Pictures by James Vyn

PASTEL AND EDGY There are some shades that are quite difficult to combine with others in my opinion and that I usually match with black or nude. One of the typical examples is pink, I truly find it challenging to find the perfect matching piece to this colour as it is so special by itself. However the other day while James and I were in Zürich for the week-end, I decided to try out a new combination which was inspired by an editorial I saw in a magazine a couple of days ago : pink and khaki.

Since I absolutely love khaki, it was the perfect deal for me. At first, I thought that it was quite surprising to match these two shades together, one is kind of girly the other one perfectly edgy and urban : both together it creates a perfect balance which I really enjoyed trying out. Afterall, it stays quite a simple outfit that kept me perfectly warm during the whole day by the way. I really love this faux fur coat which actually reminds me of a cotton candy. Doesn’t it? P.S : I am writing this post from Barcelona, so happy to be back in spain, feel free to follow our updates on our social media!

COAT : Front Row
SCARF : E-Vil 
PANTS : Zara
BOOTS : Zalando



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so pretty! i think the pink pairs perfectly with the army green!

You look stunning! Gorgeous bag and jacket!

that is the single greatest coat I’ve seen in a while

That Chanel is too cute!!

xoxo, Diana
The Neon Factor ☠

Love the scarf!!!! Oh my! :)

Wow it’s great match! It looks amazing and I totally love it xx

ooo sweet pink honey, you really nice :)
have a nice day and kisses from

The matching works very well ! You look great. Your nude coat suits you so good :)
Des bisous.

Awesome look. Love the color combo and the fur jacket <3



Loving that jacket with your hair! So cute! As always!
Tobruckave Blog

You look so gorgeous…. amazing with wild hair!!! I looove the bag and the coat *_* so romantic!

love your fur coat!!! amazing! xo, alma

brown is very difficult to combine, in my opinion. your look is great!


you are right, to combine pink is not easy.
but your combination is great! only your bag is a kind of too pink!

Love your furry coat ! So classy !

XX Luba

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Well, I don’t love pink, but I do love you, very beautiful! xx

wow great look. love the color combo

Love this look!


Beautiful! I have this pants too! xx

I love your scarf! And the black gloves with your light pink coat looks perfect.

The little Chanelbag is stunning.

Étonnant combinaison entre le rose et le khaki mais ça reste joli ! En tout cas je salue ton initiative d’avoir mixer ces deux couleurs qu’on a vraiment pas l’habitude de voir ensemble. Puis qu’il est joli ton Chanel rose pastel, j’adore !


This color was made for you! I love the combination because I think that the “everything combination with black” all the time is kind of boring, but you always got a new way to wear those “black lovers”!

Great look, totally love it! :)

The Fashion Nerd

Love everything about this outfit !!!! Did you see my last POST ? Have a nice day !
Kiss from Italy :-)

EIDesign Glamour

I very often wear khaki and pink together, love the combination. nice coat !
fashion in belgium

Fantastic photos (again) – beautiful styling and look.. – your jacket is simply fantastic – LIKE :)

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Vanessa –

I do love your coat :) It really suits your skin tone

Nice outfit :) i love the colours, but maybe you should order the pants one size bigger…

Great combo! Love the earrings and bag xoxo ES

Lovely look and nice pictures like always.

I would’ve opted for different colored trousers, perhaps gray or anything pastel, but lovely outfit anyways :)


Such an unexpected combination, but it looks amazing! Love the fur jacket x


like your boots and earrings !! You are perfect! :)

I have to agree on pink and khaki, it’s a perfect match. I find pink can sometimes be a little too sweet, but the khaki adds the perfect amount of grunge.

gorgeous !
Pink with Khaki matches perfectly !
I loved the fur !

oo this outfit is so nice! and lovely pictures :)

you bag is amazing, the whole look is great.


This is a very interesting colour combination! Thanks for doing it; really inspired me!

Love your outfit! Your coat and scarf especially!

amazing outfit <333

I love this photos&combination of pink and khaki :)
Some day I want to live like you and be like you :)

xx Marley

what an amazing look :)) you are the queen of style :D

Gorgeous look! I adore your bag.

nice colour combo, gorgeous shots

Oh I love this combination of the light pink and khaki, looks so cute and feminine <3

love everything but the pants!! I truly don’t thing they flatter anyone. They make ones legs look like sausage because they are so tight!!

