Pictures by James Vyn

LAZY & COZY  Well, well… These past couple of days I literally drowned in my blankets with a heavy flu. I am the kind of annoying person who always, and I mean it, always gets sick during holidays. It’s like my brain and metabolism is running at the speed of light during working days without thinking twice and when it has to slow down everything breaks down and I get sick and have to spend the rest of my holidays packed up in my sheets. So this is the reason why I kind of disappeared. But I can tell you, it felt quite good to stay away for the computer for a little while and enjoy soups and tv shows. It was the perfect way to reload energy and kick off the year. James and I are leaving in a couple of hours to Florence for Firenze 4 Ever with Luisa Via Roma, it’s going to be an awesome experience with a bunch of great bloggers. So be sure that when we’ll come back, we’ll have loads of pictures to share with you guys.

Yesterday though, we went out to shoot this outfit and I took advantage of the occasion to try out a new hair style. Also, I wanted to thank you for your awesome support in my project with DIIO Senses, the bracelets had a huge success and we’re so so happy about it. As some of you might know, I’ve been creating my own jewerly pieces for years now, customizing some old jewerly with new pieces and creating unique necklaces and bracelets. I’ve never wanted to sell them because they mean a lot to me, but who knows, maybe I will one day. So being able to collaborate on a design was an amazing opportunity and having your support is just awesome. So to thank you, DIIO Senses and I decided to offer all of you guys who’ll get the bracelet through Kayture from now on (either by clicking on the banner placed in my sidebar or simply on this link here) you guys will get a customized present made of some of my favourite things with your purchase for example a card, some treats and a surprise gift!


EARRINGS : Vintage Prada
SHOES : Miu Miu
BRACELETS : Kayture for DIIO Senses / Juicy Couture
CLUTCH : Backstage



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gorgeous braid! and gorgeous you! xx

moustachic ♡
Twitter/Instagram: @moustachic

Love the total look esp your bracelets:)

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This is so beautiful! I love the braid and the blue colors. In one word: Perfect♥ Love you!

love this looks!! the touch of blue so catchy, especially the bag!! omg <3

Sometimes getting offline is the best way to rest and when you brain is focused on sth else (like the TV you mentioned) it gets the most creative ideas. Hope this new year will be full of great adventures for you:)

Wow! My favourite photoshoot of you!


Love your braid. You look gorgeous. Happy New Year Kristina:)

WOW such a beautiful outfit! I love your braid!

That blue scarf looks great on you.
Your hair looks really different like this somehow, but I like it
new outfit post

Dear, could you make a new make up tutorial or just give listings of products you use? :)
Btw I love the outfit and your blog has progressed so much from the previous 2 years.

I have the exact same pants! Love the outfit!

beautiful first 2013 outfit!

I think you look AMAZING, blue is YOUR color and Love it combined with black!!!!!
Love the braid, it goes PERFECTLY with your age, style and beauty!!!!
MAY 2013 BRINGS YOU even more sucess!!!
Lots of LOVE from Greece!!!!

Beautiful clutch! And your shoes.. Love them! :)

you should wear this hair style more often, it looks great on you!

ты очень красивая кристина! я люблю твой блог ♥
один вопрос: я могу купить этот браслет только если я живу в Швейцарии? :(

you look so sweet in blue and with the braids, love that look on you!


Great outfit. I really like your hair do!❤

wow! this is such an adorable outfit!! I have always loved the way you do your makeup! beautiful

Amazing outfit the shoes and earrings are perfect.


beautiful photos and you look stunning. Love the subtle sequin styling

Mel x

Love your new hairstyle! You are perfekt! I wish you all the best for 2013 :) kisses from vienna, Mia

love the shoes <3

The blue looks amazing with black and gold! perfect!

What a shiny and great outfit! =))

Lots of love for you in the new year,

You look gorgeous! So chic with this braid…love especially the shoes and the earrings are a dream!
xoxo and Happy New year!

