Pictures by James Vyn 

A CASUAL DAY As James and I had so many things to finish before our trip to New York, it was the perfect occasion to spend a couple of days at home. I can’t even tell you guys how much I cherish those cozy moments now that we travel so much. I’ve always been very attached to my little room and my comfort so having the opportunity to relax for a while, burn some candles, edit some pictures, watch ”How I Met Your Mother” (I mean Barney, this guy is legen-wait for it-dary) is simply priceless.

Of course usually when I do so, I wear a cozy leggings and loose shirt (with some Hello Kitty ridiculous socks…) but hey, I can’t show you that… And I shouldn’t have told you that either actually. Darn it. But hey, let’s keep the glamour okay? Especially that the day we shot those pictures, James and I were about to head out for a couple of meetings, so perfect occasion to pamper. But promised, one day, I might show you my Hello Kitty socks…  P.S : The sneaky ones can find them on my Instagram hehe

As you’re reading this article, James and I are in the air flying to New York! Talk to you from the US folks, lots of love!


DRESS : Zara
WATCH : Michael Kors
RING : Backstage
BELT : B-Low The Belt
BRACELET : Avant Première
LIPSTICK : M.A.C ”Vegas Volt”
NAIL POLISH : Dior ”Rosy Bow”



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Gorgeous pictures and you are incredibly beautiful!

Fashion Agony blog

I love Laduree macaroons! and your lipstick is lovely!!!
I am a huge fan of your blog!

amazing again *

you look always perfect, also at home :D Have a great trip!


nice dear really nice :) some kind of ‘backstage’ pics :) love them
kisses and looking forward for NY pics!

To be at home is sometimes the best you can do!

love the color of your lipstick here.

if you get a sec, pass by my blog & let me know what you think about my new post – tnx!
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schöner nagellack und schönes kleid :)

Beautiful jewelry. Esp. love the ring. Never understood the hype about “How I met your mother”. I tried it watch it a couple of times but I just don´t like it : )




beautiful pics! love your lipstick and your nude dress! xo, Alma

Love it!


Really beautiful photos :)

I love dressing up and puting on make up even if I have a whole day at home, although sometimes I just end up wearing my robe instead ;)

I can’t believe how beautiful you are.

pretty pretty :)

I love reading your at home posts! I’m totally a homebody as well most times. The best thing about your blog is all the glamour <3

So perfect! I don’t look nearly that good on my off days! Love the pictures and hope you have fun in the US!

Unlike most bloggers, you put so much heart and soul into what you do and you have such a tight connection with us, your readers. You seem like a really good and down to earth person and you have so much confidence in us. I admire your enthusiasm and determination.
Thank you for this daily pleasure and I wish you all the best, because you truly deserve it. Yor looks and outfits are a real inspiration.

WOW you look stunning ! love the pictures !

XX Luba

Well Living BLog :: Burgundy jersey and flare jeans in my look today

Awesome photos babe! Beautiful


you look great!

xoxo from rome

Your ability to take such stunning pictures even in a small close place is impressive! Have fun in New York :)

beautiful ring :)

Beautiful pictures!!


You are so elegant and beautiful :)

I always love your photos. I wish I had a mini me who takes the photos for me. Taking photos on your own is so much work …

Beautiful pictures !!

Love you style

Oceanwind Blog

looking lovely as always! :)

U look so beautiful!

@anonyme : wow girl, that message was so awesome, thank you so much for taking the time to write it down! I am really gratefull to have your support and it’s a really cool motivation to go on with blogging everyday :)

Amazing photos! xo, Christina


Je n’en reviens pas comme tes cheveux poussent vite!!! Très belles photos, comme toujours :) et j’adore le vernis :)

Kristina, your absolutely beautiful!xx

I love every picture!! You look really nice and beautiful !!

Hehehe I love Barney! Can’t wait for your updates from NYFW! (:

Beautiful photos! Can’t wait to see some posts from NY (:



Oh gosh, although ou are just chilling at home you look so pretty! I mean every picture, every post, every outfit is such an inspiraqtion for me. Looking forward to your next posts :-)

One of my favourite bloggers!!! You’re so gorgeous no matter what you wear,kisses :-*

I really like to read your blog because your are an inspiration. I am 15 and I would like my blog to grow just like yours did. You seems so down to earth and successful, I consider you like a role model. :)

Even in your small ( but very cosy) room you have such beautiful pictures. James really is a talent.
love your polish !
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Adorable pictures!!!! You look so peaceful!!


I love these pictures. I’m sure your home must look amazing :) I usually spend my lazy days in cozy outfits, too, whose I could never show on the blog so I totally understand you ;) xx

You’re stunning!


So beautiful Kristina! Lovely! :) xoxo :Yvett,
PS: Everybody who joins my blog, I’ll follow back! So who wants to follow me? ;)

Pretty! Your dress is chic. I love it!

Your blog is so wonderful. You make sure all the content (both photos and writing) is of the best quality. Thanks for taking us into your home and into your persoanl life everyday:)

stunning and elegant as always! how can someone be so pretty and at the same time so incredibly nice and friendly?

That’s great!! :)
hahaha you’re so funny with legging and hello kitty stuff… hahahah

I Love that Dress, Kay your style is always amazing. Have fun in ny.

You look amazing Kristina! Have fun in New York!

Everyday when I am at my computer the first thing I do is looking if you made a new Post! I can say it again and again your Style is so elegant and amazing and your makeup is absolutely perfect! Have a nice Day :)

looking awesome!! always love your winged liner and also really like the color you are wearing on your lips. It’s so nice to stay in and relax sometimes I totally agree. enjoy your trip! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

Beautiful look

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Cute photos! Love your lipstick color!


You look so great..the pictures are awesome!

great color of your nailpolish and beautiful dress!

You are so Beautiful!!! I love your Look and i like your Blog!!! I follow you now!!! Greetings from Germany!!!

love your posts, a lot. I can’t believe you even have the time to post such photos and edit them and write a paragraph and two and read all the comments – it’s all worth it I bet though :)


Yay you’re so beautiful! Have a nice time in The Big Apple!

Kisses from Poland

I love going home and lighting some candles to relax after traveling around. This was a great post! doesn’t have to be all glamorous events to make a great blog. :)

You look amazing as always Kristina! ^◡^

P.S. How about following each other? ^◡^



Love..Lovely pictures! The colour of your lipstick is awesome.

You seem sure of yourself and feel good, you have everything you want, you’re really lucky, I would have so many cosmetics and be me.

Wow!! You look fantastic always, Kristina! Love the lip colour, will give it a try soon! :)

Loving these pictures!

xoxo, Diana
The Neon Factor ☠

You look stunning as always… I love that lip colour on you. I have it also and it’s literally my favourite shade.

I just love your pictures.
You’re so beautiful!

Love the natural look!

You have flawless skin! True beauty.

xx, Johnnybell

You´re so beautiful Kristina :)
Amazing pictures, you are so beautiful Rumi :) Hope you´re enjoying NYFW!

you have so beautiful eyes!

Emma xx

Gorgeous as always <3 C

Que fotos más bonitas! lástima que no haya ninguna encima de un colchon



One of my absolute favorite posts! Keep being gorgeous :*

you look always beautiful!!!

t trop belle !

So gorgeous chick!!

Las fotos se ven muy bonitas y cuidadas. de 10 :)