Pictures by James Vyn

AT THE MANUFACTURE James and I were invited the other day with some other lovely swiss bloggers such as Sara, Soraya, Sandra and Florence to enjoy a whole day full of surprises and discoveries with Chopard whose head quarters are based in Geneva. Our planning, a visit of the Chopard manufactures and a lunch created by the famous chef Michel Roth, who by the way worked previously at the Rytz and possesses two Michelin stars, especially for the brand at his restaurent located at the president Wilson : the Bay View. The only thing I can say is that he got extremely creative with the menu and we are all thrilled to discover his culinary skills. Of course, I was more than excited to discover a little bit more about Chopard, it’s spirit and creations. In fact, I didn’t realise until I saw the manufature all the huge amount of work behind one simple piece of jewerly. All the time, the patience and dedication invested is absolutely incredible. We had the chance to enjoy a little tour with lovely guides who explained us some technical details in order to understand better the whole production process. Chopard have the chance to produce their own gold and it was more than fascinating to actually be able to see all the procedures required to melt it down and finally create a ring, a necklace, earrings or a bracelet. I was really impressed to see all the craftmanship and passion put into every single step of the production.

But I think, what caught my attention the most were the hands of the workers : you can see the scrupulous effort they put into each little piece. It’s quite amazing, not to mention that some very little jewerly pieces can take up to 40 hours to create. Do you guys think you’d have the patience to do something like this? I wonder if I could, I mean it requires such precision, concentration and patience : I am not sure if I could sit for hours and look through a huge amplifying glass. But once you see the result, I think you realise how precious your work is. So I definitely admire all of them who seem to put so much heart in their job, it’s fantastic! All of us also had the chance to discover Chopard’s latest Imperial Collection which is a little bit different in it’s design from what we can usually see, but so incredibly gorgeous and feminin. After the little tour of the head quarters, we all had the chance to sit down and relax around a luxurious lunch at the Bay View restaurant. I am getting hungry again as I am writing these words : the food was incredible. With amazing details that remininded us all the spirit of Chopard. The highlight of the meal? The first dessert which was a white chocolate ”ring” topped by a candy rose petal, the whole lot laying on a strawberry cake pillow. Can you imagine? Thanks again to Chopard for this wonderfull experience and I hope you guys will enjoy this article!

FAUX FUR COAT : Promode 
PANTS : Windsor Store
BAG : Zalando Collection
SCARF : E-vil




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The pictures are gorgeous and the jewellery is so pretty, love the details.

your style is amazing!!

STUNNING as always, keep it up! X


You look absolutely stunning! I like your jacket very much :)
Great photos!

Amazing pictures !! Love your coat !

XX Luba
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Wow so beautiful!!! Love your Photos!! Look every day on your blog!!
xx Marina

You look gorgeous! (as usual, though…):-)

love your look!!!!

amazing post! thank you for this Chopard presentation ♥
xoxo from

You look so lovely!

armi f.

beautiful outfit and love the jewelry pics!!! :) xo, Alma

Lovely look. Esp the faux fur jacket looks really posh. The jewelry looks so stunning <3


omg! it looks awesome!

xoxo from rome

Those foods look so good and beautiful!!

love it!! You and these photos!! im always in love with U in every new post!! :)

wow how fascinating!! didn’t know that they are able to produce their own gold! gorgeous! lovely post :)

I love Chopard! :-*
Your photos are always so amazing and the food, get him a huge appetite!

Must have been a super interesting experience, I also tend to forget all the work needed for one piece

The new collection is beautiful

cool outit, really like your coat
new outfit post

The boots are gorgeous! You look stunning as always.


What a great experience! Lucky you :-)

I love that purple ring you are wearing and those pieces are so pretty, I think I could sit and work for ages if there was no pressure to hurry and finish, if there was i would stuff up and ruin my piece :)

AMAZING Kristina!

Your fur is amazing! I am speechless!
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The purple ring is amazing!!!

Looks like so much fun + interesting! By the way, totally love your pictures! Looking stunning babe!
With Love,


WOW! You look so great, like a porcelan doll <3

you are always so beautiful!! like the fur :;)

Amazing pictures, you look absolutely stunning!!!

Me, My fashion and I

You look gorgeous and stunning!

If you have a minute check my fashion blog

thank you


The food looks absolutly delecious ! The dessert is indeed very special (I wouldn’t dare to eat it hehe). I also really like your outfit. You look great as always.

You look stunning and what an amazing event. Fascinating to see how they make jewelry and the food looks delicious! A real feast for the eye :)

too beautiful for this world! :)
really like your fur coat and your shoes, I’m in love with them. Furthermore what a beautiful jewelry .. xx L.

C’est un manteau Promode ? Je n’y aurai jamais pensé ! Tu es sublime en tout cas. Tes cheveux et ton maquillage sont toujours aussi parfaits. C

what a pretty coat
Kristina, you’re as always beautiful

you look beautiful! love Chopard, stunning photos and style xo

amazing jewells :) And I love your fur coat!

Gorgeous fur and shoes

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you look so pretty!! i loved the ring!!

Now im in love with you and with chopard! :)

Great great pictures! You look astonishing!

I really enjoyed the post! It is always so interesting to see the process form within!

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Thank you!

It really is amazing when you see all of the work that goes into expensive things. After that it’s so easy to justify buying them because you know of the impeccable craftsmanship! I hope you had a lovely time, I think it’s always great when you’re surrounded by fellow bloggers and delicious food. (It did look yummy).
You look gorgeous as always Kristina. I love the fur. It instantly makes everything more luxurious.

gorgeous outfit :-) what coulor and brand is your nail polish ? E.

Love your coat! :) Such beautiful jewelry, looks like a great time!

Such an exciting opportunity!

Lubna |

J’adore ! Superbe comme toujours


tolle bilder!

You look glamorous!!! Love the jewelry, so pretty.

~~♥ ♥ ♥~~

Beautiful outfit! I adore your coat.

The Purse Snatcher 

J’adore ta veste! J’en cherche justement une similaire :) puis elle est top associée à ce jean effet cuir.

cool outfit! :)

amazing pictures and you look so so beautiful again. i can’t stop looking at these pictures, perfect! <3

isn’t it boring beeing always stucked with your boyfriend?

Les genoux…

Hey there is my boyfriend in ur picture <3 the Guy doing the dogs So Nice to see him on ur blog thanks

Amazing as always! :)

The coat! and makeup”