Pictures by James Vyn

HOT & COLD It’s quite crazy to see that travelling a couple of hours is enough to meet the sun. I completely forgot what the hot weather feels like because of the harsh conditions in Switzerland and in most of the european countries actually. The weather in Barcelona was quite surprising though : we really didn’t expect such a climate change and I took only winter clothing with me. Luckily, since we were staying in Spain with Mango I had the chance to pick out a couple of items from their new collection which you guys can discover in this article.

Even if the weather during the day was super nice, once the sun was setting down it got more and more windy therefore my little faux fur jacket was perfect and I felt like didn’t take it for nothing. That day, James and I had some free time to explore the city, thanks to Betty and her boyfriend Mathieu, we got adviced to try out the ”Mercat de la Boqueria” which is a really amazing market located in the center of the city. We had the chance to enjoy some fresh juices and look at all the amazing food. Then of course we had to see the sea, I really did miss it… I just wanted to jump right in and have a quick swim. Enjoy the pictures folks and have a lovely week-end full of adventures :)

SHOES : Zara
CLUTCH : B-Low The Belt
TOP : Windsorstore
SCARF : A La Russe


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You look so stylish! i love that black jacket, the details are amazing.

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You look lovely in these pictures & those sweets look so good! :)
- x

Great Outfit! Love your Photos!
Full of Inspiration

Barcelona is so pretty! I love these photos! And how cute are those donuts!!


Great photos. The pants are rad :)
Wish I were in Barcelona too!




Outstanding outfit! Great jeans and blazer!

you look perfect even if you wear a pair of ripped jeans !!! :)♥♥

How gorgeous can you get?! I love the soft and pretty make up and hair paired with an edgy ensemble. Seriously inspired! And James is really an amazing photographer… I think your photos are some of the best in the blogging world :)

Happy weekend!

nice pictures.
i like the dark jacket. you style is fabolous!

I LOVE your ripped jeans… it’s the perfect balance of disheveled and proper.

Gorgeous style!


Love your jeans – you rock it so well!

The Milano Mode

I love thew white fur, you got so many of them and they are just awesome!

Super Sunglasses! :) I really wanna spring or summer, right now! :)*

love fur :) you have so amazing smile :)

Barcelona is amazing city ! Enjoy it ! The pictures are stunning !

XX Luba

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great look! the donuts are super!

wow this outfit looks so strange on you ^^ with the jeans :) but if fits you perfectly. you should do more outfits like that :))

The shoes I adore!

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WOW! You are so gorgeous and I absolutely love your style. The jacket and shoes are so amazing. You’re flawless.

J’adore cette tenue! Ce jeans est super et va a merveille avec les éléments de ta tenue.

I love this jacket!! Amazing look… xx

You look amazing, as per usual and it looks like you had a fabulous time. I love your boots and the faux fur jacket is stunning. Also, that food looks delicious and is making me hungry! :)

The bun suits you very well.

mmm candy! Love your sunglasses and lovely pictures !!

I <3 BARCELONA and you are beautiful! :*

Wooww love your pants!! You´re so pretty girl!


Great jeans you look amazing,


How I miss the sun!

Barcelona is such a beautiful city, I really enjoyed it. Try to use your free time in the best way – exploring the streets, museums, restaurants and feeling the spirit of the city (forget about Internet for a couple of days)

you are beautiful!!
What is the number of your lipstick? thank you!! :)

Amazing blazer. You look heavenly. :)

Gorgeous sunglasses! And haha that cookie monster donut! Lovely!


those donuts are so cute!so in love with that print of your scarf!<3


The colors of your outfit are very interesting, love the blazer! The donuts look so delicious and so does the candy!


Amazing photos! :-) I see you really enjoyed your stay in Barcelona. CHeck out my latest post on my blog : You are also there :)

Perfect Kristina ! Barcelone is so beautiful can’t wait to go back :)

u’r the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen
love u ♥ ♥ ♥


How cute r those doughnuts :)love that jacket

I Want sunny days:( I bet you had a blast

Wow! These photos are so beautiful! You look great!

The Fashion Cuisine

Beautiful photos!Would you like to visit my blog?


the clutch and shoes are amazing, wow!

Love the Mango blazer, and your shades!

I love your Jeans :) You look very pretty with this hairstyle!

i love the second furry furry coat. it looks great against your skintone!

an updo like this makes u look so sleek and polished!

I absolutely adore your blog.

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amazing pics:)
You are so beautiful!

