Pictures by James Vyn

LUISA VIA ROMA : STYLE LAB III I think that even more than the two other looks which I created while in Florence for Firenze4Ever, I was excited to show you this one. For many reasons actually, first of all because I don’t usually wear pink… Why? Well because I’m always quite afraid to look too girly since I’ve already got blue eyes, pale skin and blond hair. However since that day I was in a total ”go for it” mood, I wanted to try out something new and even why not play with the stereotype. My eyes got instantly caugh by the lovely view of these candy pink Guiseppe Zanottti shoes, I mean check out this platform. My first reaction was to think that only Lady Gaga could wear them, once I’ve tried them my second reaction was : I could walk in those the whole day. No joke, they are super comfortable.

Second reason why I’ve chosen this look, we spotted earlier an amazing carousel near the arch while shooting the second Style Lab look and thought that it could be a really interesting backround. Imagine, I got up on the carousel with the highest Guiseppe Zanotti pumps, with all the kids watching and wondering what the heck am I doing. It was the best part of the day (still had to pay for the ride…). I hope you’ll enjoy this look guys, and thanks to all the amazing Luisa Via Roma team for this super fun Style Lab day. Baci! 




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Girl, how are you not freezing?!? I see the other people in the photos bundled up like crazy

Everything on this look is just perfect!
The Best styling from all Luisaviaroma
Bloggers & looking forward to see the
Next look!

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C’est drôle, on ne dirait pas toi. Tu es sublime, le rose et ce côté un peu décalé te va super bien !!

weren’t you cold? in the background everyone is suited up head to toe with their fluffy jackets!

You look lovely in pink! You should wear it more often xx

So gorgeous I love the candy colored shoes! Props to you for wearing them on a merry-go-round!



perfect! love such combination of colors! love your shoes!

i love it! so bight and fun!

I do love this look. beautiful pictures as well
really love the color combo and the background

ring and clutch are fabulous.It is a fairy look.

Absolutely beautiful spring colors and loving the flare of that skirt! Your photo shoots for Luisa Via Roma have been beautiful :) Be sure to check out my style inspiration shoutout to you in today’s post!

Wow! an amazing outfit you look fabulous and that ring looks very interesting!

Great skirt and purse! You look cute!

BARBIE <3 Well, I don’t like pink much, but those candy colors looks so pretty on you, I love the dress so much. Totally in love with this look! Beautiful Kristina!

Love the oclors of this look. there is nothing wrong with ” a little barbie” once in a while.
Too bad the dress is peaking out of the skirt on a few photos.
new outfit post


that is the most amazing lipstick colour I’ve seen in a while. May I possibly know the colour and brand?

Gorgeous shoot

You look so chic in that outfit! I’d look really funny if I was wearing that! :D xx

Wooooow beautiful photos ! Love that dress with those shoes!

oh wow, these killer heels look soo perfect!!! and this candy colours mix looks amazing on you :) like a doll ♥

you look wonderful! everything looks great on you! xo, Alma

Omg Fabulous! You couldn’t have worn pink in a better way.
Btw Where is your ring from?

Super lovely look and the heels look hot <3



love love love this look on you Kristina! gorgeous! <3

very pretty outfit kristina :) I think it’s really funny that everyone in the background is wearing thick winter-clothes and you are wearing a Summer outfit :)

I absolutely love this outfit! After all, what is life without these spontaneous, crazy moments? :D


Pink is such a vibrant colour and you totally rock this look! Love the carousel in the background too – such a fun idea!

loving your hair here, girl. great shots

Your pictures remind me of summer
Love this skirt- especially the color of it

I think that this is my favorite outfit! I mean this combination is a show stopper! And shoes are to die for! Pretty much perfect!

Love this look. LOVE IT!

Your top is wonderful… The whole look is amazing! Those heels must have killed though!
Katie xx

Amazing clothes!! So colorful!! xx

I love the look! Especially shoes and bag are gorgerous :)

I love your skirt! This outfit is so cute. <3 x

Great look, really love it! I don’t think it’s too girly at all.

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So sweet look! and the place is perfect for it! You shouldn’t worry, because you look like Barbie indeed, but in a really good way! <3
All your three looks were fantastic! I want to congratulate you about your choices! You really made the most of this Style Lab! :))


The pictures are awesome and I love the way you styled that skirt! The platform pumps are just adorable and you do not look a bit of girlie ;)
Love, Melly

Very girly and appropriate for your age. I love the skirt.

