Pictures by James Vyn

BOYFRIEND JEANS You might know if you have been reading the blog for a while now that I am not a huge fan of jeans (I really couldn’t explain why, it’s just that my heart belongs to skirts and dresses like some people’s heart belongs to cheese than chocolate, who knows why) but from time to time, and usually after seing a very inspirational picture, I decide to take my favourite boyfriend jeans out of the closet and dress up like I never usually do. And I love this feeling, it’s so different. It’s like, some people always wear jeans and it feels special to be wearing a skirt for example : you feel like a new person or like everybody is starring at you thinking : something is wrong with that girl’s outfit… It’s all in your head. So yeah, I basically had that feeling the other day while James and I were in Zürich for a couple of meetings. We began our day at the Schillers brasserie with the lovely designer from Avinas jewerly, then headed for a coffee at Metropol Café with the gorgeous Simone from Guerlain.

Though I still feel like jeans aren’t for me, I actually really enjoyed this outfit during the whole day. It felt really comfortable and perfect regarding the weather : it was indeed surprisingly hot in Switzerland! It’s absolutely insane, the other day we were down to 10 degrees and now it’s up to 25… Call it a weather swing! I love Zürich so bad, just love the atmosphere, the energy and I am thrilled to be coming more often. I will be back with James on wednesday for a very special event : the launch of my KAYTURE bag at Jelmoli from 6 to 10pm and I really hope to see you all guys there since it’s an open event, everybody can show up so bring your friends, your uncles and grand parents, dogs and so on (joking, don’t bring your uncle)! We are excited to meet and greet you! Also in a couple of days, more precisely on the 28th of october (just so you know… in case you’d like to send me some virtual flowers or something hehe ) it’s my birthday! I can’t believe I will be turning 19, argh. Well, there’s a lot of fun things planned for the upcoming weeks and I am looking forward to share it all with you guys.


BOOTS / HAT : Zara
JACKET : Minusey
TOP : Mango



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Love your look, great shoes!
(\ /)
( . .)

Love the fit of those jeans on you !!! And the first close up picture of you is absolutely stunning.. !!
PS. are you a cheese or chocolate girl?

You look just amazing! I love especially your jeans and shoes! x

Love the jeans on you my dear! They’re a wonderful change!

The Purse Snatcher 

You look so cool, love your outfit! Your outfits lately are a little tougher and it looks so good on you!

I am just the same when it comes to jeans, usually wear tight black ones instead because then it is similar to tights :)

Wonderful pictures!

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It is weird seeing you in jeans every now and then – but it’s a good thing! Change is interesting and you always pull off any outfit :) Love the jacket!


amazing pictures!

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you look gorgeous!! love your boots!

amazing hair adnd i love your shoes!

You look just as great in jeans as you do in dresses. ;) Love your hat!!
xo Andrea
Wonderful and Marvelous

lookin gorgeous !!!

you are spectacular baby


I like the outfit!

I am so not a jeans person either – totally with you on the skirts and dresses thing. That said it isn’t for lack of want! I can just never seem to find ones that fit me just right! This cut is awesome though, love it on you.

Very beautiful casual outfit… looks perfect and the food you select always yummy…!

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Vanessa –

Casual and pretty. The necklace is a stunner <3


love your outfit…and amazing necklace! xo, Alma

How nice to see you in something a little more casual clothes, that you can relate to in everyday life. Even if you do not like jeans, I think it looks really good on you!
and the jacket is really really beautiful, love the different design.

Love Stephanie

my godness! im speechless…youre perfect and thats all i can say. youre the most beautiful girl in the world! havent seen more beautiful one yet!…i mean, im jealous! :D

I always enjoy reading your post.
Beautiful pics and style

that is so cool!

xoxo from rome

PERFECT styling! i adore this kind of style and the shoes are amazing!

wow, can’t believe you are just 18 and have already accomplished so much, really amazing!
and you look fabulous in skirts AND jeans :)


this outfit looks so different. i see you’re not into jeans but i couldn’t life without them. it’s like you said, it’s all in your head, and i feel special when i’m wearing a dress or skirt :) completely understand your love to zurich, have you been to sprüngli??