Wow, you look so beautiful Kristina!! .. and you two are making awesome couple, really! :)

I love your scarf. You have a beautiful smile :*

this looks so fun! digging the sunglasses and the embellished jacket
kw ladies in navy

last pictures are so beautiful pictures.:)
love your clutch.

oh, that market is cool! My bf and I had so much fun at that market and we definitely need to get some souvenirs back. We actually snacked quite a lot of it in the hotel itself! =D
Have loads of Tapas too =) I’m sure you enjoyed Barcelona loads.

so amazing photos!!!!!!
Emma xx

So many sweeeets, omg they look delicious!! :D And the doughnuts, super yummy! :D I bet you both had a wonderful day! :D

OMG! You have an amazing blog.Honestly, I love it. Your style is brilliant!! Great Outfit!! :)
If you have a minute, please visit my blog too.
Maybe follow??


What is the lipstick you’re wearing, i loove the color!! xoxo

Barcelona still beautiful !!! You look so great too :)
Love your coat !
Des bisous.

these pants are really too “ripped” for my taste, but the jacket is great !
i’d love some sunshine right now

That jacket is incredible! Love the way you styled it. These photos are amazing too!

these donats look soo cute! and love your shoes!

What a stylish stroll..Love it!! Beautiful images! ENJOY

Great clutch and jacket. You always look SO stunning in all of your photos!

Your jacket is so pretty!

Wow soooo gorgeous!! I love love love to read your Blog! And you doing so a great job!! Its so fantastical!! xx Marina

Fantastic photos and look! Love the faux fur jacket!:)

Stunning pictures! I really like the design of the jacket xx

Oh god, your so lucky! You just travel and you buy loveling stuffs and clothes. You & your blog amaze me ❤

Beautiful pics ! :)

Candy, candy everywhere.
Poland loves You!

Please would you be so kind to indicate your lipstick ? You look ravishing

I really love your jacket!
Great photos.

Wow, you look stunning like always! and those candies yum, I need some sweets right now!


you look so gorgeous! love the ripped jeans,
and the bun is perfect!


I really hope those junky donuts are only for show :-) You shouldn’t be eating that, no, no :-)

love the photos!! glad to see one of the both of you!!!!

Nice post! Love these photos babe


You look amazing in these photos and your donuts look yummy! I adore your black beaded jacket it’s gorgeous!

Hey! :) I am from Barcelona! I am very proud of my city and I would like to know what you think of it. It’s a pitty you couldn’t stay more days as there are lots of things to see, I hope you had the time to walk down Passeig de Gràcia and see some of the most important buildings of Gaudí at the same time that doing some shopping, it is really one of the best places to go shopping. ;)
Also I read your blog always and I LOVE your style so much! Great look!


Always great photos and the last two looks like Candyland ahahah
By the way I totally love your black jacket so stunning :)

that jacket is absolutely perfect. i’m soooo in love with it!


SWEETS! Give Me Sweets! You Always Look Like A Movie Star!

Gorgeous photos! I love your jeans. It looks like you had a great time! (:

fashionlei styled

stunning photos and you look so beautiful as always. Gosh I miss Barcelona, its my favorite city, love the atmosphere there.! XO

aaaah need this weather in Zuirch!!!

OMG! Your outfit is just AMAZING

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Fabulous fabulous jacket. I absolutely adore the embellishments & the silhouette. Great shoulders!

You look amazing, loving that outfit! And those pictures, just wow ♥ Oh, and I have to mention your 4 last pics made me quite hungry haha. Love you xx

Love & miss Barcelona! Great pics!

Love, Esmeé

Looks like you’re having fun!!

xx Nita

great look :) love it!

How cool! Love Barcelona. Come to Madrid, you will love it too.


Absolutely love the shoes!

Love from Amsterdam:)

Love your jeans!

xoxo, Diana
The Neon Factor ☠

I don’t think the light blue jeans and dark shoes fit very well.. it’s a kind of hard contrast! Maybe flats, even if they would have been black, would have looked better.
Although love your hair and the rest of the outfit, you are gorgeous!

yes hotter than my ski

amazing outfit – as always :)

the jeans are very cool!

Nice look, love the pictures of the sweets and Barcelona <3
Andrea in Fashion

We absolutely love Barcelona, dunkin´ and these jeans on you!
Audrey and Pearl

I am obsessed with your jeans!! They are so cute and trendy!

Barselonada sevişmek güzel olmalı.
penelope cruz ve scarlet johanssonunu vicky cristina barselonası aklıma geldi.

Love this outfit! Those jeans look super sexy on you :)

Hayley xx

Nice jeans!!

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I value the blog post.Much thanks again. Really Great.

I am so grateful for your blog.Thanks Again. Cool.