Pictures by James Vyn

NYFW HABITSI am really all about comfort, especially since James and I travel so much it means a lot to me to recreate a cozy and nice surrounding in order to be productive during our stay. My tricks : taking some elemets that make me feel comfortable and remind me of home, my pyjamas or some products that I really enjoy using. For me the morning is one of the most important moment of the day, I have so many different rituals that I must do in order to feel ready to hit the city. And even while I travel, I still respect all those habits which are so important to me.

First of all for me breakfast is absolutely essential. I can not go out without having at least a bowl of cereals, if I don’t then I’ll feel grumpy the whole day… You don’t wanna see me like that. Just to give you an idea, I litterally go to bed planning what I’ll have for breakfast and wake-up only in order to enjoy it. Crazy person, yup. Then I love my skin care routine, as I am partnering with Lancôme I had the chance to try out a whole personalised line adapted to my needs and absolutely felt in love with the Hydra Zen creams as well as the cleansing foam which truly provides the most amazing feel of freshness. I don’t drink coffee, but I love having a hot green tea with some lemon, What about you? What are your habits?

Also guys, tomorrow on Valentine’s day from 6-7pm in the Manor of Geneva I will be hosting an Yves Saint Laurent beauty session event, at this time it will be opened to all of you so feel free to join in and discover YSL’s new “Purple Look” as well as celebrate the magic of their new absolutely fascinating frangrance “Manifesto”. I will be speaking to you about it as well as the YSL make-up artist who will share some exclusive beauty secrets. All that at the YSL corner in Manor, feel free to brimg a friend!


CREAMS : Lancôme Hydra Zen Neurocalm
BALM : Lancôme Nutrix Lèvres
MOUSSE: Facial Cleansing Mousse





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Love this post ! Thanks for sharing your beauty routine !

XX Luba


ich liebe die posts, die nicht immer nur mit dem outfit zu tun haben :) sehr gute ideen!

but I don´t have much time in the morning to chill!

You look gorgeous with less makeup! :o <3

you look so lovely!

xoxo from rome

Thanks you for sharing. The pics are super lovely :)




J’aime bien ta routine ! et j’adore Lancôme, là tu m’as fait découvrir des produits de chez eux que je ne connaissais même pas ! c’est trop cool merci :D
moi vu que j’ai de l’acné, j’ai un traitement assez stricte. J’ai juste TROP hâte que mon acné sans aille, c’est affreux dans avoir !
Ton pyjama ! *.*
J’espère que je vais réussir à convaincre mes parents de venir demain! J’ai trop envie de te revoir :p

the photos are great ! that mousse sounds good
new outfit post !

You are gorgeous!
Whatever you are doing seems to work!

>> < <

Nawet bez makijażu wyglądasz fantastycznie ;)

J’aime beaucoup les produits Lancôme, j’en utilise deux le matin : le le lait Galatéis Douceur de Lancôme et le tonique Douceur de la même gamme.Un bonheur !
J’en parle ici si ça intéresse des filles :

the view from your window must look amazing!
I, too cant go anywhere without breakfast, it just puts me in a bad mood for the whole day!
and lovely pictures, as always :)

Yout look so comfy! This pyjama is really amazing! xx

your skin is flawless! and you look so gorgeous even without makeup on!

que guapa estas Kristine!! me encanta tu bata de rayas!

Lovely post and again such a beautiful pictures !!

Very useful article Kristina :) I also prefet to drink a green tea not coffee in the mornings and I also have to eat at least a little bit of something because I won´t be fresh and full of energy per day. I think we are the same characters. :)

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Love this cosmetic brand ! you look pretty :)

good post :) very pretty :)

Jesteś śliczna a najbardziej ze wszystkiego rzucają się twoje piękne oczy ;)

Gorgeous photos! I love your PJs.

The Purse Snatcher 

I love putting on make up and getting dressed in front of some tv-shows on my computer, that and while cooking is the one time I watch TV :)

most amazing blog! Just have to say that :)

You look so beautiful and radiant in these pictures!
My morning routine usually consists of god-I-am-so-late chaos, haha.

Roses and Equilibrium

You looks so beautiful.

Lovely post!

ohhh you have such a pretty face!!! you do not need makeup!!! I´m so envious!! ;) hehe…xo, Alma

Beautiful photos !!!! You look amazing also without make up !!!! Today my Post is on Mangano, a brand I love !!! I wait you :-D Kiss from Italy !
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Nice Post! I like Beauty tips, the view from your room is amazing!

It’s great to discover your morning beauty routine and learn some tricks, I really enjoy this post and I’m definetly going to try the new Lancome products.

These photos are amazing, just like you! You definitely are a natural beauty! Love this post :)


you are stunning even in your pajamas ;)

you look positively flawless:)

One of my favourite posts ever! And these soft pink colours are lovely! <3


Oh my gosh! You look AMAZING with natural makeup. It’s a different vibe from your normal makeup – but really lovely and refreshing. <3

Ohh u look so beautiful even without make up!

you look gorgeous!
I love your skin! I wish I had such a beautiful complexion

It looks more like a marketing post rather than your morning routine, as we are all very aware that you endorse Lancome. Other than that your pjs are so cute!

Gorgeous! I really like the fresh look you displayed in this set of photos. Please keep up the great work!

Lovely post, those PJs are so cute, wish there was Victoria Secrets near me.

U look absolutely stunning! Love you in red lips too!

