Pictures by James Vyn

QUICK UPDATE Hey everybody, hope you’re all doing well! James and I arrived in New York a couple of hours ago, so please : if I write a total non sense in this article, please note that I am completely jet-lagged and can’t even count correctly how much fingers I have on my hands… Honestly, even though we are quite used to travelling, still ending up on the other corner of the world doesn’t really suit my body. So tonight I am definitely going to sleep tight like a baby, hopefull I won’t wake up because it’s lunch time back in Switzerland

We decided to do quickly these pictures as we were running to a dinner with Lancôme. I decided to go for a chic night look with something elegant, polished and modern at the same time so I just paired an In Love Fashion jumpsuit to some bold red lipstick. Indeed, this year the exciting news is that we are teaming up with Lancôme, who are our exclusive and official sponsors during our stay in NY for fashion week, we will show you guys all the new beauty trends! A huge thanks to the amazing Lancôme team, as well as to Rebecca Minkoff and Sigerson Morrisson for the lovely gifts.

Also guys, I wanted to take advantage of this message to spread an exciting news : on the 14th of February I am inviting 20 of you folks to a special make-up session in Geneva with Yves Saint Laurent in celebration of their perfume Manifesto. It’s going to be so much fun. If you are a swiss resident feel free to enter your contact so I can get in touch with you if you’re selected!


JUMPSUIT : In Love With Fashion
NECKLACES : Caratime ”Lulu Frost” and Mango
SHEOS : Kat Maconie




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I hope you enjoy New York – the shots are gorgeous by the way!

Wow, gorgeous pictures. I’m totally in love with your shoes. Hope you’ll have a great time in NY :)

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you look gorgeous!!!!

So cool that you’re teaming up with lancome! Can’t wait for your next post, have lots of fun there! :)

you look perfect for the night :)
have a nice stay!


The necklace duo looks super good! I wish you an amazing time in NYC!

Plein de bisuos


charming photos…and Youre a truly Goddess of Beauty & Style…Cheers
Ciao from Sicily

Stunning and beautiful pics. Love the necklace. Enjoy your stay. Too bad I don´t live in Geneva :)




Have a good rest!! Can’t wait for your updates from New York!

shoes, necklace, your make-up and hair…everything is flawless dear!! enjoy NY trip ♥

Je suis très intéressée par la session maquillage :-) Have fun in NYC !

You look gorgeous Kristina ! Enjoy NY !

XX Luba
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You look so beautiful :) And cool that you were welcomed by such lovely presents.

So exciting, love these pictures!

xoxo, Diana
The Neon Factor ☠

These photos are incredible! You look stunning!

You look amazing! Spend your time in all the fashion shows!! Lucky girl! xx

You look amazing! Have fun i NY :D

xx Nita
p.s. très belles comme toujours,
et je te souhaite un bon voyage au US.
bisous à bientôt j’éspère.. :)

Beautiful pictures;))) Welcome ;)

xoxo Iren
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you are so stunning! have an amazing time in NY!


Your heels and your necklace is great, I love the classical outfit!
I’d love to join your offer but unfortunately I have my first exam on the 14th :(
Maybe next time I will be able to join and maybe you gonna pick me then :)
Love, Melly

wow – you gotta stay at trump soho!
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@themilanomode on instagram

Hope your sleep went well.;) Have fun on your trip!
P.S.: You look gorgeous, your make-up really flawless.

Hello !!! I really really really want to come to the Yves Saint Laurent event!
And more I would love metting you!
Hope to be chosen!
All the best for NY!

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<3 <3 <3

You look beautiful! xo, Christina


Oooh you´re so lucky, love them so much!!!


NY is amazing, I love your look but the heels I can’t say anything because I fall in love jajaj

You just look beautiful and i really love New York!! enjoy the city!

Preciosa! I like your necklace so much!

que guapisimaaa estass!! pasalo genial en NY!!

your face is the best in blogs world!
really beautiful!


Congrats on your collab with Lancome Kristina.
You look great in this outfit. And those pictures are stunning as always so thanks to James for that.
Have fun in NY.

Kiss Andie ;)

you’re so pretty! and love your booties!

amazing view. amazing city! enjoy & I would love to attend the make-up session :)
I’m from bern, so please feel free to contact me ;)

xo Céline

Great opportunity you’re offering here, Kristina.

