Pictures by James Vyn

TREASURE IN GENEVA As a swiss fashion lover, I can tell you… Sometimes it’s quite tricky to get the good deal and find the brands you love. Shopping can easily get boring, and I am really not joking. Why boring? Well because, going constatly to the same shops like Zara, Mango or H&M is tiring and you simply want to see something new : like in Paris or London where new designers open their stores each month and shops are full of exclusive products. Here in Switzerland, at the big stores it’s basically impossible to find something special as the collections are all so basic and without any originality. So let me tell you, when I spot a new shop that has got all the most incredible designers unfoundable (or almost) in my little coutry, I can go nuts. I recently discovered La Muse, in the parallel street right above the Apple Store (Rue du Vieux Collège 7, Geneva) I was blown away. First because I never really entred it and second because they had all the most trendy designers like : Nicholas Kirkwood, Jerome C. Rousseau, Vivienne Westwood, Yohji Yamamoto and so on.

I wanted to share this amazing discovery with you guys, so we organised with the lovely owner of the shop : Viola, a little fitting and shooting with some of the most outstanding pieces of the shop. The result was made of 4 looks perfect for various occasions, like a date, a lunch or a business dinner. The concept of the shop is making each woman feel like a Muse, a powerfull and strong personality, confident about herself and feeling great in her clothes. I was quite amazed with the quality of each piece and made some great brand discoveries such as an amazing denim brand : Hudson. It’s such fabulous designs, the materials are beyond stunning and fit the body perfectly. However, perhaps my biggest crush was for the brand Jerome C. Rousseau who creates outstanding shoes : so creativ, orginal and comfortable. The ideal balance. I hope you will enjoy this little virtual visit of La Muse shop, also the best part guys is that they are selling online too. So if you still haven’t figured out your christmas gifts, it’s the right time to have a look by checking it out (

LOOK N°1 : Dress Ana Sekularac, shoes Jerome C. Rousseau
Boots by Nicholas Kirkwood
Hair Jewel by Jennifer Behr (pieces seen in Gossip Girl)
Dress by Ana Sekularac
LOOK N°2 : Shirt Vivienne Westwood, Pants Hudson, Shoes Jerome C. Rousseau
Necklace by Lara Bohinc
LOOK N°3 : Dress by Ana Sekularac, Shoes Nicholas Kirkwood
LOOK N°4 : All Yohji Yamamoto
7, Rue du Vieux-Collège 
CH-1204 Genève
T 41 (0) 22 311 26 27


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I love that red dress you’re wearing! it’s really one of a kind; so elegant!

Omg – Nicholas Kirkwood shoes!

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lovely! i’m in love with the first look!love the sparkling shoes!

You look amazing in the blue dress ! Gorgeous pictures !

XX Luba
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You are pretty amazing Ms Kristina <3

lovely shots. that red dress is gorgeous on you

They have awesome stuff. Esp love the shoes <3


wow honey! Totally in love with red pumps !! both !! great choices + backstage pics – thanks for sharing them ♥
with love

Thanks for sharing ! I come very often to Geneva, and I will visit on my next trip for sure ! xoxo

Everything looks georgeous on you. You look great! Love the shoes the most.

Nice shop indeed… and great choices!
Looking fabulous. I need to visit this shop when I’m in the area.

However, I do agree with you – Switzerland is the most boring place ever when it comes to shopping… so dull, no originality at all… only ‘safe bets’ on the shelves.

Nice dresses! The red one is perfect! <3

You are so pretty!

Everything is so beautiful!! want her jewelry;))

xoxo Iren
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gorgeous clothes!!!! that royal blue is fantastic and those glittery shoes!!!! xo, Alma

Ohhh what an awesome shop! I’m especially loving the second look with the Vivienne Westwood shirt – to die for! Perfect to spruce up the office wardrobe ;-) Probably out of my price range though – ugh! xoxo

You look great! I love the last dress and the red bag!

you are so beautiful.
the blue dress fits perfect to you. and the last dress also!! <3 amazing.


What a nice shop, thanks!

Those photos are breathtaking ! you look astonishing !

Elegantesque Blog

You look beautiful in every photo!

Cool discovery ! I really love the first look, such pretty shoes
new outfit post

Gorgeous picks!! i love that fluttery feeling when you discover a new store that sells amazing pieces :)

The second look is my favorite. You look so perfect in this kind of clothes !
And love the sparkling shoes !

You look so pretty in the first picture!

wow great post

Wow amazing pieces and outfits, you look so stunning in each of them!
Love, Melly


The dresses are so beautiful !!

Oceanwind Blog

Great selection! especially love you in the second look and I think Bohnic’s jewellry is amazing!

so in love with all these pieces! that blue dress is gorgeous!