Love the pyjamas and your beautiful Lancome routine!
Thank you for sharing yet another gorgeous post :)

Emily xx
Fashion Friande

where did you buy your pyjamas? what brand is it from?

You’re so much prettier without all that make up! xx

The breakfast looks so good and well balanced. Glad that you indulge yourself before you start your day.
Stop by

You looks very pretty!

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love your pjs and this outfit (bedtime, of course) and beauty post is just so beautiful and simple
kw ladies in navy

I love this makeup on you! So different than what you normally wear.

Love the photos. They are so serene and make me want to go wake up in a nice hotel:)

So nice ! You are beautiful, I like this post “natural”.
Great photos !
Des bisous.

gorgeous!..even with pyjama on :)

Even when you are getting ready in your pyjamas you are looking FABULOUS and STYLISH!

You are beautiful! Love your morning routine. I was actually searching for a new product for my morning routine and now I’m definitely going to try Lancome. xx

I really like this post. I think it is very interesting. You have such a great skin, I really need to try out some of these products. xx

it’s so wonderful to see you in pyjamas and not in your usual outfits. it makes you really sympathic! :)

Waw awesome pics like always ;)I don’t use to write comment, I just wanna say that I really love to read your posts because now they’re shorter than first, they have the perfect size for me(I’m french so understanding your aticcles is one of the biggest challenge of my day!)
By the way, you look amazing!

i like the natural look, but i hope you don’t sleep wearing blusher and eye shadow? :P

you look better without make up :)

natural beauty I’d say! WOW!

so, you always wake up with make-up in your face? :)

why not pictures without any make-up?

i love posts like that ;)

I love, love, love Lancome. You, my dear, are a perfect match for them!

You look so beautiful like this, with little makeup :) and I have to agree, can’t skip breakfast – best meal (and part!) of the day :p

You have a gorgeous and fresh face.
Beautiful pictures.

XO Arezu

I would be happy to look so good in the morning like you:)) lovely pygiama!!

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Great post!

xoxo, Diana

The Neon Factor ☠

I love your VS pajamas, I really want to try out some Lancome stuff, thanks for sharing what you like!

Aww so sweet!! You´re pretty in these pj´s!!!


You are such a beauty!
Really like this post.

Breathe Me

Je suis exactement comme toi, il me faut une routine quand je suis à l’étranger, sinon je suis déréglé! J’adore les petits déjeuners bien copieux pour bien démarrer la journée puis la routine skin care est indispensable où que je sois, sinon je me sens dégueu :D Quelle vue quand même de cet hotel, c’est lequel? ♥ Bisous de Belgique! F

faascinating woman

Stunning pictures, and the view just wow!

I love the pictures!!!
You’re amazing!
Kristina could you do a post showing us how do you edit your photos?!! Please!!!? Tell us wich program you use and what camera james use! I would loveeeee!!!!!
Thank you so much!
Kisses from Brazil!!!!

You look beautiful even without make up! Loved getting an inside look into your morning routine.

You look so sweet in these pictures !

It’s also good for your body to start your day with a tall glass of water. I’ve been doing that for a while and it makes a huge difference!

You look great with minimal eye makeup :)

I always start my day with a big glass of water, looking out of the window. Peaceful.


as can I see, youre a hugh fan of L’oreal.
Mi look de San Valentín ;)

Bellissima New.York


such cute pictures! I LOVE your pyjama :)


I also love skin care routine and a full English breakfast, it keeps me energetic =)

Krisitina, at what time do you usually wake up?

Soooo beautiful as always :)

Bisous! Marie

You look so fresh and pretty here! I have to get up at 530 everyday for school so its hard keeping a routine! But I do wash my face and put on toner/day cream/sunscreen religiously…and a mask once a week! And of course a good breakfast to start the day right!

Love the pyjamas!
Greetings from Czech Republic:)

you are SO beautiful without make up!!
Emma xx

You look gorgeous even without make up! Great photos!

Evi xoxo

The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

You are just so pretty Kristina! Love you!

love this pampering is important on any morning! so cool to see how you do it! xx. gigi. food. fashion. beauty blogger @

oh so beautiful everything is sooo beautiful :D


it’s a bit hard to comprehend a pajama shoot with obvious make up like strong blusher and bright lips, but it is still less than you usually wear so I assume you tried to keep it more natural right? if you ever do a pajama shoot again try a *no makeup makeup* or if you are confident enough go for the real thing.

You look so beautiful and natural! Stunning post! I love the pyjamas!!

Love from South Africa,

So nice to see your fresh and beautiful :) You’re so stunning xx

So perfect shooting!!!
U’r perfect in these photos! Perfect skin and I can breathe the hotel atmosphere that I love so much!
And also I adore your beauty routine!

Lancome foam cleanser was my favourite. They’re great! Now I found Dr Murad great for occasional breakout skin like mine =(
You are such a natural beauty =)

Thanks for sharing!! Adding a lot of new product to my must buy list :)


Nice beauty routine !

Love these pictures and the article is great :)

These photos are breathtaking! You’re so beautiful!

fashionlei styled

I cant stand not having any breakfast too ! even if it’s just a piece of toast with nothing on, that will do for me..


Beautiful natural gorgeous!

Thanks for sharing this nice info expect some more in near future.

Hey, thanks for the article post.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on…

It is true that you are really very beautiful and gorgeous. I like your eyes and lips. Here I want to ask a thing. Lancôme is a company? What kinds of products it have? I want to visit in some days with a tour then I will buy these products.