Pictures by James Vyn

GREEN GARDEN On our second day in Mexico city, our only wish was to extend time and forget our total jet lag ( I was indeed kind of falling head in my cereal bowl in the morning). So we decided to keep our feet and minds busy by planning a huge day full of exciting activities with the lovely Wong sisters from the Pink Magnolia team who invited us on this journey. Our day started with a visit of their showroom in the center of the city. It was so great to see Paola’s backstage work, how she comes up with her creative ideas and also be able to touch her new SS13 collection which I saw during the fashion week. Though her previous collection was very lolita inspired, with a lot of heart shaped details and bright colours, this new collection is more mature and elegant with swarovski embelished garments which completely capture the light : reason why her collection has been called ”Baby Light My Fire”. We decided it was time to go as soon as my stomach started to make weird noises, the thing is that I am constantly hungry in the morning and I usually eat multiple small breakfasts before lunch time… Yes I know, it’s weird. So we decided to head over the center in order to find a nice spot to grab a snack. The girls brought me to a very cool mexican café called Cielito were they serve the most amazing Horchata, a drink made of rice milk an infused with cinnamon, simply delicious. Since we don’t have a froyo in Switzerland, or perhaps I am simply not aware that there is a good one, I thought it could be the perfect occasion to satisfy my sweet tooth by indulging at yogurt land. I swear, I was completely feeling like a little kid in a candy shop. Somebody should open a froyo bar in Geneva darn it.

Once our stomach was filled with good things, we headed straight to a very popular place situated in the center of Mexico city : the Bellas Artes palace. It was the occasion to fulfill our touristic needs and make a couple of really nice souvenir pictures. The sun was shining bright that day and you guys can’t even imagine how good it felt to be able to wear a simple shirt and skirt. I missed this so much! We hanged out by the Palace for a little while, simply enjoying the weather and the moment. Later that day we decided to go for a long and relaxing dinner at the Tori-Tori restaurant. It is considered as one of the best and most exclusive japanese restaurant in mexico city and has the speciality of mixing some mexican traditions with japanese cuisine. The architecture of the place is beyond amazing, this is what I call a purely unbelievable lifestyle experience. The entrance is actually hidden behind a little black door which you barely see from the street, however once entering you can discover a huge garden and an incredibly modern building. James and I have fallen in love with the tea room located on the second floor, I think I could be sitting there drinking tea all day long. You know guys, my stomach isn’t the toughest one so spicy food is good for one night but not two. On our first day I had the chance to enjoy some delicious mexican dishes which means a lot of chillies and spices! I really wanted to eat some comforting food and avoid over eating spicy cuisine. So yeah, perhaps it’s sad to eat japanese while in Mexico… but not if you’re in one the most hyped place of the city, and especially one where you can have mochis!

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SHIRT : Zara

BLAZER : Minusey

SKIRT : Virgos Lounge
SHOES : Kat Maconie
BAG : B-Low The Belt
BRACELET : Juicy Couture
RING : Avinas

- classic miso soup with tofu and vegetables -
- shrimp dumplings with a tuna bowl made of sashimi tuna cubes, avocado and rice -
- strawberry mochi -
DSC_6985 (2)


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I love your skirt, the details are so pretty!

Hi there – a big hello from Hong Kong!!!

I love your nails – may I know what color you are wearing?

looks like such a great experience! love your booties!

Stunning photos. I adore your heels. ❤

Those shoes are so amazing! I love how they have that 70′s vibe…
Beautiful pictures! Love your blog… ❤
Ally O

As always the best!

Great pictures (;
love your shoes, they are amazing!

your shoes <3 your skirt <33 amazing!

I love your skirt!!

honey these boots are really amazing!! The match with skirt is great – really good job (like usual:)) enjoy you trip!

You look so stunning and the shoes are breathtaking!
I love your pictures, wow!!

beautiful!!!!! love your skirt and shoes! xo, ALma

such a beautiful place and you amazing like always :)

Love the shoes & these photos are so amazing. The froyo makes me hungry though :(
I wish we had cool places like this in Perth.


You are so so beutiful:-) love the shoes:-)

this is so cool!

xoxo from rome

Love the look esp the skirt! xx


Lovely outfit, but i don’t really like the shoes!! Nice pics!!

wow the restaurant looks so nice. Love your skirt !
new outfit post

I love that skirt, its amazing :)

Ohlala tes talons Kat Maconie sont magnifiques! je veux les même… :-p

Beautiful look! It looks as if you had a wonderful day.

The Purse Snatcher 

This is on of my favourite outfits from you so far!! I’m totally IN LOVE with the skirt!!!!

You look perfect! Love your outfit

So ein hübsches Mädchen und so schöne Fotos!
LG, Louisa von

You look amazing! Love your shoes so much!

Beautiful photos!! I love your skirt and bag!!
I’m having my very first Giveaway on my blog! You can visit it if you wish here:

kisses from Greece!

crazy about that skirt!
kw, Ladies in Navy

Looks great there, and you look great love the shoes!!

-xoxo- lorena

I’ve never been to Mexico but I really would like to. Seems like a beautiful country !

great, great GREAT picutres!! love your golden bracelot with the rhinestone atached!

love the pics today, they are very communicative!!! Like to see also what you’re doing during the day.

OMG I’m in love with your heels – they are amazing! xx

- Victoria

Sorry for the shoes, but they are really not so nice … :(
Still, it should be a nice trip !!! Please more photos soon !!!
I hope too that the blog will be traduct in french some day, since you speak french as I saw on videos

I love ur skirt! You’re so cute, the shoes are amazing… And the pictures are so beautiful!
Have a good evening!

this skirt is soooo great <3

sweet! you look like an angel:)

Love this outfit so much! I really want those shoes, they are beautiful!

Hayley xx

Incredible place- and You look beautiful as always!

love the shoes!!! and also the skirt :)

u also were using the grey sweater or is another day?

wow amazing shoes and skirt! xx

The setting here is so gorgeous! It looks absolutely peaceful and calming. Also, miso soup and sushi are my favorite. You look lovely! Black+gold+white always looks chic.

Amazing photos! Love your booties. They are so special!

Les chaussures sont incroyables et s’accordent à merveille avec la tenue:)

Gorgeous outfit and wonderful pictures!!!!

Fenomenlapara la tendncia barroca

Besotes suiteros

That skirt is gorgeous and I love your shoes!


Love those pics! And those black heels.. Oh my god, pure perfection!

haha love the pic with the yogurt where you look so funny

Where can I get your lipstick?

Lovely post :), i hope you can return to Mexico city!


I love your skirt, it’s so pretty!

How nice that you visited Mexico. Did you like it???


love your skirt and shoes!

Chic!! I love those booties too.


u r soooo pretty!!!!

I love you shoes ,it’s amazing.:)

Your outfit is incredible! Love the shoes and skirt. And what an amazing opportunity!!

Lubna |

I love you shoes!it’s amazing…

I love you shoes!it’s amazing…

I love you shoes!it’s amazing…

I love you shoes!it’s amazing…

So pretty! What’s the camera you are using?

those heels are insane!

there is a frojo place in Zurich!

called Yoo Moo, is in Pelikanstrasse

If you can make such an ugly and dirty city as mexico city look beautiful, then you are a good photographer. Good job for you BF

Wow, perfect makeup and hair Kristina. Hope you enjoyed the ”cielito” yaourt!