The vibrant blue accessories look so lovely on you. x

Gorgeous clutch and earrings, you look stunning!

you look stunning and woy great silhuette! Are you on a diet? :)


You look amazing! I love blue and sequins, this set is fabulous <3

love that sparkly top it’s a gorgeous colour and so fun!
great outfit :)

i think this braided hairstyle looks great on you! and the blue looks amazing on you too!

You are so pretty! I love the bag.. :)

Love yooou, oh you still look a bit sick :-D
PS: The outfit is amazing, not too much but still elegant and classy and I love the pop of color :-)

Beautiful combo, love it! ♥
Hope you feel well again soon. :)

okay prettiest post ever! i adore you with pretty, chic braided hair! it’s beautiful and your sparkly shoes and blouse, plus blue accents are to die for!
kw, Ladies in Navy

Love the blue and gold!! And the shoes are amazing.

you look so stunning! everytime i’m amazed! love this outfit!!

you look gorgeouuuus omg. C <3

I want to know more about your perfect make-up :)

wow, i think you should do braids more often ♥ looks awesome on you :)

Gorgeous photos.
You are beautiful :)

i love the complete look, that blue is great!

you lok gorgeous, as always. i love the earrings and the coat, and the scarf and the braid just add the most beautiful touch.

Love it! Love all the layering, your shoes and shirt are divine. The baggy is so cute!!

xoxo, Diana
The Neon Factor ☠

I love your hair do in this post, you look gorgeous as always. Hope you feel better soon xx

Your hair is SO pretty!! You should wear braids more often =)

Beautiful! I love the blue accents :) x

Je suis trop jalouuuuuuuse de tes talons *_______* elles te vont à la perfection d’autant plus que la coiffure, t’es toute mignonne !

Im so in love with the color combination


I felt in love with this outfit… especially your blue cluch looks awesome. Like. ;)

Very elegant. Love this deep blue color, suits you very well. x

I totally love the outfit ! Tu m’inspires beaucoup merci pour tout ces postes !

love your pictures and you are so beautiful!!

j’adore ce look. Il est ma gni fi que ! bonne journée!

you look very grown up! for the first time really.. i like!

You seriously amaze me every single day. Count me as your number 1 fan, little lady!

hope you are feeling better ! i also always get sick during holidays ;)
love the shoes !
blue suits you !

great look!!!

xoxo from rome

Magnifique! J’adore l’association des couleurs :)

Absolutely amazing!
Gorgeous bag! You’re very charming!

Stunning !! love your clutch !
Have a look at my new post:

an entirely amazing look!!!!! love it…xo, Alma

loving the braid and the outfit!

Wauw, Kristina, you look better than ever. I can’t tell that you’re sick. I love the new hairstyle – it’s really pretty and make the look seem more elegant and relaxed at the same time in my opinion.

I hope you are better already and I wish you and James a great trip to Florence – I look forward to see the pictures and read all about your experience!

The best from Amanda

I love the sequin top and how you look so cute bundled up under that scarf! Your make up looks as beautiful & flawless as usual.

The Weekend Diary

your braid is perfect!
мы любим тебя в России ♥

Wonderful outfit and hair. :) Can’t wait for the photos! :)

Happy New Year Kristina.
I love your outfit specially those zara pants. And this new haistyle fits you perfectly. You should do it more often.
Take care and have fun in Firenze. Can’t wait to see the pictures of your trip.

Kiss Andie ;)

wow! stunning. everything just looks so perfect on you. you’re such an inspiration :)
xx Ellisya

lovely outfit!

Kisses from Greece

I am in love with your style!!!

Super tenue! J’adore la tresse ♥ Est-ce que des mecs ont déjà acheté ton bracelet? Si j’avais l’argent là tout de suite, je l’achèterais moi en tous les cas :D Je me vois bien le porter! J’AIME ce qui brille haha

Looking gorgeous as always! Blue and gold are definetely your colors!!

