Pictures by James Vyn

JEWELS HERE, JEWELS THERE When thinking about successfull international swiss designers or fashion personalities, not many names pop up in my head but I’ve been quite impressed by the incredible evolution of a jewerly designer and founder of Rita & Zia : Sandrine Barabinot. In just a couple of years, she got the respect of all the country and yet all women (and even men, please note that James is wearing himself a Rita & Zia bracelet!) are craving Rita & Zia jewels. How did she achieved all this success? Well… There’s no magic solution, all you need is a loads of motivation, dedication, passion and above all work. Not to mention that Sandrine always stayed humble, down to earth and came up with an absolutely awesome concept. Of course it was a big pleasure for me to meet her the other day at her concept store, and especially get to know her a little better. I was amazed to see that all of her team is made of young women, just a couple of years older than me : perhaps that’s the trick of her brand’s young and fresh vision? Anyway, she got it all right. And it is quite a family business, her kids themself are wearing her design and her son created the interior of her shop located in the Geneva’s old city which by the way looks totally stunning : very modern and polished.

Can you imagine that Sandrine created more than 30’000 different jewerly designs? So I was wondering, where does all this inspiration comes from after all. It seems like Sandrine is never in lack of it, she always comes up with new symbol ideas for her pearl bracelets, keeps an eye on the fashion trends and gets some ideas and creative inspiration out of her travels. Her favourite destination? Ile Maurice (no wonder why), she told me that she absolutely astonished to see during her trips women wearing her jewerly. As a swiss based brand, that’s quite an honour and I totally support the brand and love it’s spirit and concept. In my opinion, it is one of the leading swiss modern jewerly designer, of course we aren’t talking high luxury jewerly, but casual jewerly most of us can actually afford. And by the way, since jewerly isn’t enough : Sandrine released a couple of other pieces for her concept store in Geneva such as the bag you can see me wear in this post (yep, fell in love with it)… But there are also candles, home decoration, shirts, a parfume and many other treasures. I think, as a swiss blogger, there’s nothing more important for me than to bring my support to a local business who does such a great job! Therefore I am planning for next week a super exciting Rita & Zia giveaway for you guys (that way for those of you who’ve never had the possibility to try it out will finally be able to actually discover the brand) and a special voucher to get a 15% off your purchase at their store in Geneva if you are swiss based. How cool is that?


RING / BAG : Rita & Zia
SHIRT : Billabong
NECKLACE : Personal design

Which is your favourite bracelet stack, the green, the red or the neutral one? Leave your comment bellow and get ready for a little surprise next week!


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That jacket is amazing! Love the textile and the leather sleeves. Gorgeous!

Wow the jacket you are wearing is amazing, Im in love with the colour and style.

Love the purple, great look!
(\ /)
( . .)

I love your look, all your looks, and accessories are amazing, very combinable.

Gorgeous! I’m going to have to say red: so bold and beautiful.

That blazer is beautiful!! I love the rich red color!

And the jewelry is so pretty.

I especially love the combination of the green colored bracelets with the golden charms so I guess that would be my favorite :-)

love the green one :)

Amazing photos, I love your jacket x


Oh I did not know this jewelry brand , but the items I see here are stunning ! Thank you so much for sharing ! Btw you look gorgeous !

XX Luba

Well Living Blog

love this outfit, simple and beautiful!!

That is a beautiful bag!!!! The color is so deep and rich! Looks pretty on you as always! :)

I think the green bracelet is fab! And the skull is so cool!


the red one,always red ! (:
very nice post! I enjoyed reading a lot!

I love your blog! and fantastic photos!

the green one looks festive!but the neutral stacks also looks fab!

oh btw i love the ring that your wearing..
thanks for checking out my blog, i was ecstatic when i saw your url in my pageviews…:D


Very nice outfit and pictures and the jewelry looks very nice… great bracelets…

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Vanessa –

Lovely and classy look. The beacelets are awesome. Love them all. If I had to pick I´d choose the green stack <3


Gorgeous look!! And the ring is stunning!

xx Olga
La Petite Olga

Ohhh I like!!! Do they have a store location in Luzern??? xoxo!

My favorite one is the red one, for the Chinese, red is the color that averts evil, so it must be red. :)

i’ve got to love you…:)

you look awesome! and love the jewelry featured here! xo, Alma

….mir gefällt das grüne am besten, weil es einfach eine tolle farbe hat.
liebe grüsse und du hast einen wirklich tollen blog!

burgundy is such a your colour!
xoxo from

you look amazing !
ilove your jacket and bag !

