Pictures by James Vyn

FEELS LIKE SUMMER During our stay with Mango in Barcelona, James and I had the chance to enjoy a lot of free time in the city. It was the perfect occasion to explore around and especially take advantage of the sun and the extremely surprising weather. Seriously guys, it really did feel like summer for me and I was so chocked to see that all people were wearring coats though it was around 20° degrees outside. I was feeling so great with my short dress that day, gosh I definitely miss summer and wearing light clothes. It gets more and more challenging to dress up nicely and stay warm.

I decided to go with a very summery look, just because I really can’t wait for the hot days to arrive in Switzerland and be able to score my new dresses. So I picked out this cute ivory dress from Zara and mixed and matched it with some accessories by Mango Touch I received in my arrival surprise goodie bag. And for the final touch, my beloved new YSL pumps bought during our trip in Berlin. I wish I could dress like this everyday, don’t you? P.S : I am writing to you guys straight from Venice, right after Barcelona we left with Louis Vuitton for Italy, feel free to follow my updates on Instagram @kristina_bazan

DRESS : Zara
CLUTCH / JEWERLY : Mango Touch
BELT : B-Low The Belt


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You look very beautiful! I love the bright jewellery. I have the same dress, love it :)

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Beautiful & very stylish

Great clutch and necklace, you look stunning!

where’s your lipstick and nail polish from ? they are so pretty! i really need them :) great post!

Beautiful pics and the dress looks classy. Esp love the clutch. Glad you enjoy your stay in Barcelona :)




Gorgeous photos!! You look amazing and the scenery is great.

xoxo, Diana
The Neon Factor ☠

Your makeup is gorgeous! Love the ladylike outfit!

nice ! so good to see this weather and blue sky !

I love so mucj this look. You are so beautiful.
Kisses from Spain.

you always look so feminine i totally admire this style of yours :)♥ beautiful !!
kisses from

How are you always so effortlessly chic?

Love your outfit as always!!

the Ombre is making you look as a brunette, you look better as a blonde though..

What a beautiful look Kristina. I love your shoes and the dress is perfect! Here’s to summer!!

Love from South Africa,

OMG you look stunning, and the pigeon pics are so gorgeous!!

xx Nita

Love the last picture!!! I’m glad you spent such a great time in my beloved Barcelona!!!!

Kisses from Me, My fashion and I

Beautiful clutch and jeverly! You look absolutely divine!

Ese vestido lo tengo y soy española jaja un beso!!

B E A U T I F U L!!!!! love the dress and that belt! you look amazing! xo, Alma

your looks are always perfect! I love it!

Nice photos!

Love love love the pictures !! It looks great and beautiful outfit !!

simply dress but with this jewellery, belt and bag look so amazing:) God job :)

wowww.. beautiful pictures.. looks like summer is der :D its 20degrees here and we feel so cold in india.. its cos u guys experience harsher temperatures :\
anyway.. i love your dress.. how you’ve paired it with orange mango touch jewelry. the pumps are divine :)
love the photography too!

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Wow everything is perfect! Love that dress paired with mango accessories, it’s perfect outfit xx

Beautiful pics!! I love so much Barça!


You look absolutely amazing! Love your dress so much!

The Fashion Cuisine

Wow… your look is breathtaking. Amazing photos from Barcelona,I see James is really very talented young man and you are just gorgeous :)

enjoy!I am at ski and it is cold,

Is so hot there.Nice dress and accessories.

Aaah the first one between the birds is amazing! Nice look also. Is James Vyn your boyfriend? Does he have a job? Because he’s always with you to every country or city you visit. How is that possible?


The most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Perfect style.

Amazing outfit! I really love your blog♥

And some other amazing shots from Barcelona!
I love the pictures where you scare the pigeons away ;)

Hola desde Madrid! I hope you´re having a great time there! xx

Gorgeous!! One of the most beautiful post!

wow great look. love the brids

Love it!

Gorgeous look! I adore your dress and shoes!

The Purse Snatcher 

That is such a beautiful and delicate dress! Love the accessories you opted for :)


Gosh, I love your makeup! You’re one of the bloggers out there whom I notice the makeup as much as the clothes. Would you consider branching into beauty on your blog and doing makeup tutorials? (:

Stunning pictures, gorgeous outfit. Totally love this post!

xx Olga
La Petite Olga

Lucky you for warm weather! Cute outfit!

Wow, these pics are breathtaking:)

Loved the make up !
The jewelry it’s gorgeous too !

you are so beautiful as those head shot are stunning. I love how you accessorized this simple dress

Stunning outfits! And lovely photos

you look amazing! Barcelona is a amazing place, which I want to go :)

you look so beautiful and lovely!

Lovely pictures in my beloved city. I miss it too! I’m living for some months in the Uk and I miss the sunny ans warm Barcelona!