The trousers :CCC the rest ;)

very cute outfit!!! still completely in love with your pants and how you combined it with this light pink – stunning!!

That coat should better be fake !

That coat should better be fake … !

GORGEOUS. Soft pink goes perfect with your skin and hair. Sweet, but not too much!

Love the fur!


WOW amazing photos!!!
love this fur!
Emma xx

The pink gives it a feminine touch while the trousers give it an edge. Pefect!

That coat is amazing- and loving the color mixture, too!

The fur coat is awesome.

x Krizia

Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

Great combinations! I love all of those pieces!

Juliette Laura

i’m in love with your fur…great look girl!

I love how the colors work together, but I would have like another shoe color instead of black..
Overall great outfit!

just came across your blog and am a new follower! i love the way you’re wearing the pink and khaki–it works perfectly! i also love your hair in these shots.

Nice combination of colors! Very inspirational!


Dear Kristina,
I also found this combination last summer. Rose is combining very well with light braun too. Kaki is combining well with nude. I recommend you to ware light shoes and bag in nude – it’s very good combination.

Hi Kristina,

I really love the way you do your makeup, especially your eyeliner. Could you do a post or a video tutorial on how to do it? I saw a video a while ago but the eyeliner was not explained in details.

Great outfit btw!



Здраствуйте Кристина, я в восторге от вашего блога и стиля, просто потрясающие образы и фотографии. Но конечно без вас так еффектно не смотрелся бы не один наряд и фото. Самый красивый блог из всех блогов о моде! Вы молодец.

gorgeous outfit! I ove that coat and bag! The shape of the bag is gorgeous

Hayley xx

oh I am just in love with this outfit! You are looking gorgeous, and those shoes are so cute!!

xx Nita

Nice color combination, but that pair of pants looks kinda wrong and not good. Not your size, too small, this is why it is so wrinkly!


That purse is so cute and I’m loving those gloves!

Fantastic combination! Unfortunately the coat is sold out…

beautiful. love this look :)

You look super cute! but still with an edgy feel xx

you always look amazing. i love everything about this outfit


I absolutely love your fur!!

Wow so gorgeous!

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Your coat is beautiful! :D

xx MJ

Cute outfit babe! Love your coat


beautiful :)
I really like the last picture!

wow!! you look stunning! love the pants and heels! :)

Oh that look is absolutely lovely. It actually was a great source of inspiration today; I’ve had this new eyeliner in a khaki like color and never new what to pair it with. So finally today i wore it together with a light pink lipstick and it looked so great. So thank you very much for being such a creative, inspiring person!

- Lulu

Dear Kristina,
I found this combination last summer and it is really good. You may combine light pink + light braun.It also works. I may recommend you braun shoes+bag.

love this outfit the combo of pink and kaki is surprisingly lovely! I always love your makeup and really liking those flower earings. xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

I really hate (faux) fur coats !
But nice boots ! ;)

Not Crazy about the bag… the rest is lovely :)

I love this combination! Although now I regret not buying those Zara pants :P I have been following your blog from the beginning and I think you and your work are truly stunning! You inspire me daily!

The fabric and photo look very high quality!!!

Pastel pink shade fits you perfectly! You look fabulous!

great scarf and bag! nicely put together!

your hair… so cool in this mood!

So lovely coat!! The colour is very sweet <3


so so beautiful, the colours look amazing together!

really gorgeous pictures too


Loving this outfit majorly, you look incredible! I’d of never thought to wear nude and khaki together, but i certainly shall now! Just found your blog and i’m now your newest follower! xx

I gree with you – light pastel pink and khakki is perfect mix! and i just wanted to say that I loveeeee your messy hair in these pictures! It really fits you well! <3


Love your hairstyle in this one. Looks so edgy and contrasting with the baby pink colors you’re wearing. x

Amazing Outfit! You are a great inspiration! Love your hair too!
My next buy will be a khaki pants and a furry coat as well.


J’adore!! This look is simply to die for, I love everything about it… vraiment superbe!!

Wow I loved the look!!

Wow, u know I keep coming back to this post because the gorgeous combination of the baby pink and khaki is just addicting. U look stunning! When first seeing this post, I instantly adopted that beautiful color combination to my outfits, love it! :)