Pictures by James Vyn

EARLY MORNING IN ITALY This week has been quite busy for James and I, in a really good way of course. I don’t know about you guys but I feel so productive when my agenda is super full, if I don’t have much to do during the day I might as well cancel the only thing I got and lazy rest at home. So having lots of projects makes my brain work 10x. We were from sunday to monday in Gstaad to shoot for Louis Vuitton then straight to Milan for a really nice project with Guess who showed their new collection in Milan. Of course, I simply can’t wait for Christmas, it’s such a magical period of the year. I am looking forward to celebrate with my family and firends as well as spend some quality time off the computer.

On our last day in Milan we woke up super early and headed to Via Madonnina for a meeting. The light that day was simply perfect for the pictures and I decided to wear my new Zalando Collection by Kaviar Gauche outfit. As you might know, I’m totally crazy nuts about Zalando, you can find such cool pieces for really interesting prices. When I found out that Kaviar Gauche is working on a kapsule collection with them, I was more than excited. Three other blogs have posted each sunday advent of december their favourite Zalando look, and you guys have the chance to win a 100CHF voucher to spend on the website. All you have to do in order to win the 100CHF voucher is let us know with a cool comment under this post which one of the four Zalando Trend Advent looks is your favourite one, the one by Virginie, Tamara, Saskia or me.

RING : Backstage
WATCH : Swatch
HAT : Guess



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Fabulous outfit! Love the bag & coat :)

Lubna |

Love the detailing on Zalondo by Kavier Gauche dress. Also love that black and gold jacket.

I loved your outfit the most from the Zalando trend advent.

you are a stunner! love your style!

Gorgeous jacket and boots! You look stunning!

beautiful darling, like everytime but you should hear that everyday ♥

Beautiful outfit.
You are so elegant!!!
two sisters … one attitude

Damn, you are perfect!

Love the boots and bag!

Happy holidays!


adorable as always!!

kisses from FL :)

Gorgeous .
J’adore ce que tu portes .
You have a very classy style , can’t wait to see your futur posts .

wow,this look rocks on so many levels!the coat,the shoes and the bag are so cool,but the dress is like a vision with all the details on her! just love it!

Lovely classy lady. Your coat is awesome <3



your outfit, for sure; the details of your dress is so nice, and the coat is absolutely amazing!
and you are just beautiful :)

Such an amazing outfit! I love absolutely everything!

I sure like yours the best. You’re always well-dressed and this is a great example for proving it. How awesome! :D

you are amazign! I’m watching you for 2 years. last week I found you in our Polish magazine “Joy”. you are on the article about best-known bloggers. 1 of 7 :) for me you’re the best and I love your photos!
xoxo from Poland in Europe

As always you look stunning, I’m really in love the coat & the bag!
they are beautiful!
Also a lovely give-away for the holidays!
& If I wasn’t clear, your look is the best!
You always wear things I would definitely wear!


You look like a real diva, happy holidays!

My favorite look is your’s. The dress is stunning!


I definitely love yours look, it’s the best look of all!

You look flawless. Love your makeup♥

WOW! You look absolutely stunning!! And I LOVEEE the coat!!! xxx


beautiful as always love bag

What a question – of course your outfit ist the greatest! <3

Greets from Berne, Michelle

I love your look the most, I absolutelly love the way you combinate this light-brown coat to the rest of the outfit in all black. And I adore your make-up in these pictures, I fits perfectly!

Best wishes,

amazing outfit! and th light for the picture is fantastic!


Joining! Your outfit seem fit for the advent and xmas season. Aside, your transmitting a really wonderful vibes of the holidays – Merry Xmas to you!


Emma xx <3

i love your watch!! where’s it from? ^^

your look is definitely the best.

So beautiful outfit! You’re so gorgeous. I am keeping my fingers crossed for win this giveaway
xoxo from Geneva

Rebecca G.

Gorgeous outfit!
Love love love the dress and coat especially!

Ellie xxx

gorgeous coat!!! and love the bag and ring! xo, Alma


Wow what a Great Post!! Love your Blog!! xx Marina

Loving the pictures! This Outfit and the Makeup are absolutely perfect <3

Personally, I am loving your Zalando Trend Advent look the most out of the four. It’s not only extremely chic, but it’s the most practical for winter. I love the color contrast of the coat against the black–it really compliments the classic gold accent on black motif, which I’m the biggest fan of. The construction of the boots are amazing, the perforations make them stand out, and they are so flattering around the ankles! I’m also quite surprised that your watch is Swatch! It’s a style I wouldn’t expect from them, and I love the black face of the watch!