That’s such a beautiful outfit! I would love to see a post about how you fixed your skin problem that you said you had

This jeweiry…. Amazing! Like you Kristina!:)))

You look simply ravishing! I love the dress and I can imagine how fun you must have :D

This outfit is so beautiful!

amazing day, outfit and pics…the one with the pigeons is gorgeous.

just wow ♥ ♥ ♥

The last one is awesome. :D

Love everything about this outfit. gorgeous!

You look lovely in the summer dress. We also draw a line days to spring …
What kind of nail polish you have?

Stunning photos and look!:) xo

Absolutely in love with the whole outfit. Love the accessories from Mango Touch and the dress! Is it from the new collection?

Barcelona is such a great city!! Did you enjoy your stay?

accessories can really build up an outfit, and a style!
i love all jewelries in this post and they brighten up the look completely.
and your lip colour is a go-go!

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I absolutely adoreee youuuuu

i really like your blog and the aesthetics that your photographer-boyfriend creates. the pictures are always so bright and looking at them is kind of refreshing. also your choice of outfits inspires a great deal of people – you have an incredible sense of style (but probably you’ve been told about that hundred times).
i have one request, though: please, don’t wear so much make-up on a daily basis. you’re something around nineteen-twenty (am i right?) and too much product make you look at least 29. i don’t mean to offend you, it’s just an advice.
take care and keep inspiring people!
greetings from Poland
-Hanna (make-up artist)

Beautiful, beautiful, One of the best post I have seen. You’re amazing.

omg you look amazing! love your blog

I love your nail color! What is it?

It looks lovely in Barcelona – and that last shot of the pigeons is beautiful!

It’s quite strange to see the all people who wear a very warm coat and you that are a bit undressed :D

i am in love with this look – the dress, nails, accessories, etc. and just wish that it was summer here too!
kw, Ladies in Navy

WOW! you are beautiful and the dress looks fantastic on you :)


you always look so perfect!



I love love love the dress! So elegant.

I love your dress, you look so beautiful! (But this is not new :D )

I’ve loved the photo and the look is amazing. I really like!



love this! )) u´re so beautiful! <3

I’m so glad you are not afraid of wearing makeup.. some other bloggers do wear makeup but it’s like they’re not..
anyway.. great outfit once again!

Greetings from Mexico!

Beautiful look…

love the last photo!!
You are gorgeous as always!

it’s incredible how beautiful you are! xx

lovely pictures, kristina! :)

Amazing dress!! Estás tan tan guapa!!
Espero que hayas disfrutado mucho de Barcelona!
Un besito desde Vigo!

Love the photos!! Especially with you scaring the pigeons!!!


I love your outfit and make up ! You look so pretty

Gorgeous outfit! Its super chic and sexy :) I love everything about this outfit its all lovely! Those pigeon shots are fantastic!

Hayley xx

Amazing photos, just like always! You look so perfect*

Me encannta tu blog, desde españa.

so beautiful! love your dress.

Great accessories. I always love your high-quality photos!

Nice photos!

omg these photos are amazing, you’re beautiful! i love your blog. everything is just so perfect.


Amazing photos, oh how I envy that there is warm there!


So pretty. Can’t wait for you to showcase all your lovely summer looks xx

What a nice pictures in Plaza Cataluña! I am one of those people who wears coats on Barcelona hahah but I understand why you felt so warm to wear just a dress. When people from other countries visit Spain, they are always wearing sandals and all those summer clothes in winter haha, because they come from colder countries like you!! It’s true that these days we’re having a very nice weather, but when the sun goes down is not so warm!

By the way, very nice pictures, I love the colours of the look and the pictures of the details!



Estas preciosaa!! increíble las fotos y ese vestido, te queda fenomenall!!!

Love the clean, white dress and the way you styled it. Gorgeous photos!

красиво так)) классные фотограФии)

You look lovely! and your make up looks flawless as always!

So cute, I love your nails!

Beautiful dress and Barcelona photos!

your makeup is impeccable!!! love the liner!! you look stunning! great photos by james!!!

it is yes surprising weather. pretty simple dress for this summery winter. I like the simplicity with the pop of colors of jewelries.


Amazing photos,lovely outfit,!

I guess where you are from is just so much colder. It’s definitely very hot where I am now and I don’t think I’m enjoying the humidity and hotness as much.

I’m spanish so it’s great for me that you liked Barcelona. I would have love to meet you but I live in other city. I hope you come to Spain soon

Aww! and did you buy any Zara clothes while you were here? They are cheaper here ;)


Could you do a Video Tutorial on this ponytail? It looks so beautiful!

this look on you is absolutely gorgeous! pure elegance

love the clutch!

Great scenery and lovely outfit,i’m loving the accessories :)

I love the dress! and clunch is very cute, I love it!
I like the good combination of colors

the photos with pigeons are so great!!! and I love the whole look.)

Can you do MY nails..

Looking so so good!!! Such an inspiration :)

Love, love, love this outfit! The jewelry is divine and the simplicity of the dress suits you so well. Gorgeous! x

Beauty beauty!

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