look absolutely lovely.



i love this night shoot! your dress is gorgeous and i love how you grudged it up with a leather jacket and amazing boots!

Beautiful photos, I love the atmosphere… Milano is my next plan for travelling :)


Stunning!! you look gorgeous!!
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Thank you <3

lovely pictures :)

did you use a simple external flash to take them?

Great pics… you’re beautiful!

Wow, the dress is gorgeous!
The atmosphere in these pictures is just great :)

Photos are great! and your dress – the most beautiful I have ever seen :)

You are wonderful….i hìknow i write the same things….but you have a face of an angel:)
Kisses, Alina

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Beautiful shots, the night looks really magical. Beautifully assembled outfit as always.

You look great my dear, in the night light your color looks darker. What do you think about this color for your hair?

Patricia Iacob

just love the dress, awesome photos:)

These pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I love them. AND I’ve had my eye on that Three Floor dress for a while. Perfect post.

I’ve tried to do photos at night but it’s really hard to get the lighting right! What camera do you and James use?


OMG you look soooo pretty on these photos and your make up is amazing, i love this “nude-glow” :)

beautiful!!! you look gorgeous
kisses pretty

great photos!! you colored your hair!

Night time photos are perfect if you have a perfect camera for shooting.
These photos are beautiful.

Lovely dress! I really like the lighting in the shoot–makes the whole look even more romantic and elegant! Beautiful work! Xo

Nice but honey you can do it better!! :**

u look stunning:) but if i were you, I would change this boots. I’d wear something more delicate

have no words! beautiful!

you look much more older than you are :) That’s gorgeous dress!

awww, you look awesome :)


wooow ♥ so chick

Romantic photos :) you look amazing!


I looove your hairstyle!! How did you do it?

that dress is amazing, and your hair looks great, a pixie cut would really suit you :)


I am in love with these pictures Kristina! They almost look a bit futuristic with the light in the background from th street lamps and buildings. The dress/outfit is gorgeous too.
I love seeing the new things you and James try with photography!

You look absolutely gorgeous!!!! <3

You look just perfect! So chic!

You look absolutely great,love your hairdo!


Wow! Beautiful dress ! I love it! <3

Ahhw, nice outfit! I love it!
If you want, check out my blog, we can follow each other ^^

xoxo Effy
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Stunning photos! And your dress is so so amazing! X


I love your dress! You look stunning. xx

you’re so amazing on this photo, and your dress : arghhhhhh :)

These photos are just amazing! You look so fresh and pretty! <3

Thank you, very nice pictures, interesting article

You look AMAZING Kristina!

Classy outfits are especially good on you, with all your beatuy…

Since you’re from Switzerland and from that I know Switzerland speaks Deutsch, French and Italian in different regions (WOW) I wonder what language do you speak in your region? I speak Deutsch btw.. but I heard Swiss Deutsch is quite different.. ??

You look so pretty! Love the look…
Ally O

It’s amazing the photoshoot, you should do that kind more often, definitely :D
Andrea in Fashion

You look stunning! amazing dress.

really beautiful dress !~ love it ♥

I love these photos!!! You look gorgeous! Definitely do more night shoots please!


Love your hair like that, you look so chic!

you are fucking awesome :)

Amazing photos!
Your dress is so beautiful!!!


Just LOVE these pictures! Keep posting night shoots :)

Loved your dress and your jacket! The result of the night shoot is amazing. You should definitely do it again!

Nice post honey! Love these photos


Well both of your OOTD and OOTN are gorgeous. I love your outfit and your make up.
Thanks to James for those great pictures.

Kiss Andie ;)

What a beautiful dress! The lace is just gorgeous, and I love the leather jacket with it!


Nice shooting, the night is your accomplice. Congratulations to James for his work. The dress is chic and cool elegance to Switzerland.
I invite you to come and see my post on Black Fashion Week which was held this weekend in Paris on
Good tasting expensive urban warfare

stunning photography! awesome outfit, you look so beautiful in these photos!

Hayley xx

Thank you so so much guys!! So happy you liked it, James and I are thrilled and will do more of those next time :)

pretty look :)

Beautiful pictures! Your face is beautiful and so is your dress :)


how are you so perfect and pretty!? that dress suits you to a tee – a little tease and a lot of lace! you are just so gorgeous

pandaphilia fashion

Beautiful pictures, you look amazing!!

Absolutely stunning, love the dress (and backdrop)!

Keep calm and carry lipstick.

Lucky you to have such a great photographer =) Nice pictures in Milan.

Beautiful you… love the outfit and the photos

Oh my goodness, I love this! Stunning! I love your blog and I am now following!


wow you definitely look like a stunner in that dress! i want something just like it! I am loving how you changed it up by shooting at night! Way to keep your posts fresh and interesting.:) much love from california!

wow you look gorgeous! In love with your dress.

nude lipstick suits you SO SO much!

i love this post.
love your blog, just started following!
follow back?!
please & thank you :)
kristin noel

Great choice of dress-def screams romance and classy. It almost as if it was made for the night. You looked stunning.


These photos are absolutely stunning!
Adore the lace trims on the top half of your dress, its so beautiful!

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Bonsoir, je suis ton blog depuis longtemps mais je ne t’ai jamais laissé de message il me semble…
Seulement avec ces magnifiques photos je suis obligée!!!! Tu es sublime!
Tu te mets extremement bien en valeur, tes tenues et les décors sont toujours parfaits ! Et par dessus tout tes photos sont sublimes!
Bravo à toi et à ton photographe!

Ludivine P

Beautiful dress!!! It looks perfect on you. I love your make-up here too. Can you please share what brand/colour is the eye shadow and lipstick? Thanks so much!!! ;-)

Your hairstyle is awesome. Makes you look even prettier than you are already.

I love the night-shoot, definitely something different which you should do more often. That dress is so elegant! The photo’s are definitely astounding.

What kind of lighting did you use on this model? The pictures are amazing and she looks gorgeous!

I love your dress!
the pictures look like the perfect cinderella like magical night ;)

La dolce fashion vita

If I stand beside you, I might look like a rag with her Hatley pyjamas on. You look abolutely stunning!