Pictures by James Vyn

IN THE CITY I truly believe that some people are made for hats like some are made for wearing orange lipstick colours or boyfriend jeans. And I do believe that some people’s features are perfect for sunnies, don’t get me wrong, instead of hiding them, they make them look even more beautiful and stylish (Karl Lagerfeld is the perfect example… Actually I am not sure). It turns out that I also truly believe that sun glasses aren’t really my thing… I always do try from time to time to wear some or find the right pair that will fit but it turns out, I honestly think sun glasses don’t flatter me as weird as it might sound.

However I couldn’t resist wearing these I just from Spectre, love the shape, the design, everything about it except how it sits on my nose. What do you guys think? I am really curious to know your opinion. That day, James and I had a couple of things to do before leaving for Berlin with Hugo Boss and I decided to wear a burgundy outfit with one of my latest treasure find, this cool blue chain bag from Goodnight Macaroon. Simply in love with it’s shape and shade, they’ve got some really awesome pieces and I also got this tiny infinity ring that I love so much. In my opinion the pop of blue adds everything to this basic look.


SKIRT : Three Floor

SHIRT / HAT / BOOTS : Zalando
SCARF : Holiday gift from Chopard
SUNNIES : Spectre
BAG / RING : Goodnight Macaroon



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Flawless, as always. I love the burgundy color! As well as the bright blue bag and turquoise nails. And don’t worry those sunglasses look beautiful on you!

Juliette Laura

The sunnies look great on you! The combi of burgundy and blue is very beautiful.

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i love how you wore all warm tones and contrasted with the popping blue! and i think you’re made to wear hats! love your hat collection!

totally agree, for example i am not made for sunglasses, totally !! :) but you definitelly are made for hats babe, everytime you look amazing in them ♥
kisses from

Fabulous scarf and bag! Looking gorgeous :)

Love your whole outfit specially the color of your handbag. :))

Hope you may visit my blog :D

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I think you look super adorable with sunglasses on! :) xx

Gorgeous! I love that color on you!



Wow amazing Outfit!! Love it
xx Marina

Love how your purse stands out! Lovely outfit!

The Neon Factor ☠

I do think that sunglasses suit you very good, in my opinion you can wear almost everything! And I love the hats on you, just like you said: Some are made for wearing them!
Lovely outfit!

European Rachel Zoe. A lot younger, obviously. ;)

ooh, sunnies is just super!)

Gorgeous look ! love it !

XX Luba
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you look beautiful and I love this outfit !

Lovely look, and what a lovely bag! :))

Great pictures. I wanted to buy myself some Spectre sunnies for a long time! Where did you get them?

Have a nice day,

Adorable cute look. Love the bag <3



I agree you look better without sunglasses, but it definitely doesn’t look bad. I love these shades, but I think bigger sunglasses are better for you.

Great polish and skirt
new outfit post

The outfit is incredible! I absolutely love the overdose of burgundy with a pop of cobalt. The sunglasses look fantastic on you!


you have that three floor skirt!!!1 I love it! xo, Alma

i would try something more feminine on you like Dior. those don’t really fit w your face shape (no offense, eh?) :)

You look amazing as always and sunglasses looks great on You! Love that bag xx

I have been looking for a similar sunnies – tnx for sharing!
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The Milano Mode

Hey there, just recently started to read your blog. I really am no fashionista but I love the pictures so much! Must say that James really improved over the years. Keep it going!

Have fun in Berlin at the Fashion Week, great places here to also shoot some fantastic shots!

Greetings from Berlin ;)

Always so gorgeous! lovely pictures :)


Ok Kristina I will be very sincere and I would not lie!
About the look: I love it so much! it’s true the fact about the blue bag! It gives a touch of coulour to a basic outfit! And it looks great!!

The sunnies are so cool, and you don’t look back. I mean, if I saw you and I didn’t know you (well, It seems like I know you for the blog, is not thatI actually know you), I would say you are beautiful with sunnies or not.

But i do think that you’re right, and though hats suit you so well, sunnies dont make the same thing. You look better without them. idk why! hahahahah

maybe for hiding this beautiful eyes? strange but true fact!

Love from Barcelona

love burgundy on you, gorgeous shots

Looks like a dress! Great outfir!! xx

love your scarf! very pretty! xx

Your lipstick is amazing! Who is it by and what shade please?!

The sunnies are great!

I think you’re right, sunnies…or at least this kind of sunglasses, don’t really fit your face. It looks strange to me. I don’t mean this in a mean way, but since you asked I thought I should tell you, that it would be better if you wouldn’t wear them again. BUT I really do like hats on you, keep wearing them! :)

wow, you look amazing!

Beautiful skirt, Kristina!

Delizioso post !!! Kiss

Looks great! I like your scarf!

you look perfect, I adore the outfit, especially the pop of color with that electric blue bag!

love your lipstick! what shade is it? and all together the look is amazing!

