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CHILDHOOD MEMORIES Among my favourite accessories for fall and winter are scarfs and hats, those two are the perfect fashion pieces for chilly days and above all great picks to fight the cold. I’ve recently fell in love with a brand called A La Russe, their pieces and especially the schals, completely remind me of my childhood. Some of you might know that I was born in Belarus, more precisely Minsk. Therefore I have some traditional ”russian” roots, I do speak fluently russian (as a matter of fact every single day at home with my family and still have some lovely memories of my childhood back there). All I can say is that I remeber these schals so easily, they are part of the coutry’s folklore in my opinion, and I think there’s absolutely nothing more charming than that.

So when I saw A La Russe’s website, I immediatly got a crush. Not only because some really heart warming souvenirs came up in my head but also because I thought that it’s really cool to re-invent a sort of a traditional piece into a fashion statement one. Not to mention that I’ve chosen the schal called ”Kristina”, each of the pieces on their online store has got a name. Cool fact isn’t it? So it’s not just a schal, it definitely feels like a personalised one. The quality is beyond amazing and has been crafted in Russia, talking about traditional : it keeps you warm and stylish at the same time. So my outfit is all in burgundy, plum and cream shades. These colours just seem perfect by this time of the year. What do you guys think about it?


COAT : Zara
HAT : Zalando
PANTS : Windsor Store
BOOTS : Mango
BAG : Louis Vuitton
NECKLACE : Cornwall Street
SPIKE BRACELET : Jessica Kovacs
SHIRT : Isabel Lu



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Fabulous coat and scarf! You look amazing!

Gorgeous look Kristyna ! Absolutely love it !

XX Luba

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Great outfit :)
I like your coat- it is very nice and looks warm too!

xx Timna

I’m absolutely loving this outfit from head to toe!! Especially the cute hat.
xo Andrea
Wonderful and Marvelous

really perfect darling!! you look stunning like usual, this burgundy and camel combo is such a great job !!

Personally I’m not really crazy about the scarf, but apart from that I really like this look. Very elegant !
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Привет Кристина, тебе очень идет этот шарф,и у тебя получилось хорошее сочетание)Очень красивые фото) Спасибо

Очень красиво:)

This is gorgeous, I really love your coat! I have been eyeing the grey one for some while now x


love the coat! for some reason it doeasn´t fit well on me but you look obviously wonderful! xo, Alma

Lovely and classy look. Esp the burgundy pants are super gorgeous <3


very lovely outfit kristina :)

absolutely amazing!
u look so great…dunno what to say more :)

Vivien & Valentine

I love your bag :) it’s so amazing.

You look great babe! Love your outfit


Love Love Love your outfit!!
kisses from Switzerland :)

U are my favorite……love everything u wear….

Amazing outfit, so in love with your coat!:)

xx Laura

i really adore your two tone coat and those pants, really want to have those two items in my closet!

definitely looks cozy and stylish! i love the burgundy pants!! x

Очень приятно знать,что у такой красивой,стильной и успешной девушки есть русские корни!:) Ты пример для подражания,а твой блог источник вдохновения <3

Love the look Kristina! I’m also very fan of chawls, hats and gloves for winter. Not only they protect you from the cold but also make you look chic and classy. I alreday knew that brand but still haven’t “tried” the pieces…

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This is a beautiful outfit dear!

Magnifique Lilly 7 December 2012 / Reply

Kristina, you have such a good feeling for colors! And I love it so much!

The bracelet is strong and the scarf has a really great print that looks like a piece of artwork!

I guess, that fashion in 2013 will be pretty russian ;)

fabulous look! so mature and chic. you have also perfect skin, could you post some details what you do and which products you use to achieve and maintain that clean skin ?

what a gorgeous look! i love your scarf!

I love those pants! Wanted to get myself a pair too soon :) Love this outfit!

You look beautiful! I absolutely love the coat! xo, Christina

ты замечательно выглядишь! Хочется увидеть твой влог на русском языке. Уверена, твой русский также хорош , как английский

why you so beautiful?
love that coat!

Love this look !

