MY FAVOURITES It’s been a while since I haven’t posted a goodies post, as James and I were travelling so much we really focused on documenting our experiences and skipped the goodies post for a little while. But hey, just like we say it in french ”un mal pour un bien”, it means that with every negative thing comes a good one and in this situation I had even more time to search for new items to show you as well as prepare some new pictures. I know that you all are much more excited when it comes to outfit posts as there’s always less comments under my goodies one but I just think it’s so nice to share with you some of my current favourite items.

As we are soon leaving for New York fashion week, my packing nightmare really does start. Actually I am quite of an organisation junkie, so even though preparing my stuff for departure can get quite crazy I still manage to stay clean and focused. I never take to many clothes and always manage to use everything I took. Thumbs up junkies. In this post you’ll find out some of the products and items I use almost everyday and new purchases, can you relate to some of them? 


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I have missed your Goodies posts!!!
Everything looks lush & yummy.

looks like you got a sweet tooth & I love all your goodies! come by my blog to get my giveaway!

I love your notes!

i love your photos! and how you did this post in general! do more (:

gosh, your photos are a-m-a-z-i-n-g! and I love your goodies’ posts! ANd love your blog, thank you so much – so inspiring!!
And i wanted to ask, what is the compact in the 1st picture and where did you get your not rings? thanks in advance! xx

very good post! i love this <3

So many pretty pictures! I love the lipstick by Chanel, too.

I saw the new Nina Ricci add and thought it was you, you look so much like Frida Gustavsson! Nice post anyway!

Wow great Article :) Love to read your blog!!
xx Marina

I really love your goodies post as much as outfit posts. You already have the cool nail polishes from Dior and Shalimar Initial is one of my favorite perfumes too :-)




Your pics are so dreamy! <3

Great post ! I have enjoyed browsing the pictures !

XX Luba

Well Living BLog :: featuring a look with the new trendy colors

amazing post! i love frozen yogurt too, yum yum! :) and those eggs look delicious too :)

A girl after my own heart!

What brand are the black booties? :)


I love your goodie posts. And I love the dior polishes and chanel lipsticks as well.

I love it!!!

nice post :)
as you said : “un mal pour un bien” ;)

enjoy your trip to NY :) amazing life you have …

beautiful photos and I love all the rings on the 4th photo :)

The boots are amazing and the food looks delicious!


The candles are jaw-dropping from

oh ich liebe diesen Post. Die Bilder sind toll! Vorallem die vom DIOR Nagellack!

Oh i love this Post. The pictures are great! Especially the nail polish from DIOR!

Much love, Louise

love these pics!

xoxo from rome

I love all of your posts,but I especially love your ”Goodies” kind of posts!Amazing things and really pretty pictures:)

I actually always like your goodies posts, especially if the products are a previes of new make-up collections.

Love all your delicate rings
new outfit post

loving the red lipstick and the earrings!!!:)

cute pictures =)) and they are written …. looks really sweet and beautiful.

I really love your goodies posts. I actually mist it! The little delicate rings are so beautiful, I want them!! And your home always looks so lovely with the beautiful candles and the elegant flowers, perfume bottles…

Wow, lovely photos! :)

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You know what, this post is just so cute !! I really love it

Have a look at my blog :)


Where are those lovely rhinestone earrings in the first picture from?

what an adorable post and such lovely goodies

Loving those Fabis hanging precariously off your panel radiator, I want them so bad! Looking forward to seeing you incorporate those gorgeous heels into an outfit post soon xx.

I like all your shoes pictures =)

Love it!


Hi Kristina! Loved this post :)

Nice goodies you have there Kristina !


I like this type of post It’s so interesting :)

LOVE IT! Great post!

love that you put texts with the pictures, really nice, keep that up! And good luck with packing, I always take way too much whenever I go on holiday.. Surely doing better than me!

I LOVE your goodies posts Kristina, don’t ever stop doing them! It was what inspired me to start doing my own goodies posts!

sehr schöne bilder :) ich mag deinen blog!

hab einen schönen tag!

Eggs benedict… yum! These are gorgeous photos, love those Dior nail polishes.

x Michelle |

Your goodies post are my favourite! I love this one especially with the cute captions. Eggs benedict is the perfect breakfast, very filling and delicious to get you through a busy day.

I am loving the red lipstick! What color is it? xo, Christina


The rings are really cute!

wooow.. amazing pinctures and an amazing woman!!

Awesome pictures, loved the earings!

I read your blog and wish that you do more “personal” posts, and this one is just very nice cause it is personal and shows you natural and gives us the chance to know a bit more about your personal taste.

Nice photos!

The last pair of ankle boots is AWESOME! What’s the brand? Keep up with the goodies posts, I love it.

gosh, your photos are a-m-a-z-i-n-g! and I love your goodies’ posts! ANd love your blog, thank you so much – so inspiring!!
And i wanted to ask, what is the compact in the 1st picture and where did you get your not rings? thanks in advance! xx

красивенные фото

Hahaha you really do love your frozen yoghurt! I’m loving the delicate rings, they are so classy!

me encantan las fotoss!!! unos detalles preciosos!