I love these sunglasses on you!

The Purse Snatcher 

You are not glamorouse, you are the Glamour !!!
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STUNNING!!!!! and the pics are zoo great too :)

they are too little maybe for your face, but you look pretty anyway :)

I really really like these sunglasses on you, I think you may be scrutinising much more because they’re on yourself, but they’re cute and quirky but not a garish colour which is what brings them down a bit :)




Tu étais dans ma ville :)
Pretty outfit !


Lovely outfit and the burgundy fitts you so perfect.

Love it and your makeup is beautiful♥

I don’t think you look weird with your sunnies. :)
I crush your infinity ring…

Love the pop of blue! I guess to find the best shades you have to think about your face shape and height of your nose bridge? I do believe there is a pair of perfect shades for everyone out there! Just continue searching! (:

Very creative style!


you’re so damn right, I’m actually not the type for orange in any way or boyfriend jeans either…
but your pictures look just awesome, pretty as usual :)

MissComunication 15 January 2013 / Reply

So beautiful!! I love your bag!

The thing is not that the sunnies generally don’t fit you but that this particular pair doesn’t look good on you. You should choose bigger shades, as these are definetely too small for your face.

Hey I’ve seen you taking lots of pictures in Lausanne, what brings you here everytime ? :)

Nice … as usual

I love the outfit and the sun glasses, but you have amazing eyes so you shouldn’t hide them. I like the outfit more without sun glasses. Have a great day!

I feel the same about hats!! weird. Love the purse and hats look amazing on you!

I love the colours of your nails! its so pretty!! love u Kayture!


Loving the pop of blue in the bag!

x Krizia

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Amazing look!
Love how you’ve mixed the reds with this bold blue colour!

What a Look…that’s Art!
Ciao e Happy day

the second picture is unbelievable beautiful!

I think they look stunning! I love sunnies that shape and am looking for a pair just that shape!

Your blog is so inspiring!

xoxo Bella

You are always looking gorgeous! You look amazing with hats and this color suits you great! :D

Look as usual perfekt. Your burgundy skirt now is one of my favourite. And I really love your bag, it’s perfekt. Shape, color, all.
I’m also one of those people who are’t created for sunnies and unfortunately hats. You look great in them ;)

love everything-every details of this photos!!

That bag is amazing! Wow!

I really like how the scarf gives you an extra wow!

i love it!the sunglasses look great and the entire outfit is really beautiful!

Love the outfit..and the skirt is my personal favourite.

Seriously we are used to seeing you without glasses and this is new… I like them but not as much

gorgeous skirt! Love it so much :)

Hayley xx

You’re looking like Mary-Kate Olsen in this outfit! A lot! =)

Love the colors of this outfit! You look so pretty!


Love the bag! And I totally agree about the sunglasses thing… They aren’t my thing either. I’m not a hat girl either. The struggle… haha


I love hats, scarves and sunglasses. They add a certain je ne sais quoi! They change an outfit in an instant! I think you look great with glasses! The photos are magnificent!
Zoe xxx

great pics, love your style!
really. kiss&hug

You look absolutely amazing! Great photos!

the 2. photo is amazing!
you’re beautiful!!
Emma xx

Stunning bag! i love the color combo! xx

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Perfekt, would wear it on the same way

I think that the problem remains in that you are not used to wear them, but they actually look good in you, really. :)
Andrea in Fashion

Such a gorgeous outfit! I love the scarf.

I lovelovelove the hat! It suits you so well!

so beautiful! your fashion never fails to amaze me!

Beautiful as always. Simple & chic!


Hi Kristina,

That skirt you are wearing is so beautiful! LOVE the fabric. Also love the nails and bag – stands out from the rest of the outfit. And I think those shades look great on you!!

Have an awesome day,


so beautiful!
great photo!
xoxo milla

I think the sunglasses look good on you! But hats look fantastic on you! I can’t pull off hats! And I also have a problem with most sunglasses, but I found 2 pairs that fit me nicely! Love how the light reflects on your hair.

Very nice outfit ! :)

I don’t think sunglasses don’t flatter you but honestly it’s kind of weird to see you with sunnies maybe because you usually don’t wear any or maybe ’cause these ones are kind of weird (in my opinion, the shape is weird. I mean you look like ET or maybe it’s just me)

Have fun in Berlin :)

I think those sunnies look great on you, but I can understand you cause I feel the same way… I also have blue eyes and I think I look better showing my eyes instead of hiding them with glasses…

J’adore ce look! Et en passant, les lunettes de soleil te vont très bien! =)

Bordeaux suits you so well.

I wish you find nice sunglasses some day:) I guess you haven’t found a nice pair because glasses would cover your (extremely) beautiful eyes. Last summer I bought Gucci’s glasses and I assume they’ll have a wonderful summer collection 2013 too!



Love the elegant outfit!

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