From Geneva with love,

Nina Ella

I love the outfit, and you look amazing!

Hi Dear! I just love your blog and your style! I wrote you an email, but i guess i get a thousend of email every day, so… Anyway i will be very happy if you have the time to answer me! Thanks :)

awesome pants :)

Wow, that’s really a gorgeous outfit!

Fantastic Style! xo

gorgeous scarf, its so pretty!
i love the coat^^

lovely outfit!


I love the scarf!!!!

Great outfit! I love the coat on you.

The Purse Snatcher 

Love this outfit, I never thought about wearing an oversize coat with short sleeves, awesome!

perfect, perfect, perfect!

Such a pretty look, love your style!
(\ /)
( . .)

Wow, you look amazing. I adore your make-up! ❤

adore the shoes and pants. you look so nicely bundled up!
kw, Ladies in Navy

Perfect outfit, I love it! Especially the coat xx

Gorgeous photos and gorgeous outfit, the scarf adds a nice different touch! You’re shoes are my favorite part, they’re so pretty!

Beautiful schal!!!

I love your outfit, especially the coat

That’s a beautiful schal! I love traditions and folklore and this schal pairs them with fashion, another love of mine, wonderfully!

Die LV Tasche ist sooo schön!! Sieht echt super mit dem ganzen Outfit aus :)! Die Leder-Hose ist auch toll <3 Insgesammt gefällt mir die Kombination aus allem total :)!

Love your blog! By the way, “Schal” is German. I guess you either meant “scarf” or “shawl”. ;) <3

everything about your outfit is perfect!
I’ve been to Russia once, it was so interesting:)

love the oufit!
you have the most beautiful eyes <3

Its nice to see such traditional piece being paired with more modern, updated pieces. This makes me feel good inside… I love the pants too!

I crossed this street haha when I was in Switzerland :) and amazing outfit as always :)


I loooove this kind of outfit! You look hot but still very classy. I really like your necklace :) I hope that somewhen I’ll archive what you have. Keep on doing what you do because you’re great at it and you’re such an inspiration to me.

You look fabulous!
I love the outfit, great combo :)

xx, TatiannaMaria

а я и не знала! но чесное слово догадывалвсь… даже спросить порой хотелось…

You look super glamorous just like you came out of an old french chic movie obviously with a modern twist xx

favorite outfit from you!!

Love everything about that outfit, especially the boots and scarf!

Stunning, as ALWAYS. and I love the entire outfit, I’d definitely wear it. Although I doubt I could pull off the hat so well like you do :P lol

u are so beautifull! love ur outfit, it´s fabulous :)

lovely post!

~~♥ ♥ ♥~~

Stunning look! Just love every single piece of your outfit! xoxo


This outfit is a pure perfection – the hat, the schal, the bag!! Love it all! x

how can anybody look so gorgeous!?

You look stuning as always :D

La tenue est totalement magnifique ! Les couleurs vont très bien ensemble. Et, j’adore infiniment tes photos surtout celles sur Instagram :)

The scarf is amazing!
Really something new :)

In love with the Outfit sweet Kristina.
I’m very unhappy for the comments you receive on your Instagram profile.
They accuse you to have fake item only cause they’re jalous.

I hope you’re ok the same.

Kisses babe.


Un besito guapa, sígueme!!!

Your bag is amazing, i prefer you with red lips:)
Baci, Alina

Adrenalina Style blog

what’s your coat size??????

I think this schal definitely costing too much.. for an ordinary people.

you look fabulous!!

Your hair colour is lovely, and its so nice to see you with natural lips.

Your leather leggins looks so fantastic :)!
nice winter look :D!


Waow u’re beautiful
Can i follow u ?

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what size did you get your leggings in? I love them!

I’m from Russia too;) This schal looks so gorgeous!

Wow! This outfit is simply an autumn/winter perfection! Iconic! :)

Absolutely stunning! Amazing quality photos, just love your blog!

I have this coat too! I featured it on my blog this week, it’s gorgeous isn’t it! Love how you styled it!

Gorgeous outfit!