HELLO 2013!

BYE BYE 2012 AND HAPPY NEW YEAR As I was preparing this article I got so overwhelmed and had to stop a couple of times, all these pictures remind me so many incredible memories and experiences that I lived and shared with you this year : the feeling is quite amazing actually. And gosh, how many things happend! It’s quite crazy now that I see all these images. So many decisions taken, so many new projects et new people met, new places visited. I guess we kind of spent our life at the airport and train station which is an awesome thing, means that we are moving and moving you with us through the pages of this little blog. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the journey as much as we did so far. If I had to talk about my favourites experiences of the year 2012, it would be quite hard to name only a few… I would say all of them actually. But of course some of the were more intense and surprising, others were more adventurous and some were just… Big fails. Because it happens too isn’t it? I mean we make mistakes, learn from them and that’s how we move forward. So there were good things, less good things, but all together it seems like quite a good year with a lot of lessons learned. 

Of course the biggest step was to finish my highschool and beging working on the blog proffessionally, I still have to pinch myself sometimes when I consider this decision and all the guts it took me and my family to let me do so… Luckily it really seemed to be a great choice since James and I travelled this year to so many countries, twice to New York, Paris and Berlin, 3 times to Milan, to Mexico, to Dubai, to Lisbon, to Münich, not to mention that we explored almost all of Switzerland. Fashion week was a hell of an amazing experience, quite overwhelming actually, quite stressfull too, but so exciting. It’s amazing to see all the great things we did with amazing brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Armani, Hugo Boss, Guess, Hermès and so on… But one the most awesome thing came by the end of the year, which was this famous video shot for Louis Vuitton. That project definitely took my breath away. And…. Some really cool things happened more locally in switzerland : I released my new bag, the Fab. by Kayture bag, and a bracelet with the brand DIIO Senses, got chosen among the 12 swiss personalities of the year by the Illustré and presented many charity galas such as the Ralph Lauren Pink Pony action against breast cancer and the ”Action Innocence” fund raiser fighting against violence on the internet. Still, and I am not saying this to sound corny or anything, but really, having your support and reading your comments everyday is really what pushes me forward. It’s kind of my redbull, when I see your sweet messages all James and I want to do is give out more and share with you some awesome projects and breathtaking pictures. Just because having a little escape for 10 minutes each morning isn’t much but seems quite magical…So…HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wish you all a lot of love and joy on this new adventure!



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Happy New Year!!! Wish you all the luck!
Ally O

Wow you’re so stunning! I love your beauty!

awesome 2012 recap honey hope that your year 2013 will be as good as the year 2012 ♥

wish you all the best in 2013 Kristina <3

Dear Kristina,

There is so much more to you beyond what meets the eye! Yes, of course you’re gorgeous and you have amazing style. But these traits are insignificant against what lies beneath the surface. What intrigues me the most about you is how hardworking and ambitious you are, how much effort you’ve put in to accomplish your dreams. I know you mentioned in an interview that you didn’t fit in well in high school and people have made unkind remarks about your body (doesn’t make any sense, you’re so slim). But the fact that you didn’t let these people get to you, the fact that you chose to shine despite the criticism makes me respect you so much more. You’re a year younger than me, but I look up to you for inspiration. I stopped reading more fashion blogs, but I continue to follow yours because you are simply brilliant.

Keep up the great work. Happy new year! xoxo

has been such an amazing year for you! happy new year and so much more to come for you and your blog!

The pictures are truly amazing. Hope you’ll have a great 2013!! Blogging is an amazing experience, isn’t it?

I really like this post. The photography is amazing and your outfits are truly stunning. You picked the best ones of the year for this post! Happy new year xo

You are fabulous!

Happy new year!:) Beautiful pictures! I love this blog! <3

It was an overwhelming and incredible year for you Kristina! You’ve wore so many beautiful outfits and I hope that 2013 will be an even better year for you! Happy new year <3


lovely! happy new year!

Woow t’es aller 3 fois à Dubaï *-* La chance !!!!!!!!
JOYEUSE NOUVELLE ANNEE 2O13, pleins de bonheur, de réussite et de santé :)

Happy New Year and thank you for all the wonderful inspiration!
xxx Debra

this is the best post , i love how you put all the memories back together and you are my role model =)

Awesome,awesome,awesome,absolutely awesome!
Happy new year to you,and James! :)

Awesome pictures! ♥
Happy New Year, Kristina! :)

You’ve been such a great inspiration to me this year, reading your blog is just like reading a magazine. Thank you so much for that and wish you a happy new year. xx


so many amazing photos! happy new year!

beautiful photos!