Kristina, I like this street style on you so much. The leather jacket and that hat are my favourites on this look. Zurich is a nice city, its only 1,5 hours away from where I live at the lake constance area :-).

Have a lovely start in the week :-)

What a gorgeous look! Loving how you paired the boyfriend jeans!

xx Olga
La Petite Olga

love this outfit!

Cette tenue te vas a la perfection même si je te préfère en robe !
Tu sais ce que tu vas faire pour ton anniversaire ? Tu vas prendre les bottes Chanel ?
Des Bisous Lady

your necklace is awesome!!
I’ve seen you at Mode Suisse rushing out the door ;)


Beautiful pics.. you’re so beautiful!

Your photos are always so beautiful, these ones aren’t exception. Love your outfit!

Such a great outfit Kristina! You look good in jeans ;)

Great outfit ! It’s funny to see you this sporty, but the accesories make sure it still really fits your style
new outfit post

Wonderful look!
Kisses, Alina

Adrenalina Style blog

you look amazing!! love the jacket!!!

gorgeous as always, I know what you mean about jeans, I’m most defo a skirt/dress girl myself. Love you coat


So pretty! I absolutely love your jacket :)

Lots of love, Lisette


I really think jeans suit you well. In fact, I’ve never seen a post where something you wear does not suit you.


I must say it. For a very first time ur legs look very very good in a look, I mean because of jeans . Great :) Love your style xoxo

What a georgeous look! These jeans look great on you!

gorgeous photos and you styled those jeans like someone else would style a skirt so they look very dressy and pretty!
kw, Ladies in Navy

Lovely photos and outfit Kristina!

You look so amazing! I love the jeans!

Great photos! You’re stunning.

I’m in love with this outfit. Your boyfriend jeans are so cool and the boots with the hat are amazing. C

Love the pant! And your hair looks very pretty. xoxo


amazing outfit – amazing city :)

you look amazing in jeans and i love your hat!

LOVE the hat!


You are sooooo beautiful!!! AMAZING :)

I think you look great and absolutely stylish even in your bf jeans!

From the cap toes to the chained hat, love this look head to toe!

Le style Rock’n'Roll te va super bien :D

Stéphane Mirão

You look great!
And what a lovely photos!


love your style!

more than the bf jeans I like your jacket
btw Zurich is an ammzing city :)


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LOVE that outfit! Comfy, stylish and it makes me want to wear my hat again :)

OMG we are sooo excited to see you on wednesday in Zurich!! :-) your blog is soo amazing.. xx
and we would be so excited if you would visit our blog sometime lots of love

You really look like natural with jeans!!
They’re perfect on you

Tu es vraiment trop belle, c’est déprimant ;-p

gorgeous outfit you look stunning :)

Hayley xx

I think jeans really suit you, but yeah I now that feeling… haha..
Andrea in Fashion

you look great, love the hat and the color of your hair

i love this casual and chic outfit

Awesome jacket, love it!!

~~♥ ♥ ♥~~

Hi Kristina,

You inspire me to start my on business, thanks you so much. Stay beautiful and keep blogging sweetheart.

i love this look!

I completely understand: I almost always prefer wearing dresses. You totally rocked those jeans though!

PERFECT hairstyle darling and your look too!

you can pull anything off … seriously looking amazing in boyfriend jeans in this post! love it

J’adore le mélange de styles, et cette veste est superbe. Et ton maquillage moins chargé, ça change aussi, j’aime beaucoup :)


love your hair in these pics.


Murielle L 23 October 2012 / Reply

J’adore ce look! Il te va super bien! A quand les baskets? Bisous bisous =*

love this look so much

I’m always amazed by the photgraphy on your blog and this time I’m really stunned by the shoot with your legs and somebody elses legs in red trousers – caught brilliantly!
I’m happy to read that I’m not the only person with this strange ambiguous feeling towards jeans… ;-)


you look is chic!

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Hi Kristina!
I was so thrilled to meet you again (after the horrible American Airlines debacle in February…) and also get to take a picture with you :) You and James really inspire me.

Keep blogging, I love your posts anyway. I can’t believe you’re about my age you seem so mature!


These jeans are really nice. I love the turn up at the bottom. A perfect fit.

Kristina tu es tellement photogénique et superbe.

Great blog. I watch him. :)

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Woww awesome look Kay!