I live in Switzerland, but have never been in beautiful geneva before, what a shame for a swiss girl Isn’t it? So let us change this! :)

Such a nice pictures !! Love the dress !!
Have fun in New York

Oh gosh that makeup was way too dark for your face, it looked like a mask…

Beautiful shoes! You are so chic…so cool!

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Dalila Karic 8 February 2013 / Reply

J’ai le même parfum que toi ! Il sent juste trop trop bon *-*
Et je suis trop jalouse de tes chaussures, elles te vont super bien !
J’habite en Suisse donc ce serait trop cool si je pouvais te revoir et c’est trop cool parce que tu fais de plus en plus d’évènements pour qu’on puisse te rencontrer ! Y a pas énormément de bloggers qui font comme toi alors je trouve ça super gentille de ta part ! Je t’adore :)

You look amazing! The shade of lipstick is perfect on you and I’m totally loving the sleek back hairdo!

Stay beautiful and keep smiling! ^^

OMG enjoy NYC! But how do you manage to even look as awesome when you are being that jet-lagged? Please tell me your secret! And hell, I’d love to come since I am doing an internship in Lausanne till end of April so I’d be sooo very close and I love YSL! I am actually wearing a bag of the brand today! Great pics!
All the best

Fanny (

Beautiful pictures !!

Love the necklace and the shoes !!

Oceanwind Blog

Beautiful photos! You look so pretty.



love your baby look skin also loved the shoes!


Very elegant as always, have a lovely time in NYC!.

Nice post!


WOW Makeup Session with Yves Sait Laurent! Thats amazing I hope I can join!

I’m from Switzerland
My names Joy Oelen

OOOh dear Kristina! What a lovely invitation to spend a special day with you and YSL! I would be thrilled to come! :)

Beautiful jumpsuit! The oversized necklaces are the perfect touch. It’s so cute how you have these gifts displayed for you :)


Sehr schöne bilder! Habt beide Spaß dort..

That’s what jetlagged looks like? Well dolled up? Looks great!

These are beautiful pictures! I hope you had a great first evening and night in NYC. Can’t wait for your pictures of the fashion week. xx

your life truly looks perfect; you’re beautiful, have a hot boyfriend, travel the world (living in luxurious hotels), have the most fabulous wardrobe and makeup selection, you seem to be intelligent and speak many languages! I envy you <3 I hope to one day have a life like yours

wow, what a perfect outfit :) the heels and the dress fits perfectly :) wonderful kristina

beautiful photos!

Absolutely beautiful pictures! Your outfit is amazing!
Would be a great pleasure to join you!

Amazing city, amazing room, amazing outfit and an amazing girl !!

Great shoots! You look so chic, elegant at the same time! Have fun at NYFW. I wish I were Swiss! I hope some Turkish good bloggers do the same thing you do!
Kisses Asli

woooow the necklace and the shoes <3! *-*!

lovely goodies :P


Gorgeous necklace! What a perfect way to add glam to a black dress!

I discovered your blog a week ago, I read every article of it and I just LOVE it. I can’t stop my self to take a look on your pictures.. I guess I’m not the first person to tell that you’re such a beauty and your boyfriend is doing a wonderful job. You’re lucky to have each other. Mon anglais est loin d’etre parfait, je vais donc continuer mon message en français. J’ai été agréablement surprise de savoir que, tout comme moi, tu es agée de 19ans seulement.. Pas parce que tu parais moins jeune physiquement, c’est juste que ta classe, ta maturié et ton élégance sont sans pareille et donnent cette impression. Et je le répète encore une fois, tu es extremement belle. Je suis littéralement restée la bouche ouverte quand j’ai vu tes photos pour la première fois. Je crois avoir été assez longue comme ça, continue a nous faire rever et prends bien soin de toi. J’espère qu’un jour tu fera un tour au Maroc et que j’aurais l’occasion de te rencontrer.

Love, from Morocco.

I envy! You have a really perfect life…

gorgeous shoes and dress, honey! enjoy your stay :)

You look so beautiful! Have good time in New york

You look marvelous!! Great photos! xo

You look so beautiful, have a good time in New York!

I always love your photos; I feel like their quality is so much better than so many other fashion blogs I read, and now I know the word: classy.

Your photos exude SUCH class and make me think of a Chanel commercial or something. Have fun at NYFW!

Amazing necklaces and shoes! <3

Hi Kristina! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and although it seems just awesome to travel this much and go to beautiful places, I’ve been wondering lately if you ever considered to just drop everything, cause now it seems that your every moves end up on your blog through hundreds of pictures :O! I guess you take some time on and off the camera and everything but still, it must be exhausting to be that perfect and smiling everyday..! Long story short, I’m deeply impressed by the fact that you post mostly everyday and that you’re always flawless :)
Take care!