Those are the highest shoes I see someone wearing (Lady Gaga is an exception). You look gorgeous! Pink looks so good on you! And in my opinion, this is not barbie at all. It is girly, but not barbie!

Amazing outfit and colors! You look beautiful!

great skirt and bag! I love it!

stunning look ! love these colors !
Have a look at my new post:

Love the pictures! All candy colors hahah♥

you don’t look too girly, Kristina. It’s great!

this shoes are horrible :( but outfit is very nice

This outfit is stunning, minus the shoes IMO

Elegantesque Blog

I like how you got all these people staring at you :D
you looked amazing, and you should wear pink more! :)

The shoes are amazing and I love how the lipstick matches you shirt here and there.


Oh I am loving the pop of colors in this look! Great skirt! xo, Christina

Amazing outfit and great location you chose!! :)

Very lovely outfit and the colours fitt you so perfect.

Amazing look Kristina! I love the whole outfit, I completely understand why you chose it. I love combination of these colours and specially I’m in love with the ring you are wearing!! Where is it from??
It’s a shame you had to pay for the ride..haha, anyway, the pictures are beautiful!

Have a nice day beauty (:


this look is really pretty, and the heels are to kill for! what lipstick are you wearing?, awesome colour!

You look like barbie beacuse you are so beautiful! I love that skirt!**

in love with all the colors and prints! different from a lot of your looks but i love it on you!

You look lovely on those photos Kristina !

you look gorgeous ! That candy colors with carroussel in the backdrops puts something special n photos !

My favourite look! You should wear pink more often x

Oh wooow !! Des trois tenues, celle-là c’est la plus belle !! *-* et les talons wooow elles te vont tellement bien ! J’adore la pochette et les couleurs des vêtements et la bague non parlons pas ! *-*

Wow, had a look at all three outfits and they are all so different, yet all AMAZING!!
You did a great job of styling the looks – definitely inspiring!


So beautiful !!! I can’t wait for summer seriously. I miss wearing bright colors.


Great look darling! You definitely rock in soft colors like pink and blue!! Are your sure those platforms are comfy?? I’m sure I would fall… Hahahahaha

Absolutely amazing photos! This photoshoot is so colorful, joyful and alive! Love it!

woowwwwwwww you look amaze !!!!!! YES to the shoes. xxxxx

wow stunning look

OMG!you look so cute and the pictures are such are perfect

Cool outfit.
The shape of that skirt is wonderful!

You look beautiful and I completely loved the background!!
Kisses from Brasil

im not a fan of the shoes (particularly the platform) but girl, i wished for so long to see you with slim heels!! you always use somehow classic pumps but always with chunky heels and i always though how good it was to have a change with slimmer ones, plus they give you more elegance!! love the rest of the outfit and colours, though! :)

you look like a candyyyy!

moustachic ♡
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People faces – priceless hahaha :D

The skirt <3 but the rest… :s

everything looks good you look pretty but the shoes with tap under-little detail for next time…

wow!!!!!!!!!!! But was it a dress that you mixed with a skirt?
Amazing pumps


The mix of the colors is very nice! I love the ring :)

I’m laughing at the people on the background turning their heads to look at you!!! you look amazing!!!

aw you look gorgeous! love the skirt and the clutch colour. love the lipstick too, it looks good on you :)

Love this colors on you. You look good in pink. Not girly girly!

What a fun Shot. Love your Outfit.
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You look like an absolute doll, super cute!

Lovely outfit! The skirt is beautiful!

The Purse Snatcher 

I absolutely love your outfit!!
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Chic Factor Team

haha, I see people like to stare at you a lot.
Great look, I adore your heels.❤

Such wonderful colors! I’m in love with the shirt :-)

Very interesting outfit! It changes a lot from usual – that’s great. Shoes are AMAZING!

love the combination!)
great work!

this is a stunning outfit. you always look so amazing, love!


Sometimes challenging ourselves to do the total opposite is just great don’t you think? I guess you have your jacket or sweater with James and covering up after the shots? Should be cold where you come from?

The 3th of under is amazing! Cute styling!


omg, you look so perfect, my fave oufit of yours just wow
and those shoes omg <333

Love the candy colors!! Great outfit, so pretty and you great!

The Neon Factor ☠

Uau, amazing shoes!!

