Pictures by James Vyn

AT HOTEL EIGER If you guys are following Kayture for a couple of months now, then you might actually know that we have this very interesting project going on each month with weekend4two. Since James and I like to travel so much and share our experiences with you guys it was the perfect partnership possible actually and the most enriching way to discover some surprising destinations. Basically weekend4two is an online plateform where each of us can find a journey ”package” suitablle for various occasions and needs, you’ll have included in it a stay in a hotel with a restaurant and spa for example for a really interesting price. It’s the perfect lifestyle experience possible for an affordable price and some highly exclusive offers. So we showed you guys our city trip in Milan and in Davos yet this month we had the chance to experience a very traditional offer which brougth us in the swiss mountains and more precisely : Grindelwald.

We stayed at the lovely Eiger hotel, which is a very typical spot. Nothing too chic but stays in a very classical swiss style. In our package was included some pretty exciting things, our stay started with some welcome wine and meat fondue at their great restaurant located on the 1 floor. The meat was simply delicious and it was very relaxing to be able to talk around a nice drink and some incredible food. On the second day we had the chance to have a special appointement at the spa for a private whirpool time which was absolutely perfect : nothing is better that being cuddled in warm bubbles with mountains around. If you guys are craving a sweet escape with your beloved one, just to relax and enjoy some quality time then check out the Grindelwald offer on weekend4two’s website James and enjoyed experiencing!


BOOTS / BAG : Zalando Collection
BRACELETS : Backstage
RING : Avant Première


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love this outfit! :)

Beautiful pictures!

Stunning pictures always in your blog Kristina !! Love the bracelets !

XX Luba
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You look great! Love your shirt and skirt!

Lovely pictures <3

beautiful hotel, you’re so pretty <3

That would be the perfect getaway for this holidays. ANd that room… so cosy!

Awesome pics and lovely look. Esp the pretty sweater <3


love that outfit with that mustard sweater!!!! lovely! xo, Alma

Wow this is awesome! The hotel looks so exclusive!
I love your outfit especially your heels – you look so stunning!
My favorite blog at the moment :)

Amazing photos! You look so cute honey


Love it!! Simple, girly, chic!! Perfect!!

wow the hotel looks so nice!

Love your outfit ❤

gosh, this hotel looks so cute and comforting! i love that mustard color on you, you look fab!

cute look!
and the place is so breathtaking!

Great color of sweater :D I love this outfit!

Amazing mountains pictures! Your outfit is perfect like always is :)
wishes all best

You look so amazing !!!

Love the outfit , love the colors !!!

Oceanwind Blog

oh i love switzerland, so beautiful!! and a spa day is just perfect :)

Cute look! Love your skirt & the color of your top. So important to remember color this time of year.
♥ xoxo Cori

what a gorgeous place to be at! and i love the mustard top!

uau! loved it! I’ve been to Switzerland but only during summer, and I must admit I didn’t loved it (okay, I’m portuguese, we usually go to the beach). However, with the snow on the mountain top I can only say that it looks amazing, calm and quiet, pictoresque and welcoming.
I can always count with great pictures on this blog!

The colour of the jumper suits you so much, tbh what doesn’t suit you?!

What a great location! I love your outfit!

great pics, very nice and relaxed look!

Pictures look fantastic. Just pinned one of your pics.

u look so beautiful :3

you look good in that leather skirt!

Love this type of Skirt!!!

beautiful mustard and black combination! <3


love how effortlessly beautiful and gorgeous this outfit look. <3

and third picture omg

wow!! what a beautiful place!! love the mustard sweater!!

beautiful outfit, wow! especially that skirt is stunning!

lovely post!

Gorgeous scenery.
I adore your sweater!❤

The fabulous life! I envy you so much :)

Hello, i want your lifeee <3

oh myyyyy! love those!!! ♥

havent you lost some weight lately? you look just more gorgeous every time a see photos of yours! :)

Such a beautiful location! Love the color of the sweater on you!

You look amazing Kristina, like always! You are sooooo beautiful! I love your style, always so glamorous! <3 <3 <3 Kayture is defiantly one of my favorite blogs, cause it's so chic! <3 <3 <3

xoxo Julie

these pictures are lovely! I love how your locations are so very different :-) and this skirt is just beyond!
xx and lots of love

gorgeous! You look beautiful :)

So much beauty in one post! Outside pics are just awesome!

Beautiful! Looks like a great time!

Amazing photos! Love your outfit, and your sweater with the elbow patches.

omg! how great is your skirt! love it!

you are a couple with james, arent you? :) so happy for you! :D

you’re beautiful as always ^^

Gorgeous outfit! What a stunning place to visit! It looks beautiful :)

Hayley xx

amazing photos, amazing mountain, and you are amazing too!

this outfit is so amazing! i love everything you’re wearing.


love the outfit! :)

We love your photos here: shirt, jewellery, mountain view :) so great

I love your sweater!

Simply love it! Stunning backdrop WOW! Those are the mountains of fairy tales…

You are so effortlessly stylish – would love to take look through your closet! I was wondering what eyeshadow you use? It’s gorgeous x

Flawlessly sophisticated. This is lush!^^

just followed :)

you’re so lucky to get to do all these projects and all this traveling! your food posts always look so delicious, also enjoying pictures of the different places!

stunning photos !
the hotel looks lovely !

Elegantesque Blog

your skirt & jumper are so beautiful!!!! Love

xoxo Iren
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oh, you have so beautiful face

You look amazing!

You look amazing! I love to read your blog everyday!

i like to read ur blog~~
i come from Taiwan in Asia, located near China
hope u can go there to traveling~^^

So beautiful Kristina. Falling in love with your blog even more each day :) x

your are sooo beautiful!

What an amazing outfit! I absolutely love the mustard sweater & leather skirt!

Looks like such a luxurious hotel :)

Lubna |

oh wow how stunning!

thanks a lot babes!

I love your skirt ! And the shoes !
J’organise un concours pour les un an de mon blog ! Venez participer !!

Really like this casual outfit! I absolutely love the mustard sweater with the leather skirt. Bisous.

Definitely looks like a fun trip and cozy room too. The spa moments always intrigued me =)

you are sooo beautiful!!! <3
lovely blog.
i have to follow yooou <3333

cute outfit! I love the mustard sweater and the skirt is really cute


Love your look!

~~♥ ♥ ♥~~

cute blog! love the outfits! xx

Lovely pictures <3

The outfit is cute, I love the skirt!



It looks like such a nice weekend. The mountains, the spa, the food, the hotel, … everything looks great! Love your shirt and skirt :)


I really am in love with this outfit! Just great!




Gorgeous outfit! I love your blog; I’m a fashion writer and I have one too. I am also from Switzerland, but I live in America, so I love to see all the scenery in your pictures as well as your put-together outfits.

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Loved: the place, the sweater, and the heels. LOVE