Beauty necklace :)

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looking gorgeous!! have fun!!


Oh honey have fun in new york. So amazing that they submitted a cute little Lancome package to you.

Love ya <3

So beautiful necklace… Have a wonderful stay in New York!!
So sad I’m not from Swiss… Ech…

With love, Egle Ge {HideInSugar}

You look so pretty! you should do a new makeup tutorial! you look gorg!

Your look is perfect and don’t worry our article make total sense to me.

Just BEAUTIFUL. I love a classic little black dress and this is a stylish, chic version. And those shoes? Love love love the gold platform details. Just killer.

you look lovely. so jealous of all of your goodies. have a fabulous week!
kw ladies in navy

Hope you have a fantastic time in New York! You look gorgeous in this outfit and im still in love with those heels! :)

Hayley xx

On dirait qu’on a une chambre avec vue! TERRIBLE

OMG u look so fab!<3

Love the lip color!

from Hollywood, CA

Magnifique, comme d’habitude ! Trésor de Lancôme est mon parfum et je le trouve super ! Tes chaussures sont également trés belles !

you look so beautiful! really like your photos and the look of your pics!

xoxo milla

Enjoy your stay in New York!

Lovely pictures! You are beautiful!*

You look gorgeous, Kay! Enjoy your stay in NYC!

I’d love to be invited to Geneva and meet up with you!
Alessia (

looove the pictures!!
you look gorgeous as always, have a nice time in NY.


Kristina, your photos are so stunning, it really is inspiring to see what you do on a daily basis. Not only is James a great photographer, but you are a beautiful model. I hope Switzerland produces more stunning and intelligent young ladies like you in the future !



I love your beautiful statement necklace, it looks so good with the sleek black dress giving it a little style because it’s all solid.The red lips are a nice touch too!

Love your shoes :) And the necklaces are quite amazing! Beautiful as usual!


Gorgeous, loved every single picture!
Great jumpsuit AND shoes!

Amazing necklace with classic black jumper.

Stop by

Je serai super intéressée par la session maquillage à Genève, j’habite tout près :)!

Profites de New York !!!

Your makeup is absolutely beautiful!

You look quite gorgeous for being jet lagged!

Wow, you look really amazing and all that presens are great. Have a nice day.

hye!!! you`re amazing!!!

Gorgeous pictures! I hop you have a great time in New York.
I guess that won’t be a problem, with all those beautiful gifts!

XO The Daily Fashion Drug

I like all the photos, and the look is amazing!



Hi from Lausanne,
I’d love to attend the make-up session!
Have fun in New York :)

fabulous that lancome is your sponsor, but it would be fabulous to know in which hotel you are staying in! huge fan of nyc and frequent traveller so i always love to discover new venues.

Have a wonderful stay in New York City! :) XO

Looks like you are heading to the balls. So elegant!!!

Great pictures! I’m loving your shoes and necklace!

very very beautiful photos! Love your shoes!

Absolutely gorgeous, you look stunning!

Sparkles and Shoes

<3<3<3 are beautiful, make up is beautiful, photos are beautiful and that makes me adore your blog!!

Have fun in New York! you look stunning as always you do!


Amazing pictures, you are so beautiful Kristina :) Hope you´re enjoying NYFW!

I’m so jealous!
love NYC!
Emma xx

ps. I use the same parfume as you! :)




I <3 your blog ! I know you by french friends blogger !

I’ve got one too about modeling and backstages

There is the adress :

I hope you’ll like my style, my pictures and how I describe the modeling fashion world !

Have a good day, and thanks a lot for your amazing pretty posts !
What a cute baby face you have :)


i think on the first pic is way too big difference between your face skin and skin on your arm, looks like you picked darker shade of make-up and on the side pics of you there can be seen extensive line near your hair line…

You are so beautiful!
Totally love your outfit. Enjoy NYFW

Breathe Me

We love all your looks! I. and M.



You’re perfect!

Je serai vraiment ravie si je pouvais participer à la session maquillage de Lancôme. Voici donc mon e-mail:
Amuse-toi bien à New-York!

J’ai découvert ton blog il y a quelques semaines maintenant, très inspirant! Peut être à bientôt à la session make up YSL à Genève, si je suis sélectionnée :)
Bonne continuation!

absolutely beautiful <3
i would love to meet you!