This is one of my favorite Kayture’s post ever! It’s so chic, elegant and girly. You look really stylish! I loved it! xx from Venezuela <3!

Love this outfit ! You like like a doll, super cute !

Love the outfit! The candy colors are super fun!


I LOVE all the colors in this outfit! Ahhh you looks so beautiful in these candy colored pieces!

The Weekend Diary

great outfit ! And your shoes are amazing <3

Isn’t it freezing in Milan??? Brave girl! :)

how great, you look like barbie girl! :)

absolutely stunning!
the outfit is beautiful.

ellay xxx

I love this look! It looks great on you!
I see you got many weird looks from people passing by. I would have been to shy to pose in front of them. But you’re a pro! :)

So sweet, love you in this soft pink!

Closet of Idun

wow, those are one ugly shoes!! and you look really funny when walking in heels, head before your chest, flexed knees…

The skirt looks absolutely amazing! Love how you combined it with the top/dress!

очень красивые туфли:)

Usually your looks makes you look older but with this outfit you look your age, love it!!

This is nearly artwork. Compliments for the photograph and you, too.

The background fits absolutely perfekt to your outfit and I´m really into pink so the pictures was a enjoy for my eyes.


Lovely! Can you please tell us where you got the ring? It’s wonderful!

Very beautiful i love this outfit

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so creative with the color combinations! Must attempt my own version of this!

un look magnifico!!! unas fotos increibles!

You are so ruthless with your shooting and I love you in pink. This was such a youthful outfit!

This is soo amazing! I love the venue and your outfit and the result!!



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Not crazy about the shoes! But the rest is lovely :)

Great combination of colours!!Compliments for your post!!:)

GORGEOUS outfit! You look so pretty!

Evi xoxo

The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

super . love the colors together. so cheery andbright

Looove it! Great outfit..and those KILLER shoes? Amaziiing <3<3


This is by far the best look I have seen on kayture, please dress ‘more girly’

Too gorgeous for words! ♡

in love with that candy outfit….


Che Meraviglia!
That’s Art:your Photos are a seductive work of Art and your Style, Your Beauty is amazing…Fashion is Art and You’re a Great Artist!
Ciao,Greetings from Sicily by fellow Artist Aurè

Hi, Kristina! First of all you are amazing!
I have a question, what is the camera that your boyfriend is using to make photos for the blog? and if not a secret, what kind of lens? Does he use any photoshop or photo editing program? Pictures are really like from magazines, and not all bloggers have this quality pictures!
Hope you will have time to answer! Stay beautiful and creative as you already are!

Beautiful outfit !!

I love the combination of the colors that you did !!

Oceanwind Blog

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gorgeous outfit i love it so much! I love the peter pilloto dress :O The heels are super high for you im pretty sure you dont wear heels that high! You look great and fantastic photos asawell. I agree with the pink and girly thing im also blonde, pale, blue eyes stereotypical barbie! :(

Hayley xx

There’s so much pink, although that baby pink is gorgeous! :D

Fashionably Sparkly

wooow great look & shots! absolutely in love!

Hey Kristina!
You’vo got an awesome blog, we love it!
And you look really sweet with the pink skirt!It’s unbelievable that the shoes are comfortable:-O, they look great though!

Ooh, I love how you paired the skirt over the dress. clever, i do the same! The Waste Knot

y all those people staring like that?? oh ic, coz u are looks so amazing Kristina!

luv this candy color

This BarbieSkirt is so amazing!!!!

your shoes *.*

excellent fashion presentation…
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giirl how can you walk in these shoes? but well, they’re beautiful.. and you too!:P :))
Emma xx

You should wear pink more often! This outfit suits you so well! & it’s so playful, I love it.

You can’t be serious? People in the background are wearing winter jackets, like OMG!, you must be dying standing there for a couple of minutes?? What did u wear after the little outfit shoot? You can’t possibly wear that all day when it’s wintertime.. Thats a thing I always wonder about: Are you wearing them cold and uncomfy clothes all day long, or just for some minutes to take shots for the blog? And the photos always seem to be near the city, do you live in the city? :)

Love Marlene xx

I love this outfit, it looks so fresh and the carousel in the background gives a nice touch to the pictures.

I LOOOOOOVE THIS LOOK!!! And the shooting venue! Just perfect!!!

So gorgeous!!!

I value the article. Awesome.

Muchos Gracias for your article.Thanks Again. Keep writing.