Pictures by James Vyn

LITTLE SNAKE AROUND MY NECK I’ve always been quite in love with very delicate jewelry embelished with interesting symbols. Of course I am the first one to enoy a bold statement necklace but for everyday life, it’s nice having a few discrete pieces that are easy and fun to wear. It’s the kind of pieces that you can wear every single day, for any occasion, mixing and matching different ones to create a personal look. What I also like about them is that they all mean something to us, well at least they sure do mean things to me. Either is it a gift from my boyfriend or a souvenir I found during a trip in Greece, these little medallions are going to follow you for a long time and I just love changing them from one day to another, one day it’s a clover, another it’s going to be a cute little snake with a diamond eye… 

So yesterday I told you guys that you’ll be able to expect a cool surprise on the blog today (TGIF by the way, so happy that it’s friday) and here it is : as a huge fan of pendants I wanted let you give you the opportunity to discover an amazing brand and it’s gorgeous designer Jennifer Zeuner who’s jewerly is absolutely gorgeous, super feminin, playfull and with a little spiritual twist. It is the hot trend in Hollywood right now with Cameron Diaz being the first one to wear her designs so better pay attention. One of you guys will be able to actually win this awesome snake necklace by Jennifer Zeuner, all you have to do in order to take part in the giveaway is :

- Follow Kayture on Bloglovin and Twitter
- Follow Jennifer Zeuner on Facebook and Pinterest
- Leave a comment with your contact under this post


SHIRT : Zara
SKIRT : Goodnight Macaroon
COAT : Gerard Darel
NECKLACE : Jennifer Zeuner
WATCH : Michael Kors
CLUTCH : Lommé
SHOES : Carmen Steffens



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perfect as always!you have fantastic style!

What a sweet necklace. Following your lovely blog.

Just wrote a post today about celebrating Chinese New Year (the Year of the Snake) with snake-inspired jewelry, accessories, and shoes >

Inspirations & Celebrations

Inspiring Style & Celebrating Life

Love simple minimal necklaces..
FB: Kari Moore
Twitter: @Gician

I love your outfit and the necklace!

Joined the giveaway!
Email: arraabella[at]yahoo[dot]com

such a beautiful shoot! love your bouncy hair!

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You are so pretty <3 im a 13 years old girl from Denmark/france :)

Love this outfit and the necklace is so cute! I’d love to wear it too… :)

Xo Lisa from

Love this snake necklace! I can already see myself mixing it with some other cool jewelry. :-) Have a great day!

Floor Eizema

You always look so glamorous!

xoxo, Diana
The Neon Factor ☠

Such a fun design! I can’t wait to wear it…

nooo, have not a Twitter :( big, big pity for me :(♥

Love your style. Love your necklace.I try my luke.
Xoxo from France.

twitter: @mclasb

followed you
facebook: zaara khan
pinterest: my crazy life and stuff


Gorgeous look! I adore the delicate jewelry!

The Purse Snatcher 

ksssssssksssssss! I simply love it, so delicate…

Totally adorable look.



Morgane Paltz

Merci pour le concours :-)

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My e-mail:

Thanks for the giveaway! [:

You’re sooooooo beautiful!

Very very nice outfit and you have such lovely coat!

pretty detailsand will be joining right away 

It would mean a lot to me if you let me know what you think of my new post 

Mihaela Popescu

Thank you!!

Love the necklace :)


where is your beautiful lipstick from???

wow that’s too cute! wish i could win.

What a lovely fine necklace from Jennifer Zeuner. I love the jewelery from Jennifer Zeuner. Just perfect.

Monika Berkowski I love this necklace and your fashion blog <3 please please please <3<3<3 It would be the best thing i never had ;)

I follow you and Jennifer Zeuner on everything you stated, my contacts are enachi_alexandra@yahoo dot com or alice.left@gmail dot com. Oh, I love your hair and lipstick in these photos!

Hello :) I’m Italian, my name is Angelica, my contact e-mail is: angi.tra @!

Hello :) I’m Italian, my name is Angelica, my contact e-mail is: angi.tra @!

Really cute snake necklace:X
Adriana Delia Barar

know you probably won’t choose me since i’m the first one to post a comment and my english is very bad but i have to say: love this snake necklace! it is so gorgeous and it’s obviously the kind of jewell you can wear every day :)
(, switzerland)

You look great! It’s so simple, but so cute!

Great post ! I’m a fan of delicate jewels too! And I totally agrive – it’s cute.

