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GETTING READY FOR THE NIGHT What I love the most about being a woman are all those little comforting yet so relaxing things to do while getting ready to go out. Like burning some sweet scented candles, doing the make-up, and the nails, and the hair… And you can do everything actually. Not that you can only do those things if you’re a girl but let’s say that James isn’t really into my whole ritual. He prefers to sleep while I’m pampering… During our journey in Mexico we had the chance to stay in a gorgeous hotel situated in the Polanco region called Las Alcobas. The interior of the place is beyond gorgeous, very modern and exclusive with a great light : James was happy like a clam for the pictures. We had in our room the most amazing bathroom, with a gigantic jaccuzi bathtub and a high-tech waterfall shower. The result was that I stayed litterally 2 hours in there, trying out the amazing body care samples, doing some scrubs and masks. I mean, there is simply nothing more relaxing than that and it’s the best way to feel full of energy for the night. 

As we were going out for drinks that night, I decided to wear my new dress from Alpinestars, a brand created by the talented Denise Focil. This dress is the perfect option, in my opinion, for the winter holidays : as a classy christmas look or simply for a date. It’s really elegant yet the silk skirt capture the light and looks incredibly shiny. I decided to combine it to some new earrings from Juicy Couture which I purchased at the mall on the same day and added a bright touch of burgundy lipstick to give the whole look a little touch of colour. I think at the end, this outfit turns out to be very femme fatale, yet quite romantic too. What’s yoFur opinion? 


EARRIGNS : Juicy Couture



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what a cool combo! i like the black lace with your skirt – it’s so silky it looks like a satin pillowcover! the gunmetal colour is lovely

pandaphilia fashion

Beautiful outfit and the pictures are amazing!

I adore your make up here! and loving the 5th photo you look so fresh and chic and also HAPPY!

Amazing pictures ! You look so classy !

XX Luba

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good morning! wow, stunning pics today! congrats <3


You are just too beautiful! Could you make a post where you take a picture of yourself without a makeup? I think some readers would love to see their fav blogger without makeup on and realize that nobody isn’t perfect and we all have something zips in our face. xx

Wow soo beatuiful!!!
xx Marina

your dress is gorgeous! especially the skirt, super fluid!

Fabulous, no words for the textures in the photo!! Really loving it!

I love this dress. Would you give it to me?

Stunning look. It´s really femme fatale style <3



You look lovely as ever. Muah

your elegance is killing me dear! You are really beautiful woman! Admire your big charisma ♥
kisses from

really, really stunnig fotos, and the last picture is absoluty lovely. just amazing kristina.

this dress is really pretty !! you look gorgeous as well ! love the red lipstick on you !

wow! i totally love it!

xoxo from rome

OMG!!!! You look stunning! Where can I get that dress!! I want it!

Great style!The dress is so beautiful!

I love your dress and you’re lovely as always!!!
Hope you had a good time!

Beautiful look, makeup and photos ! Just stunning !

xoxo from Japan

very, very beautiful. the red lipstick is perfect for this outfit. i really like the dress, will have to check it out :)

you´re such a beaut…really stunning dress

you are amazingly gorgeous! i love the pop of burgundy on your lips

Beautiful dress! I love the lace detailing.

The Purse Snatcher 

Kristina u r adorable! I love ur style! And u inspiring me every day! Asel

Always love your shots, you are one of the most elegant blogger:) xo

Stunning! :) Earrings are beautiful! :)

love ur lipstick colour! so stunning

So beautiful, You look gorgeous :)

WOW! Stunning photos and you look so so beautiful! xoxo


Kristina, I follow you now from (almost) the beginning and you’re getting more beautiful day after day! James is a very lucky guy!;):D but he know’s that I guess :D

Love, Farah

You’re so beautiful when you smile, I love the whole lace look <3.

beautiful ♥
not only the look but the pictures aswell!

You look amazing…!
I also love the ritual of getting ready and pampering myself, I find it so relaxing!

You are even prettier when you smile

that dress is truly gorgeous, it looks so silky and soft, wow!

Damn, you are the most perfect girl in the world! *_*

gorgeous! i love the light in the room and the pretty bedroom backdrop!
kw Ladies in Navy

You are so stunning I can’t get over it! Please please to a make up tutorial??

Amazing dress ! :D

So luxe Kristina, great look!

x Sparks In Spring

Great pictures! Your make up is adorable!

So theatrical and sexy, but chic at the time!!

I love your make up, it looks fantastic especially the lipstick, I like the color. Your blue eyes shine bright (like a diamond -haha) :)

you look amazing! Really , your life is like my dream life!

You look beautiful! Adore the earrings

Wow you look beautiful darling!

Amazing photos! Those earrings are beautiful. xx

- Victoria

soooooooooooooo pretty!

I love your dress and you are looking stunning! This is awesome!!

love that fifth photo!:)

wow amazing photos!

Gosh this pictures are so pure and beautiful… love them.
Andrea in Fashion

you pictures look always beautiful, but i am starting to get frustrated¨of all the photoshop. it like i am not reading a blog, but a magazine. can you be real – with lines on your face and stuff? for once, do a natural photoshoot and be the real you.

Amazing photos! And you’re gorgeous as always!

Très belle. J’aime beaucoup le top en dentelle qui se marie finalement bien avec le satin.

I love this shoot! Sometimes all a girl needs is to pamper herself, put of some gorgeous clothes and roll around in a perfectly fluffy white bed. I can never get over how airbrushed and flawless your skin is! Good genes, lucky you!
So pretty.
Love from America.

damn gorgeous! :) so beautiful but the mix of textures makes it unexpected too! :)

Beautiful dress !!

You look amazing , the photos are breathtaking!

Oceanwind Blog

I love your blog so much
i’m following you now

you look like Kimberly from girls aloud!!!!!!!! you look like her sister or something like that hahahaha

you look stunning as always!

Really love the vibe of this shoot :) look absolutely gorgeous!

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You’re so beautiful! I love that dress a lot too.


You look absolutely stunning in all of your pictures! :)

Absolutely Stunning !

You look gorgeous, I love these photos. xx

who does you make-up? So perfect!


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