The first outfit is my favorite
I love so much this color

love the glitter heals :-) you look amazing as always :-) xxxx

Great discovery Kristina!!! I send you a big hug from Mexico!!


Ooooh! Everything looks fantastic.

You look gorgeous !!!!
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Love <3

Oh wow wow wow !! J’adore les tenues *.* elles sont SUPERBES, ça te va à la perfection !! T’es la plus belle comme d’ab. ^^

The penultimate look is so pretty. I also really like the dress you wear in the first pics.

Oh wow the red shoes and the sparkly silver ones are just incredible!! And you look absolutely fabulous as you always do:D

The Pumps on the second picture are AMAZING! Simply looove them :)!

Woow you look realy gorgeous in all photos, dear!
I absolutly LOVE the red dress! =D

Big kiss,

Omg I love that they have pieces from our Slovenian jewelry designer Lara Bohinc! I adore her jewelry!

Wonderful pictures!!!!

How truth this is, i live in switzerland too, do you know any stores like this one for men?

Wonderful photos! You look beautiful in all outfits! xo, Christina

It looks like a very nice shop!
I like the red ress you wear! :)

Yes, i can tell you that you’re exactely like a muse in these clothes ! The white shirt is amazing… Also, the glittered high heels reminds me cinderella… there are wonderful!


The pictures are so beautiful! And I am jealous of your heels, haha! X

Your blue dress with the sparkly shoes looks fabulous!!


This dresses are really beautiful, IF U HAVE THE MONEY FOR IT!:/

stunning photos. amazing clothes. you look great as always.
xx rae

Awwwwwwwwwww *_____________*

thak you so much for sharing this freat shop and this awesome pictures with us! I completely understand you!

Gorgeous outfits! I love the one with the ruffled shirt!

The Purse Snatcher 

this is totally beautiful! what a day!
kw, Ladies in Navy

T’es tellement belle que ça en devient énervant! :)

The second look is amazing, I love the Vivienne Westwood shirt ♥
You still look amazing in every outfit

I know what you mean by boring shopping here -.- Zara is really all I like.

But if you’re looking for upmarket casual-wear, try Hotbox in the Centre Confédération in Geneva. It’s got all the american brands, and they choose very beautiful, funky and unusual yet wearable pieces in their store. But I don’t buy much from them because it’s so much more expensive, i just buy a helluva lot when i’m in the US! 7 Jeans and True Religion, etc. are all half the price there!

You look great with your hair tied!

loooooooooooooooooooooove dress ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I am once again blown away by your finds, your style. you are our fashion inspiration. <3

The red dress is gorgeous…and that red shoes is amazing!!!

Thank you for showing your discovery. They have lovely shoes.

Please visit

love the red dress and the glitter shoes! you look fab :)

Those glitter heels look so perfect! Love ‘em.

You’re so pretty! The colors red and blue look really great on you :)

Gorgeous dresses! My favourite is the red one, its stunning! :) We have more exclusive shops up in Glasgow which is only 10 mins away from where i am but i hardly go and im a skint student atm so im going to wait untill i have more money to go up :D

Hayley xx

Thank you so much guys, I am glad that you enjoyed discovering the boutique! It’s really a fantastic spot :)

You look amazing honey! Nice outfits


Great photos!
You look fabulous in that blue dress :)

xx, TatiannaMaria

Gorgeous post and pictures Kristina!
And if you think it is boring to shop in Switzerland, then try SOUTH AFRICA…months behind Europe and the US and if we really want the edgy stuff we have to order it online, pay for shipping to this side of the globe and wait wait wait.
So you have something to be grateful for ;)

I loved all the looks! And oh, the shoes!!! They were all amazing!!!

my goosh fabulous shop *__*

Beautiful post and beautiful pictures as always! Love your Blog! un bisou du zurich

Beautiful shooting! I love the red dress:X

nice picks sweetie! adore the Yamamoto outfit, you look adorable! and the Vivienne Westwood shirt is so beautiful!

This is so you.

Wow beautifull pics:D

You’re so beautiful!!!!

Great photos! Love the red shiny shoes

Everything looks beautiful and you look beautiful in it. Shoes are to die for.

You are gorgeous! These looks are so sexy, I love the little red mini dress. Perfect for the holidays.

Shop Vintage!

Those blue boots are incredible!

Just stunning! Absolutely gorgeous!

blue and red <3 gorgeous!! ;)

Dresses and shoes are fabulous!


I’ve been to la Muse and it is really a great shop.

One question: is this post a SPONSORED POST or really just a good post? To me, looks like an ad and if it is, it should be tagged appropriately.

Nice blog, I will follow.

You are such a gorgeous girl! I love you make up and your hair looks amazing in those curls! You should do a tutorial of those curls! :)

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Cool cool cool!! Love themm