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Name: Irina Dubinskaya-Gnatiuk

wow your make-up is stunning :O

You are so pretty!

The snake necklace is really gorgeous! Good luck to everyone!

My email:

I follow you on Bloglovin as Junes ( and Twitter as realthingvolx
- I Follow Jennifer Zeuner on Facebook as Julita Jędras and Pinterest as jjunes
- my contact is or


Wow, the perfect little necklace! Just what i’ve been looking for..
Kristina, you look stunning as always!

Mari-Liis from Estonia

Voila voila c’est fait :)
J’aimerais bien le gagner il est super cool!

Et c’est drôle de reconnaître le chemin….
Une voisine de pas très loin en fait …. ;)

Mon mail: (mais c’est pas avec celui la que je suis inscrite sur les différents sites….)

absolutely lovely neclace!!!!!<3 i would really love to win it!!thanks so much Kristina for giving us te opportunity to win such a beautiful gift! xxx
my email address is:
my fb account is : Maria Gravalou

Bon je tente ma chance (étant malade et clouée au lit, ça me remonterait un peu le moral!)
Rachel ;)

Simple is always better…love it!!!

Alexandra Badea
Bucharest, Romania.
That precious will come to me!

Amazing pictures! <3

Simple is better!! Her work is amazing… :)

Oh I love Jennifer Zeuner. It has wonderful jewelry.
Im following. I hope I win :-) contact me under

love your outfit and that little bag is cute :)

Gorgeous delicate necklace! So beautiful.

Contact Twitter: lauraxcraggs

always following you and your style!
thanks for all the tips!

Name on Facebook: Miriam Carod Royo
twitter name: @miriamcarod

this is an amazing giveaway!

is this giveaway open internationally? because I’ve done all the steps :)

that necklace is really cute!

You look so pretty and the necklace is awesome! Unfortunately I do not have Twitter, everything else is already followed :)

Wow! Thank you for this great opportunity to win pretty Jennifer Zeuner necklace! :) And thank you for suberbe blog <3

Your hair looks so pretty!
Great look.




Lucie Vankova, Czech Republic –

Thanks =)

All done!! I love this necklace!!! my e-mail

great giveaway!
Naama A
FB:Naama Aharoni, twitter:@naamaaha, Pinterest:NaamaA

very beautiful necklace!! love snakes an so on for their shape :) maybe I’ll try my luck!

name: Madalina Matei

I am following Kayture on facebook and twitter and Jennifer Zeuner on facebook and pinterest ^^

Thank you for this contest :)
I like your facebook page and twitter : Allaboutmeryl .
I don’t have bloglovin or Pinterest but I like the facebook page of Jennifer Zeuner with my personal facebook : Meryl Bro…
My e-mail is :

You can also find me there :

cute :) i love these tiny necklaces !!

Vanessa Walkenhorst

Following and liking!!

narehart22 (at) gmail (dot) com

The Occasional Indulgence

I don’t like much the necklace but your dress is amazing :-)If you want come into my blog, and tell me what you think about this Watch ! Kiss from Italy

I like the snake necklace because .. first it’s gold(by the way) and small but mighty! It looks very classy! XO

Looking gorgeous as ever, how do you get your hair like that? Maybe you could do a quick video.

Oh this outfit is truly stunning! I am the same, I love delicate and simple jewlery and this one is amazing.

I followed every single step x


So lovely, I checked out her website and love almost all her pieces! Would be great to win this one.

Thanks for the chance to win that beautiful necklace! Love your blog so much!:) My name is: Elise Kortink, my e-mail is:!

Beautiful babe!

Thanks for the cute giveaway


Its beautiful and so delicate.

xx, Johnnybell

Awesome giveaway!
Liked and followed!

rooma_96 @ Thankyou! X

wow, it’s so beautiful. i dont have many jewls so i’ m guessing it would be nice to win it…

anyway you look great

I like JZ collection! Their collection from necklace,bracelet and anklet are stunning. Unfortunately it’s quite expensive :( I hope i could win this necklace as my birthday gift next tuesday.
Thanks Kristina for the opportunity!
Twitter : @emiliasiska
Thanks for giveaway! The necklace is so gorgeous:)

Aleksandra Zojceska 25 January 2013 / Reply

Realy amazing post! I just love your outfit especially your shoes and the magnificent snake necklace.Simply beautiful as always!

So cute necklace :)

Gorgeous look and I will love to win this pretty necklace.
All steps done.

