Pictures by James Vyn

PARISIAN SUNSET Yes, we managed to do it… We missed the show I have been waiting for since the beginning of the month : Hermès. But you know, that’s what they say : the more you expect something, the more chances there are that it all gets messed up and turns wrong. Or maybe I just came up with this whole theory… Of course, James and I as we are : swiss folks, always on time and serious, we were so disappointed and couldn’t believe we have actually missed the Hermès show of only a couple of minutes. We arrived at Jeu de Paume as planned but the big problems are ; the taxis, the cars, the traffic jam. It is driving most of the people crazy over here and I can tell you, I have fallen in love with the Metro. It is the greatest thing men have ever invented. Sadly we thought taking a cab to go to the show would be much easier and faster but in fact, it wasn’t. So even if we missed Hermès, our beloved friend Yvonne invited us the next day to the Hermès showroom where we could see all the pieces from the show anyway which was absolutely fantastic. I will of course share it with you guys and I am sure you’ll love the new collection as much as I did. 

For the outfit of the day I have chosen a very feminin and chic look, inspired by Paris and especially my mood at the moment. I have been going crazy over this coat that I just got thanks to Zalando, it keeps me so warm and I believe it is so classy at the same time. Looks like the perfect boyfriend coat ever found. And yes, I am also fond of this gorgeous statement necklace from Zara, I think I wore it almost every single day. It just looks so bold and great with any outfit that I feel the need to actually wear it as much as possible. So after doing our pictures, James and I decided to go and cheer up. We went for a food marathon : first stop the Angelina to have one of their best hot chocolates. Then ”La Cure Gourmande” to grab my favourite cookies. We ended the day at hotel Costes where we enjoyed some delicious cocktails and had a lovely night.

DRESS : Omnitrade Fashion
COAT : Zalando Collection
CLUTCH : Vintage





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That coat is so elegant. Love the bright green statement necklace, very pretty!

You’re so beautiful! Amazing photos and colors!
Kisses from Minsk!

I am in love with what you’re wearing! so cute and chic!

Oh my, these photos are just beyond stunning! You look absolutely beautiful and that coat is so chic x
So sorry about Hermés, but lucky you to get to see the new collection.


Fabulous coat and dress, you look outstanding!!

Great photos! Love your coat and clutch!
(\ /)
( . .)

Absolutely stunning photographs! I was in Paris a few years ago for school, and your photos certainly made me feel that pain in my heart to go back and visit again soon!! Thanks for sharing! By the way- your bag…fabulous!
-Ashley Kdottie

I’m so sorry that you missed the Hermes show! That’s Murphy’s Law for you. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.
Oh well. That’s life though. You just have to deal with it and move on I guess.
I’m really glad that you got invited to the Hermes showroom! That way you at least got to see all the lovely pieces! I’m looking forward to seeing those pictures…I bet I’ll definitely want just about everything I see :D

You look stunning as always in these photos darling.
The coat you’re wearing is definitely the perfect boyfriend jacket! I love that smart gray tweed and the boxy, oversized fit. There’s something simple and undone in the best way about it. Paired with your gorgeous fringed white dress, there’s just the right amount of contrast in your outfit. The sweetness of your dress clashes with the sensibility and toughness of your jacket. On top of that, your accessories make things even better! That statement necklace adds a great pop of color and your heels are just edgy and classy and crazy cool!
Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! The camera definitely adores you <3

Even if your day didn’t start off so well, I’m glad you got to go a little crazy eating! Hot chocolate, cookies, and cocktails sounds pretty yummy to me :)
I hope you’re having a lovely week, Kristina!!


I can imagine it was a huge dissapointment missing the show.

Really like your coat, very chic
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I am always checkking your new pictures at Instagramm and if you have a new post on your website I am so happy, again and again and again.
You are so beautiful and I love your outfit and make up!

What gorgeous outfit! I love your elegant and classic style.
xo Andrea
Wonderful and Marvelous

amazing outfit. love the coat!

You look wonderful – your black/white coat is simply perfect… have a great day…

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love your coat.. and i want your boots!


Wow! You look so beautiful! Love your boots!

oh nooo…. always this traffic jams! but it’s great you got to see their showroom:)

So pretty. That coat is awesome :D


You look perfect like always, dear! <3
I hope one day to meet you in person! :))



The photos are so beautiful & your outfit too!

Totally in love with your look ! the coat is amazing !

XX Luba
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I know the feeling of the perfect boyfriend coat! It’s great! Well it’s great to see that you made the most out of a day that could have been full of disappointment. Beautiful as always!

Ohh nice look! I like your coat.

wow love these photos!