I like your goodies posts and this one is great. I need to try eggs benedicte!

What a nice post! So many beautiful pictures with such beautiful things in it that make everyday life sweet! :)

Oh I love the Chanel lipstick but now I’m sad cos it was a limited edition lipstick form the 2010 collection, too bad :(
I also like these posts as much as ur outfit posts ;) They are a great source of inspiration :)

I love goodies posts!:)

I love the shoes!!!!!

what a soft atmosphere… really like these pics


Amazing photos: beautiful light!

Love all those things! Heels are so so high!! hahaha. And the food… wow! :)

Gorgious pictures! Love everything about it!

Lovely selection! Absolutely perfect blog!

Amazing post girl, I love your blog so much <333
Love, Anna

Great post. I love your rings :)

LOVE IT!!! Could you please make an updated daily skin routine blog? I can only find the one on youtube… XXX

Absolutely beautiful! I do love your goodies posts, great way to start my morning. Where are those beautiful infinity rings from?

Juliette Laura

Looove your goodies posts, keep doing them :) it’s such an inspiration – good photos and cute things make me thing about what I should and want to buy:)

You always have such FANTASTIC photos. I can´t say it enough.

I am happy to see this post. I think this is a well-rounded collection of goodies. I love the delicate rings you have displayed in a pretty saucer. Great idea! Who are the rings by?

OMG i am in love with those black booties next to the cream heels! They are beautiful! Cant wait to see them in a post (cant remember seeing them before :P)

Hayley xx

I agree with you say that some get more excited about outfit posts and yes, they get more comments, but I simply don’t like repeating myself by commenting on your every post even though I check out your blog daily, I read your every post and I think they are perfect and you are my fashion icon. I love seeing what make-up, perfume and jewelry you especially like at the moment, that’s why I love love love goodies posts and they are a great little addition in between all those faboulous outfit posts.

the red lipstick looks awesome!

P.S: Please visit and LIKE my facebook page
it would mean so much to me :’)

love, agnes.


Great pictures and awsome goodies, specially nailpolishes xoxo

Beautiful photos! Enjoy your new stuff :)

Wonderful photos! *-*

J’adore le vernis Dior rose bonbon et les chaussures ! Je t’adore toi aussi ! Tu es toujours aussi jolie, aussi pimpante !

I love the way you are now writing comments on the images!

Love this post! The shoes are beautiful :)

dear kristina you just made my evening so much better!! i went the whole day skiing with my friends family (they are all sports freaks and well i’m the kind of twice a year skier). after the long day i left alone to travel home by the train. it’s a long journey so hadn’t even time to wash my hair or buy something to eat ’cause i had to catch the earlier train.
so sitting in there with my greasy hair and hungry as hell i realized that the train was far too late so i had to run with my skies and luggage. why i’m telling you that?
because i almost started to cry cause i felt so tired and awful but than i sat down and opened your blog. you’re always writing in such a positive way and this positiveness just takes over when i read your blog. so thank you for that and keep going!

Everything is so pretty!!


Great pictures, love it!


such a cute post! love that you wrote the little text as well :)


I love the little notes on the pictures! They make the goodies so cute! Thumbs up!

You are a beautiful gorgeous girl! Can you do a post of “AIRPLANE ATTIRE”. PLEASE… Your fashion is incredible.

@the adorable ski girl : Gosh this is just the most awesome comment ever, thank you so much for letting me know all this. It’s just so cool to hear that reading Kayture makes you feel better and brings you joy, fun and hapinness :) THANK YOU!!

So amazing :) This post has just inspired me so much. Just keep up the beautiful blog that you have because it is amazing x

some great goodies there! really want to try some of those beauty items and the shoes are just dreamy! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

A great and impressive post!!! Love it very much, thanks! And I love the mix of yummies and cosmetics, they so… somehow belong together))

goodies posts are my favourite ;)

Such a pretty photo and I’m also a fan of YSL lip stain. It really is the best!


please post more beauty articles! or at least let us know what makeup you’re wearing (especially lipstick) with the post because you always look so gorgeous and all of us want to know :)

OH my GOODIES!~!~~…miss this…im an avid fan of your goddies post…

my favorites: the nailpolishes and the cookie!

You are so sweet kristina :) have fun in New York. Cant wait to see your New posts

amazing photos!

By the way I have one question – what is the name of the font you used? It’s amazing, it looks like hand written :)

with love,

fabulous post !!! and amazing pictures ! enjoy NYC xx

j’adore goodies posts”:)

Super belle photo! Ca donne envie de redécorer son appartement!

Super amazing pics…Guerlain looks like ur penchant and its mine too….I am dying to lay hands on the new Spring 2013 collection and cant wait to review them….Its just pretty and amazing..
Lovely pics…Lots of love.

This is a wonderfully executed post. Everything looks so lovely


The morning fruit bowl looks yum~ :)

I liked this post!

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