Marcelka Fashion


Crazy about this outfit ! I’m a burgundy addict at the moment aswell

cool bag, didn’t know she sold those aswell
new outfit post

Such a beautiful outfit !! ;-))


My favourite bracelet is the red ! ♥

You look great in burgundy! And this store is awesome! :) Love it!

Hi Kristina! I looove so much your outfit <3 the blazer is so cool… about bracelet stack, the neutral one is my favourite :) kisses

My favorite is green for sure :)

All of them, but the most the green and the neutral one!!! :) <3

love your jacket!

I adore your outfit! And you look breathtaking as always. I really like the red Rita & Zia bracelet stack, it looks modern and chic! Sandrine’s designs are amazing, I’m gonna make sure I visit the store next time I come in Switzerland.

The green one and also the neutral one is defenitley one of my favorites! Would like to have one…:)

I love these bracelet stacks. Hard to decide which is my favourite as they are all beautiful! Think it would have to be the neutral?

You are amazing, the bracelets are beautiful, I like neutral one the most!

Ana Deković

I like the green one best its sooo beautiful! Thank you for this interesting article, I really like such unique designers :)

Love this brand !
The neutral one is my favorite !

Oehh, I love the blazer!

I love the ring !! and the large cuffs !
super cute store!

great blog :)

Love your jacket!
I love the green ones :)

love the green one, the skull is cute :)

the red one :)

The green one! I told you via Instagram but it doesn’t matter ahaha.
You look very beautiful with burgundy colour!! And the jacket is amazing…!

Can’t wait for the surprise!



The red one <3 You’re amazing!

I’m glad you made me discover that brand ! Those Jewels are amazing !
My favourite is the green one

I adore your blog and especially your style :*

I like the green bracelet :)
The pictures in this post are stunning Kristina :) I spotted a gold skull cuff, and I am in love. Love your rings too :)

I am so in love with your blazer!
My favourite is the green :)

I love the green one ! with the fatma hand, the lucky four leave clover and the skull it’s the perfect eclectic accessory ! The combination of the colors makes the skin look so beautiful..

Your such a beauteee!!!

New outfit post ; light it up

the green is just magical and mesmerizing :)

Burgundy is a beautiful color and it suits you well! Looking good :)

great photos!! love your coat and the jewels are super nice!

love the outfit!

Magnifique ! J’adore cet article !!


Im so in love with all about you <3

The neutral ones are amazinggggg !
I really love the buddha pendant dangling from the bracelet above, wish I could have one :(

Could u please open the giveaway to your fans worldwide, pleaseeeeee xoxo

Absolutely beautiful jacket and jewelry!

i have never heard of this brand before and i am glad that you mentioned it … beautiful pieces… about the bracelets on the last pic… i prefer the white one… white goes with everything and for any occasion.. :) also like your bag… need to check the website immediately :)

It’s great that you are supporting the Swiss brands! And this one has beautiful pieces, the way you are carrying and those beautiful bracelets… :)
Andrea in Fashion

I love the bracelet where the colors blend and merge with each other, so I usually just right color bracelets: white – green, but slightly rosy salmon and they are very cool :)

You wear burgundy so well!
I love discovering new brands like this one through your blog!

And I really like the red bracelet set, even though all of them are so pretty.


I love the red one! It’s really pretty.

Fabulous photos! Love your makeup and jacket!

Love your outfit!
My favourite is the green one :)


beautiful fall look and photos! xo

Beautiful! Like always :3 I love your clothes and your lipstick. ‘Diva’ by M·A·C? :-) I also love the bracelets. I think my favorite is the neutral one :-D

Kisses from Spain.

i love your lipstick! which is? you look wonderful. xx

My favourite bracelet strack is the green one.

P.S. : I really love your outfit and your hair:)

J’aime PASSIONEMENT l’ensemble de bracelets neutre !

I really love your jacket, the colour really suits you !

ps. I like the green bracelet :)

J’aime PASSIONÉMENT l’ensemble de bracelets neutre !

perfect as always! :)

Your outfit is just perfect!!!!!!!

xoxo Iren
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The accessories are beautiful, well done to her :) Sophie x

The Green One is great!

I was hoping the giveaway would feature a bag :(
Anyways, great outfit! The brand is fantastic x

Lubna |

definitely the green!<3

Love the photos! the jacket is amazing!

The red one is gorgeous!