Kristina, I’m following your blog for more than a year and I must say that your real beauty comes from inside! We don’t know but you seem to be a wonderful person! Happy New Year!!
waiting for new inspiring posts :)
Natalie, Israel

wonderful 2012 !!! all are so beautifull!!

I watched all the photos and what can I say – you are inspiration for me! I love your blog, i love how you look – your outfits, everything. I love, that you write sincerely, it’s interesting to read.So thank you and have a happy and more exciting 2013.:)

YOUR style is perfect for me!

I love your blog! You are amazing, inspirating, beautiful! Wish you the best in 2013! xx

I think i Could watch these photos all day long <3
You’re just flawless

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful year for you both! I always love your pctures! All the best for 2013!


I love this photos and your blog! You are the best!!!<3

amazing pictures !! well done for the great success of your blog !!! happy new year and all the best for 2013 !!

I’m so happy and proud of you, Kristina!! Best of luck, new adventures and experiences this year! Love you lots xx

It’s impressive how big your blog got after such a short period of time. But all your photos are great ! Happy New year
new outfit post

Happy New Year Kristina! kisses

Imagination is more important than knowledge. It’s completely true.

Such beautiful photos, I wish you and everyone the best in 2013.

Happy New Year everyone!!

What a long post! You had a good damn year girl, congratulations !

wonderful pictures:)
I love your style:)
Happy New Year:)

You say that seeing the photos brings you great memories….
So for us, at least for me, your readers, viewing all this photos of you, happy and living your dreams is great too. Like I read you every post you write, viewing here all those great photos with those great people is like, wow, im proud of her, look what all that she has done and succeed in! :)
Reading you is a little like knowing you, and we (your readers) are very happy to know that evything is going well! :D


you’re o beautiful that I even don’t know what to say !

Amazing article!Happy new year from Italy :-)

Amazing article!Happy new year from Italy :-)

you are grate!

You had such a beautiful year ! I hope 2013 will bring you hapiness and joy !

Amzaing photos, best wishes!

Hi Kristina,

It looks like you had one fabulous year!! WOW! What a way to end off 2012 :)
Have a great new year with many more dreams coming true.

Lots of love from Johannesburg,

Great pictures from 2012. Hope we will read a lot of new posts in 2013. Please can you do once a post with the great lipsticks you always have. Happy New Year Kristina!!

i really enjoyed the year with you und your blog! go on like that! LOVE your pictures!

you are amazing
i hope this year will be great for you


Great selection of outfits and moments. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Kristina. 2013 is gonna be very amazing <3 <3 <3

Happy New Year
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Happy New Year Kristina!!

picture nr 37 ;-) still the cutest!

@Mireia M. babe, thank you so so much for your sweet words. I wish you an awesome new year, lots of fun, joy, love and good health!! Kisses from Switzerland

THE STRANGER ( : Dear I’ve noticed your comments on my facebook and instagram too,each time I read them it’s so motivating and heart warming. Thank you so much for your support it really means a lot to me :) many many many kisses

Mucho cariño y admiración Cris)))*+*+*+ desde Sudamerica -Paraguay-
Liz Victoria

Beautiful post
Happy New Year!

Happy new year Kristina. Your blog really is one of my favorites and I always look forward reading your next post and seeing all the amazing photos you’ve taken. Your style always inspires me and you really look gorgeous. So congrats for making your blog so big!

Very beautiful summary with fantastic moments to remember and really funny moments too… wishing you and James all the best and that you can continue your journey with your blog…

Vanessa –

Wishing you a prosperous 2013!


Wow very beautiful photos! I wish you a beautiful start to the year 2013! You are great Kristina! Mach weiter so ;)

<3 Anja

Happy New Year Kristina!
Your blog is amazing and this post is great!
I’m 17 and also a blogger so I admire you a lot (I’m the webmaster of Gossip Girl Spain blog). I love your style. I also admire James’ work. His photos are pure perfection and ok, you are beautiful :)I wish you guys all the best for this new year 2013. You deserve it all.


amazing post! Happy New Year!

Dear Kristina. Last year was successful and incredible for you but I truly hope and I believe that this year will be even better. I’m truly happy for you and as fashion blogger myself, I grateful for inspiring people. I wish you happy new year and all the best to your life!

