Pictures by James Vyn

SWISS DESIGNERS DAY I was more than happy to be back again at the Zûrich fashion days, we had a little break in between two days to go back to Geneva for an Yves Saint Laurent presentation, (you guys will by the way discover the pictures of it very soon) and on the day right after we rushed back to the city to assist to this special event dedicated to swiss fashion. Again, I was looking forward to discover the various collections and also curious to see if it was going to be different from the first day (feel free to have a look at the Zürich fashion days part 1 by clicking right here). The thing is that on the opening fashion day, the focus wasn’t on swiss design but more on european fashion. Therefore we had te chance to discover various names from Germany, Italy and so on. Yet on the third day the idea was to present the swiss designers. So, though we started with a very conceptual show straight from China, we had the chance afterwards to admire some swiss designer’s work such as Portenier Roth, Marc Stone, LBD White, Javier Reyes and finally KAZU. I couldn’t tell you which of them presented the ”best” collection in my opinion or which one of them was my crush of the evening because I could see in each of the different shows some very intersting pieces. 

In this article I am showing them to you, I’ve picked out of all the shows my absolutely favourite pieces, the ones that caught my attention more than the others. I must admit that sitting front row was a huge advantage since it let me have a closer looks to the materials, the little details such as the shoes or the clutches and so on. For the occasion I have decided to wear my new dress who arrived in a cute little parcel straight from London a couple of days ago. The brand is called In Love With Fashion and they have some lovely dresses and tops which are so comfortable, feminin and elegant at the same time. Not to mention that the colour fits perfectly to my recent burgundy obcession… I paired the dress to a couple of interesting details such as this new Avinas necklace, thanks to Fabienne the deisgner of the brand for those amazing pieces. Also, I have been so thrilled to wear my brand new Kat Maconie shoes which are so unbelievably amazing. I got them through Zalando and have been dying to wear them since then. Special fact : I’ve been walked in them all day long and my feet didn’t even hurt one single second. Thumbs up.




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Fabulous runway photos! You look stunning and feminine!!

I like your hair do. Stunning look. ❤

I love your dress, that colour looks amazing on you!

So elegant!!
This dress is a dream :)

xx Timna

Thanks for showing us a bit of Swiss Fashion. Very interesting shows!

Trend Anatomy

I´m in love with your beautiful red dress <3


Oh Kris, these dress are amazing, I really love the colour and shape. You look like a goddess

Great collection – wonderful photos and your dress is awesome…!

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Vanessa –

Wow frontrow, must have been really cool ! Red looks great on you
new outfit post

Great outfits and dresses, especially yours is awesome!
I’d wear them all :)
Love, Melly

interesting post ;) and always gorgeous.

so stunning! great pics!

love the pictures. Was great to see you

Beautiful red dress!
Very nice collection!

you are wearing an absolutely stunning dress, red is definitely your color!

Ты потрясающе красивая!

Stunning dress! The fashion show looks amazing <3

you are SOOOO.. beautiful!!

Tu as vraiment choisi les photos des pièces les plus intéressantes (enfin j’imagine puisque je n’ai pas vu le reste !) car je les trouve très avant-gardistes, j’adore.
Cette robe te va bien aussi, tu t’appropries bien le style Anglais !



Love your dress and hair style! You look amazing!

Such a great article. You looked absolutely stunning (as always:) I’ve just hyped your latest look on lookbook – it is really amazing, one of the best :)


I just saw you in a luxembourgish newspaper called essentiel today :) great article :)

Выглядишь безупречно)Этот благородный цвет так подходит тебе)Элегантный образ получился:)Обувь от которой не устают ноги – это большое счастье)))

wow! Wonderful dress! XX

Such an amazing dress you are wearing.

You look stunning! And the collections are very cool, love the last one!

Fantastic, you look great!

love your dress!! great photos by James!!

Nice post babe! You look amazing as always!


More beautiful with every day!

Beautiful reds! Beautiful you!

you, sophisticated, chic, as allways.

gross bisous mon cherie ;)

girl, you own that dress!

You look AMAZING!

PS: HAHA I FOUND YOUR CLONE: she wears make-up like you, pose like you, her blog looks like yours. Why people are doing this? I KNOW your are truly gorgeous, but what do they think? That they will achieve a success? I don’t think so…

Безумно красивое платье, оно вам очень идет и подчеркивает красивую фигуру=))

Great! Your blog is so amazing tank’s you Kristina!

You look amazing! Just so beautiful:)

great dress! you look perfect!

what are you doing that you arent shining in these photos? :D

so sweet dress!
Emma xx

Great photos!! ;)
Love your dress! you look so beautiful :)


Your pictures are always so professional! Big compliments to your photographer :)


Wow the red shoes are absolutely beautiful! :)

you don’t look good in that hair, but you have really nice dress

what a dress, lovely! :) and wow you saw luisa hartema. xx

ur amazing! your dress is incredible!

Figure 3 wonderful dresses

Fantastic show! You look amazing :)

Lubna |

Amazing pictures!!!

Oh Great! Love it.=D

the dress is amazing

A big thank you for your blog.Really looking forward to read more. Great.

Thank you for your blog post.Really looking forward to read more.