Trop belle sur ces photos :) ! Jolie tenue


I absolutely adore this outfit! The H&M scarf makes your eyes look lovely. I also love the bracelet and how nicely the colors go with your entire outfit. :)

Lovely! Quite lovely in fact…
I enjoy reading your blog & amazed every time of what you come up with!!!
Ally O

Hi Kristina,

You look soooo fabulously chic! Love everything about this look – especially how rich all the colours look together. Just stunning.
The clutch is absolutely gorgeous :)

Lots of love,

Normal you get sick by always wearing those kind of open shoes ;) You don’t wear a lot of boots, do you?

Have a nice stay in Florence!

You look gorgeous! Love, love your bag!

Nice scarf! Wondering if it is still available at H&M?

Very nice outfit. So nice style and colors

love the outfit! so pretty! :)

you look beautiful! hope you get well soon

Love your hairstyle. I have been experimenting with braids recently and I really like your interpretation of it. Will be trying it out tomorrow :) x ps. want that clutch! lol

Amazing, amazing outfit! I love the gold sequined shirt along with the blue scarf! So original <3


Love the new hair! Great outfit <33

The braid looks amazing on you!
Also love the outfit and the glitter.

love the shoes, they seem to be comfy too….

YOu look lovely I love your heels

Elegantesque Blog

Wow,you r so beautiful! Amazing pics


Stunning photography!! You look beautiful :)


Beautiful clutch!
Love this look.



Happy New Year doll!
You look amazing!


love your heels. you’re stunning.


glamorous! The earrings are so lovely.

You look stunning and loving those bracelets!


Uau, you’re so beautiful! And your outfit is amazing! Love it :)

Alex Von B

Gorgeous and I am in love with the Miu Miu heels!

gosh, you look so and so adorable!!! So stylish too *

Lovely post! Where are these wonderful earrings from?

I love the outfit and your hairstyle. Where did you buy the clutch?

Gorgeous outfit! I love this color of blue against your skin!

The Purse Snatcher 

So beautiful! I really love your blue hues so stunning. And I love the hairstyle! It would be so cool to see you do different hairstyles. You look stunning :) x

Loving this outfit! So happy the bracelet is selling well, it is beautiful! I adore the earrings you are using, they are truly amazing *.*

My Own Project

I like the outfit! xoxo

Love the combination of the gold shimmering shirt and the leather trousers!

gorgeous outfit! I love the bag and your shoes :)

Hayley xx

So beautiful! The braid is a great look for you, it has a certain chic appeal.
All of your outfit posts are perfection and this one doesn’t disappoint at all!


beautiful! love the pop of blue in the outfit.

Love your style Kristina, your bracelet is gorgeous!



Get well soon darling.
Stunning as always
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Your photographs are stunning. Much love! xNel

Love the clutch, and the braids makes you more pretty! stunning!


Oh i just love it! Its quite simple but glam at the same time. You guys are amazing keep rockin it! Lots of love Xxxx. By the way you Kristina even sick you look fab!!

Looking very luxurious :)

Stunning and Beautiful !

Gorgeous as always, i love your braided hair, it looks great! :) You should do that more often

Wow… Really amazing! Fantastic… I can’t find a word that describe you and this outfit, perfect :)


Beautiful. Love the glitter gold and black combo <3



Really nice combination, I have the same problem in the winter :)

wow those earrings are so pretty!

Un look fantastico! estas preciosa con esos pendientes!

Wow! I love your shoes! They are amazing!

Stylish lady!


beautiful outfit! I’m loving the golds and the blues. I hope you feel better soon :)

I love your new hairdo Kristina, it looks lovely on you, and this outfit is gorgeous as always. Have fun in Firenze, and PS: I love the bracelets you made with DIIO Senses!
xoxo Julie Mitzie

Your pumps are awesome and I like your bracelet!
You look beautiful and not even a bit of sickness in your face anymore!
Love, Melly

You look so lovely! Nice outifit with sparkles and blue color! Kisses

I LOVE that clutch, it’s stunning. You look so beautiful too, great casual look.

