Pictures by James Vyn

GENEVA COLD I don’t know if you guys ever have this feeling before going out on a date or a meeting, like you just picked out the most awesome outfit ever, you’re absolutely proud : and then once you’re back home and you look at yourself again in the mirror you just realise ”what was I even thinking about?!”. The shoes absolutely don’t match, the hat looks ridiculous, bref a very bad fashion day. Well this is the feeling I had yesterday. And of course, I show you this outfit anyway because I am a highly honest person who shows it’s mistakes too : oh yes, yes I do (that might not be entirely true)… I thought overlaying jackets and coats and so on would look interesting, and warm by the way, but at the end I am not very satisfied with the result. It looks too big, though I must admit it was an extremely comfortable look. What do you think about this outfit guys? I want to know your opinion.

So James and I tried to do our best out of the pictures : it was a cold afternoon and I was happy to actually be wearing all those layers even if I really looked like a gigantic cupcake. You’re authorized to laugh at me of course. On a bright side, I was more than excited to wear my new Swarovski bangle which I received from the brand a couple of days ago, thanks again for this gorgeous gift. If you re following me on instagram (@kristina_bazan) then you must have already seen it. Anyway, you’ll find out some more about this very special bracelet in a future article. I just couldn’t wait to wear it and it seemed like it matched perfectly my camel shades outfit. James and I have spent the day with the lovely Rita&Zia girls at their concept store in Geneva, the only thing I can say is that you guys can expect some beautiful surprises.


BAG : Jelmoli shop
BOOTS : Fabi
BRACELET : Swarovksi



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You look absolutely great! The fur looks very cool in the outfit, what is it a scarf? Photos are stunning like always!

Love the layering!
Hat, fur and bag are fabulous accessories!

I need to find a beautiful hat like this one. Perfect outfit again. C

Such a pretty, feminent look! I love the coat.

You’re crazy. This outfit is stunning! All of the layers work incredibly well together and you look so polished. Just discovered your blog recently and love how you are not only beautiful, but also really down to earth as well. It’s refreshing. Also, kudos to James on the photography! xx


Great look, love those shoes!
(\ /)
( . .)

There´s absolutely nothing wrong with this outfit. You look pretty as usual. Love the bracelet <3


love the look! that bag is incredible!

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You look very chic! and the hat put the extra special in the outfit!

Your outfit looks great and the colors match to each other!

You look so glamorous with a dose of boho!

“gigantic cupacke! hahaha that the perfect word :D no, i like your outfit, but maybe i would have worn it without the fur vest. but it looks, as you said, really comfy :) looking forward for your article about your new bracelet. PS: i love that you are a highly honest person = very precious!

I think it looks very good, maybe the hat is too much :)

The outfit looks beautiful – and “not too much”… nice combination…!

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Vanessa –

Honestly you look older that you are I prefer another fresh look



Kristina you are too critical about your outfit – it looks absolutely stunning! You can do no fashion wrong in my eyes ;) Hope all went well with your bag launch yesterday!

Kristina sweetie why are you so hard with yourself?? This is such a lovely fall look, really refreshing layering!

Stunning ensemble… The accessories make it. X

Love, love, love this outfit! So chic! You look beautiful :)

I think you look fab as usual! :) Love the bracelet!

Very nice layering! I´m in love with your bracelet! xo, Alma

I absolutely know the feeling you described :D
But you looked great ;)
and aww these shoes are a dream!
Have a nice day,

I think you look great, the colors suit you really well!

For me you look perfect! I love your outfit!

The outfit isn’t that bad as you might think. Actually it looks quiet stylisch with the overlaying look, even though you really are wearing a lot of different Brown shades. ;-P What I really would have changed is the bag.

The combination of camel is great but I’d prefer without the hat though, it looks unflattering but other than it’s a really great look! :)

I’m in lvoe with your eye make up! It’s fantastic!

This is one lovely look… but I know that feeling, too.

Miri’s Castle

Tu es superbe comme d’habitude !
La manchette est vraiment trop belle !
J’espère que ta soirée d’hier s’est bien passée.
J’ai vu quelques photos il y avait l’air d’avoir de l’ambiance.
J’espère pouvoir venir à la prochaine.
Des Bisous Lady

Stunning outfit and photos as always! X


Stunning Make-up, love this bronze eye look!
Great photographs as always ;-}

Kelli xx

I don’t think this outfit is a mistake at all! I totaly love it! You look perfect in these colours, shoes are incredible, your face, hair, make up – perfect as usual!


Oh common!! not that bad! Still look better than 90 % of the people around you :-)

You could wear a paper bag and make it stylish, I have no doubt! You look great! Loving the bracelet – reminds me of Coco Chanel’s Verdura cuffs.

no, you look wonderful, dear!:) I have the same feeling sometimes when I publish my posts.. so, I can say it’s ok:)

I love this look!!!

that is so cool!

xoxo from rome

I know the feeling! Happens too often, ha.
however you are out of your mind, this look is so chic!


This is really an interesting mix of textures and shades. I absolutely love it!

You look fine, nothing wrong with ur outfit

I really dont agree with you! I do like your outfit very much!

Love those coluors !!
Beautiful outfit !