Plein de bisous


Heidi, Finlande

Seeing all your pictures makes me very happy for you. I’m glad that you had brought your blog far and I’m definitely happy for your achievement.
May 2013 be filled with greater surprises for you and your blog. Happy Year 2013 and much blessings! Have a fantabulous year =)

great photos ;)
Happy new year ! ♥

most beatiful :)
i really love your fashion!

I’m very glad I found your blog last year (2012). I enjoy reading it and watching your jorney. Your posts are very inspiring. Keep doing it! ;)
Happy New Year!

With love, Egle Ge {HideInSugar}

You are stunning on every single photo!
Wish you a great 2013!
Love, Melly

awww such sweet photos and words! you 2 are of my favourite blogs EVER! hope you 2 have a fabulous 2013!!!

You lived so much incredible experiences this year, and it’s crazy to see how you try to do your best for each experience and you always find something positive even when it’s a big fail. You’re always so positive and enthusiastic and that’s a pleasure reading each post of yours.
I discovered your blog a few months ago, but even if I follow others blogs, you’re definitely my favorite one. You don’t only share pictures of clothing but you write all your feelings about it and why you feel like wearing this outfit and what you enjoyed doing this or this today and whatever you did, and every day. You really share a part of your life and you make us (your reades) feel closer of your life and I feel happy when I read your posts because you are.
So go on enjoying life and thanks for sharing it with us, and may 2013 be even more happy than 2012 for you.

PS : amazing pictures (+ sorry for the mistakes, I know I make some)

May you reveal your foundation secret? You always look so flawless & perfect :)

PS: Happy new year!

What an incredible year it’s been for you and James! I wish you even a more exciting one this year :)

AMAZING. you are goregously beautiful & well, flawless! I love your blog and wish you all the best for 2013 x

you had such a great year!

wow u are so beautiful!

wonderful pictures, i love each of them.
it’s perfectly motivating to see, how much james and you reached last year. you look like loving what you do, and that is the most important thing in life, i guess.
nearly one year i am thinking about starting a blog myself, but always i am rejected by university, family, friends and other everyday issues.
but when i see how much happiness blogging brings you, i feel motivated to start my own now in 2013.
please stay as you are, you have a great personality and share all those wonderful things with us.

happy new year!
many greetings from germany

Omg, you’ve had an amazing year! :*

I really love your blog. All the pictures are such wunderful and your projects are amazing.

Happy new year from Germany.:)

you are stunning! wish you the best for 2013!

Such beautiful pictures taken by James, he is great at photography, how good it is that you are together and get to also spend your working lives together! That is perfect! I cannot wait for more pictures from you! I have loved taking a little time out an reading your blog posts! Cannot wait to read more thank you!

Hi Kristina!
Happy 2013 to you too :) Wish you a successfull year, because I admire what you do with James. This is one of the blogs where pictures can tell the story without words. You are doing it really well! Fingers crossed, keep working and your dreams will come true :) ( By the way, you should do more videos :) )
And I just wanted to ask you, I know it is personal, but I’m so curious – are you planning to study next year or will you continue working on the blog? ( I started university this year and just can’t imagine how could it be possible to have a full-time job like this and study – really hard, but I know people can do anything if they want :) )

Gosh! You look amazing on every single picture! Love your sensuality!

Happy New Year Kristina!!!

so many great photos hope 2013 will be even better

Elegantesque Blog

gorgeous photography and you looked stunning in every single photo! I love your style so much, you are so elegant and sexy!

Hayley xx

So stunning pictures! And happy 2013! :)

wow, beautiful pictures !! your style is my absolute favorite:)

Does your email still good to write to you ?

Keep up the good work in 2013!

all of your looks and photos are always amazing! happy new year! (:

fashionlei styled

most beautiful woman :)

Happy New Year Kristina!!! Your blog is amazing for fashion inspiration, but also your pictures are always so beautiful. Keep it going in 2013 :)

You are such an inspiration! I’m also 19 and I really really get inspired by your blog, you give me strength and motivation for moving on in my life. Happy new year beautiful, have a great year, you deserve it!!!

I just arrived in your blog, really great …. your outfits are always perfect and you’re beautiful <3 congratulations!
I would be really happy if you would to follow each other … let me know <3



Happy New Year 2013 Kristina…

All of these photos are so beautiful! They really inspire me to take better pictures. :)

Incredible photos! Absolutely gorgeous, I love following all of your stuff! Inspiration!