Love the colors and sparkles.
Those are some pretty awesome earrings.

Would love it if you checked out my blog.


Love this outfit!

Gorgeous details!

So shiny!! love these look!!

xoxo Iren
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Hello, hello,

This outfit looks fantastic! I really love, love, love your earrings!

beatuiful Kristina! love your photos!

follow us!

Wow, this outfit is so amazing! I love it! *-*
Your fashion sense is incredible ;)

beautiful! shoes are amazing!
Emma xx

Great outfit! Love your clutch!

i like it, but i’m not sure about that little blue bag…but this braid really fits you!

pięknie wyglądasz Kryśka !!!! (you look sooo beautiful Kristina)

lovely look!
I like your shoes and your bag!

You are gorgeous, dear! I really enjoy reading your blog and the pictures are fabulous. Also, I am madly in love with your handbag :)

Queen Bee of Beverly Hills, CEO

You are soooo beautiful and stunning, Kayture!! Love all your looks! :)

Amazing outfit and accessories!


tocmai ti-am descoperit blogul !! am ramas speechless. Esti foarte frumoasa, talentata si un simt rafinat al fashion-ului pe care puti il au. Chiar te admir din acest moment, vreau sa ai parte de mult succes pentru ca il meriti din plin !

te rog daca ai putea sa te uiti si peste blogul meu : – asteptam pareri si suntem pregatite sa invatam de la cei mai buni :D

you are so charming !!! I follow you because love your style !

Nuovo post sul mio Blog
EIDesign Glamour

Your shoes are absolutely beautiful! :)

Beutiful hair :d and earings :)!


Love the bag And the earrings! You look so different with the braids, cuteness!


love the braid, such a beautiful look. So inspired!

You look flawless, absolutely gorgeous!


Fantastic look, love your braclet :)

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I totally <3 the colour combo! everything about it, the braid, the earrings, clutch, coat, heels, EVERYTHING!

Excellent work! ;)

Wanna check out my Blog? :)

You look amazing! Great sense of style + I love your bracelet and clutch! Xoxo

Wonderful Outfit! Love your Blog! You’re so beautiful!

Full of Inspiration

beautiful pictures kay, and the bracelet really looks nice! <3


Blue, black and gold look pretty awesome together, thanks for the inspiration you give!

ohmygosh, Your earrings are stunning. Great look, you pretty lady!



You should style your hair like this more often, it really suits you. I love the pop of blue in contrast to the rich gold and red tones. You look beautiful as always :) x

Loving the pop of gold and sequins. Hope you get better soon Kristina! x

You look wonderful, happy new year :)

Hey there, gorgeous! Great to hear that you are feeling better… and I hope you are having lots of fun in Florence. I would really like them to invite me as well to the Firenze event because it seems to be so much fun ;-P


Your skin looks so amazing, how do you do it ?!


I’m really impressed about your style and how you are! Just wonderful.
Love Any :)

extra clothes

Beautiful combination you have there…I love the bag….

I love the deep blue color touch!

Super nice!

I really like this look, mostly the hair and makeup ♥

You look stunning! Each piece of your look is perfect! Impressive blog!
Check mine and let me know if you would like to follow each other:-)

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Amaizing outfit! You are very beautiful :*

Amazing post! Can’t say how stunning you look with the braids and clothes!

ah stop it. You are perfect! And this outfit is sublime; I’m a sucker for that color of blue, it’s so luxurious. Pairing it with gold accents just makes it all the more richer. Wonderful post as always :)


AMAZING! Love the look. You look awsome in blue :)

this is one of your best outfits ever! love the hair!

do you always use too faced chocolate soleil bronzer? or you change sometimes with another product?

You should post a little tutorial on how to do this braid, so chic!

Blonde in this City

I randomly stumbled onto your blog while looking for pictures of braided hairstyles, and I’m sure you’ve heard this plenty of times already, but you are breathtakingly gorgeous! :]

Very cool look