Like that look! Your necklace and also your make up amazing!!

Please visit my blog!

this look is so cool!

xoxo from rome

you look absolutely gorgeous!

love, selina

That oversized coat is amazing!! You always look beautiful in your photos!! James is a great photographer! :)


I love the coat!




Magnifique ! Vraiment, tu es superbe. J’adore


i am officially in love with your coat! may you lend it to me please? (:

Amazing outfit and photos. That coat is heaven!

This coat and necklace are amazing. Elegant simply look :)

You are looking awsome! You face is really beautiful :)

Nice outfit, love your makeup!

Love the coat !!

You look amazing !

Ocean Wind

One of my favorite outfits ever, brilllliant <3

magnifiques photos !

I hope you enjoyed Costes and their wonderful fragrances !!

Georgeous but I don´t really like the combination, I think that the white dress it´s more like for summer so I think that it does note really fit with the coat.Besides I hink that the boots are more like “rock” style. Apart from that you are georgeous, as always and I really like the hair style.
xxx A fan from Spain.

Love your coat!!!!

loving that loose fitting coat on you

Look at those paparazzi’s! Doing good girl :)



Why are you the most perfect women in the world? :S And the rest of women, what can we do :S

Beautiful look, simple and elegant :)

Lovely photos, you have the most impeccable style! Major crush on the bag and coat! xx

I really love these photos, it brings my memories grom Paris back and that´s always a good thing! :) The light in those pictures is icredibly beautiful….

You look beautiful! I love that coat honey


gorgeous photos, you look amazing! i love that jacket! I really want something like that but i have so many coats i dont really want to buy another one! lol

Hayley xx

love the coat! is it a little oversized by itself or are u wearing it in a bigger size than yours? Im thinking about getting it, it looks gorgeous on you!

Beautiful look!!

Wow! J’adore ce que tu portes, surtout le collier, un de mes coups de coeur!

Kristina, Would you be willing to do a new makeup tutorial on the fall trend with the wine/burgundy/oxblood lip look. Your makeup is flawless and I would love to see you take on this look with your skin tone……I dont know why you never became a professional model.

I love your outfit in general, especially your lipstick! Could you tell me what it’s called?

Coat and shoes ♥♥

So glad you at least got to see the collection even though you missed the show! The coat is so beautiful. x

Lovely pics!!!
I have the same bag of the La Cure Gourmand.. but, it’s now just an empty bag :(
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You look gorgeous Kristina!

I love love love that coat, so classy!!

I love the coat and your jewels – such a classis early Autumn look!

Stunning as always. I love that coat!

- Victoria

you’re living the life i’ve ever dreamt of.


It’s always a pleasure to look at your photographs! Your sense of style is just amazing!

You look like a doll!

As always you look absolutely stunning, I’m in love with your baggy, so chic and simple; classic!


wow love your jacket!

you look fabulous!!! I stop by at your blog as often as possible, you are a great inspiration! xx

Great outfit, very chic and soo pretty! I am in love with all the photos, they look like a dream for me, FLAWLESS xx!

Very beautiful outfit, i love your shoes!

You look like a doll :)

amazing coat, and you look amazing as always :)

Я влюбилась в это великолепное пальто! Выглядишь, как всегда, прекрасно! Это должно быть очень обидно, опоздать на показ из-за пробок на дорогах… Я уверена, в следующий раз вы обязательно приедете вовремя!;)

Wow you are so beautiful & I really like your pictures especially the quality. Now you have a new follower! XX L.

That is so beautiful! You are a gorgeous girl!

If you want to take a look at my blog, you are welcome to, it has a mention of you in it! :)

That’s why I got myself a Velib’ abonnement and was riding around the whole city from show to show with these bikes. Perfect! No traffic problems at all, and no Metro (because I hate it ^^) and it’s cheap and comfy anyways. The only thing is that’s a bit exhausting, but I got used to it after some days :)

LOVE this look, and I really love that necklace, it’s so beautiful!

looks like Schönbrunn in Vienna (Austria)!! cool! you look so pretty, but the coat is not your best pick, sry :(

You look very feminine and chic in this outfit! Too bad you lost the fashion show of Hermes.

Lovely jacket.

Great outfit. I love it.
Plus, you look stunning.

Kiss Andie ;)

love your coat <3

Love the necklace… is amazing!


Love the outfit, you always look stunning!


I love the jacket and I’m so jealous for where you are! :)

Beautiful boots, amazing!

Gorgeous!! Your style is so original! You’re so inspiring me ♥

You and your blog are both gorgeous! Can’t wait to see more to come.

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