I’m all entered and my fingers are crossed! I can be reached at

done & done on all above requests…great giveaway!

p.s. love the clutch and the shirt from today’s look of the day. :)



really a beautiful accessory! great choice! I’d love to win it!

I would absolutely love to win this Jennifer Zeuner necklace. I am a huge fan! My name is Alexis Cohan and my email address is

I would love to win! :)

i love Jennifer Zeuner jewellery and i really like your blog.I follow you every day.kiss kiss

Love you’re lip color!

FB – Elena Rudaya
Twitter – @elenarudaya
Pinterest – Elena Rudaya

Thanks for the great giveaway! I hope I win!

queen-of-pain at yandex dot com

beautiful giveaway!! :)I really like your today’s post,cute outfit!

I just followed everything! My contact info is


Thank you, I really wish I’ll be able to win it :) xxx

love the necklace and the outfit such a wonderful giveaway! that lip shade looks fab on you what is it? xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

Oh amazing giveaway! Love it :) You look gorgeous as usual!

Twitter: LuvJ

Stunning!!! :)
Facebook: Lucie Šedajová

I WANT I WANT! It’s such a loooovely necklace! You can contact me at


gosh, this piece of jewelry is so beautiful! ♥

Such a cute, delicate necklace!

Sophianne x

Everything is perfect here OMG, you’re so stunning! And your sense of style is gorgeous.. Seriously loving this look on you, perfect for the winter!

I did everything for the giveaway, but I don’t have Pinterest :(( Hope I’m still in the competition! Love you <3

xx Nita

I love Jennifer Zeuner´s jewelry! This necklace is so dainty and has so much character.

Texas Flare:

Evgeniya Bukhadeeva at FB

I’ve done it all.

u are such a beauty!
fb: Karolina Melchior

Stunning! I follow jennifer on instagram and am a big fan of all of the dainty pieces. I would be so excited to win this! Thanks for the awesome opportunity! xx

Sophie Lewis

Michelle Madonna
twitter: thatmadonnagirl

I love the necklace! <3

The necklace is stunning!

I love Jennifer Zeuner! This is a great giveaway!

My names Amanda and my email is

hope I win x

join my galaxy leggings GIVEAWAY!

already following you :) i followed Jennifer Zeuner too. and the necklaceis really cute!great giveaway!

That necklace is beautiful!
I Really hope i’m lucky. All done!
Love all your outfits, I’m an avid reader of your blog.

Amazing photos and such a gorgeous giveaway!
Love the necklace!

xx Olga
La Petite Olga

Great giveaway! Count me in :)


Great post! Your outfit is perfect!! And that Jennifer Zeuner necklace is SO amazing!!

Hi Kristina,
What a lovely piece of jewellery to spice up an outfit with! So dainty and unique!
Would love to own it.

Been following you om fb and twitter for a while, and just started following Jennifer Zeuner on fb and pinterest.
Email address:
Crossing my fingers!!

Amanda Custo

Thanks for the chance! Her jewelry is stunning!


Thank you for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway. I follow Kayture on Bloglovin and Twitter. I also follow Jennifer Zeuner on Facebook and Pinterest.

Cindy Aiton

Stunning photos as always! The necklace is just beautiful!

Just entered. :D csherry.eddy@gmail[dot]com

In the Chinese zodiac – the Snake represents the perfect balance of beauty, intelligence and strength. You captured this beautifully in these pictures!

Beautiful necklace and perfect for me because I was born in the year of the snake!

-Megan B

Loving how delicate and unique the necklace is! The pictures on this post are really beautiful!

Following on Twitter as @kelseaeaton
Following on Pinterest as
mundaneminnie at gmail dot com
Good Luck Everyone!

You always look amazing!
did all the steps to enter :)

yes it is beautiful !! and

Coucou !
Je participe avec grand plaisir :)


Wow you look so great! Love your Outfit!

Amazing style and amazing design of the necklace :) Love to have it from Denmark:)

You are like and angel in this photos!!!

Lovely necklace!

fb and pinterest name: sezin özer
twitter name: sezoozer
also following you on bloglovin!

have a nice day!

J’aime aussi beaucoup ce genre de colliers! J’ai suivi tous les liens donc voilà mon mail Superbes boucles ♥

you can be so proud of your bf! he (and ofc you too) is the success of a good living blog! the pictures must be the best :) i am so jealous!

I’m following you and her :) x
It’s a very lovely necklace!


how great!
i am already your follower on Bloglovin (Radmila) and twitter (@radmilamlia)Bloglovin and Twitter
and i follow Jennifer Zeuner on Facebook (Radmila Ustych) and Pinterest (Radmila)
thanks, Radmila,

love your blog <3

i have always been lusting for a jennifer zeuner piece! :)

I’d love to win this! You Lookkk beautiful as always Kristina!