Ta tenue est superbe, sans hésitation !

Duh, of course I like yours the best! The colour combination is amazing.

wakingdream -at-

love ly outfit and pics, honey! i totally adore your bag :)

Your Zalando Trend Advent look is my favourite! Stunning!

My favorite one is Your’s. It’s perfect !

I love your look from Zalando Trend Advent!
You look so gorgeous and the clothes are manifique!!!

My favorite look is definitely yours! so beautiful :)

You look great, very chic.
I love the hat and the coat
new outfit post

My favourite look is definitely yours! It’s so festive and elegant as usual, you’re my no.1 blogger by far :) merry christmas!

these pictures are amazing, absolutely love the outfit and the photography is so so good

Mel x

So beautiful! I loved your outfit the most from the Zalando trend advent. <3

Your look is obviously the best! (: I hope I win, because I really love this pieces!

LOVE THIS. Perfect combo… and your makeup is absolutely stunning! You always manage to look both classy and supertrendy at the same time :)

I love your outfit the most,of course :D
Not just because of the fact that I like your choice of wardrobe the most(shoes are to die for!) or that you look amazing :D But also the professional way your photos are always taken :D
James does an amazing job and also he is super talented :) And you two are great together :D
I love all the photos,but the 16th one(if I haven’t misscounted :D ) is just breathtaking :D Carry on with your great looks and posts :)
Also,happy holidays to you,James and your family :)

You look stunning, as always ! xx

Les photos sont magnifiques! …you as well!

Great look! Love the coat!

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My favourite look from Zalando Trend Advent looks is Yours.
Because I totally adore the hat ! It looks so classy and chic. Well, maybe, because I love all hats :) What is more I love how all those gold details compose with the total look. What more can I say – stunning !

Amazing outfit, and photos! Of course I liked your look the most from the Zalando trend advent.

so gorgeous! i love your oversized items!

I love this outfit so much! one of your best!!!

I love the one you are wearing the most. There is something about how you style it, and how you wear it that is so irresistible, wonderful.

you are such a lucky girl!
love the pics so much!

Beauty! Merry Christmas:)

I definitely liked yours the most. The colour of the coat is lovely!

I love the houndstooth bag!

Muchos Smiles and
Festive Cheers,

Beccy, xoxo

I love your outfit! I’m also crazy about that hat! I just can’t get enough of it!!!!

Bonjour Kristina! Franchement, tu nous gâtes trop! Haha ;P
Que de surprises en ce moment surtout avec Noël qui est (presque) déjà là! C’est avec plaisir que je commente ce post pour te dire, que personnellement, je préfère en touts points ta tenue composée de magnifiques pièces de la nouvelle collection de chez Zalando (et d’autres marques aussi)! Comme d’habitude, tu sais parfaitement mixer des éléments qui sont parfois complexes à assortir, et je dois te dire qu’à chaque fois, il n’y a rien à dire! Quelle source d’inspiration tu es, vraiment! J’admire l’habileté que tu as eue. Tu accordes cet ensemble sobre mais qui reste néanmoins si élégant, caractéristique que détient cette couleur sûre qu’est le noir, avec ce sublime manteau moutarde en parallèle avec les bijoux et autres accessoires dorés. Cela donne un contraste tellement envoutant j’ai envie de dire, avec ces teintes qui se marient si bien ensemble et qui se complètent. Le (presque) total look noir qui apporte élégance modérée, et l’or, couleur chaude et précieuse, qui permet de compenser cette tenue au départ sombre (sans la veste), illuminant ainsi l’allure et rehaussant l’éclat.
Avec l’accord subtil des accessoires, cette magnifique tenue que tu nous proposes, est d’ailleurs parfaite pour ces fêtes de fin d’année! Que dire de plus (et de mieux)? ^^
Donc une fois de plus, beaucoup d’enthousiasme et d’impatience à lire ton blog, et à te suivre! Encore merci!
En espérant décrocher ce joli cadeau de Noël, j’attend de nouveaux posts et partages, et te souhaite de très joyeuses fêtes! ;)

stunning outfit ! you look lovely !