Dear Kristina
First of all I would like to congratulate you about your blog.Despite your age you manage to be lady-like!You are very beautiful and photogenic!The moment I discovered your blog I was so excited with the quality of pictures and impressed by your polished and feminine looks which they are never deprived of a modern touch.But the most interesting thing you do is that you combine fashion with travel while you communicate so well with your readers!You are really such a focused girl!!!
I noticed that despite the fact that you are the best blogger in communication and you often answer to our questions you avoid to answer in questions related to your economic status.For example some readers ha e asked you what your parents do for a living, how you manage to buy your outfits and how you pay for your trips.
I understand that you should protect your family and some personal information but believe me in the devastated by the economic crisis Europe countries that we live in talking about money and how we make them is more important than ever.I trully believe you ‘ ll take my advice into consideration.
With love,
a fan

So classy and chic ! C

Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures!!

Hello! Je trouve vraiment génial ces sessions rencontres entre les lectrices et toi que tu nous proposes!
Je serais vraiment heureuse de pouvoir participer, notamment car les cosmétiques de la marque sont vraiment superbes et pouvoir passer un bon moment en écoutant tes dernières aventures! Haha ;)

the night view is amazing

en espérant être dans les sélectionnées pour cette session make up et la découverte des dernières nouveautés YSL!! :) bisous

Enjoy New York, darling! This is the time of your life :)


Want to come! Want to come! Want to come !!!
I’ll be very pleased to be selected!
You are a model beauty for me Kristina.
much love. Valentine

Really stunning and beautiful, absolutely love your heels! I think you look really nice with red lips! and never have try that parfume, but it seems to smell good!
Hugs and Kisses
PS: Enjoy NY fashion week

Hey Kristina… Im asking myself… what motivates you to do this things, to live? I would be glad to read a post about it. Where are your energy come from?

Greetings from Zurich.


You always look so elegant and classy, no matter what you are wearing! I really admire your style!
IT IS AMAzing how far you have achieved already and how much youve seen from the world! kepp up the good work!


Amazing! Which lipstick color do you wear????

You always look so lovely! Très jolie!

Check out my fashion blog StyleGuideAM on
Please visit, read and comment – it’s amazing, I promise!

Oh super pour l’event ! Volontiers, j’habite à Lausanne :)


As I live in Lausanne, I would love to come with you for this make up journey :)

would love to come Kristina! :)

Hi! I’m living in Lausanne and I would be thrilled to take part of the make up session!
Have fun in NYC

Ce serait avec plaisir :)

Mathilde R.

Love your look…love the poses………. ;love the colors….from the red to the black to the lovely blonde hair, to those gorgeous eyes…………. they work for you soooo well……
You’re so chic! So pretty…and you have such a great sense of style.
Love your legs in the sheer tights ….…… …… and the lovely romper/playsuit …and those heels!
You match perfectly…everything you wear…… you certainly make a super statement…..
I grew up in tights, being in ballet for 13 years. In fact, mom raised me rather androgynously, so I also wore tights under big sweaters and hip length tunics and such around the house growing up. Your lovely look reminds me of all those days….epsecially when the delivery man would come and I’d meet him at the door and he’s refer to me as Miss……
Oh, by the way, I’m a guy…and I love fashion as much as I love dance.
I traveled in Europe this past fall,
It looks like you have the same affinity for tights as I have…..

I’ve been raving to my new friends about how much I love the tights/shorts look, so they encouraged me to try it myself…
and I have in a big way,….. denim cutoffs, high waisted shorts, even a romper…….
I will following your blog religiously….. thanks for sharing your lovely taste and your beauty

would love to come to the YSL session ;D thanks for the nice opportunity!

Lovely photos. And your necklace is lovely!

J’adore ces photos!! Et ce collier est juste magnifique! J’espère que ce n’est pas trop tard pour YSL :)

Love your dress and pantyhose

Liebe Kristina, kannst du uns verraten welche Nummer die tolle Lippenstift Farbe von Lancome ist?????

Kristina, you are undoubtedly wonderful girl. But I can´t help myself, in some pictures I see near your hair-line your make-up line (I think too dark and orange to your skin tone). As I said, you are very pretty but this make-up looks like a mask little bit :(

honestly, t comme une princesse!

Nice outfit!

Thanks-a-mundo for the post.Thanks Again. Great.

Im grateful for the blog article. Want more.