Love your outfit and your hair is awesome.

As always very very beautiful!I always loved your sophistication so I already followed you on Twitter( I don’t have instagram so I’m glad I can stay updated throught Twitter And Facebook :)),Bloglvin and Facebook!

FB:Angie Bozinovski

following on bloglovin and twitter @raelena85
following on pinterest and Facebook: Rae Pavey
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

you are so pretty!
twitter: mattmonteiroac
instagram: mmonteiroac

Love your clutch!


WOW!! love it!
I love your blog!! such beautiful pictures!!
My email:

the snake kinds resembles me of a swan

beutiful! :) now i’m following it all

I love your blog! yppu are so pretty!!

Please check my new blog ;D


i want snake pendant on this snake year! awesome!
twitter : @aanpustiari
gmail :

I love how you styled the necklace! It is too cute!!

FB: lizet pantaleon

twitter @1996_diana_0702
Pinterest Диана Ахметзянова
Thank you for giveaway!
really hope to win this amazing necklace!!

Pretty as always! Hope you enjoy your journey in Zurich.

don’t forget to check out

you looks beautiful!!!!!
i love your blog
My inspirations……


Jennifer Zeuner’s Jewelery is so delicate and beautiful! I absolutly love it! and hope to win this gorgeus necklace! all done!

Just a dream to win this giveaway! hihi! <3333

What a gorgeous necklace..

Mar Blanco

as for an asian, year 2013 is a snake year, which mean this is a great deal to win a lovely snake symbol necklace :) finger crossed.

email :

One word: beautiful
Poland loves you!!!

Nice! =)
In the Chinese Calendar (Lunar Calendar), it’s the year of snake next year =) I guess it’s just the right occasion!

We like your smile and style!
-Audrey and Pearl

I really want to know what products do you prepare your skin, foundation, concealer…
i loved your look!

semplice ed essenziale…in una parola: amazing! love the necklace!

GFC, Bloglovin and FB: Ananda Rock
TW: @AnandaRock1

Love your blog and the necklace is so pretty!

Twitter: @attaliabeltran
Blolovin: attalia beltrán
Pinterest: Attalia Joselin
FB: attalia joselin


beautiful Kristina! May I ask you where your lipstick is from????

Such an amazing necklace!

You are sooo beautiful!!!!!

Following all te pages already :)

Weronika Rapala

wonderful necklace! :)
Thank you for the giveaway!!!!!

Fb and Pinterest:Dosta Radnjanska

Lovely !
I take part of the game for my Gf,

Je te suis juste sur facebook (Coralie.C) et instagram (coraaw_) parce que je n’ai pas d’autres comptes…

lafanciulla 28 January 2013 / Reply

Love love LOVE the necklace <3
I’m in for the giveaway!!!
twitter: @lafanciullla33
bloglovin: lafanciulla
pinterest: lafanciulla
facebook: ulrike kerstin

omg i love love love love love this!


Thanks :)

That is such a cute giveaway :)
Done all the mandatory. Wish me good luck!

acctually i`m one of the only persons who haven´t twitter or facebook but i really admire your style

you are so beautiful and i love your blog! i was just wondering if you could start putting what makeup (or at least lipstick!) you’re wearing in each of your looks?

facebook & Pinterest – Anya Bron
twitter Anna Bron
love this snake necklace :)

Following on Bloglovin and on Twitter

Following on Facebook (annushka s.) and on pinterest (annak125)


You are so amazing! <3 Lovely


styleezta at gmail dot com

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Loyal follower to your blog :)

Lovely necklace, in love with it!!!
twitter @tanya_soyer
FB Tanya Soyer
bloglovin Tanya Soyer or the same email.

Twitter: @foxxsunshine
Facebook: Serena Balasi
Pinterest: Serena Balasi

I would love to wear this little snake.
I’m in a styling school and I choose snakes for this project! Maybe this necklace wil bring me luck for my assignment.

I love your necklace,i think it’s amazing!!!

All I can say is that the necklace and the model are both beautiful and elegant! How I wish I can have the chance to meet you in person.

Oh Gosh, I´m so in!!

Such an awesome and glaourous necklace at the sam time. Would sooo make my year! xx

You really have a gorgeous hair. Is that your natural hair color?

Anonymous 8 April 2013 / Reply

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