Elegantesque Blog

Je préfère ton look!!! Meme si j aime bien la robe de Virginie :)
Super concours, super blog

IG: @sop_y

Stunning outfit! I also love your makeup!

Your look Kristina! Of course!

Your look is the most elaborate.

Cette robe est sublime Zalando fait fort ! C

I liked your outfit the best! Especially the coat and the dress :)

The combination of the beige color of the coat with the pattern on the bag is amazing.

All your photos are so beautiful :) And you look amazing – as always:)) Such a great outfit! And love your hat :)

PS: Merry Christmas :)


Everything about this is beautiful, even the street.

Love the outfit Kristina, and your make up, that’s the best thing :)
Andrea in Fashion

i guess the winner is you, kristina! :)
switzerland’s next topmodel by zalando..

I prefer yours :)

you’re absolutely stunning! of course I like your outfit the best!

Du Inspirierst mich immer und immer wieder! <3
Tolles outfit!

Lg La Morena

Your look is definitely super cool! I love it, a way cooler than the others’, no offense, but your styling is the best one by far! i would love to have the opportunities you have and your talent in these kind of things, it’s an amazing job especially for such a young woman.


Super stylish!!!!! I liked the zalando trend advent by you the most.

these photos look like from a movie set, awesome lighting and i like your outfit, tell james that he’s getting better and better!

Love your outfit the most Kristina! A classic dress, bright coat, and a hint of glitter with your gold cardi!

my favorite look is yours, i love it ’cause is black and you added that touch of color whit the coat and the accessories.
besides i think is perfect for this timer of year when the winter visit us..

Zalando Trend Advent by Kayture is my favourite cause the style is effortless and timeless. Great collection for all times of the year.

This is perfection. Such a stunning outfit! It’s my favourite Zalando look by far.

my favourite look is yours from all of the looks. your look is elegant and sophisticated. and you combine it with other cool pieces that gives the perfect combination.

You look gorgeous, I love you make-up. I loved your look the most from the Zalando Trend Advent because it’s sophisticated and glamurous!

Hi Kristina + James!

Firstly, the photos are ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR – I’m blown away (as always).
I have had a look at the three other lovely ladies’ (Saskia, Viginie and Tamara’s) outfits and they all look great. I do have to say that I am just WON OVER by your look, Kristina – the coat is such a versatile colour and the accessories compliment the look perfectly (I Just LOVE the texture of the bag and the chunky jewellery combined.) The dress is perfect for day or night and goes so well with the boots. All in all it is PURE ELEGANCE!

Lots of Loubou love,

James really caught the Milanese style in your pictures. With the vespa in one of your pictures for example. Lovely outfit!

Merry Christmas,

I am also a fan of Virginie, she looks great as well. However, as usual, I am in LOVE with this look.. The way you match colours.. How do you manage to make all of your outfits look so posh all the time?? lol *hands down*

love the dress.. Kaviar Gauche for the win
your outfit is the best

You look amazing, great photos!

~~♥ ♥ ♥~~

Nice outfit, but I prefer the one by Tamara ! :)

awesome pictures!


You look so stunning, I love everything about this outfit! I wish you a wonderful christmas!

OMG You look Amazing!<3

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I like yours the best! Ciao.

Je n’y ai pas pensé tout de suite lorsque j’ai posté mon commentaire précédent, mais est-ce qu’il faut donner son e-mail aussi?


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My favorite look is yours. You look absolutely beautiful!

Ooh amazing prize Kristina! I love love love your outfit the best – those shoes are killer and what a beautiful colour for a coat! :) Would love to win x

very beautiful and very passionate

My favorite outfit has to be yours! Not only does it fit you beautifully, but it is completely Timeless! All pieces look as if they could be carefully kept for years and worn with such style and simplicity as you did in 2012, without ever looking outdated or out of fashion. The pieces individually look great, but everything together screams perfection!

My Own Project

The look you pulled together is my favorite. I love that the yellow coat adds a pop of color and pulls the look together making it stylish and classic.

Danielle de Mond

I love wedge sneakers with unique color and design, especially shoes like these

Makeup!!! so beauty

Really informative blog article.Much thanks again. Great.