I wish you another year full of succes :), when you came to my country this year i was so exciting <3 unfotunally i can meet you in person :( so i wish you can came a second time to MEXICO! :P


This is such a great post, its so awesome to see different pics from 2012! You look amazing in all the pics you are so gorgeous! I hope you have a great 2013, Im looking forward to seeing what you do this year :) HAPPY NEW YEAR


I love it ! Your so beautyfull :)

Bonne année 2013 !
Best of luck and kisses from a Frenchie !

So many beautiful pictures. I’ve been following you the last couple of years and you’ve grown so fast! I love it. You are gorgeous and a real inspiration to many of us.♥ Keep up the good work and have a lovely 2013!

Dear Kristina,

we met once in Jelmoli in Zurich.
Im so happy for you ! You are georgeous and don’t listen to people, who are just pure jealous of you. They always were, they will always be.
It’s just because you are so beautiful, young and independent !
Keep doing, all the best in 2013 !

Justyna, the red-haired polish student from Zurich, if you still remember me :)

Coucou ma belle !
Je te souhaite de passer une très très bonne année 2013 à toi et James ! Vous nous faites rêver à vous deux avec les photos, les looks, les events que vous couvrez c’est une vraie magie qu’il y a autour de vous !
Merci aussi pour cette année écoulée et toujours plus de miracles dans les tenues, le make up, les poses c’est incroyable comme la plupart des photos peuvent faire la couverture de Vogue !
Si j’avais un rêve pour 2013 ça serait celui de te rencontrer car tu as l’air aussi top dans la vie que dans ton blog !
Gros Bisous

It seems like you had an amazing year!
Happy New year! Hope you have a fantastic 2013 as well!

Kristina! you’re my favourite fashion blogger!<3 you're amazing, and these photos're soooo lovely!!:))
Emma xx

happy new year! gorgeous photos!

Beautiful photos!
You look fabulous!
Happy New Year 2013!

T’es trop belle ! Ces photos sont sublimes :)

J’te souhaite beaucoup de belles choses pour 2013.


Gorgeous photos, you look stunning in all of them!

Beautiful pictures, your hard work paid off! Don’t let anyone stop you!

Love from Amsterdam,

Do you ever take a bad photograph? All these are gorgeous! And happy new year btw :)

Happy New Year! I absolutely can’t wait to see what the two of you create in 2013!

You are such a successful and gorgeous girl! Congratulations on everything you’ve achieved in 2012!
Time to bring on 2013

Congratulations on all your amazing achievements!

I absolutely love your blog and your style and I’m so in awe of you because despite all the fame your blog has brought you, you remain so humble and still pay attention to your readers.

Many bloggers get to a point where their blogs become impersonal as they get more popular. It must be difficult to keep up with all the comments, but even replying to a few makes people feel like you care about and appreciate their input.

Good luck with all your projects for the upcoming year…I wish you much success :)

Dear Kristina I wish you all the best for 2013. Keep on going with your great work :-)

xoxo Anita

happy new year!!!! and james look awesome!

Lulinette96 : Wow, thank you for your message. It’s really awesome to read comments like yours. What I love personaly about reading other blogs, and I can tell you, I read a hell of a lot of them, is this little feeling of evasion just for a few minutes. Like you’re flying away in another world, country. And the feeling of joy and happiness that comes with it. So even though the concept of blogging is quite basic, and that I’m just showing you my looks, James and I always try to bring the pictures to life and add to them a part of us! As well as in the text. So yeah, it feels really amazing to know that you guys also have this feeling when you read Kayture, thank you :)

Happy New Year Dear!!!

You always take my breath away… Keep inspiring us all! I have no doubt 2013 will be even more incredible!

Happy New Year !
I wish you the best for 2013.

These pictures are amazing, you’re so beautiful!
Happy New Year! :D

Amazing! I start to follow your blog only a few months ago and you’re already one of my favourite bloggers! You are so pretty and stylish! Keep up the good work :)

And I wish you the best of luck for this year!


wow! Your blog is amazing
red lips ♥
I invite you to my blog ;)

Tu es magnifique Kristina! Merci de m’apporter chaque jour du rêve grâce à ton blog! Continue, c’est top. Bonne année 2013! Bisous. Caroline

WWow beauty collage! Hope you have very good year 2013

I loved your blog article. Cool.