Ocean Wind

amazing outfit!
you’re so beautiful :)

The faux fur and the coat together are a little bit too much.. great outfit, though! It would have looked even better without one piece of those already mentioned, but you are still as fashionable as always. Keep up the good work and greetings from Romania! :D

i don’t bout the layering for you still look wonderful…but…I LOVE the bracelet!!!

The outfit is absoluetely amazing, so classy!
And how can your makeup be always so perfect? :)

love your outfit !

You make the other girls look awful! :`( Poor me, you are suuuuuper nice!

you look perfect as always! Love your blog :)


I’m the exact same way. Fashion is a risk, you gotta jump off the edge to set a trend ;)

The Purse Snatcher 

honestly, you look totally chic! loving this look and you’re so thin that you can pull off big on top with the tights and stiletto heels on bottom!
kw, Ladies in Navy

Those shoes are amazing! :) Honestly, it could have been better without the fur, or maybe with a fitted burgundy dress for less bulk. Anyway, it’s still cute!

I love the look, everything matches well:) don’t worry!

This is one of the most stunning outfits I have seen so incredible feminine and elegant! S xx

I absolutely love your bracelet, bag and shoes! ♥

Cute! Really like your bracelet


You definately don’t look like a gigantic cupcake in my opinion! I think you’re just as beautiful as always :) But I do think it would look better without the hat… loving the fur though!

you look amaziing!
Emma xx

So chic *_* love your style!


I’m not crazy about the bag, but apart from that I can’t say a negative word about this look.
When it’s cold there is nothing wrong with looking a bit bigger because of the layers, haha :)
new outfit post

Nice outfit !
Could you please tell us what eyeshadows and nailpolish did you use ? I really think this makeup is stunning !
Thank you for your answer.

Je pense que le problem venait du chapeau.. Le fait de mélanger la fourrure et l’imprimé peau de serpent était deja assez risqué alors le chapeau (meme si je le trouve vrm très beau!) en plus ca fait un peu “too much”.

Aww but I really liked your outfit! You don’t look at all like you described!

love everything!! especially textures;))

xoxo Iren
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Living In A Kitten’s World

The hat is gorgeous, I don’t know what you mean about an awful outfit. You look lovely.

What are you talking about? The outfit looks fine! Haha :)

I honestly can say I don’t hate the look. It’s not your best look yet, but it’s not terrible. And fashion is all about experimenting and taking risks. Sometimes it works and sometimes it, well, doesn’t.

I absolutely know this feeling;-) And to be honest I think it’s really a bit to much..not the combination of the colours and the fabric,which I think is great. But the fur under the coat is a bit too thick and the hat is in my opinion too much together with the trench. No hat and a fur scarf instead of a fur vest a it would look great. But nothing ventured nothing gained:-) Greetings

wow beautiful Girl!! Love your Pictures!!

xx Marina

Hi K.
THIS Outfit rocks!
You look amazing! and your eyes…i’m speachless!
The shoes totally match! no worries !

Love you!
xx another swiss fashionista ;-)

Well… Maybe you should have put the fut over the coat, but it’s not that bad !

What an amazing outfit! Love the bag as well x

Lubna |

I like the layering, although I think the bag doesn’t really match the rest of the outfit and you could’ve added more structure to the look, a belt or something similar. The fur and the snake print are a bit too much, take out the bag and I think it looks cute!

Real streer style

It really isn’t bad, I would just change the bag and remove the hat because it is too big :)

please where did you bought your hat ? :)

stunning look… naturally and special in the same way!love it! airia from wmw style

I love this outfit! It’s so editorial..
You might think it’s horrible but I think it’s one of your loveliest outfits :)


A part peut être les collants trop foncés, je la trouve très bien cette tenue :) et la deuxième photo est WAHOU


lovin the mix of brown color, you styled it great!

Looking gorgeous as always dear!<3


~Style Emphasis ♥…❤

Its such a fabolous outfit love the hat and the fur :)

GREAT FALL OUTFIT! Love all the layering and the hat is sooo chic.

I think you look fabulous in all of the pictures, and you look very stylish. Love that trench!


how i know these days:). but you’re look is really great apart from your hut.. i think it doesn’t fit to this outfit.

but like always i like you’re style!

Wunderschönes Outfit Kristina :)

Liebe Grüsse

I have to say your outfit is gorgeous, I don´t think it was a wrong choice! You look amazing mixing and overlaying, honestly. :)
Andrea in Fashion

Great outfit. the purse looks a little out of place, but apart from that everything is perfect.
Absolutely adore your blog btw

The outfit is perfect as always! Kisses from Hungary ❤

Very classy! Like it!

Pass by Some time

You’re crazy. I think you look absolutely stunning!! (and far from a big cupcake) Like your style. xx

Don’t worry, you look just fine! :D

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

The shades of beige and brown and the texture look super! and pretty nifty outfit for fall! :)

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I think the layering works and you look fabulous!!

♡ Jaslin from

Amazing look:)
Kisses, Alina

Adrenalina Style blog

Im a huge fun of the trench – coat you have!!!


Your makeup is always amazing!

gorgeous photos you look stunning!

Hayley xx

C’est bien rare qu’on ait droit à un “faux pas” et encore, c’est un TRES grand mot … le monde cruel de la mode ! <3

Фото просто шикарные!!)))))