You look really great!

why are you so beautiful?:(( wow! ;)
Emma xx

Great photos! Congratulations for that!
Your outfit is so beautiful ;)

My favourite bracelets are the left ones *.*


I can’t get over how lovely you look in this burgundy and leather! It’s such a perfect combo for the cold months this year. Did you design that necklace or what it specially made for you?
I love all of these jewels too, and now I’m about to scour the internet and see if I can find some to buy! I live in the USA.
Also, I love the green stack (like most said on instagram). So pretty!


You always have the loveliest pictures!!

~~♥ ♥ ♥~~

J’ai lu l’article qui lui était consacré dans le Femina de dimanche dernier. Je ne savais pas qu’elle s’était terrée en vieille ville. J’y vais tellement rarement que j’aurais loupé ça. Enfin, non. Y’a Kayture qui se charge de me le rappeler. Cool :D
Le vert est très sympa.

Perfect Fotos.
You look so beautiful

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I love the blazer!! You look really beautiful… by the way, the neutral bracelet is my favourite.

Greetings :)

amazing look and great photos.

follow me too:

The green one :) you are lovely as always…

You look amazing! I love your style! Always everything really selected. I’m from Poland and we haven’t got that good blogger!

I love you berry lipstick! What brand and colour is it?

By the way, your bag is truly amazing! :) <3

Love love love the red stack <3

Amazing pieces! And your look is fenomenal!

Kisses, Rebeca

Definitely the red one, and they’re totally on trend with their color!

Your outfit is amazing! Love burgundy this season! And your necklace is also gorgeous!

Absolutely stunning! I love the neutral bracelet!

The Purse Snatcher 

Love that jacket! It’s leather sleeve detail, how you paired it with that bag – all amazing!!!
Hope to see more beautiful outfits
Ally O

I was in love with this outfit when I first saw it on Instagram! It’s so perfect, and I’m in love with the colors!!

Amazing outfit and acessories! I’m in love for your blog, I didn’t know but now I’m a fan! If you’re interested in following each other, it would be an honour! Love, D.

I really love your Rita & Zia bag! It’s gorgeous and the color is just perfect for Fall. Too bad I don’t think I can find it anywhere in United State. Love the green bracelet stack, the pop color of the green is gorgeous!

your hairstyle looks very nice like that, curvy suits you. kudos to james! the neutral one looks amazing. bisou

Diana Iancu 7 November 2012 / Reply

I like the green one.It stands out from the others.The colors match very well.You can wear it everywhere.Aww…I love it <3 !

Hello honey, really love your style and jewels! Come and check my blog and my youtube channel! Maybe we can cooperate! Ciao ;* Ele

I can’t believe that Sandrine created more than 30,000 different jeweler designs. I would say, her mind is a gift from God; she is such a fortunate designer.

love your bag! :)


I love the jacket, is perfect!! Lovely look darling =)

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You look lovely Kristina. I like the picture of you with the bracelet holder.
My favorite stack is the green one.

Kiss Andie ;)

Really nice work!
I’m looking forward for giveaway to try my luck!

wow amazing pieces :D

kisses from GREECE

love the blazer. Can I still get it in stores now?

WOW WOW WOW! Amazing outfit, i just love it!

They sure have a good taste in designing bags. I like the one you are carrying and also the jacket. Matching colour indeed =)

They’re all beautiful but the neutral one is my fave :)

Kristina, you look so amazing! This blazer and a bag are just perfect!
I’m really impressed by your style and fashion taste. You are beautiful young woman and you inspire me every day. Best wishes :)
Kisses from Poland

where are your boots from? I’m sooooin love with.

thanks you


My favourite one’s the green one! And I loooveee the bag you’re wearing, it’s so beautiful!

…can I say the three of them? Haha! No, I would pick the green one. :)
By the way, I never leaved a comment here (how come??!!), so I’ll do it right now. ;) I think your blog is absolutely wonderful, and as a swiss reader, I think the level where you are now (and where you’re headed, for sure) is very, very high. No way of you finishing your life in an other world than the fashion one. We don’t have a lot of people here who succed in this world as you do, so it’s quite motivating, I must say!
I really wish all the best for both you and James, who does and incredible job with the pictures. Keep on the good job! :) xx

P.-S: where did you get those shooooooes?? o.o


Love the green one! Beautiful!

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You look awesome and the jewelry is awesome!
Love, Melly

I’m in live with your entire outfit. So gorgeous !!
This Zara blazer is so beautiful and the way you paired it with these leather pants, amazing.

I love the green bracelet stack.


This whole outfit just works, it works amazingly. I don’t think you even add anymore to it because it is just so perfect as it is now. Great work. I’d love to know where you guys purchased these wonderful goods.

love the green bracelets!

First One is the Best One.

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